Candidate of the Day: Jimmy McMillan

Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party steals the show at the New York gubernatorial debate:

[Hat tip: Kate Coyer.]

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  • Barely Suppressed Rage||

  • Scooby||

    Watch these lights in the sky turn out to be viral marketing for an upcoming movie.

  • Polly Tickle||

    I'll lower prices and raise wages.

  • Abdul||

    I can't decide if he makes Paladino look good or bad by comparison.

  • ||

    His ISP suspended his website, probably due to all the traffic. He could register

  • ||

    Love the black gloves.

  • Kant feel Pietzsche||

    The rent is too GODDAMN high...say, give me a bite of that tunafish sandwich.

  • ||

    I like the cut of his jib, and would like to subscribe to his newsletter.

  • Jibcutters Union Rep||

    Not until you go through US first, pal.

  • ev||

    I am sexually aroused.

  • Ragin Cajun||

    It's Chester A. Arthur!

  • ||

    "Chester A. Arthur fall down!"

  • Spoonman.||


  • Jeff P.||

    'Bout time someone ran for office with some decent facial hair.

  • ||

    I assume you're not acknowledging Barbara Boxer.

  • Liberal Douchebag||


  • JD||

    We should require all candidates to grow beards as awesome as this one. That includes the women.

  • ||

    If this man doesn't get his own political talk show on CNN (replacing the Spitz's abomination), there's something wrong with America.

  • Drax the Destroyer||

    You mean something other than the "rent is too damn high" ?

  • ||

    No. That's the name of the show.

  • ||

    No, the show should just be called "Too Damn" which opens the format up to a wide range of complaint.

  • ||

    Michelle Obama is too damn ugly.

  • ||

    "My beard is too damn difficult to maintain"

  • ||

    Kids wear their pants Too Damn low!

    Teevee commercials are Too Damn loud!

    Kids nowadays have it Too Damn easy!

    Computers are Too Damn complicated!

    When I was a boy I had to walk up Too Damn hills to get to school!

    Get off of my Too Damn lawn!

  • James J.B.||

    Chocoloate Chip cookies is too damn delicious!

    It could also have a segement entitled oh no you didn't - where he skewers some jackass politician for their dumb act of the day. If he's smart - he'd nail both team red and blue - I'd watch nightly. beats the other crap that the sheep are supposed to watch.

  • Upgrayyed||

    And one called Karate Expert where he breaks too damn many bricks over the head of his opponents.

  • Pip||


  • Spiny Norman||

    Sheep don't watch TV. They can't work the remote.

  • James J.B. n.k.a McMillion ||

    Sheep - you know, the people that follow blindly and believe that there really is a difference between Bush and Obama. (On either side); that if only their guy was in charge, things would be different; that the mid term elections matter. that the other guys are corrupt; etc.

    Sheep - Followers, sheeple,etc.

    They are fond of sitcoms, Glee, and always need a laugh track to really enjoy a show.

  • Drax the Destroyer||

    A personal favorite:

    I have to drive through TOO DAMN many traffic lights to get to work!

  • ||

    "There are too damn many notes!"

  • ||

    As a karate expert, I have to say that you're wrong to dilute the message. The rent is too damned high--what else do we need to talk about?

  • Fiscal Meth||

    I'll tell ya what else! The dojo rent is too damn high too!

  • ||

    Great, another Network parallel, so we can listen to a hundred more solemn pronouncements by talking heads that that piece of crap movie was so prophetic.

  • ||

    Only if he gets gunned down by Middle Eastern terrorists at the next debate.

  • ||

    ""No, the show should just be called "Too Damn" which opens the format up to a wide range of complaint.""

    He could call it "Too Damn High" and discuss things that the government wants to do, and were obviously too damn high on somthing when they came up with the idea.

  • Peter Griffin||

    You know what really grinds my gears...

  • ||

    There could also be a sitcom.

    $#*! My Politician Says

  • ||

    The 24 hour cable news networks run that show most the day.

  • ||

    I may not agree with his politics, but the name of the party seems to sell itself. Perhaps it's time for the Libertarian Party to re-christen itself as the Freedom, Bitches Party.

  • waffles||

    is that calling the vote a bitch? or is it promising freedom and bitches? won't this further damage the appeal of libertarianism to women, let alone womyn?

    needs some work.

  • ||

    Helpful Hint--

    If she refers to females as 'womyn', and she's not being sarcastic, satirical, or witty, she's not a libertarian.


  • The Other Kevin||

    How about the Government is Too Damn Big party?

  • Almanian||

    That's too damn long

  • Pip||

    Just the WTF Party works for me.

  • waffles||

    ^this, 1000X this.

    I'd vote for the WTF party every chance I could. It needs to be vague what exactly wtf stands for.

  • The Gobbler||

    I'm with you waffles. I am now officially a member of the WTF Party. Now we just need a mascot. Perhaps that screwball creature?

  • ||

    No, Lobster Girl!

  • ||

    At first I thought it was just Samuel L. Jackson in an SNL skit, but then I realized that this gentleman's comic timing is far too good for a late-night sketch show.

  • kinnath||


  • kinnath||

    I want to hear Jimmy say "MutherFucker".

  • Drax the Destroyer||

    Maybe we can start an internet campaign to get them to re-film the debate and add Jimmy saying "There too damn many mutherfuckers on this mutherfucking stage."

    Also...where the hell is the youtube remix of this debate. I'm sure that would be one catchy tune.

  • ||

    It was seriously sad on Sunday Night Football last week when Al and Cris were pretending to laugh at the SNL spoof of SNF they had done the night before. Basically some blond woman who otherwise looks nothing like Faith Hill singing a spoof of "Waiting all day" that my 7-year-old niece could have done a funnier job of, followed by two guys who look nothing like Michaels and Collinsworth making stupid jokes.

  • ||

    Really? I thought it was hilarious, because that song really does seem to go on forever. Given, I watched the whole thing online before the game started.

    Also, the Cris Collinsworth impression was pretty dead on. They definitely coulda done better on Michaels though; nowhere near enough Brett Favre references by that idiot.


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  • ||

    Clothing prices are TOO DAMN HIGH.

  • Pip||

    SPAM is too fucking frequent.

  • ||

    See, this is the kind of guy they need to attract me to CNN.

  • ||

    Can we get the "Pants on the Ground" guy for Lt. Guv?

  • Upgrayyed||

    I think he died.

  • Almanian||

    That'd be too damn bad

  • JD||

  • JD||

    Corrected link

    HTML is too damn hard.

  • Upgrayyed||

    Ha! It's a feature not a bug...

  • Butts Wagner||

    No no, he's alive and well. That was a just an internet rumor.

    "I ain't dead worth a bit,"

  • My Daily Roast||

    Someone needs to educate this guy about rent control... he could be a stellar spokesman for property rights in NYC.

  • Reformed Republican||

    This would be a good opportunity to run a Libertarian candidate, because he would probably look sane next to this guy.

  • ||

    Have you seen libertarian candidates?

  • Bingo||

    I'm not sure someone with blue skin promising to reveal the "real" story behind Roswell is more or less sane than a guy that believes rent controls actually work.

    It's like two different flavors of crazy.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    I could be wrong, but don't Geo-libertarians (i.e. those that follow the philosophy of Henry George) believe in rent control?

  • Ted S.||

    You're not talking about the Land Value Tax whackjobs, are you?

  • CrackertyAssCracker||

    I don't really dig on the Georgism. But I don't see how it implies rent control, and haven't heard them linked.

  • ||

    I thought it was because the Space Alien Landlords were trying to get enough money to buy the Unobtainium they needed for the trip home.

    (They knew they should have stopped for a fill up at Pandora.)

  • Brian||

    There was a Libertarian candidate--he looked boring and confused next to the clowns from the Republican, Green, Freedom, Anti-Prohibitionist, and Rent is 2 Damn High parties.

    Yes, I included Republican--the candidate is Carl "my opponent is an awful parent for taking his kids to the gay pride parade" Paladino.

    I'm actually going to vote for Kristin Davis, pimp to Eliot Spitzer.

  • Drax the Destroyer||

    Hey she's just an entrepreneur just trying to ply her trade despite draconian government interference. I think we could get behind that.

  • creech||

    What are the odds that Rent guy gets more votes than Libertarian guy?

  • cynical||

    Dude, have you seen Libertarian candidates? If they aren't assholes like the Red Horseman or washed-up Republicans, they're tinfoil wearing nutjobs. These asshole parties with their Johnny-come-lately whackaloons are completely ripping the LP off.

  • CrackertyAssCracker||

    There was one. I think he did end up looking sane in comparison. At least thats the way NPR was spinning it this morning (all though he still called "extreme right wing" or "very very conservative" or something like that.

  • mike||

    I will confess to having voted for Jimmy Mac the last go around - considering the choices: Spitzer vs um Faso? Of note, RITDH party was only 1200 votes behind the Libertarian candidate. The L party in NY is not something to be involved in (IMHO) way too many whack jobs.

    But this time I'm voting for the Madame. I get to vote for someone with a clue as well as be sexist!

  • ||

    "way too many whack jobs" can be said about any state LP.

    And for the most part I don't have a problem with them. It's not like the major parties are full of perfectly sane people either.

    I've found that the type of person who gravitates to political activism of any stripe is quite likely to be just a little unbalanced. For some it's the original motivation.

  • ||

    True, Isaac, but in the "major" parties, the whackjobs get crowded out by the outright power seekers, who are too canny to take any 'controverial' positions.

  • Warty||

    This guy is clearly some sort of supervillain. Who else would wear gloves onstage?

    Of course, if he's a karate expert, it's possible that he's Bruce Wayne. We'd better keep an eye on him.

  • ||

    It would have cool if someone tried to run up and peel that beard off of him.

  • James J.B. n.k.a McMillion ||

    Villian - hell no. This man is a hero.

  • ||

    Who else would wear gloves onstage?

    His hands were vitrified in the heart of an atomic blast four thousand years ago.

  • Mo||

    I pity the fool that raises Jimmy McMillan's rent.

  • ||

    what did he say at the end?

  • Almanian||

    If I heard it right, "you wanna marry a shoe? I'll marry you..."

    That was too damn hard to understand...

  • Barry Loberfeld||

    To all posters above: +1!

  • ||

    What a goddamn hero.

  • James J.B. n.k.a McMillion ||

    In all seriousness, (Not that I post often), I will now be known as James J. "McMillion" as an homage to this man.

    I may disagree with him on a lot of topics, but he deserves to be cheered because he stands up to rock the boat - so that we don't just have Team Red and Team Blue(Red 1.5) to choose from.

  • Fluffy||

    Coming this week on SNL...

    A lame attempt to cash in on this that fails to match the comic power of the real life original.

  • Almanian||

    You see the future with uncanny clarity, Fluffy

  • waffles||

    played by a stiff and awkward keenan

  • Abdul||

    Are you making this prediction based upon your status as a karate expert?

  • kf||

    SNL already did this, with the Kenan ("Fix It!") character. Good thing Obama fixed it, and he's not needed anymore.

  • ||

    Listen! stomach chim churn abou to stomach!

    Preach it brotha!

  • Tim||

    If Barrack Obama had one tenth of this guy's passion and sincerity...

  • ||

    Straight out of Monty Python!

  • ||

    This guy, Alan Keyes, and Bill Cosby seriously need to have a debate. I would watch BET for that.

  • Mr. FIFY||

    Throw in Walter E. Williams and Herman Cain, and NOW you're talkin' debate, Tulpa.

    OTOH, that might be too many off-the-Dem-plantayion Uncle Toms in one room for network TV.

  • Max||

    Jesse is posting shit like this to avoid having to parrot libertarian orthodoxy. Come out of the closet and piss on the rat fuckers, Jess.

  • Max||


  • φ||

    He attributes the use of the gloves from being a Vietnam Vet and being exposed to Agent Orange. Not sure how that's actually related.

  • ||

    He's like Bizarro World's version of Wally George.

  • Alice Bowie||

    I just purchased a T-shirt.

  • Fiscal Meth||

    I wanna marry a shoe

  • Dan||

    rally around this man for he is #1 NY vote for the people by the people


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