Something to Tide You Over Until Reason's Restory Sanity Coverage Is Up


Jon Stewart blames the 24-hour conflictinator's existence for making something harder:

Global AIDS hecklers get President off message:

As promised, Something to Tide You Over:

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  1. Wow, two intelligent speakers in a single Hit and Run post. Do you think donations will come in the shore up the site’s stupidity?

    1. (Sic)

    2. Total dittos, Max. Danson and Nielsen both have never been better.

    3. You are on some weird, propaganda group’s payroll. Huffington Post?

    4. Wow, two intelligent speakers in a single Hit and Run post. Do you think donations will come in the shore up the site’s stupidity?

      If you count your donation to the commentary on this thread, Max, then yes, they already have come in and shored up Teh Stoopid.

      1. I don’t think HuffPo is a) stupid and b) desperate enough to pay Max to be a leftist fluffer.

        His mom, OTOH, does pay him to post here, but only indirectly… as in room-and-board and internet access. And getting the jizz stains out of his Underoos.

  2. Jon Stewart’s approach is like someone saying “I don’t mean to be offensive, but fuck you.”

    Good on Obams for shutting those people up. Then they show how classy they are by booing him. I wonder if they would be shocked to realize how much Bush funded for treating HIV in Africa.

    1. Judging by his response to the hecklers, that they should go protest “the folks who aren’t interested in funding Global AIDS”, apparently Obama would be shocked to realize that fact as well.

      Or, maybe he was just lying.

    2. How much is Bush worth? Four to ten million range? What has put into AIDS funding out of that net worth, ten, twenty thousand. Well, hats off to him, then.

      1. Bush’s personal net worth is much more than that. Bush poured tens of billions of U.S. dollars into Africa for AIDS relief. Where all that money ended up is another question — I hope a good portion was helpful. Ironically, Obama praised him for it back then which is another reason that Obama sucks now: hypocrisy.

    3. Not a single condom however.

      1. Sadly indeed.

      2. Not a single condom however.

        People in Africa can not afford condoms?

    4. Jon Stewart’s approach is like someone saying “I don’t mean to be offensive, but fuck you.”



    5. He lost me on calling them “Young people”. When did he get so old and crotchety that his senility made him forget how much support he got from college kids?

  3. OK, Stewart’s bit didn’t suck.

    What did I miss? Becuase I have a hard time believing that the rest of it wasn’t the usual Daily Show bushitlerglibsmugfest.

  4. Its weird that Obama has been funding Global Aids. You would think he would fund research for a cure instead of giving funding to the actual disease.

    1. I felt the same way about sexual harassment training at work. But what the heck, I’ll try anything once.

      1. a Sexual Harassment Consent Form.

      2. They show that training video that was on Family Guy.

  5. Jesus, I had misgivings about Obama before he was elected, but I genuinely didn’t think his speeches would be comprised of petulantly blaming anyone and everyone for his problems. He had a majority in the House, a super-majority in the Senate, and ran into problems after problem. But, it’s all the GOP’s fault, not his lack of leadership ability.

    1. Looks like somebody’s party is in open revolt. Obama-style progressive politics isn’t playing out well. That’s all he knows — he’s not smart enough to change. Well, maybe he can find a few more billionaires to bail out to appeal to his “base”.

      1. Some are in revolt. However, after he pressured the judge who overturned Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to change his mind, I didn’t hear any of his base complain. This makes me think they only object to people Republican first, not opposing gay rights.

        1. Case in point: Pakistan — not a whimper from his base for his “necessary” war. At the most extreme of his base are the “LBJ Hey Hey who’d you kill today” bunch. Well, they got the old Dems out, but look what they turned into themselves. Pitiful, and we’re all paying now.

          1. Or when Holder said he would continue to send his DEA thugs to California even if Prop 19 passed. I’ve hardly heard even a whimper from the left.

  6. Was the Rally for Sanity predominantly white?

    1. “Overwhelmingly white”

      1. Why do you white people forbid us from participating in your festivals? We bake homemade apple pies and assemble American flags in our factories, and this is how you repay us?

        Tell your buffoonish comedians that they’re not funny. They’re also not very good looking.

    2. This non-participant didn’t attend, so I couldn’t say. I don’t think I’ll watch the re-runs either. Football, basketball, and the World Series, ya know.

    3. With a name like that, who in their right mind would attend anyway?

      1. Oh, Ha Ha.

    4. I was there. It was whiter than the NHL.

      1. I’m thinking black folks don’t watch the Daily Show and think Colbert is a kind of cheese, which isn’t entirely wrong.

    5. Of course the crowd was predominantly white. It’s satire, dummy!

  7. It’s easy to call for calm and toning down nasty rhetoric when your party runs everything. Funny that Stewart wasn’t calling for political calm back in 2006 and 2008.

    Notice that these guys are calling for scaling back the “Tea Party = racism” meme on the left only after it has totally backfired on them. Back in June they weren’t so interested in scaling it back.

    1. Back in June they were building it up.

  8. Stewart is approaching Bill Maher territory. The 24-hour conflictinator only has room for one smug, self-important comedian-turned-pundit.

    1. Things were so much easier back when we didn’t have this 24-hour partisan cable news mess, when everybody could just turn on Walter Cronkite at 6 o’clock and trust that he was telling the truth.

  9. OK, I just went on line and saw images of the Rally to Restore Sanity, and it was glad to see it was not predominantly white It was OVERWHELMINGLY white. Being non-white, I am glad I did not venture near this clearly racist gathering.

  10. haters gonna hate. I streamed the rally and thought it was thoroughly agreeable, not over-the-top, and mostly on point. For many of you, derision is your first response to Stewart, but I can’t share the animus.

    If anything, this rally might help excite some Californians into passing prop 19. At least I hope so.

    1. If they had done this rally back in March, I would agree with you. But at this point in time, it reeks of narrative control in view of inevitable crushing defeat.

      After the election, Stewart can claim that he tried to play nice with the GOP/tea party and look where it got him.

      1. That’s goofy. Steward doesn’t have to “play” with anyone, he’s a tv personality. His job is making fun of people, usually conservatives.

        1. Stewart has positioned himself as a political pundit, however much he tries to hide behind his “comedian” shield when people call him on his bullshit.

          He also plays mighty nice with Democrats on his show (aka Obama last week).

          1. He wants so hard to be taken seriously but when he actually is serious and is criticized for his opinions, he puts on the clown face again.

      2. “If they had done this rally back in March, I would agree with you.”

        I’m pretty sure Viacom doesn’t have the money to just send them all down to D.C. for a day at a whim. They shot everything down in DC for a week, which means this was the convenient time for said rally.

        Sure it would’ve been nice to do it sooner, but Comedy Central isn’t exactly rolling in the dough to do an event like this whenever it pleases. They’ve got to do it when the timing actually works out properly.



  11. “restory sanity coverage”

    Don’t you guys mean “restore sanity”?

  12. I think one of the rules for the rally was don’t be a douchebag.

    And god was Nick a douchebag. Oh wow, you managed to find some idiots out of tens of thousands of people. Whoa! Color me impressed.

    And about noting about all the white people. Well Gee Nick, what was the fucking quota of black people that were supposed to be there to satisfy your opinion of multiculturalism or whatever the point you were trying to make? So if white people make up about 75% of the population ( and the rally is representative of the nation as a whole, doesn’t it stand to reason that most of them would be white? Like fucking OVERWHELMINGLY white?

    One of the points of the rally was to get past all the histrionics. The cheap potshots showed that Reason TV is no better the O Reilly or Maddow.

    1. Er, Nick pointed that out because it was so relentlessly noted about the Tea Party rallies.

      Good for the goose, good for gander.

    2. The question is, what was the percentage of people interviewed who were anywhere near as idiotic as some of these ‘tards caught on camera? 1%? 10%? 50%? more?

      I’m pretty sure they didn’t interview tens of thousands of people.

      I’ve been to a Tea Party rally on April 15th, and I didn’t talk to anyone there who seemed to be stupid or crazy, politicians excluded.

    3. One of the points of the rally was to get past all the histrionics.

      Yes, now that the lefty media’s histrionics over the past six months have utterly failed, they appeal to stop the histrionics.

      Why wasn’t Stewart appealing for calm back in 2006 and 2008 when faced with all the Bush haters?

    4. Yeah, I can’t imagine it’s difficult to find a pile of stupid at one of these things. No different that talking to a bunch of union people on strike. Fuck them.

    5. Well, the left seemed to have a quota for the Tea Party and the Beck rally.

      I only think it’s fair to apply it both sides, you know, restoring sanity.

  13. Actually, it will be interesting to see the increase in histrionics on the left after the beating next week.

    You would think that someone would have coordinated future DNC strategies with an eye to the hyperbole that inevitably will follow from the Dems losing control of congress. I find it hard to believe that this marks the end of the paper mache and melodrama from the left.

    Why make a big show about reasonableness when your team is about to lurch into un-reasonable territory?

    Is the Dem party at war with itself?

  14. When is Stewart going to get some new material? I distinctly remember him making this exact same rant on Crossfire in 2004. It didn’t make much sense then, it doesn’t make much sense now.

    1. As long as he has competition in the sometimes serious sometimes satirical sometimes only joking entertainer space. On Crossfire he was attacking a competitor. He’s rather like Rush Limbaugh.

    2. When the lemmings stop stomping and clapping at his old material?

    3. Sesame Street hasn’t really changed much since the 70s either.

  15. Wow, this actually makes a lot of sense dude. Never thought about it that way.

  16. All I hear is “there’s too much speech… no one can hear me and my great ideas”

    What a whiny little bitch.

    1. I thought the part before Obama started getting booed sounded very whiny too.

      “I really thought that everyone would put politics aside, and just pass my political agenda. But despite overwhelming majorities in Congress, people still wouldn’t agree that my plan is the non-partisan option and just shut up and do it.”

  17. liberal haters: Spend money on what we want you to spend money on

    Obama: Shut up, it is my money i am printing i will spend it how i want

    liberal haters: BOOOOOOO

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