If You Think the Rent is Too Damn High, Watch This Vid to See a Candidate Who Wants to Legalize Poker, Prostitution, and Pot!


Rent is Too Damn High candidate Jimmy McMillan got all the 3rd Party press at the recent NY gubernatorial debate, but Kristin Davis is the candidate with at least three good ideas to fix what ails The Empire State.

Watch her highlights by clicking above.

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  1. Tempting, but not enough to cause me to move to NY state. Does she have a sister?

  2. No. But she might have a few employees.

  3. I’ll give you my vote, but you will blow me first!

    1. Right away, mein furor!

  4. She makes too much sense.

    Seriously, if those fuck-tards at 60 minutes would’ve done a piece on her, she could’ve scored in the 2%-5% range.

    Even a forest fire needs to start with a spark.

  5. Where on earth did she get these crazy, dare I say reasonable ideas? Too bad most folk only see the crazy. But she’s not a wacko, she’s great at sensemaking. Perhaps too good.

    1. Dare I say reasonable


  6. I’ll never understand how anyone could listen to her and still not vote for her.

    1. agree.

      That effect is magnified by listening to the other candidates and then her.

      1. Look at my opponent, now back to me, now back at my opponent. Now look at me, I’m on a horse.

        *whistled tune*

        Vote Davis

  7. Such a handsome face, but girlfriend we need to do something about that ratnest on top.

    Maybe dye it ash brown, keep a few dozen blond strands for highlights, and apply some heat so it falls evenly against the sides of those fantastic cheek bones. Oh, I could so work with that face!

    1. Wow, I didn’t think anyone else used the phrase “rat’s nest” for hair. My grandmother used to use it. 🙂

      1. Apparently I’m an an old queen, as well as a snipper up in my head. ‘Snipper?’ Yep. I do believe that bitch lied to me about her age.

      2. My mother did as well.

      3. My grandmother didn’t say “rat’s nest”, but she used the term “davenport” for a sofa.

        1. My grandmother on the other side did as well, but they would use name brands for most items.
          But then again a lot of use do that, Q-tips instead of cotton swabs, Kleenex instead of facial tissue…

          1. Funny. I call the object I use for earwax removal “finger” and that which I use to catch my mucus spray “sleeve”.

  8. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – Orwell

    Tell it all, sister.

  9. Depends on what the polls look like. If Paladino doesn’t look like he’s within striking distance, I may well vote for Davis.

    1. Vote for Davis anyway. The two party system has failed and voting for a member of either of them confers legitimacy to it.

      Third Party or leave it blank.

      1. +1

        I’ve chosen the “don’t vote” route myself, but the anything-but-D-or-R route is just as good for those who are less lazy.

      2. I understand where you’re coming from. I can’t generate much enthusiasm for Carl Paladino. That said, I’m almost inclined to say vote for the douche over the uberdouche that is Andrew Cuomo. I mean he’s running ads here accusing his opponent of being an “Albany insider”. Really? Albany insider, Andrew? Add that to being perhaps the person most responsible for the subprime crisis and I’m stuck in a position of letting the good be the enemy of stopping the really, really evil.

        1. Yeah, I found that ad amusing too. Well, it’s not like Paladino has any chance. Cuomo’s been groomed for this his whole life. He’s probably got the matching towels and shower curtain picked out already.

          PS. Cuomo’s NYC office is a few floors below mine in the Wall Street area – I see him and his posse all the time in the elevator. I was amused to discover how powerfully he exudes the exact aura that one would expect.

          1. I’d save my farts for that elevator ride.

    2. Against my better judgement I had to return to NY for family reasons, I am seriously thinking of voting for her just because. In 2008 I thought long and hard about voting McCain or Libertarian party, and wished I went third party. It has to start somewhere.

    3. Why the fuck would you vote for Palladino? Not only is he a homophobic asshole, he’s a major party shithead.

      1. Becauase as much a douche that Paladino is, I really, really, want to stop the uberdouche that is Andrew Cuomo.

        1. I think what Bill is trying to say, is that he’s voting Turd Sandwich in 2010.

          1. Hey, EVERY election is between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

        2. Fortunately, the fate of the 2010 election for Governor of NYS depends on YOUR vote, Bill Dalsio.

          1. If you take that view, what’s the point in voting third party, either.

            1. At least my third party vote helps the LP get ballot access in my state (TX).

      2. If I thought Satan had a good chance of beating Cuomo, I’d be mulling a vote for him.

      3. Whereas if you vote for Davis, it will have the same effect as spending that time masturbating in your bathtub.

        If you want to go in the Wayback Machine to June and campaign for Davis, recruiting enough people to her cause to possibly affect the outcome of the election, that’s a different story. But as long as you’re a lone wolf voter, you really are wasting your vote.

        1. Hey, whats wrong with masturbating in your bathtub?

          1. Aside from getting Christine O’Donnell angry with you?

        2. Masturbation aside, I’d say the operative question is whether Paladino has a shot of knocking Cuomo out, either. If so, then I’ll hold my nose and pull the lever for the douche. If not, I may as well register my distate.

        3. Tulpa, do you work really hard to dream up this nonsense, or does it just come to you naturally?

          1. Apparently pointing and shouting “nonsense” with no argument to back up that characterization comes naturally to some people.

            1. But as long as you’re a lone wolf voter, you really are wasting your vote.

              Explain this, then. For a helpful hint: explain how a vote for a major party is not a “wasted vote”. Show your work.

              Like I said, I smell nonsense coming on.

              1. Thank you. I’ve said it a few times, but voting for someone who “wins”, and then proceeds to work against 80-90% of what you believe in is wasting your vote. What the fuck did you “win”?

                For most of the non-trolls on this board, any vote for a (R) or (D) is a wasted vote.

  10. Hey, Nick G., Radley B., Matt W., Jacob S., SOMEBODY,

    Would it be possible for you guys to suggest to John Stossel that he interviews her between now and Election Day?


    ? Stossel films his show in New York City; Kristin Davis is running for Governor in the state of New York
    ? Stossel works for the Fox Business Channel; Davis’s plans are about linking social liberalism to FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY
    ? Eliot Spitzer has his own nightly talk show; Kristen Davis does not
    ? Kristen Davis could use the opportunity of a sit-down interview both to express her positions on the issues and possibly adress remarks DIRECTLY to Governor Spitzer

    Please, please, please help arrange this show. It would be a small step towards achieving justice and healing America. Also, it might be fun.

    1. Napolitano had a former prostitute and current porn actress on for a segment on his Fox Business show. The girls were nice to look at, but so dumb even the fairly smooth-tongued Napolitano couldn’t make up for all of the awkward pauses and garbled responses. Anyway, yeah, the titillation factor probably didn’t hurt his ratings and the pro-freedom points needed to be made. The prostitute did make an interesting point, “just as some people were born to be artists, some people were born to be sex workers.”

      1. some people were born to be sex workers

        Amen. No matter how appealing a job being a male stripper is, I just wasn’t born for it. *mope*

      2. There are actually some eloquent porn actresses out there. That industry is getting a lot of the girls who used to go to Hollywood to try to become mainstream movie stars, largely because porn pays better (and immediately) and getting ahead in porn doesn’t require them to have sex with as many guys as getting ahead in Hollywood does.

      3. To be fair, I doubt many people ask these women what they think about their industry in this fashion. Napolitano probably treated them with respect just like any other guest who works in a private industry and is being unfairly maligned by both the left and right AND having their right to work affected by the government. I doubt they’re used to being treated in that manner.

        Though they could just be dumb. Or inarticulate.

  11. Way to throw the Libertarian Party candidate under the bus.

    I don’t want be that guy, but I seriously wonder if you, ahem, “cosmotarians” just want all libertarian politicians to wear legalizing drugs, prostitution and gambling on their sleeve.

    It’s a self defeating effort at this time, when the media freaks out about drug legalization. Any libertarian image that focuses solely on legalization of vices, is just going to shoot a big toe off.

    1. I don’t know if sacrificing our principles so the media will look favorably at us is such a good idea. Isn’t that what’s gotten the two major parties in such a fucked up state?

      1. Also, I think that’s what got us Bob “I swear I’m not a republican anymore” Barr last cycle.

        1. Possibly, but there were too many factions trying to get control of the LP at the convention to reach any clear, concise platform. It seemed like there was more grandstanding in the nomination process than well-formulated consensus-building.

      2. Emphasizing some principles more than others does not constitute sacrificing them.

        The two parties don’t have principles other than doing what it takes to get into power and get more of it.

      3. Sloopyinca, the reason we live in an ever-more-socialist country is that the left took the incremental, compromised, Fabian approach. And here we are, not too many generations later, living the dream of American socialists of the 1920s.

        That’s one reason I describe myself as a moderate libertarian. Very few voters want to leap straight to Libertopia, but many will be amenable to a toned-down libertarian approach to specific problems. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

      4. Just thirty pieces of silver, Judas.. Just thirty pieces of silver..

    2. It’s a self defeating effort at this time, when the media freaks out about drug legalization.

      Ending drug prohibition is probably not only the most popular, but also most blindingly obvious things to put out there for average people.

      People have retarded ideas about economics and war, but anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows for an absolute fact that the drug war is terribly counterproductive.

      Why not start there and use it to get exposure for other things?

      1. If you lead with drug legalization, you’re going to shut the brains of conservatives and moderates off. Your audience will then consist primarily of liberals and socialists.

        And then you mention pretty much any other libertarian position and you’re going to lose the liberals and socialists.

        So it pays to emphasize the bulk of our philosophy that conservatives and some moderates will find appealing at first blush. And then gradually show that drug legalization is consistent with what they like.

        1. If you lead with drug legalization, you’re going to shut the brains of conservatives and moderates off.

          I’m not sure that William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman, and George Shultz agree.

        2. If you lead with drug legalization, you’re going to shut the brains of conservatives and moderates off.

          Someone would have to turn it on first.

          Your audience will then consist primarily of liberals and socialists.

          Best place to find converts in my opinion. Lots of libertarians became that way by first wanting government to do things, then seeing what the results are. Hence the historical demographics of socialists are young people. So instead of them turning into Republicans later in life, we can turn them into libertarians. Much easier than converting someone who thinks God is telling them to have the government fight a holy war for them.

          And then you mention pretty much any other libertarian position and you’re going to lose the liberals and socialists.

          Then you’re doing it wrong.

          So it pays to emphasize the bulk of our philosophy that conservatives and some moderates will find appealing at first blush.

          That’s been the plan for 30 years. They take the first blush part, co-opt the language, and then turn it into some big government program.

          And then gradually show that drug legalization is consistent with what they like.

          But it isn’t.

    3. The LP is a cluster fuck at a national level with a few shining examples at the state level. That alone is reason enough to look elsewhere.

    4. The problem I have with Davis is she advocates vice legalization as the answer to budget shortfalls — if we legalize and tax sex and drugs, then Johnny’s teacher won’t lose her job. How about spending less? Instead of profiting from sex acts and drug transactions, how about less government? Anyone interested in a grown-up conversation on how to address the practical problems NY faces should go to http://wredlich.com/ny/. Yes, he looks and talks like a principal, but his ideas are gaining support. At the very least, insuring ballot access for the next run by a Libertarian is a positive.

    5. I’ve only just come across Ms. Davis, but I like that she’s focusing on the most clearly ridiculous vacuums of freedom, seeking to legalize: Gay Marriage; Marijuana; Gambling; Prostitution.

      Does that make her a widely appealing and thus electable candidate? No. But it says what needs to be said. Get the obvious things out of the way that infringe on individual rights, for it should be the primary concern of the government to protect them and pull back in other areas.

      Redlich is good, too, if you want to be the sensible candidate who probably should get elected, but still certainly won’t.

      I don’t know that it would necessarily be effective, but I think candidates like Redlich would do better hammering away to get at least standing room in the Republican Party ? as their positions are already more moderate ? and more blunt candidates like Kristin Davis, or more extreme candidates, run hardcore on a stunt political advocate platform. This may actually simply be what is happening, but I think great strides could be made if it were a coordinated effort.

    6. Way to throw the Libertarian Party candidate under the bus.

      Yup… sounds just as pathetic as when someone says they will only for for someone because they are republican or democrat.

    7. Warren Redlich, the libertarian candidate, was great during that debate. The videos on his website are really funny too!

  12. I might consider voting for her if the rent weren’t too damn high.

  13. Anyone want to get supper-Balko pissed off today? Here’s your fucking chance.

    From the story: Richards had received no complaints about Briscoe’s behavior prior to confronting him, and Briscoe did nothing during their initial encounter that warranted Richards’ effort to take Briscoe into custody, said Jason Laughlin, a spokesman for the prosecutor. When Richards attempted to cuff Briscoe, he committed an illegal arrest and that action was the basis for the simple assault charge, Laughlin said.

    The decision to pursue legal proceedings against Richards came after a review of statements from the participants and witnesses, security camera videotape of activities inside the store prior to the incident, photographs of the scene, the autopsy and toxicology reports and information supplied by the Briscoe family and others, Laughlin said.

    Richards was not charged in connection with Briscoe’s death because in New Jersey there is no right to resist arrest, even if the arrest is illegal, Laughlin explained. Once Briscoe resisted being taken into custody, police had the right to take actions necessary to restrain him. There is no evidence to indicate the police used excessive or illegal force in taking Briscoe into custody, the spokesman said.

    You’ve got to read the whole thing. Disgusting.

    1. Once Briscoe resisted being taken into custody, police had the right to take actions necessary to restrain him. There is no evidence to indicate the police used excessive or illegal force in taking Briscoe into custody, the spokesman said.

      WTF? Doesn’t the fact that the guy died from asphyxiation “indicate” excessiveness? This is fucking bullshit!

      1. Never mind that the false arrest and imprisonment led to the use of the chemical spray.

        I don’t know the history of the guy in question. All I know is that he was sitting on a curb smoking a cigarette and drinking a soda when a cop gave him an unlawful order. The guy passively resisted to follow the (unlawful) order and he ends up dead.

        Fuck this shit. I hope the prosecutor and judge who agreed to the plea deal die in a fucking fire. And I hope this cop (and the other 4 cops involved) suffer a fate even worse.

        1. You people, and your wishing-death on people. WTF.

          You’re doing it wrong. First off, dying in a fire is way too quick and merciful.

          I want these waste-of-gamete fleshbags to break a bone in their foot, one that can’t be set properly. Every step for the rest of their LONG lives causing agony. And then around age 60, it starts getting infected regularly, leading to the amputation of most of their toes. Leaving plenty of time to be at the whims of cruel nursing home orderlies till they die.

          1. Under your scenario, these fuckers would either end up collecting disability (from the taxpayers) or workman’s comp (at a higher taxpayer expense) for the rest of their lives. I am assuming they’d win their comp claim since it’s unheard of for a state employee not to.

            Sorry, maybe a shark attack or something.

            1. Ok, so it needs more work. I’m sure next week’s collection of nut-punches will help.

              1. Sad but true.

        2. OC spray will fuck day up, just on the skin. In your eyes? You’re fucking blind and in blinding pain for a longass time. Pour a cup of that down his butthole for starters.

      2. “Camden County Medical Examiner determined Briscoe’s death was a result of police’s efforts to subdue him and called the death a HOMICIDE.”

        Guy gets one year of probation. That’s it.

    2. And I knew of the horrendous lack of a right to resist an illegal arrest in NJ, but I never thought it would be used to justify homicide. Balko better get on this shit.

    3. Meh, this only rates a half-Radley. Balkos stories NEVER include things like

      “This plea ensures that Richards will be forever barred from holding such a position of authority again.”

      which is the steel toed portion of the successfully executed Balko nut-punch.

      1. I’m sure this cop will be thinking about that for the entire year he’s on probation as well.

        Fuck, this pisses me off. I emailed Balko the lead an hour or so ago. I sure hope he runs with this one because it’s about as egregious an example of the double-standard as I’ve seen in a while.

        1. Am I the only one who suspects that Radley has to spend every weekend in a sensory isolation chamber, to recuperate from the previous week’s work?

    4. It is disgusting. However, there are a lot of details missing from that story. Did the asphyxia result from a freak allergic reaction to the spray, or did it result from something more obviously reckless like putting a knee on his throat or wrapping an arm around his neck? If the former, I don’t think you could plausibly argue excessive force since the officers could not have foreseen this outcome.

      Also, a right to resist arrest if you think it’s an illegal one is going to create all sorts of practical problems. Anyone who resists a legal arrest can then claim that they thought it was illegal and thus did not have the mens rea necessary for guilt.

      It’s more orderly if you submit to arrest and then sue the pants off any and every jurisdiction involved in the arrest afterward.

      1. More nonsense from Tulpa. First of all, it says the man died from traumatic asphyxia, meaning asphyxia caused by venous pressure. Victims of hanging and crushing die from traumatic asphyxia, not victims of allergic reactions.

        Also, a right to resist arrest if you think it’s an illegal one is going to create all sorts of practical problems. Anyone who resists a legal arrest can then claim that they thought it was illegal and thus did not have the mens rea necessary for guilt.

        Sorry Tulpa, but a cop who illegally arrests you is committing a crime of assault against you. You always have the right to self defense whenever someone is unjustly assaulting you. Yours is the same argument people use for saying we should not have the right to self defense, since any murderer could claim that the murder he thought the murder was self defense. Yet somehow the justice system hasn’t fallen apart despite self defense being a valid claim. The courts are the ones who decide whether or not a cop’s actions are legal, not the cops themselves.

        1. I apologize for not being as well-versed in medical jargon as you. That’s why I said details were missing.

          Furthermore, self-defense is a lot easier to determine in the heat of the moment than the legality of an arrest. In most cases a murderer could not plausibly claim he or she thought it was in self-defense.

          1. One would think self-defense is pretty easy to determine in a situation like this one.
            The cop went to arrest him for no other reason than because he felt like it. The man had broken no law, and as far as I know, a cop has to tell you why he’s arresting you. I guess “Because I said so,” wasn’t good enough an answer for this guy and it shouldn’t have to be for anybody.

            Shit, Tulpa, it almost sounds like you’re saying to submit to their will and allow your rights to be taken away from you. Then you can sue to get your rights back. Well, fuck that shit. I’ll just go ahead and keep them, thank you very much.

            1. My point is that there’s an argument to be made that you shouldn’t have a general right to resist arrest if you think it’s an illegal arrest. In this case it might seem innocuous enough to posit one because this particular officer screwed up so badly, but remember that just because an officer tells you why he’s arresting you does not ipso facto make it a legal arrest. So a right to resist illegal arrest is going to have to encompass very murky situations where the legality or illegality of the arrest hinges on technical facts not crystal clear in the heat of the moment.

  14. I’d vote for her if I still lived in New York.

  15. The New York third party candidates sound so much more reasonable than most of the Oklahoma congressional delegation.

    1. Have we ever had a reasonable politician in Oklahoma? I can’t remember any.

      1. Coburn

  16. jobs will leave this state faster than Paladino at a gay bar

    So, the jobs will stay all night and tip poorly?

    1. /rimshot

  17. I’m sorry, but this shit is a worse idea than the two-party system.

    Who the fuck comes up with this shit?

    1. And can you believe who last won American Idol?! IT’S A TRAVESTY!!11one

      1. What the fuck is American Idol?

        1. Who the fuck is John Simms? Life is just full of mysteries that aren’t worth unraveling.

          1. Unraveling? Johnny boy does some sick ass work.
            Trust me on that.

            1. Since i took the line from Mighty Boosh, I’m going to assume they were talking about this John Simm (just one of him apparently, so when i pluralized it, I was in error.)

              1. Thanks for making me waste my google-fu then, asshole.

                (I keeeed. I keeeeed.)

                1. Waste? Hardly. Unless causing me to laugh my ass off is a waste, then, sure.

        2. And who keeps screwing with the lights?

    2. More evidence that Frito-Lay is missing the boat by not campaigning hard in support of Prop 19. There’s no way anyone thinks cheeseburger-flavored Doritos are a good idea unless they’re high.

  18. Semi threadjack: this poll shows pro 19 winning in California. It explains the results of human polling that show 19 losing as a result of the “broadus effect”.

    http://yeson19.com/sites/default/files/Prop 19 live vs auto poll.pdf

    1. Yeah, and this would be the first time ever a partisan group released a poll supporting their case against all other current polling.

      Look, I want Prop 19 to pass as much as the next guy on here. I have a hard time buying a poll that has no supporting data and doesn’t show the methodology used in either sample group.

      I’m not too confident it can pass but I’m holding out hope.

      1. Just stop caring. The enforcement of contraband laws will be our last concern in a few months when the rule of law completely breaks down.

        1. [face-palm]

  19. help a sister out—-go to http://www.kristindavis.com and send a contribution. Davis can win 50,000 votes and thus establish a new party in NY. The NY Libertarians are hopeless retards who’s candidate is running on higher gas taxes as an issue.

  20. The above comment may be from someone trying to install malware. The correct website addy for Kristin Davis is here.

    1. Federal Offense for anyone writing malware with the purpose to effect elections? Nah, it’s all about the foreign money.

      1. And Cyberwarfare? Nah, that’s for catching kitty porn and fightin tur-r-ists. Though they did manage to catch those bitches stealing bank account info with malware, so maybe it’s just a matter of rearranging priorities.

        Off to run Malwarebytes (even though I never even thought to click that bullshit link. Step 1 in netsafety: STOP CLICKING ON BULLSHIT. If in doubt, JUST DON’T CLICK.)

        1. JUST DON’T CLICK

          Argh, didn’t even think about how a popular claim that something is “malware” (like that Malsite Reason.com) could be a problem. My “solutions” really are just a starting point.

  21. I can see the headline after the election: Davis Costs Libertarian Candidate the Governorship by Splitting the Vote.

    1. Doubtful, but it would be a shame if her candidacy cost the Libertarians ballot access in four years. It is a lot easier to leave the convention in the spring with the nomination in hand than to spend the whole summer attaining ballot access and only then be able to roll out the message.

      1. Why didn’t they approach her as a candidate? Did she try to speak with the NY LP?

        1. Davis didn’t show up to the NYLP convention

  22. This lady is the real deal. And I hate nearly every politician in the world.

  23. When she called them a bunch of whores, it reminded me of when Snoop said:
    “And now that’s realer than the real deal Holyfield/and all you hookers and ho’s know how I feel.”

    Hope she keeps starting trouble.

  24. She’s got my vote. And she couldn’t possibly be worse than what we’ve got, or what we’re actually going to get.

    That fat, semi-retarded hack, John Podhoretz, recently referred to her as a “hooker,” and then when taken to task for the not insignificant blunder, offered an insulting and shitty apology: http://blog.vdare.com/archives…..is-talent/

    1. So a woman who looks like that says she was a madam but never a hooker? Really? Wow, what are the odds? I thought nearly all madams were ex-hookers… not that this is something I know much about…

      1. She has said she slept with Spitzer and he was boring.

        It could be worse.

        1. In prostitution, as in most other businesses, I’d imagine boring clients who pay on time are preferred.

          1. Now that I am thinking about this, the fact she talks about her supposed private and confidential transactions makes me wonder.

          2. Except boring clients who pay on time and then try to throw you in jail are not preferred.

      2. Who the fuck cares who she fucks, how often, and for what reason?

        1. Or if her balls are as big as her adam’s apple.

    2. I believe the proper term is “Companion”.

      1. Ah, so all this is about terminology? “I wasn’t a hooker, I was a sex worker who got paid for having sex”?

        1. Sorry, I thought Firefly was required viewing for H&R commenters.

          1. It should be.

          2. I’m still holding out for a new season of that.

          3. No kidding.

    3. I suspect the average hooker has a better grasp of the real world – including economics – than the average career politician. I recall the minor uproar when an (ex?) hooker ran for Supervisor when I was living in SF in the late 90s and she had more sense than the rest of the “lawyer/community activist” clowns on the ballot put together.

      1. I would be happy with this.

  25. With that headline, shouldn’t this be an article about Barney Frank?

  26. He’s introduced bills to legalize #1 and #3, and, um, has some personal experience with folks very close to him regarding #2.

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