Reasoners on the Tube: Nick Gillespie on Parker Spitzer Talking Bailouts, Stimuli, & Spending Cuts

|'s Nick Gillespie appeared on CNN's talk show, "Parker Spitzer." Topics included the role of uncertainty in the economy, the real culprits in the mortgage crisis, whether or not Obama's policies are business friendly, and what Gillespie would cut from the federal budget. Air Date: Oct. 27, 2010.

Approximately 14 minutes. 

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  1. Couldnt watch more than 5 minutes, then had to turn it off for fear of driving my first through the screen. People that economically iliterate should be sterilized

  2. How does Nick do it? I could barely sit through the whole thing and all I had to do was watch it.

    Entitlements off the table? The stimulus wasn’t big enough? Everything is Wall Street’s fault? Tax the “rich”? Could the opposition to Nick be any more mindless and predictable?

    1. I think the jacket is made out of qualudes.

    2. As soon as they showed her face I knew I wasn’t going to get through 30 seconds of it without getting an irresistible urge to punch her in the throat. I hate proving myself right.

  3. Yeah, fuck! This is like a Jesuit having to listen to some protestant heretic deny the true presence nof Christ in the bread and wine. How does poor Nick do it? Maybe he keeps a copy of Altas Shrugged up his ass as a way of keeping his mind focused on the Truth.

    1. Maybe he keeps a copy of Altas Shrugged up his ass

      I hate to admit this but this line actually made me snigger out loud.

      1. WTF is “snigger”?

        1. You flat-out racist.

        2. snigger = sand … (well, you know the rest

    2. #0243 Jesuits
      #0084 Truth
      #0111 Atlas
      #0012 Christ
      #0112 Nick Gillespie

      1. Holy shit! The Jesuits are way out in front!

        *calls bookie*

  4. That’s funny, I just finished watching the clip on my dvr. While I appreciate your immediate rebuttal to everything she had to say, and I know being a blatant asshole is in our libertarian blood, it might help to push our beliefs to the masses if we do it in a more cordial manner. I guess it’s difficult on that format where they rarely give any time to the opposing viewpoint. Still, good work.

    1. Negative. I have never seen a Libertarian be an overbearing, interrupting asshole… Quite honestly, I think we have been too nice to these idiots for far too long. they don’t have any evidence to support their ideas of fiscal responsibility and they run to words like dignity and hyperbole like throwing grandma out in the street to qualify their ridiculous statement and defend undefendable policies. I’ve been in a family that has been on welfare, I’ve been on unemployment, trust me there is no dignity in it. dignity is in a job, because a job is purpose

    2. I don’t know, Matt Welch is more of the cordial, persuading type, and he seems not only to be invited to these things less often, but is often interrupted a lot more. Reason sort of needs to good-cop-bad-cop team.

  5. LOL.. to both of your comments, it is frustrating… Nick is guy who knows how to argue though, he can take care of himself with interrupters. This is a decent show and HEY Nick has been on twice. CNN needs to take advantage of the Libertarian movement and give these guys at reason their own show. Look at Freedom watch!

  6. I watched the first clip (and will watch this one later after I get home), and one of the things that jumped out at me the most is that Nick is about 1000x a better guest than any of these shows ever have on. He knows his shit, is coherent, makes jokes, and actually says stuff that isn’t in the normal talking point list like every other guest that goes on these types of shows.

    You’d think he’d be more in demand, but I guess having a bunch of partisan talking heads regurgitating talking points is what these shows prefer.

    1. Look how quickly he’s back on. There is something about The Jacket, isn’t there?

      1. It’s made of human skin.

        Seriously, though, Nick can mop the floor with these people. I swear, the hosts and other guests seem–genuinely–a little scared of him. Which is awesome.

        1. He could sit in front of a camera and read his old blog posts and it would be more entertaining and informative than any of the other helmets at that table.

          I have a feeling, though, that he will soon be a target of that dynamic hipster doofus duo named Stewart and Colbert. That’s when it will get interesting.

          1. *saves this post for “I told you so”ism.

            1. Nah, they prefer targeting people who don’t believe in evolution and want prayer in schools. They want to avoid people who can actually challenge them.

              1. That’s the problem with trying to disseminate libertarian ideals though. Everyone treats political discourse with a “you’re either with us or against us” mentality, so you criticize current democratic leadership and fiscal policy and immediately they turn to “Why do you hate personal freedoms and love Sarah Palin?”.

          2. Well they could, but they would somehow have to make the left’s old monocled, top hat wearing, libertarian pinata funny again.

        2. So what you’re really trying to say is Nick is a racist because he only skins black people. Nice.

  7. That sneaky Vanden Huevel tried stealing his xi with the leather.

    His Jacket battled her jacket and His Jacket won.

  8. Nick better not wear the jacket if he goes on the View. It may sense a genetic match and jump right back on Whoopi or Behars back.

    1. I’d call him a bitch if he came on my show.

      1. So would I.

  9. Edit out the three on the left (no pun intended) and you might get me to watch this.

  10. That’s because unlike Huevel, Nick’s jacket has seen things that would make most jackets cry. It’s seen things, man.

    1. nice.

  11. You could cut the sexual tension between Gillespie and VandenHeuvel with a knife. Palpable.

    1. You could cut the sexual tension between Gillespie and VandenHeuvel Spitzer with a knife.

      1. That’ll cost Eliot extra…

        1. Everyone knows Spitzer pays top dollar for top shelf.

          1. For top rack too.

          2. Yes, but he doesn’t pay it all at once. He “structures” it first.

  12. Immediately after the words “libertarian… politeness” left her lips, the “C”-word popped in my head. I’ve never had such a Pavlovian response.

    1. Collectivism?

    2. Especially since she was constantly interrupting him…

      Is the blonde chick supposed to be the conservative? Barely a peep out of her the entire time while Spitzer and van Hovel were ganging up on Nick.

      1. Yeah, according to Wikipedia, she considers herself “right of center” but also “a conversative basher” who’s talked crap about Glenn Beck and Palin.

        So I guess it depends on which way the wind blows.

    3. She should be fined for polluting the studio with “smug”.

  13. You could cut the sexual tension between Gillespie and VandenHeuvel with a knife.

    Every once in a while, I accuse the Jacket of being pro-slavery, but you, sir, have just crossed the lion.

    1. It’s not pro-slavery; it’s pro-B&D.

      There’s a difference.

  14. What’s so amusing here to me… if you can call any of this clusterfuck “amusing”… is that the economically illiterate morons in non-leather jackets are actually this confused on why their team is about to get shellacked next week in the midterms.

    They actually think that people are pissed off at the democrats because they haven’t ballooned government enough! They’re honestly that out of touch with reality, and I suspect next week is going to be kind of shocking to a lot of people.

    1. They don’t actually believe this shit, they just earn their money defending it. Notice there’s nothing to back it up.

  15. Did Van Den Hovel really say tea partiers support her cause?

    Did she really say trans-partisan?

    After Cash For Clunkers, TARP, Health-Care (Obama’s glazed look at Paul Ryan during the “bi-partisan’ reach-around), Cap _N_Trade Noise, growth of unions, Arizona immigration, DOJ Black Panther Case…

    She says “trans-partisan” with a straight face?

    That the loony left can see daylight for their causes through Obama’s “pragmatism’ is EXACTLY why I’m voting to get him out.

    His policies are way too far left for me.

    1. You’re just too ignorant to realize that you really love his policies.

      Your mind has been polluted by secret foreign money.

      Don’t worry though, the progressives are building schools to help people like you become sane again.

      1. …ignorant, and angry, don’t forget angry..

        oh,oh…and frightened.

  16. So, when’s Ashley Dupree going to be on that show?


  17. Is hero worship part of the libertarian cult, or do you all have gay crushes on Gillespie?

    1. Max, will your comments ever rise above inanity and irrelevance?

    2. MAX! Get in here and take my socks off.. mmmm..

    3. They’re all just bi-curious.

  18. “But I was just getting started”

  19. That Vanden Hovel broad is insane. She clearly knows nothing about businesses or economics. Her one line about Wall Street “doing funny things with the money which was why businesses weren’t investing” was jaw dropping in its ridiculousness.

    As for Spitzer I actually pity him a tiny bit. The guy really seems like a dolt. I don’t doubt for a second that he thought he could get away with screwing whores forever. More out of stupidity than megalomania.

    I’ll never know how Nick goes on that show and doesn’t make subtle jokes about him banging whores though.

  20. i feel like i’m watching / listening to a robert altman movie, can’t make out what anybody is saying but it looks exciting

  21. Transpartisan? My ears are bleeding

  22. “excesses of capitalism” *facepalm*

  23. The debate format sucks. I think that is one reason why CNN’s old debate program, Crossfire, was discontinued.

    1. If you think Crossfire sucked, you must not have seen when Zappa was on there owning bitches.

    2. Here’s how they can fix the show. Nick changes his name to Parker Spitzer and hosts, and they lose that jug-eared asshole and the snotty blonde.

  24. You can see the frustration in Nick’s face. This was hard to watch. Its like these people couldn’t get their gears going to connect A-B.

    1. That wasn’t frustration. The copy of Atlas Shrugged he had shoved up his ass was getting really uncomfortable. But it did keep him focused.

      1. Why do you hate free will?


        1. If you simply peruse some of max’s posts, you’ll realize that pussy never enters into it.

  25. The Leather Jacket is really an alien that has been on Earth for thousands of years. Among other things, it greatly enhances all the wearer’s abilities. Which is really great for Nick when he can convince someone to allow him to wear it to bed.

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