"Vote Homo, Not Cuomo"


While this slogan is unlikely to put Kristin Davis, the Anti-Prohibition Party gubernatorial candidate in New York, into the governor's mansion in Albany, it's right up there with "I like Ike."

Other Davis ads, including a plug for casino gambling, are online here.

Reason.tv interviewed Madam Governor here.

NEXT: And Then She Realized That the Smoke Was Coming From Inside the House...

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  1. I can’t WTFV at work, so I’m a little confused…is Davis gay? Because otherwise I don’t see how voting for her over Cuomo is homo. Regardless, voting for homo–or slo-mo, or domo arrigato–is better than Cuomo.

  2. In 1977, when Ed Koch ran for Mayor of New York against Mario Cuomo, Cuomo’s people put up signs saying “Vote for Cuomo, not the homo.”

    She is just reversing the sign to draw attention to her apparent support for gay marriage, which I presume Cuomo does not support.

    1. But I thought the Dems were always the party of tolerance and equality.

      Meh, lives and learns I guess.

  3. Johnathon Chait is what happens when the Boy Scouts exclude little boys who they feel are not right for the organization. The little Chaits are lost out in a world where predators like Martin Peretz are around the tree corners ready to snatch them up.

    What’s the subject matter again? Well, it would have been relevant if the editors bothered to link to him or NR over the past two months that I had that line ready. Have to unload at some point.

  4. Cuomo is ready to fuck NY in the ass.

    No Cuomo.

  5. BTW, Johnathon Chait gets About 445,000 results, and Jonathan Chait gets About 30,100 results on Google, and linking NR to find out which is right is beneath my dignity. So, if I got it wrong, JC’s problem.

  6. alan,

    What are you blabbering about?

    1. That’s explained here:

      What’s the subject matter again? Well, it would have been relevant if the editors bothered to link to him or NR over the past two months that I had that line ready. Have to unload at some point.

      A file dump. I needed to get rid of a few things. Sure it would have been best to unload on a relevant thread but this blog hasn’t had a bitch slapping contest lately with the blogs of other publications. The last one was Welch versus the snide anti school reformers pocket of Big Instruction hacks at WaPo and else where. It got ugly, and now I sense an even uglier truce.

  7. Vote Homo, Not Cuomo!

    Be Astute, Support the Prostitute!

    Only Davis can save us!

    Davis knows the benefits of tax-free businesses.

    Know the Score, Vote the Whore!

  8. If you live in NY and don’t vote for Kristin Davis you get to take partial credit for whatever state enacted liberty crushing outrage happens next.

    1. I just wish she could have secured the LP nomination. Still, I’d probably vote for her over Redman.

      1. I think you mean Warren Redlich, but close enough.

        If you vote for him or the “Rent is Too Damn High” party candidate instead of Davis, you’re still not responsible for what Cuomo is going to do to us.

        You’d think New Yorkers would have learned their lesson the last time they voted for an AG for Governor.

      2. Well if she wanted it, she should have shown up. Warren is completely competent and thus unfit to serve.

  9. I just realized that “Beltway Insider” would make a great euphomism for a homosexual…

    1. Could “Halls of Power” be a euphemism for a vagina? (Or a man’s butthole for the fags out there.)

      1. I thought it was a slogan for a cough drop.

    2. And I also think CNN should have gotten Tucker Carlson to sell them the rights to “The Daily Caller,” but only if Spitzer had gotten his own show.

  10. Her plastic surgery is hideous.

  11. This is the first video of Warty I have ever seen. Jesus Warty, I didn’t know your tits were that big.

  12. How many LGBT individuals will vote for the candidates that are so committed to sexual freedom that they want to legalize prostitution? How many will vote Democrat instead?

  13. Slobber, slobber, yum, yum

    1. Willy, what ?

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