Welcome Cable News Viewers!


Welcome cable news viewers and other new visitors to!

Starting with MSNBC and some broadcast channels in the Los Angeles area, Reason has begun airing commercials with the goal of bringing a new audience to and Reason magazine (go here for info on how to subscribe to the award-winning print mag and receive our special 3D issue featuring complimentary glasses; reach-out-and-grab-you charts of debt, deficits, and despair; and no fewer than 14 ways to slash government spending now).

Reason magazine has been around since 1968, since 1994, and since 2007. We're published by the nonprofit Reason Foundation, which also runs a policy think tank and is based in Los Angeles (though we have offices in Washington, D.C. and staffers scattered around the country in so many spider holes). As an unapologetically libertarian site, we champion "Free Minds and Free Markets." 

We believe you should have the freedom and choice to think what you want, say what you want, live where you want, eat what you want, smoke what you want, and marry whom you want. We're for open borders in goods and people, less government in the bedroom and the boardroom, legalization of drugs and consenting acts between adults. We are fiercely independent and a refreshing alternative to the stale left-right, liberal-conservative bickering and battles. We champion a world in which individuals and the groups they form voluntarily are as free as possible to conduct "experiments in living" to the greatest degree possible.

For our first TV spot (click above), we chose a slimmed-down version of our popular and acclaimed 2009 video, "UPS vs. FEDEX (Ultimate Whiteboard Remix)", which was nominated for a digital National Magazine Award and explores the way in which federal labor classifications lead firms to jockey for political favors rather than customer satisfaction.

You've seen the minute-long version on the TV (it's above or watch it again here at our YouTube channel). Here's the whole megillah, which runs about two minutes, and contains more information on the decline of private-sector unions and the rise of individualized work:

Over the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out new commercials and posting them and their longer-form versions at and at our dedicated video site, You'll find iPod, HD, and other downloadable versions of our vids at, along with media appearances by Reason staffers, and links to supporting materials of all sorts. And subscribe to's YouTube channel to receive automatic notification when new material goes live.

Thanks for stopping by. As the Editor in Chief of and, I can't guarantee you'll agree with our take all of the time. But I can promise you that between our wide-ranging videos, daily articles, and constantly updated staff blog, Hit & Run, you'll be informed, challenged, and (hopefully) engaged every step of the way.

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  1. “Reason has begun airing commercials with the goal of bringing a new audience to and Reason magazine”

    Just keep then the fuck out of Hit & Run.

    1. I was thinking the same thing…there goes the neighborhood.

      1. I was thinking the same thing…there goes the neighborhood.

        Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis? The neighborhood went a long time ago.

        Watch my cat video!

    2. Silly people scared of change!

      I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords bunny hugging, homo hating, warmongering, government largess endorsing, baby killing, baby not killing, land grabbing, politically correct…Team Red/Team Blue members!

    3. I was thinking the same thing, except my reasoning was we’d scare them all away.

      1. Ditto.

    4. First all those AOL losers, now this…

      1. Eternal September?

    5. Fuck you.

      I for one welcome are new MSNBC viewing overlords.

  2. This is like the “Event Horizon” post…Where has it been the last 16 days?…

  3. It’s about time you raised the intelligence level around here by bringing in some MSNBC viewers.


      1. Don’t laugh. One of the definitions of “intelligence” is “information about an enemy or a potential enemy.” So, in that sense, bringing a bunch of idiotic statists over here would increase our intelligence.

        1. It would increase it and decrease it at the same time, actually.

          1. We’re funny that way.

    2. As Smith expected, there were no objections.

      “At this point, however, I would like to emphasize that I am not giving up and plan to exhaust every option in order to bring the Nonix to safety. I also welcome any suggestions or ideas.”

      Smith paused. “Because, frankly, I don’t have any myself.”

    3. Have to agree with Episiarch; of the three main cable news channels, Fox has the wealthiest, best educated viewers. Are you advertising on MSNBC because it’s cheap?

  4. Wha happen?

    Didn’t this thread just have like 50 comments?

    1. Into the Warp, I’m afraid.

  5. Oh boy, brace yourselves for the MSNBKos crowd.

  6. Didn’t we do this a few weeks ago and then remove it? And twice today?

    You’re just toying with the regulars again aren’t you. You sadistic evil bastards!

  7. Is this punishment for saying Nick has a fat butt?

    1. The Jacket is handling that. I wouldn’t sleep if I were you.

      1. Mad Cow and Olberdouche start tag teaming H&R and nobody sleeps. NOBODY.

  8. The Jacket cleverly removed “MSNBC” from the title this time around. Don’t worry, we can spot a Maddow fan a mile away.

  9. Welcome to any intellectually curious MSNBC viewers stopping by. You will alternately love and hate this site. Keep an open mind and you may have to discard some of your axioms.

    1. I think it more likely their heads assplode when they see how miserably their ‘right-wing’ capitalist nutjob strawmen fail here.

  10. The freeze frames on the videos are great and deserve a caption contest.

  11. For those new visitors who are looking for a good place to start – I enjoy the “Daily Brickbats” as a nice diversion. But for some of the best reading available anywhere, check out Radley Balko’s work on murder investigations in Mississippi. Following the links in this article you’ll find his award winning coverage of Dr. Michael West’s heinous fabrication of evidence in a murder case involving a two year old child. Just be sure to take your heart medication before you dive in… Balko’s work tends to raise your blood pressure.

    1. Also, wear a cup.

      1. Well played… I was looking for a polite metaphor to avoid appearing rude in front of company, but yours is better.

  12. The commericals probably won’t work, but what the fuck? Here at Reason, we accept donations from brain-dead true believers. Donate now!

    1. You really think MSNBC viewers would donate to Reason? Pretty optimistic.

    2. You missed an excellent opportunity at the Kochtopus.


    3. Sorry, I’ve been crying a lot lately.

  13. Yeah, I think we could use some new trolls. The Chony has been serving weak sauce lately, and MNG seems even closer to leaving the liberal plantation every day.


    1. My sauce is thick, creamy, and delicious thank you very much.

      1. citation needed

        1. It’s true. I’ve had some.

          1. Good lord am I glad I waited to eat lunch.

            WEAK SAUCE CHONY.

    2. My ears are burning…

      Oh wait. That’s because a Muslim just lit a fuse next to my head. I swear these damn airline cabins get smaller and smaller every time I fly.

    3. Yeah, I think we could use some new trolls.

      you are getting dangerously close to saying you miss Joe.

      And that good sir is heresy.

  14. Is Max real, or is he like Suki?

    1. Max, his basement, his long suffering mom and his Real Doll? girlfriend are all real. It’s a sad, sad example of people who have no lives, no intelligence, minimal language skills and a computer with internet access.

      1. Don’t forget that I want all other people to pay for my luxuries because they should. I am special and smarter than everyone else.

      2. It’s a sad, sad example of people who have no lives, no intelligence, minimal language skills and a computer with internet access.

        You better be nice to them since they constitute the majority of voters every year.

        1. Is that where this site is headed now? We have to tone it down for “them”?

          1. This thing does go to 11. . .

  15. I hope PMSNBC doesn’t charge a lot for advertising.

    They’ve got fewer viewers than the average big city network affiliate.

    Jeez, MSLSD?

    Now the forum will be overrun by libtard trolls.

    1. I hope PMSNBC doesn’t charge a lot for advertising.

      You have to have ratings to charge a lot for advertising. You connect the dots.

  16. Trying a proven and effective method of getting eyes on your site and generating buzz?
    You must not be real Libertarians…

  17. Meh, have no fear. We should never stop trying to convince anyone who is willing to open their mind and be rational. I myself used to be an olbermann-watching leftist years ago before I woke up and turned into the wise and jaded creature I am now. We don’t have a monopoly on all of the good ideas either. Just most of them. “Freedom, Bitches.”

    1. This is why I wear my sandwich board and ring by bell down town every weekend!

      That and the aliens my cats say I have to or they will eat my brain.

      1. …my bell downtown…

        Sorry the helmet slipped off and the drool bib was too tight.

      2. I’m too lazy to be all preachy. Probably why I’m libertarian. I wait until they wander haplessly too close to me and then hypnotize them with my monacle or purchase their soul with my supply of secret foreign money.

        1. That sounds so much easier than the sandwich board bell approach. I’m off to the monocle store!

          1. Do they make sunglass monocles? Cause that would be cool.

            1. Market Opportunity!

              Transistions Monocles, 9.95

            2. I was hoping for a 3D monocle so I could read this month’s Reason magazine in style.

              1. This steampunk monocle has multiple lenses. Perhaps you could put red and blue filters over them.

        2. That reminds me. My check from the Koches is late this month. If this keeps up, how am I going to be expected to continue to serve their evil interests?

          1. Don’t worry, the free market will provide a better libertarian overlord for you.

        3. With money provided by the Kocktopus I assume?

  18. Without the weight of The Jacket, the arms move around quite a bit more.

    Seriously, cool to hear that Reason is advertising.

  19. Seriously, cool to hear that Reason is advertising.

    Agreed. Hit’n’Run might look like the comments on Youtube for a while, but it’ll be worth it for the chance to open a few minds.

    1. That’s gonna take a lead pipe in most cases with the crowd they just invited to stick their fingers into the spinach dip.

    2. Should I write a script to autopost “Fuck off slavers”, “Fuck utilitarianism”, and “Coase Coase Coase…” in every thread?

      Just as a preemptive measure?

      1. Can you make it blink?

        1. Im not quite that evil.

          1. Okay, what about embedded video? There’s nothing inherently evil about that.

            1. Im all for embedded video. What could go wrong?

              1. Nothing, of course.

                1. Let it GO PL. . .let it GO.

            2. Awesome idea 100% cool!

              Courageous small toilet!

    3. >Implying it doesn’t already look like that…

  20. They should run commercials on Adult swim, lingere bowls and AMC

  21. True, Wind Rider, but i’m prepared for that outcome as well.

  22. Might not be necessary, robc. Anonymity Guy is the first stirring of the Singularity, remember, and we’ve got him pretty well indoctrinated.

  23. I think the whole point of Hit & Run is to reach out to non-libertarians; believe it or not, I don’t think feeding smart asses a steady diet of non-libertarians to tee off on was what Gillespie had in mind.

    At some point, when we’re goin’ beyond being our own worst enemy and cruising for biting the hand that feeds us? There has to be a point where some of us become more of a liability than an asset.

    I guess some people can’t imagine themselves as liabilities, but that’s what they are.


    1. In all honesty I will engage any individual in a debate as long as they remain rational and respectful (which will be recipricated). Often our best degenerates (I am not one of the best but am a degenerate) around here don’t go comando until some idiot starts down that path…not a justification just observation.

    2. Well if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

      For others? Don’t forget, some of our regulars didn’t start out as libertarian as they are now.

      For some of the people who will be coming here, this may be their first experience with libertarians…

      And, you know, the way to get more people to leave their church and start coming to ours?

      Isn’t to brutally ridicule them.

      I see what Gillespie wrote up there, rolling out the welcome mat, and the first thing that crosses my mind isn’t, “Just keep the[m] the fuck out of Hit & Run”.

      …but for some people? It is.

      I hope the site gets flooded with people who’ve never heard a thing about libertarians before–if they went away all bitter and angry because some of us gave them the treatment? That would be really stupid of us. And quite frankly, I’m not sure some of us are smart enough to realize that without somebody sayin’ it out loud.

      1. Ah, heck, we were just joking around. We’ll behave.

      2. Sure, we can do that so long as you promise us you will behave around the homosexuals and not say shit that may alienate them. Oh, wait, are you having trouble getting that plank out of your eye? Here, let me help. Oops, sorry buddy, I pushed where I meant to pull. Eww . . . brain matter.

        1. If I said something to offend LGBT, then I’m unaware of it.

          Point it out and I might even apologize.

          But, yeah, you can count on me to practice what I preach.

          1. I’m not digging through threads for which there is little I care due to subject matter to find those tasty morsels most others of us here are quite familiar. However, I’ll just evoke the magic word that sends you into a tizzy of wild and woolly theories concerning the nature of homosexuality: atheism. Now, you can supply the documentation.

            Hmm made the larger and more important point that alluded my state of mind at the time, it’s the sanctimony. I don’t care or would in any way be offended if you do have some strange theories, the stranger they are the more likely I would perk my ears up. Have a go at it. Be all you can be. Just don’t think for second I’m going to be anything less than all I can be just to satisfy your moralistic lust for propriety. It ain’t happening, slick.

            1. Pointing out to a Christian, who may have been oblivious, that one of the reasons people were arguing atheism so passionately with him may have been becasue they were gay–because so many Christians openly advocate discriminating against gay people.

              That’s hardly disparaging to gay people.

              I still don’t think John got it, but all I was trying to get across was that a lot of the militant atheism he experienced against Christianity was blow back from the legal discrimination Christians like John sometimes advocate.

              That’s hardly disparaging to gay people! That’s arguing their case for them!

              I think what you may be reacting to is when I turn that around on militant atheists, who may be gay. By being so hostile to religious people, they’re really just throwing kerosene on the fire–and the targets of their hostility probably aren’t making the connections they want anyway. They aren’t connecting the dots at all.

              That isn’t disparaging to gay people either.

              So, oblivious Christians who openly advocate discriminating against gay people are mad at me because I point out the atheistic hostility they experience is probably a direct result of the discrimination Christians themselves advocate?


              Gay atheists are mad at me becasue I point out that the hostility they misdirect at all religious people is counterproductive at best and may, actually, account for some of the hostility religious people feel towards atheists and gay people generally?


              Then I’m right exactly where I want to be, and I haven’t said anything in any way disparaging towards gay people–certainly not against gay people for being gay.

      3. Sanctimonious much?

        People are going to post if they want. It’s politics. Anyone who plays the game is well aware of it being a blood sport and not some tea sipping cricket game. The comments on H&R are far less vitriolic than the regulated comments on other political sites.

        You’re trying to hard.

        1. We should try harder.

          1. Who says “we” don’t. That’s the sanctimonious part. You’re welcome to use whatever metric you want, but remember that is your metric.

            Do the comments get out of hand sometimes? Sure. When asked by the people owning the site to STFU and be good what happens? Now, your next argument will be, “Well they shouldn’t have to tell us…” That’s just silly. The comments here are unmoderated and they tend to be more witty than 90% of unmoderated politically leaning boards around with less vitriol and “outright you need to die” ad hom bullshit. The sarcastic, absurd, completely demented on occasion, usually cogent and well heeled arguments that go on here seem to be representative of what I would say most big and little “L”s are like. Jesus even the staff here makes irreverent jabs at both commentors and public figures alike. Now if you will excuse me. I have to monocle shopping and have my beaver brushed.

            (that would be my beaver top hat you dirty minded assclowns)

            1. Shultz thinks we should be nice to curious strangers who may not know much about us…

              Oh noes! Somebody stop him!

              Can’t say I get it, dude.

              1. – Talking in third person, even in type is freakin’ freaky.

                – When are most of the people on this site not, for the most part, willing to debate? Hell I think this site harbors more point/counterpoint discussion than most. Now, if you bring teh stupid you are going to get teh stupid in return. (see Wonkette crowd, and yes I am lumping them together, that was a gaggle of stupid)

    3. You guys… I’m worried about the Beave.. uhh, Ken Shultz.

  24. We should post the H&R manual of operations and rules of engagement. I lost my copy but remember most of it:

    #27. If you fuck up an HTML Tag blame it on a guy named SugarFree.

    #9. Occaisionally, a blogger from the Northwest will rape you IN ALL CAPS. His identity is in question along with his evolutionary provenance.

    #12. Trolling is graded on a curve. Joe is the top end.

    #1. Drinking starts early…if you are lucky at 7:30am EST.

    1. I’ve been lurking for about 6 months. Posting very infrequently for about 3. Rule #27 became clear on day 2.

      1. Another one I wanted to submit was a personal observation…Arguing natural rights to a statist is faster than a godwin at killing a thread.

    2. #5. There is NO rule number five!

      1. You should have posted that as “Bruce”

        1. Good point robc. But would you mind if we called you “Bruce”? It cuts down on the confusion.

      2. Rule 5 addresses poofters. There is no rule six.

        1. #37. I for one welcome our rule-giving overlord!

          #42. Drink!

          #84. No posting under false names.

          #17 No Pooftahs!

          #17.5 Racist!

          #52. No caught not drunk after dark.

          #69. No sexual references.

          #44. Reggie is da Man!

          #56. Don’t be his porn.

          #57. No, really…. don’t be his porn.

          #74. Always wear your cup on Monday morning. Balko tends to save up over the weekend for a big one to start the week.

          #32. No gag posts.

          #81. No posting lists.

          #2. No caught not hitting preview.

          1. What rule number is the don’t call people sheep fuckers rule?

          2. # 1.414. No walls of cut and paste text. Provide a link and quote to make your point.

            # 1.732. Birthers, troofers, creationists and NWO conspiracy buffoons will be unmercifully mocked.

    3. joe isnt the top end of the troll curve. I never even incifed him (I probably would have had to if he had stuck around, but maybe not).

    4. Rule #2 – Don’t talk about Weigel Club.
      Rule #3 – Don’t talk about Weigel Club.

    5. Joe is certainly not the top end. Cesar/Neil is the top end.

      1. Agreed. Cesar was awesome in his Neil form. Hard to believe he hasn’t returned to receive his reward and accolades.

      2. Forgot Neil…damn the memories.

    6. joe wasn’t a troll. At all. He was just a hyper-partisan asshole with a Napoleon complex and a hard case of Internet Tuff Gai syndrome.

      1. Oh… so Joe’s a twink, but not happy about it?

        1. I don’t think joe was capable of relaxing enough to have sex; he’d be so busy considering her political positions that he’d be unable to consider the sexual positions.

          Also, he was too short to reach a normal woman’s vagina anyway.

          1. too short to reach a normal woman’s vagina

            In case you missed it, Sug linked to a condition called micropenis the other day. Don’t Google Image this. Really.

          2. He liked going through all of the argumentative fallacies, which amused me to no end. Anyway, I can’t hate on him too much, because he still reads Urkobold on occasion.

      2. a hyper-partisan asshole with a Napoleon complex and a hard case of Internet Tuff Gai syndrome

        L’blog, c’est moi.


          one year ago huh?

          Is it still alive?

          1. A prime example of violating Rule#27.

        2. Epi has a tiny baby kitty??? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOM I heart kitties OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

    7. #27. If you fuck up an HTML Tagfind yourself on a feminist website reading about pegging blame it on a guy named SugarFree.

      #27. If you fuck up an HTML Tagread a passage that describes the sexual adventures of Nancy Pelosi blame it on a guy named SugarFree.

      Basically, #27. If you fuck up an HTML Tagare feeling queasy blame it on a guy named SugarFree.

    8. Rule#11.1(a)IV(C): Lobster girl.

      1. ahhhh, shellfish and sideboob…

      2. Rule 55:

        Remember August 18th!!!

        Rule 56:

        Never post, update or read “A Wiki Called Reason”.

    9. Rule #4 .. the highest form of art is spoof trolling. In it’s best form, it should be almost impossible to tell the spoof troll from a real person.

  25. There has to be a point where some of us become more of a liability than an asset.

    Yeah, but when we chain Warty under the stairs he always manages to chew his way out.

    1. My teeth are stronger than steel. Remember that, little man.

  26. I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  27. Could we bring back Lonewacko for the MSNBC crowd to feed on?

    1. You’re the one who chased him away. Go apologize and tell him you know he’s far too busy blowing goats to ever be a child molester.

      1. Conundrum: if Arthur Alan Wolk sued MSNBC, who do you root for? Show your work.

        1. cole/soda/pop/soda pop out the nose…I think this is like squaring the circle with a straight edge and compass…just sayin’

        2. 0 * 0 = 0

          1. Dad: “So, son, how many girls called you today? Zero? Oh, well, how many called you yesterday? Let me guess…uhhhhh – zero?”

            “You know what zero times zero equals? FAG! Yep, zero times any other number always equals – FAG!

            “Think about that, ya little mathematician.”

            1. Crap, forgot the link.

        3. I root for a 22 year trial that costs both sides millions, and winds up with a verdict in favor of the plaintiff – with an award of $1.

        4. You root for the tornado.

          That hits the court house killing everyone.

          Fuck, is that libel?

          1. Nope. That’s natural law.

  28. #37. I for one welcome our rule-giving overlord!

    #42. Drink!

    #84. No posting under false names.

    #17 No Pooftahs!

    #17.5 Racist!

    #52. No caught not drunk after dark.

    #69. No sexual references.

    #44. Reggie is da Man!

    #56. Don’t be his porn.

    #57. No, really…. don’t be his porn.

    #74. Always wear your cup on Monday morning. Balko tends to save up over the weekend for a big one to start the week.

    #32. No gag posts.

    #81. No posting lists.

    1. #43 Don’t read SugarFree’s slashfic unless you are trying to lose weight.

      1. It had the opposite effect on me. In a state of madness I ate 2 of my cats, pulled out half the hair on my head and ate it, ate a bag of flour, drank a bottle of vinegar, threw up, and then ate that.

    2. Friday Funnies- The title is a half-truth

  29. My teeth are stronger than steel. Remember that, little man.

    Like i was saying, lesson learned. I’m sorry you have to constantly gnaw to keep them from growing so long you can’t eat, though.

  30. #55. If you like contemporary pop music divas NEVER directly reply to a Warty post. You are not worthy.

    1. Just never directly reply to a warty post…

      Kind of like don’t lookem’ in the eye.

  31. #55.3 These people suck Ron Paul cock. Keep that in mind when you see stupid being posted.

    #31.5 If you are looking for the alpha male, Sugarfree is the man behind the curtain. Don’t waste your time with his flunkies.

    1. If you are looking for the alpha male, Sugarfree is the man behind the curtain. Don’t waste your time with his flunkies.

      ? Someone’s got a crush… ?

      1. Oh . . shut up . . I do not. Why would you say that. I don’t even like him . . . maybe a little.

  32. Waiting for that wave of MSNBC viewers….any minute now…

    1. I think all three of ’em are already here.

  33. #31.5 If you are looking for the alpha male, Sugarfree is the man behind the curtain. Don’t waste your time with his flunkies.

    Oh, that’s hilarious.

  34. Oh shit, i just realized that Max, Lefiti, and Edward are all really SugarFree! That’s some Neil-level shit right there, goddamn.

    1. OHH….MY….GOD!

      You should work out Unified Theory next cause that is genious.

      1. I’m pretty sure that Tony really is a sockpuppet. The problem is, I can’t figure out if he’s a regular or just some libertarian who likes to cause trouble and never posts as a libertarian.

        1. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

          Here is a 12 page index of his brain farts for those who cannot get enough of that shit.


          I delinked it cause stupid Squirrel marked it as spam.

          Warning, it will depress you to know there are sociopathic partisans with that degree of cognitive dissonance out there if you so choose to read through that mind numbing purgatory of a mental cage.

          1. Stephen Dedalus

            Now that he has been outed do you think he will start posting on his real name?

            1. That is not his real name. He is such a pretentious fuck he borrowed the name of the protagonist from Ulysses.

        2. You know that feeling you got the first time you watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon at the end when she dives down into the valley below? You remember, before your brain kicked in after watching it and your critical intelligence informed you what a manipulative experience the entire movie happened to be? That is what reading those Tony post are like, only infinitely more sadder.

        3. I am starting to think he might be a sock puppet. Occasionally he says shit that seems like an absurd parody of a progressive. Like his master is slipping or something.

          1. It appears he started blogging under the SD address in 2007, and it is current with new entries from earlier this week. It is hard to imagine someone keeping up an identity that long without getting profoundly bored with it. Perhaps that is what you are seeing. I have noticed that too. So much of his content of late can’t even be described as low hanging fruit anymore. He doesn’t try to make his side of the debate even come across as anything but contemptible. If he is real, the fact he can’t see what he is doing is just the saddest spectacle to watch.

  35. Also, John is actually MNG’s sock puppet, Epi is a group prank run by Urkobold, and Warty is a figment of all of our imaginations.

    Tony is real, though. Sadly.

    1. Weigel was Joe

      AFKs that are commonly referred to are:

      The Wine Common Sewer
      gaius marius
      Stevo Darkly

      1. Joe’s a real guy. I checked out his employment history. He didn’t exaggerate it by much.

        I’m not real though. Just a random selection of nodes on a neural network written in QuakeC.

        1. Joe’s a real guy.

          What the fuck!??!

          Xeones is saying John is MNGs sock puppet and you chose to criticize my far out conspiracy.

          At least mine is plausible. They were both huge Obama supporters and after he got elected they both left reason at the same time.

          1. I’m Kurt Russell.

            1. I’m Joe Monatana

              1. You lie. You’re Steve Young. Pathetic, Steve.

                1. You get big internets points for knowing the reference.

          2. Unfortunately, in spite of what a lot of people think, Tony is not a sock puppet. Here is an entire 12 page index of his brain farts for those who can’t get enough of that shit.


            It makes me depressed for the human race that someone can be a partisan sociopath to that degree.

  36. #57.8 There is one poster with no discernible singular identity tied to him. He anons a different URL once daily. His only purpose is to create havoc and have every poster here hate every other poster.

    #57.9 His plan worked beautifully, cocksuckers.

  37. Well, any “cable news viewers” who came here thinking that libertarians were fringe nutjobs have certainly had their eyes opened, haven’t they?

    1. When i first came to reason in 2004 i wondered the articles and the brick-brak for like 4 months before i found hit and run and it took probably another month or two before i jumped into the comment section.

      Anyway i think new people will be more influenced by the writing staff then by us.

      1. I started commenting maybe a couple months ago because of the hilarious threads, but the writers do good work too.

        I think the comment section keeps my brain from freezing at work.

  38. Great job, guys. Nick spends hundreds of dollars advertising Reason on MSNBC and they show up to read this thread.

    1. Well duh. Would it be proper not to act a fool and hide the true our true form?

  39. I’m Kurt Russell.


    1. I wear the eye-patch when posting here. Without it, I’m only partially libertarian.

    2. sage is Penn Jillette. Or so I hear.

    3. All the regulars are celebrities–who else has the leisure time to comment around here?

      Episiarch is Hugh Laurie, Lonewacko is Lou Dobbs, joe was Ted Kennedy, SugarFree is Salma Hayek.

      1. Jeez. Gather in a circle ladies and talk about your periods.

    4. John is Sarah Palin. R C Dean is Billy Gibbons.

    5. Aresen is William Shatner or Hayden Christensen, I can’t remember which.

      1. Hey! What about me? I’m still . . well, I was going to use the word ‘relevant’ but even has-been egotistical movie stars are not Tony level delusional.

  40. Running on MSNBC– wow, just wow. Did Gillespie do it to be courageous or just because the advertising rates were so low?

    1. James Ard Made that same joke…only he executed it way better.

      James Ard|10.22.10 @ 6:17PM|#

      Great job, guys. Nick spends hundreds of dollars advertising Reason on MSNBC and they show up to read this thread.

      1. Why, thank you.

        1. You guys are just too fast on the keyboard.

          1. Not fast enough, RC barely beat me on the point that this thread isn’t going to attract many newbees.

  41. Episiarch is Hugh Laurie, Lonewacko is Lou Dobbs, joe was Ted Kennedy, SugarFree is Salma Hayek.

    No, i’m Salma Hayek.

    1. No, you’re Katy Perry. We talked after your gig on Sesame Street.

  42. Maybe get some ad space on Femenisting and the Lifetime channel?

  43. Maybe now is the time to raise an issue to interest our new friends. No, I’m not talking about Juan Williams. More like maybe government’s role in determining whether toys should be allowed in Happy Meals.

  44. No, you’re Katy Perry.

    No, i’m Steve Perry.

    1. Oh, right. I always get those mixed up.

  45. Or how about “outside money”. Of course, AFSCME contributions are anything but outside money.

  46. It’s cute how you guys think the flocks of liberals who will be joining you will be immediately awestruck by the magnificence of your philosophy.

    1. Stephen Dedalus post with your real name!!

    2. Aren’t you awestruck by the magnificence of our philosophy, Tony?

    3. My philosophy is rather magnificent.

    4. It’s fun, sort of like watching the Soviet Union crumble one drunken disillusioned peasant at a time.

    5. They keep bringing up that damn e-mail address. Figures they would take a literary reference the wrong way. I’ll show them. What is the name of that leather fetish guy from the first gay sex scene in Dhalgren?

  47. Economics, yes. Butt buddies, no.

  48. Rachel Madcow gets to eat next week. Thanks a lot, Nick.

    1. Give her a break. It’s eat or be eaten in her world (sometimes both simultaneously).

    2. That’s what her girlfriend said.

    3. OOOhhhhhh Scizzor me Timbers!!

  49. Maybe Reason thinks the mix is too conservative? OMG Reason is socially engineering its site!

  50. Maybe I’ll finally get some respect, around here.

    It doesn’t matter where the money goes, as long as you spend, spend, spend!

    1. What if you spend it on advertising for Tea Party candidates?

      1. Or Austrian macroeconomic classes?

  51. The question arises: Why can’t the government take over package delivery, won’t it help the post office and they already have a union, right? Hah ahahahha.

  52. I concur with John, let the government take over and things may be better

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