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L.A. Area Reasoners: Brian Doherty Talks About the Right-Wing Anti-Interventionist Tradition


I'll be giving a presentation entitled "The Right Wing Anti-Interventionist Tradition: Its Life and Unfortunate Death." Also on the bill is Justin Raimondo of, talking about the left-wing anti-interventionist tradition, for an ecumenical left-right-libertarian presentation on the history and importance of noninterventionist ideas in these here United States.

It happens Tuesday night, October 26, at California Lutheran University's Lundring Event Center. It runs from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and is free of charge. Cal Lutheran is in Thousand Oaks, at 60 West Olsen Road, Thousand Oaks, California. More details here.

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  1. The Right Wing Anti-Interventionist Tradition: Its Life and Unfortunate Death”. Also on the bill is Justin Raimondo of, talking about the left-wing anti-interventionist tradition[…]

    Justin would be wasting his time, as there’s NO anti-interventionist tradition in the left, never was one – the Left has been ENTHUSIASTIC about war ever since the early Progressive era. They are against war only when they are not started by “their” people.

    Which means that the neo-cons are actually pro-war leftists – YEP, that they are; to be more accurate, the left (always enthusiatic about the “social coordination” effects of war) and the pro-war “right” are simply Fascists.

    1. the Left has been ENTHUSIASTIC about war ever since the early Progressive era. They are against war only when they are not started by “their” people.

      Not necessarily. Much of the left opposed the Vietnam War despite the fact that Kennedy/ & Johnson were most responsible for getting the US involved there. Also, the left was divided on Clinton’s interventions in the Balkans.

      1. Only the students in the New Left actively opposed the Vietnam War, especially once they became draft-eligible.

        AFAIK, the Labor/Old Left crowd didn’t give a shit until Nixon was involved. Obviously the CPUSA and their ilk opposed war on fellow travelers, but that’s a different story. That was just a handful of people, anyway.

        Non-interventionism on the Old Right in America was based on adherence to George’s Washington’s ideals. Once former New Dealers like Reagan started infiltrating the GOP and became the “New Right”, then non-interventionism became a shaky proposition.

        By the time of the Balkans Wars, the “mainstream left” was pretty much just a subsidiary of the Democratic Party and said whatever furthered the interests of the party. I don’t remember much opposition to the Kosovo war, except on the far left.

    2. Dimnuts Ripped Moron is a traitor, and his hate site is a hangout for traitors. Damn him and all his anti-semitic pro-terrorist anti-American pacifascist pals to Hell. Everyone who cites that self-righteous son of a bitch as an authority on anything should be shot.

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  2. Any idea if this will be recorded? Some of us can’t make it to California.

  3. Well, at least Doherty will be interesting to listen to.

    1. No he won’t. You pacifascist traitors are all the same.

  4. Holy fuck (no pun intended), that’s my girl’s alma mater and is located easy commute from my house. I’ll be there. Too bad I can’t get Doherty to sign my kindle copy of R4C.

  5. Have you rented a phone booth for this event?

    1. Do you think he’s going to turn into Superman?

      1. Meester Superman no here.

  6. There aren’t any phone booths anymore, you old cunt.

    And all the libertarians in California can fit inside an iPhone.

  7. Could the decline of right-wing anti-interventionism possibly coincided with the massive increase in the last century of fascist mass-murderings? Just a thought.

    1. Sacrilege! She’s a witch! Burrrn her!!

    2. Increase? The last century was the most peaceful in human history.

    3. Could you be a brain-dead commie traitor bitchslutcunt? Just a thought.

    4. ‘Cause, you know, anti-interventionism sure convinced Hitler not to attack Poland and Czechoslovakia!

    5. It also convinced Stalin to go easy on all those counter-revolutionaries. Yes, limp noodles and spineless refusal to intervene in totalitarian takeovers sure made the 20th century wonderfully peaceful! Y’know who’s really grateful for all you assholes marching and screeching against intervention? Mass-murdering commies! Thanks a heap, pacifascists! Fuck all you “anti-war” faggot communazis with a running chainsaw, bitches!

      1. Special damnation to Pat Buchanan for his part in this shit too. Mao’s millions and the two million boat people murdered by the Viet Cong thank you, Communazi Boy!

  8. J00servative has spunk. He’s a keeper.

    1. Just as I thought: nobody could like this guy.

  9. That’s the Lakers Opening night (championship banner, rings, etc).

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