The Day in Stupid: Election Reaction Edition


In the wake of Tuesday's "shellacking," I offer a few of my favorite columns from disappointed Obama supporters. This one from former CNN fixture and current Ed Schultz imitator Bill Press, writing at The Hill, insists that American voters aren't "frustrated" or "angry," they're simply "fickle and dumb." In a 245 word piece, Press manages to denounce his fellow Americans as "dumb" a total of three times. No surprise here. Last summer, as Obama's poll numbers were buckling, Press told his radio audience that the American people were "spoiled."

This atrocity, from Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell, accuses Republicans of "fear mongering" unemployment and suggests that there is "something more sinister than voter frustration is behind the seismic shift in Washington." Fear mongering is bad, unless you are fear mongering Indian call center employees:

The next time you drive through a tollbooth and get stuck behind someone who doesn't have the proper amount of coinage to put in the machine, ask yourself when human workers are coming back. Think about these missing jobs the next time you call your credit card company and someone who you know is on foreign soil tries to sort out your issue.

The next time you pump quarters into a soda machine—where's the soda jerk?—think of the jobs we could create by embracing luddism! And the next time you use one of those convenient-yet-job-killing ATMs, think of all of the starving people in West Virginia who would love to work as a bank teller. (Incidentally, I remember my father tossing coins into "the machine" on the Mass Pike way back in the 1980s).

At the perpetually-outraged Daily Kos, I recommend this delightful "open letter to the white right," accusing honky voters of throwing a collective "temper tantrum" at the polls. The increasingly awful Eugene Robinson, last seen arguing that the nonsense phrase "take back America" was the English-language equivalent of ein volk, ein reich, ein fuehrer, said much the same in the Washington Post: "This isn't an 'electoral wave,' it's a temper tantrum….The American people are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats." Now, now, Eugene. Who's sounding like the whinging baby here?

Across the European media, reactions were pretty much what one would imagine—racism, Tea Party nuttiness, assurances that the results don't represent a shift to the right, etc. Germany's Tageszeitung pursued the racial angle. Denmark's Politiken thought Danes would be interested to know that Sarah Palin's daughter didn't vote, that "California voters would rather [elect] a dead Democrat than a living Republican," and that there are now, after the exit of Illinois's ethically challenged Sen. Roland Burris, no blacks in the Senate.

But as usual, Sweden's Dagens Nyheter wins the day with the predictable headline "Obama Portrayed as Hitler, Stalin, and the Devil"—which probably explains the "shellacking." "Barack Obama was a messiah for voters, received the Nobel Peace Prize and was praised for his talent for communicating," the paper writes. "Now he's portrayed as Hitler, Stalin, and the devil. Dagens Nyheter talked to experts about how the storm of criticism effects the American president's leadership." And if you were wondering—and I know you weren't—all of these were news stories, not opinion pieces.

Oh, and I almost forgot this classic: Huffington Post scribbler Frank Schaeffer reveals that Americans voted Republican not only because of unemployment or skepticism of the health care bill, but also because they believe in biblical "End Times" prophesies. Yeah, I don't get it either. So I put the question to you: Which is in worse shape, the state of the American economy or the state of American punditry?

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  1. Which is in worse shape, the state of the American economy or the state of American punditry?

    Both. They’re both in worse shape.

    1. No, no, X. The correct answer is “yes”.

      1. Which is worse, cancer of the liver or a bullet between the eyes? Answer depends on how long you want to suffer?

        Anyway I don’t care about the pundibators!

    2. It is not a which!

      1. That’s what Christine O’Donnell said…

  2. Punditry, definitely. The economy can get better, but the pundits will never get any smarter.

  3. Uh, if the Dems had held the seat in Illinois there still would have been no blacks in the Senate (unless we count Greeks as black these days), so I’m not sure what the butter cookie eating surrender monkeys are getting at.


    2. But butter cookies are delicious!

      1. I like my coffee like I like my butter cookies.

    3. So… that means Harry Reid is the racist one for his agreement with Burris not to hassle him over the whole Blago angle if Burris would pledge not to run for reelection.

    4. I also love the notion of getting a lecture about racial tolerance from Danes.

    5. How pissed off must Blago be right now that he’s probably going to prison for all those shenanigans, and they didn’t even hold the damn seat?

      1. For sure.

        And Pat Quinn will be staying in the governor’s office too.

  4. No “Ungovernable”?
    Me gusta las Ingobernabilidads.

    1. Me gustan

      /in before Old Mexican.

      1. +2 international internets

  5. All the terrible punditry you cite is infintely preferable to the mind-numbing predictability of Reason’s right-wing apologetics. Wake me up when a libertarian somewhere has an original thought.

    1. How would you ever recognize a thought?

    2. Then why are you always here? Go back to Kos or the CPUSA or wherever.

      1. Max, we know you are a paid shill from that ugly, ultra-bigoted-cunt-filled Kaos site.

      1. I’d hit him with a sledgehammer just to be sure he wakes up.

        1. Nuke him from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    3. Yep, b/c “let government do it” is so original and such a varied response.

      You mindless fuck.

      1. It’s actually worse. It isn’t “let the government do it”, but “in order for there to be any justice in the world, the government MUST do everything”.

        To a statist like Max, nothing can be done that can’t be done better by government.

        1. I switch back and forth in thinking the statists’ argument, generally, is “let government do it” because they’re lazy (physically and intellectually), and government must do it, b/c they’re evil.

          I’ve found that, on average, calling them lazy gets them in a frenzy more than calling them evil…

          1. Idle hands do the devil’s work…

          2. Idle hands do the devil’s work…

            1. Idle server squirrels, too…

              1. Idle squirrels are the devil’s oven mitts…….

            2. Idle hands are the devil’s tin snips.

              1. OW, MY JUNK!

    4. Let sleeping dogs lie.

    5. Let sleeping dogs lie.

    6. Max, I prefer to let sleeping dogs lie.

    7. Max, do you mean the “right-wing apologetics” that supports gay rights, the decriminalization of all drugs and is skeptical of war? Is that the “right-wing apologetics” at Reason you mean Max?

      1. Not to mention, didn’t make excuses for bailing out the fucking banks. They clinged to that turd ‘too big to fail’ like a life line even before Paulson was through shitting it. Yo, fuck the left. The most revolutionary social change of this era would have been to let AIG and BofA to go under for their mistakes, but these assholes were too stupid to realize it.

      2. Now, Obama is maybe/maybe not for gay rights, it goes against the grain of what he learned in Rev Wright’s church, so he can’t get rid of DADT. And AG Holder is gonna “get ’em” for using pot in California. And those drones are working out fine for us now that the progressives are in charge. So what the fuck?

    8. Ah, yes. In order to point out the vitriol and ad hominem-riddled bullshit of some whacko ‘pundits’ who obviously had a dog in this RedvsBlue fight requires one to be a ‘right-wing’ apologist. Way to go, Max!

  6. Bill Press, writing at The Hill, insists that American voters aren’t “frustrated” or “angry,” they’re simply “fickle and dumb.”

    These descriptors are not mutually exclusive. And anyone who thinks voters aren’t fickle and dumb must not follow politics.

    1. Did Mr. Press “vote” on Tuesday? If so, it’s nice when people recognize their own flaws. Like fickleness and stupidity.

      1. I hope so, so he can take his full measure of repsonsibiity for this mess.

      2. Press is one of those lefty extremists out there in la-la land, proud of his intolerance and scolding scorn.

    2. I was kind of thinking the same thing: Voters fickle and dumb? Well, du-uh. On the other hand, this electoral season has shown more intelligence than usual.

      1. On the other hand, this electoral season has shown more intelligence than usual.

        I would say an extra amount of fickle, and the usual amount of dumb.

        Do not believe for a second that the election was anything more than “the economy still sucks, so we’re throwing out whoever is in charge now.” It’s the same voters from 2004, 2006 and 2008 voting for the same reasons.

    3. Absolutely. When you’ve made a mistake, I say stick with it. Don’t let new information or further consideration set you off track!

  7. “take back America” was the English-language equivalent of ein volk, ein reich, ein fuehrer,

    Only when the socialists say it.

  8. Was the Daily Kos’s letter also addressed to Representatives Tim Scott and Allen West, Governor Nikki Haley, Governor Susana Martinez, Governor Sandoval, Senator Marco Rubio, et al.?

    1. They hate everybody.

      1. But they especially hate non-whites and/or women who aren’t leftists. You should see the venom they spew over Michelle Malkin, for example.


    2. Go Tim Scott! We went to the same high school, and he is no victim of false consciousness.

  9. That Tim Wise piece at the Daily Kos is hilarious. I can feel the hate.

    1. He basically says, “Yeah, the GOP won, but all their voters are gonna DIE someday, so nyah!”

      1. Turn this plane around, or you’re all gonna DIE from second-hand-smoke-induced lung cancer in about thirty years or so!

    2. Yeah but a lot of the hate doesn’t even make any sensse. Comparing yourselves to the Giants and your opponents to the Yankees? Timmy, the Yankees will just have to console themselves with their 27 World Series wins.

  10. The next time you drive through a tollbooth and get stuck behind someone who doesn’t have the proper amount of coinage to put in the machine, ask yourself when human workers are coming back.

    Whenever I drive through a tollbooth, I ask myself, “Why the fuck is this tollbooth here, and why can’t government pay for basic roads out of the general fund?”

    1. They have other expenses, Paul. Important stuff that are essential government functions, like Ag subsidies, underwear scanners, buying failed car manufacturers, and building Democracy(tm) in the Middle East.

      Since you benefit directly from all of these benevolent policies, you shouldn’t mind pitching in at the toll booth too.

      1. The Los Angeles DWP (municipal water workers) get a 30% raise, get video-taped drinking and driving on the job and the 60-year-old water mains fail with spectacular flooding, regularly.

        1. Infrastructure is for losers! Don’t you want Free Skrimps?!

          1. No, I want free screets.

      2. Dude, you forgot gay marriage prevention.

      3. EZ-Pass! Who stops at toll booths anymore?

        1. People who go don’t regularly use toll roads, that’s who.

    2. Whoa whoa whoa. I thought we favored toll roads.

      1. We favor people who use roads paying for them, but that doesn’t mean the best way to do that is have people stop driving every two miles to fuck around with cash.

      2. I favor paying for services RATHER than paying taxes for services I don’t use. Not BOTH.

        1. That makes no sense in general. If you prefer fee for service in general, then there’s nothing wrong with a move towards that direction.

          However, I understand the argument of “I dislike having my roads be paid for via services, but having other people’s roads paid for out of general fund taxes. Give me my fair share.”

    3. Whenever I drive through a toll booth, I think, “this is the way ALL roads should be paid for. Now give me back my gas tax money that you spent on other things.”

  11. Wah wah wah *sounds of baby crying*

    What a bunch of cry baby, sore ass losers. Their tears are so yummy and sweet.

    (Not that I wanted Rethuglicans to win…)

    1. Any time I start feeling ambivalent about the Republicans and their inevitable compromises and failure to cut spending, I start thinking about the alternative: What if the Democrats had won last night? We’d be listening to the gloating of leftwing douchebags instead of their angry whining.

      Hopefully, liberal losers like Press are sowing the seeds of their own popular failure by calling Americans ungrateful idiots.

    2. What’s so hilarious about it is how they have to blame the general public; it is inconceivable to them that their leaders might suck as bad as they do. Which is in itself pretty fucking creepy. I mean, they act like those girls that Tosh had on who went completely mental when their candidate didn’t win on American Idol.

      The fact that they’re this emotionally invested is…disturbing.

      1. If it weren’t for people being so emotionally invested in government and controlling other peoples lives and the world, the Donkey and the Elephant would never win. Neither would anything that might take their place.

      2. They’re not called “nannystaters” for nothing. Government is Mommy and Daddy to them.

        1. I guess that explains the emotional investment. Pathetic.

        2. Er, if you have a nanny that means mommy and daddy aren’t taking care of you, so your metaphor is kind of off base.

          1. Government is a substitute Mommy and Daddy to them.

            1. Exactly. I meant the government has become Mommy and Daddy in the same way a nanny becomes a mother/father/supervising adult/parental-type unit.

              This also fits the left’s strong reverence for teachers.

          2. Whether its nanny or mommy and daddy, its still a pathetic/creepy emotional investment, Tulpa. And a nanny kind of plays the role of mommy and daddy when they wont take the time to take care of you. So the metaphor isn’t too off base.

          3. On my children, I administer a form of discipline called “Tough Hate”

            That, and consistent sodomy pretty well keeps them in line.

      3. When you party’s platform (and your core belief) is the control of most aspects of life (true for both R’s and D’s), having your side win is critically important!

      4. Well, I’ve always thought that most of the objectionable behaviors of theists are the result of an underlying personality trait rather than the specifics of their religion.

        It would stand to reason that a person with that personality trait, but raised in an environment devoid of traditional gods, would cling to the closest approximation he could find. In modern times, that is the state.

        1. Yup. And there is evidence that correlates being raised by a strong father in a traditional family with a strong belief in God. Leftists often look to the state as an emotional substitute for the family and for God. Hence their oft religious-like devotion, irrationality, smug self-satisfaction, the dogma, the casting out of heretics, the ritual language that must be spoken, the taboos, the idols that must not be desecrated, the dead saints of times past, etc. etc.

          Of course, those of other political persuasions can fall into that pattern…. *Cough*

      5. Republicans are just as emotionally invested. Libertarians have learned to endure rejection thru practice.

  12. “Oh the tears of unfathomable sadness, yummy you guys!”…

  13. While entertaining, this is about as predictable as the sun coming up in the east. Leftists are unhinged. Who knew?

    Just as depressing is the triumphalism on the right. Whether it’s Palin saying it’s time to “set the narrative” or the ever combative (and odious) Michelle Malkin telling the d’s where they can put their olive branch (so ladylike), it’s pretty obvious they don’t get the message either.

    Everyone is happily camped in their silos and any idea from the other side is heresy. Gridlock may be good to an extent, but making government smaller requires more than that. And I’ve already seen more than one op-ed that military spending is off the table.

    But the most depressing of all was David Broder hinting that what Obama needs is a good old-fashioned war. As if 2 weren’t enough.

    1. But the most depressing of all was David Broder hinting that what Obama needs is a good old-fashioned war. As if 2 weren’t enough.

      That’s how FDR got us out of the depression!!!11!

      1. You know who else got us out of the depression by starting a war…

    2. …phishy handle…

  14. Now he’s portrayed as Hitler, Stalin, and the devil.

    Every president since Nixon has been Hitler and Satan, but they almost never get to be Stalin. Stalin’s just not a go-to bad-guy. You have to remind people of him to get compared to him.

    But has Obama ever been “utm?las som” Stalin, or is it just a thing a Swede would imagine, because they think Americans remember Russia? I’ve seen comparisons, but no utm?lassin’.

    Eugene Robinson, last seen arguing that the nonsense phrase “take back America” was the English-language equivalent of ein volk, ein reich, ein fuehrer,

    The only time he’s ever been onto something, and you give him shit for it? You racist-ass end-times brat racist tantrum-honky.

  15. Huffington Post scribbler Frank Schaeffer reveals…

    My favorite is some self-professed Political Scientist named George Lakoff blaming it all on “bi-conceptuals”:…..78317.html

    “What are called ‘independents’ are actually bi-conceptuals — people who have both conservative and progressive conceptual systems in their brains, each inhibiting the other and usually applying to different issues.”

    Even some of the regular Huffington Post commenters called bullshit.

    1. Lakoff is a one-note hack who represents the worst impulses of people who want to “scientize” (or “pathologize”) politics.

      He would attribute a claim that the sky is blue to a Democrat-exclusive mindset.

    2. Those aren’t the same ones that like to dress in the opposite sex’s clothes, are they?

    3. I wouldn’t read any policy analysis, much less mere opinion from the HuffPo, if it isn’t written by an actor/activist.

      1. Speaking of actors posting on Huffington Post, Alec Baldwin actually wrote something along the lines of “maybe teachers’ unions might have some problems” a couple of weeks ago. He got slammed in the comments, of course.

    4. Frank Schaeffer? That guy has some serious daddy issues.

    5. Maybe I’m crazy, but sometimes I think that people just make up shit.

    6. ‘independents’

      … are people who do not declare a party affiliation. Ideology is plotted along a different axis. Why is that hard to understand?

      1. Because it’s too simple. If it doesn’t fit along the left-right spectrum, the average person won’t understand it. The average person breaks down an ‘Independent’s’ stances on issues by quantifying them as either conservative or liberal on each topic. That seems to be the only way they can formulate their opinion on an Independent candidate.

  16. The increasingly awful Eugene Robinson, last seen arguing that the nonsense phrase “take back America” was the English-language equivalent of ein volk, ein reich, ein fuehrer

    “Good. Use your aggressive feelings. Let the hate flow through you.”

    1. Hey! You stole my joke, although I didn’t quite get it the proper treatment.

  17. Usually, I find the wailing shrieks of leftists to be just annoying, but this is too much to not be entertaining. Were there any threats of holding their breath until America returned to its senses? Going limp or throwing themselves onto the floor and demanding their way RIGHT NOW?

    Across the European media…

    Not caring what a bunch of molly-coddling Fabians think.

  18. It makes you wonder whether it’s even possible to govern this country today. And it’s not. As long as voters remain so fickle and so dumb.

    It seems to have slipped his mind that us rubes are ungovernable because we DON’T WANT TO BE FUCKING GOVERNED.

    HGe might as well have said, those rednecks are so stupid becase they don’t know their place, and won’t do what we tell them to do.

    Fuck you, cockwad.

    1. It seems to have slipped his mind that us rubes are ungovernable because we DON’T WANT TO BE FUCKING GOVERNED.


    2. But, but how will you know how much salt to use? Light bulbs? More importantly, where will you get your jobs, or even morals without government.

      Don Boudreaux just doesn’t get it either. We all need progressive guidance.

    3. It makes you wonder whether it’s even possible to govern this country today. And it’s not. As long as voters remain so fickle and so dumb.

      Our programs would work if you dumb, fly-over-country hicks would just learn to accept the results.

    1. Not even going to click.

      1. Pussy. 🙂

      2. Click on the Cafe Hayek link above. Good stuff from the Don.

    2. There’s some serious weapons-grade stupid in both the article and comments.

      My personal favorite:

      Just chiming in with the “fuck the douchebags” comments. I agree; monsters are monsters. And truth be told, I think a police slap-down would do wonders. Half of the Tea Party’s momentum is based on white rage, privilege being overturned; drilling them with the same police actions- of being arrested, marches broken up, etc.- that they themselves would probably cheer for if it was directed at someone with a darker skin color than theirs would hurt the movement a lot, I think. They are cowards at heart; they band together out of fear, and given a scarier reason to get apart, they’ll scatter like fleas.

      That’s right! Use the power of the state to violate the First Amendment! What could possibly go wrong?

      1. I say go for it. Let’s have the progs play the role of Bull Connor this century, with all the common social disapprobation that entails.

        1. Why not? They played it last century.

  19. have the inhabitants of the 4th estate always been such intellectually lightweight, smug, and patronizing dicks? or is it just those who inherited the estate?

    1. [insert obligatory estate tax joke here]

    2. I’ve seen Cronkite up close in person. His Brooks Brother threads were pretty fucking vacant.

  20. ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer

    1. If we’re going to be grammar Nazis (zing!), w? n??d m?r? ?ml??ts:

      Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein F?hrer!

      1. It is acceptable to substitute a “ue” for the “umlaut u”.

        1. It doesn’t work for umlaut O’s, though – I mean, Blue Oeyster Cult?

        2. Grammar Nazi Nazi!

        3. It is an acceptable substitution for real umlauts, but never for heavy metal umlauts.

  21. The best part of the midterms is the fact that after Obama was elected, the electorate was praised as forward thinking and multi-cultural for electing a black president. Now it’s all different.

    We’re supposed to believe that in just two years we’ve gone back to being racist Nazis?

    I’m pretty impressed with their ignorance of why this election went the way it did. You would think that there might be a few of them that realized “hey, things are actually worse than they were two years ago, if that’s somehow possible and maybe people have a right to switch sides”, but no.

    We’re all racists. Again.

  22. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the Tea Party is really the rapture crowd, like Schaeffer and the Slacktivist claim, why is the national debt such an issue? Wouldn’t they be expecting the End Times before the bill became due?

    1. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. “National debt” is just a code phrase for “I hate Negro presidents.” Everything is in code now, dude.

      1. Thanks for clarifying.

        I expect to see some familiar names on the Slacktivist comment boards. Go forth and troll.

        1. You know, actually a collapsing American economy would expedite “End Times” wouldn’t it? You know damn well there are jobs in Heaven, with Jaysus.

          1. Dude, what kind of crappy heaven are you planning on going to?

            There’s a nice juicy double-dipped government pension for everyone.

            1. I haven’t decided which paradise to go to yet. Too many choices. I’ve thought about blowing myself up, and double-dippin’ in some 72 virgins, baby. Yeah! I just hope they aren’t little boys, though. No offense to any Taliban or priests in the comment section.

              1. Apology accepted. I guess we can’t all be boy lovers.

          2. There’s only one job in Heaven, sitting in the Presence and singing praises unto the Lord. That’s it. And it’s 24/7/365…..well there won’t be anymore 24s, 7s, or 365s, so the time factor is kinda moot. But you get the idea.

        2. Sorry, Johnny, but they won’t accept my comments. By the look of things, anything mentioning Alan Grayson, Van Jones, Kevin Jennings, Whoopi Goldberg, Al Gore, or anyone else the least bit embarrassing to anti-Christian leftist lunatics who want to talk down to us bitter clingers is blocked by their filters.

          1. I like to think I’m responsible for that.

    2. Wouldn’t they be expecting the End Times before the bill became due?

      Anyone else remember the gay mobster in Sopranos and how one of the crew took a big loan from the guy because he knew he was soon to be killed?

      You are right I guess the left think tea pirates are dead enders who are also completely lacking in pragmatism of their own convictions.

  23. And the next time you use one of those convenient-yet-job-killing ATMs, think of all of the starving people in West Virginia who would love to work as a bank teller.

    West Virginia’s voters certainly did not do anything to help their situation.

  24. Actually, they had those toll collecting machines at least as far back as the early seventies, and probably much earlier.

    And if exact change is too big of a problem for Ms. Mitchell, how about this idea: get rid of the fucking tolls!

    1. I remember getting stuck at one of these exact-change tollbooths on a family vacation to Montr?al. The booth waited a long, long, time before finally accepting American coins.

  25. Yeah, but just wait for 2 (or 4) years from now when the Repubs fuck it up and they can say how intelligent the voters are.

    Of course, then we’ll get to hear from righties talk about how stupid the voters are.

    This is a FUN game.

    1. I don’t remember anyone on the “right” talking about the voters being dumb for voting for Obama et al in 2008. A lot of pundits unhappy about the lack of critical coverage of Obama and how that made it impossible for voters to have a real idea what Obama was about, but nothing actually saying that voters are dumb.

      Maybe I misremembering and someone will provide a lot of links that refudiate my rememberances.

  26. It’s interesting that it hasn’t dawned on any left-wing pundits that their incessant vitriolic (a favorite lefty word) demeaning of the Tea Party and the many, many TP sympathizers didn’t contribute to the demise of Congressional Democrats.

    The left-wing punditry is off to a hell of start fucking their Democratic heroes for 2012.

    1. Yeah, they seem to think the Tea Partiers are so far to the left on the (intelligence) curve that they don’t even understand what is meant when they are called stupid.

  27. So… given the choice between Restoring Sanity and Restoring Fear, these guys are going with… fear.

    Okay, but this is going to make Jon Stewart make a frowny-face.

  28. Maybe Barbara Streisand will actually leave the country again? This could be a good thing.

  29. I love reading these…I just lay down and roll in it.

  30. Those people in CT are finally taking my advice:

    In what has become one of the stranger twists in an already bizarre Governor’s race, a bag of uncounted ballots was found in Bridgeport Thursday night.

    When are people going to figure out that I know what I’m talking about?

  31. So, honestly, for resident lefty trolls, could you direct me to the equivalent conservative hysteria after Obama was elected? I’m not a Republican and would never have voted for McCain, but I just don’t recall the response being as… retarded.

    Timothy Egan: How Obama Saved Capitalism and Lost the Midterms (excerpted):

    As of election day, Nov. 2, 2010, your $100,000 was worth about $177,000 if invested strictly in the NASDAQ average for the entirety of the Obama administration. [Great, because 20% of the NASDAQ 100 is Apple. Thanks for giving us iPads, Obama!] …

    The government is expected to break even on a risky bet to stabilize the global free market system. [Excluding Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, HAMP, TLGP, etc. and the amount of debt we had to issue to fund the bailouts. Of course.] …

    Interest rates are at record lows. [Because with Obama, the Fed would have stopped printing money!] …

    Of course, nobody gets credit for preventing a plane crash. [Because no one cares about an airline’s safety record.] …

    Money flows one way, to power, now held by the party that promises tax cuts and deregulation ? which should please big business even more. [How the fuck the author manages to see the above as evidence that the most valuable elements of “capitalism” were saved is absolutely beyond me. It sounds to me like the US just funneled money to vested interests and Egan only starts complaining when they stop supporting his team.] …

    Obama should finger the financial giants for refusing to clean up their own mess in the foreclosure crisis. [Right, because their companies might go bankrupt if they lose too much money on those mortgages? Hurr.]

    Obama saved them, and the biggest cost was to him. [What a self-sacrificing hero!]

    1. And if you invested that $100,000 in gold just before Obama was elected it would be worth even more.

      1. Indeed. And if you use gold as a store of value (or a basket of commodities or other currencies), you’d see that much of the rally has come on the back of a weaker dollar. That’s not an increase in wealth.

        And then we’d have to get back to talking about how gold is largely a function of monetary and fiscal policy, and the President has zero control over monetary policy and only minor control over fiscal policy (subject to the approval of voters in elections, Congress, advisors, etc.). It makes sense to support a President as part of your desired system, but as an individual he doesn’t control very much about the economy.

        Also, FWIW, the NASDAQ is actually up 49% (1726 to 2577) from where he measures it, not 77%. And the S&P was up 26% (966 to 1221), not 44%. It’s meaningless in the first place, but I guess I expected too much for a journalist to get basic arithmetic right.

        1. It’s not an effective cult if there’s not a charismatic leader.

    2. Wow! Just like FDR “saved” capitalism! And we hate him, too!

  32. All this gridlock talk is scaring me with taxes going up soon.

  33. Did anyone else catch George Will’s column today? He called Obama a whiner and said that progressives go so overboard with policies because if they don’t get the electorate to recoil, they weren’t ambitious enough. Pretty much sums it up.

    1. Yes, it was good. Basically saying that progressivism is a self-confirming philosophy because if the people like the politics then the politics aren’t sufficiently progressive enough.

      You know, because progressivism is all about change.

  34. These “people” amuse me. Arrogance must truly be blind. What’s puzzling is that others follow them and must somehow think there’s substantial enough thought to support their ramblings. Now that is some scary shit!

    1. I’m pretty sure they are people, unless you know something I don’t. But really, I would count sentient robots or reptilian infiltrators as “people” too, just of a different species.

  35. That Tim Wise guy has clearly been drinking waaaay too much caffiene. Or he’s on roids or something.

    He’s on and on about how we’re all going to die or something, but I have a feeling his head will explode first.

  36. Obama, Stalin, Hitler….

    When the fuck am I going to be named time magazine’s “Man of the Year”?

    1. Start forcing people to live by your value system, and consider individual liberty an outdated ideal. You’ll make it in no time.

      1. I’m dreaming of MY picture on the cover.

        1. Your turn is after mine!

  37. What’s with having all the links sending me to Google before going to the actual articles?

    Yes, my connection is bad enough that I notice.

  38. someone who you know is on foreign soil tries to sort out your issue.

    Yeah! Because when people (legally) immigrate to america, they lose the accent within a few days! FUCKING FURRINERS, I KNOW IT’S YOU ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE!!111oneoneoneoneoneon

    (But….the call is coming from inside the house! Aaaaiiieeeee!)

  39. I voted for Obama because I disliked how Bush was asserting the “executive privilege” of abolishing habeas corpus just because it was inconvenient.

    Now, Obama has taken it a step further, asserting the right to execute citizens without trial, for the same reasons.

    I’m starting to wish I’d voted for McCain. (or that it was possible to impeach a president as an Initiative ballot).

  40. Hey,I remember my dad tossing coins in toll booth baskets in the SIXTIES. Sure, they were dimes, but I bet they some of them were silver Mercurys. (the dimes, not the car, kids)

    1. Mercury car? What’s that?

  41. The most important thing for Libertarians is that we made our voice heard!

    We won’t vote for anybody we WILL vote for a nobody!

    The fat, fucking, inarticulate Asperger’s case named Steven Stolz garnered 8,000 votes in Pima Connty?


    Screw you, AZ Libertarians!

    You are pathetic.

    Keep giving each other hand-jobs over Cody’s Beef and Beans.

    STG it’s almost like touching a “real girl”.

    What a bunch of tools.

    Who the hell in Tucson DOESN’T,vote fucking AGAINST Gabby Giffords?

    Dumbass Libertarians, I suppose..

    Just so’s you know…

    I’m all for legalizing pot, right quick.

    But I will ALWAYS vote against a “Medical MJ Plan”.

    I’m kinda mean.

    I don’t particularly give a crap about glaucoma patients.

    I think that smoking MJ should be just purely LEGAL.

    Don’t try to fool me with Cancer Victims.

    Say what you want and want what you say.

    I will NEVER endorse a “Medical Marijuana” bill.

    Legalize it across the board, or don’t!

    Makes no never-mind to me …

    Keep giving each other hand -jobs at

    1. Take your meds, dude.

      They taste like bubble gum! See? Bubble gum!

      Here, have some bubble gum.

  42. You know, I don’t read this site too regularly (I get my fiber elsewhere) but I’ve never seen a site so filled with trolls.

    It’s an endless stream of sarcasm and irony. It’s wonderful. I find that I don’t even care what the articles say, I just read the responses.

    Back to relevant points – does anyone see the responses from the RNC and the likes of Trent Lott today? Those fuckers really are clueless. They’re even more narcissistic than the “Won.”

    1. Welcome to the snarky libertarian kids sitting in the back of the classroom club.

  43. The next time you drive through a tollbooth and get stuck behind someone who doesn’t have the proper amount of coinage to put in the machine, ask yourself when human workers are coming back.

    This just shows what a useless piece of shit Mary Mitchell has always been. She is simply a lying asshole.

    The Illinois Toll System REMOVED ALL THE COIN MACHINES AND REPLACED THEM WITH HUMANS!!!. The only automatic toll collection is now with transponders so you will never get stuck behind a person with incorect change unless they are at a human-operated toll booth.

  44. You know, criticizing anything from the Danish media reporting on anything in the US is too easy. As someone once wrote in talking about the Danish BBC (Danmarks Radio), “DR misinformerer om USA og har altid gjort det” (DR misinforms about the US and has always done so). And this applies just as much to Politiken (the Danish NY Times) as well as Jyllands Posten.

  45. Ah, yes. The virtuous Scandinavians.As my Finnish friend Davy once told me, the next time you get lectured about American racism by a Scandinavian, ask them about the status of their Gypsies, Lapps and other indigenous peoples. The ones we never see or hear about, the ones that are not blond and blue-eyed.

  46. “Worse” is an angels-dancing-pin question. The crux of the matter is who is the worst? Answer: The voters who digest the left’s swill and regurgitate it without chewing, much less investigating what is in the recipe. Better not to know how sausage and a Harry Reid are made.

  47. Monyihan is sort of a conservative schill, no? He consistently panders to the haters. He really, really hates liberals. Where is the reporting on all the stupid provided by conservative pundits?

  48. While I agree with the author’s conclusion that American puditry is awful, I’m not sure he helps his argument by drawing half his examples from Europe’s media.

  49. My dad used to put the toll coins in his mouth and spit them into the hopper in Boston. Good thing there were no humans…

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