Reason Morning Links: Foreclosures Resume, Air Marshals Ride in Style, Violence in Chechen Parliament


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  1. I love this guy’s response. Last sentence.…..03286.html

    1. Oh, fercrissakes!

      Some dizzy old biddy complained about a “naked” MANNEQUIN???

      My response would have been “Get a fucking life. <click>”

      Was the mannequin anatomically correct or something? Can’t have mannequin muff on display in a window. Think of teh CHILLUNZ!!1!

      1. I would of put some sheer clothing on the mannequin, but not before painting a big black bush, and some neon nipples on the thing.

        Make it look mean.

        1. Nice to see we have the same taste in women.

          1. Same taste in women? Oh, Tulpa. Mannequins are not real women.

      2. “”Was the mannequin anatomically correct or something?””

        Maybe compared to the person complaining.

    2. Sweet.

    3. As of Friday morning, Kevin Kramer, owner of Hannah’s Treasures, dressed the once-nude mannequin in a candy bikini.

      Now, I’m offended.

    4. Buried in that story is the news that in that town, appearing at a police station and filing a complaint constitutes disorderly conduct.

      1. ….and don’t even THINK about bringing your dog to the station with you.

      2. If there was a day where everyone was required to be honest by physical law (sort of a global Liar, Liar day), “disorderly conduct” would be renamed “annoying a cop”.

    5. whether the work lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value

      Obviously it has serious *political* value.

  2. Well, Christ, you don’t really expect me to sit back THERE, with all those CIVILIANS, do you? Among the disgusting proles? Yuck!

    1. Who knew air marshals were liberals?

  3. The best endorsement for Republicans yet. TEH GRIDLOCK!

    1. That’s really the only endorsement for Republicans.

  4. I have a feeling that the air marshals are going to have their own Rosa Parks. Though instead of peaceful civil disobedience their version will probably just shoot a stewardess in the face.

    1. Do they sell bullet-proof pet carriers? Just in case.

  5. Threadjack,

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    1. Sounds like a scam.
      Nuk’em from orbit.

      1. Yeah. Legit $85k/yr jobs don’t usually require turnkey marketing.

        1. Yeah. Kind of like those people who claim to have mastered the art of gambling on the NLF and will sell you their secrets. Yes, because if you really had found a way to beat the point spread system, you would be whoring yourself out on TV telling the world rather than living on a beach somewhere flying to Vegas 17 times a year to collect your millions.

          1. I didn’t know people were still betting on the Viet Cong.

    2. I have a feeling this guy is gay becuase I’m checking my fly.

    3. Go peddle your wares elsewhere, asscunt


    This is pretty cool

  7. Other airline link:

    Pilot refuses to be full body scanned and gets suspended

    I should note that any comments about him throwing away a job with a huge salary should be taken with a grain of salt. The address he put in his account was about 2 blocks from where I lived while I went to Memphis State and it is by no means a toney neighborhood.

    1. “”I should note that any comments about him throwing away a job with a huge salary should be taken with a grain of salt. “”

      No kidding, most pilots don’t make a huge salary, anymore.

  8. Airlines complain that federal air marshals insist on riding first class.

    Been dying to post this, as it came up during my job.

    Basically, Air Marshall goes to Honolulu on business. Gets himself a whore. Gets arrested and has to plead “nolo contendere,” (no contest). Because of this, he has to miss his flight home, leaving the flying public unprotected from terorrists, angry stewardesses, etc.

    Does he get fired? At first, yes. But he contests the firing to the MSPB (i.e., the federal agency that protects federal employees from their own incompetence). He says that his punishment is disproportionate. He points to similarly situated Air Marshalls who were not fired for whoring and drinking and missing flights. The agency points out, those whores were in Germany where whoring is legal and by the way, your a fucking law enforcement officer with a gun on an airplane, can’t you just obey the law or something?

    He also gets a pscyhologist to say that the poor man only had a one time lapse in judgment brought on by his wife’s miscarriage, and therefore cheating on same wife with whore was okay.

    End result: he’s reinstated with only a 14 day suspension.

    The life of a federal air marshall: First class flights, whoring, and you cna’t get fired for breaking the law, and you can bring a gun anywhere even when your own expert witness says you’re clinically depressed.

    1. I saw the documentary on this. I think it was called, “Forgetting Sarah, Marshall?”

        1. I remember whe most of the H&R headlines were that good. Yes Reason, there is a Virginia.

      1. How long have you been waiting to use that one?

  9. [John Adler, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association] called the airlines’ statements inaccurate and says he wrote to the House Homeland Security Committee suggesting airline executives be reprimanded.

    I just can’t picture the Obama Administration dressing down private sector leaders.

    1. But we still can’t vote for Republicans because they want to outlaw abortion, doggy style, and deep-sea moose hunting.

  10. Hey, I know I’m late to the game on this, but I just heard about this whole “Aqua Buddha” thing in the Paul-Conway election, and man, what a great country we live in. I don’t know know what had me laughing more, the original Aqua Buddha ad or Paul’s “Christ in his Heart” response. Holy shit our nation is doomed…

    1. Paul was in a “secret” humor society at Baylor that did pranks and wrote a humor magazine.

      You can tell how desperate the Democrats are that they’re seizing on issues like this and someone participating in re-enactments. It’s what you do when you can’t win on issues, attack your opponent for being “weird.”

      1. Both sides are desperate. None of them have any real, useful, workable ideas, so the only thing they can try to do is point out how “out of touch” or wierd their opponent is. And since most of them are just people, they have to dig deep and come up with the most banal things but try to make them seem freakishly bizarre.

        1. Write in Al Yankovic. A weird man for weird times.

          1. Jeez, Weird Al is gonna be pissed when he finds out he won a majority of seats in both houses of congress.

        2. “Paul isn’t FROM KENTUCKY


          Paul doesn’t RESPECT KENTUCKY”

          Makes me want to fucking gag every time I hear it.

          Though the best is an ad against Barr (I think), where it starts out with “Candidate ‘X’s’ pants are on fire . . .”

          So we’re literally reduced to kindergarten reasoning in our campaign ads. Fucking great.

      2. Yeah. Everyone to the left of Jerry Falwell was a radical at Baylor in those times.

        1. Those times? I am sure Baylor has changed much.

          1. Well they do allow dancing now.

            1. How about winning football games? Perennial Big 12 whipping boy Baylor is 5-2 this year…

              1. I have no doubt about their ability to lose to Texas, Oklahoma, and OK State, ending up no better than 6-5.

                1. Well, Baylor is the Vanderbilt of the Big 12, but I like that Griffin kid…

          2. They have Aqua Goddess, to make women feel more included.

            1. That sounds like a mid-1970’s product for women’s “freshness.”

              1. Or a blaxploitation flick.

                1. +1972

              2. Mom, do you ever get that “not-so-fresh” feeling?

                1. That’ really not the sort of thing a young man should be asking his mother.

      3. Oh come on, if a Dem had been in such a society the right wing would be harping on it like Jesse Jackson at the site of an alleged hate crime…

        1. True, and then we could laugh at Team R for being tardisans.

    2. All the law enforcement groups have come out for Conway. This ensures that despite all my reservations, Rand Paul is getting my vote.

      1. I don’t care what Rand Paul’s political beliefs are, I could never vote for some fundie Aqua Buddhist.

        1. It’s really not that different from being a Teal Catholic or Puce Lutheran. Don’t be a bigot.

        2. So what is Aqua Buddha? I imagine it’s a marijuana slang term for a water bong, but I’ve been un-hip for decades now…Could it be a mix between Aquaman and Buddha? Because that would perhaps be a deity worthy of worship imo…

          1. Using marijuana, water, and bong in the same sentence is redundant, you could of just went with ‘bong’.

            I think Aqua Buddha is the deity of the secret libertarian/masonic cabal. My decoder ring says nothing, but I am only a level 6, so it’s only a feeling.

            1. Fuck that I want to talk about Aquaman.

              1. Aquaman is dead.

                How about Aqualung?

                1. Aqualung? That creepy old pedophile?

                  1. No?

                    How about Aqua Velva then?

                    Anything is better than a dead stinky old merman!

            2. These aqua-theists need to learn that this was founded as a Christian nation.

              1. Yahbut, the symbol for Jesus is a fish.

    3. Is there an official over/under line in Vegas yet on how many write in votes “Aqua Buddha” gets in the KY election?

    4. I was kind of hoping that Paul wouldn’t go the whole offended-piety route, but instead do something like:

      “You never had any fun in college? Were you really this soulless, this joyless, this clenched around your ambition even back then?

      Do you really think harmless college pranks are what this election should be about? I can understand somebody with your record, running as a member of the party that is destroying this country’s future, not wanting to talk about the issues, but

      Is this all you got?”

      1. That is a good idea but no one is ever fair about this stuff. The same people who rightfully dismiss this crap about Paul, have no problem referring to Christine O’Donnell as a “witch” for essentially the same thing. When it is your guy it is a “youthful fun”. When it is the other guy it is “evidence of instability”. That is just politics.

        1. To be fair:

          I know plenty of people who smoked a lot of pot in college but who went on to be solid citizens.

          I don’t know anyone who ever pretended to be a witch for any period of time who isn’t a capital F Flake.

          Not all youthful pranks are created equal. I’ll vote for you if as a teenager you were cited for public urination, but not if you used to cut yourself because you couldn’t get a boyfriend.

          1. Yeah but sleeping around and claiming to be a wiccan for a bit is hardly on the level of self mutilation. O’Donnell may be a flake, but whatever she said or did 15 years ago isn’t much evidence either way.

            The other really outrageous smear is this guy who is running for the House and is some kind of World War II reenactor. I saw some Democratic hack on TV calling him a “Nazi enthusiast”. What a bunch of shit. Reenactors are an odd bread of dork. But someone has to be the other side. Calling this guy a “Nazi enthusiast” is like saying someone who is a fanatical Axis and Allies player and always plays the Axis is a “Nazi enthusiast”. It is just pathetic.

            1. odd bread is a kind of awesome homophone mixup, never scene that won before.

            2. “Yeah but sleeping around and claiming to be a wiccan for a bit”

              I’ve already defended O’Odonnell and the re-enactment guy, but here I can defend the first some more. From what I recall of the clips O’Donnell never said she was a witch (I have to love how John tries to PC this up by always saying “wiccan”). Essentially she says she dated a guy who was into that. Evangelicals I know often label any occutlism as “witchcraft,” and I honestly believe that was what she was getting at. She dated a guy who had an interest in the occult. Big whoop.

            3. O’Donnell a flake?

              “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” O’Donnell asked, a statement that drew laughter from the audience. When Coons returned to the topic a few minutes later, he said her comment “reveals her fundamental misunderstanding of what our Constitution is.”

              “The First Amendment establishes the separation, the fact that the federal government shall not establish religion,” Coons said.

              “The First Amendment does?” O’Donnell interrupted. “You’re telling me that the separation of church and state is found in the First Amendment?”

              When Coons summarized the amendment as saying government shall make no law establishing religion, O’Donnell interrupted again: “That’s in the First Amendment?”

              Her comments, in a debate aired on radio station WDEL, generated a buzz in the audience.

              “You actually audibly heard the crowd gasp,” Widener University political scientist Wesley Leckrone said after the debate, adding that it raised questions about O’Donnell’s grasp of the Constitution.


              1. Wooooooooooooooow.

          2. I don’t know anyone who ever pretended to be a witch for any period of time who isn’t a capital F Flake.

            Well, there’s Margot Adler.

            Oh, wait, that supports your point.

          3. I know plenty of people who smoked a lot of pot in college but who went on to be solid citizens.

            They just seem to be solid citizens because you ruined your brain with pot. And think, if you can, how much better off they would have been without pot.

            1. Fuck off, Juanita. Peddle your asscunt piety elsewhere. FreeRepublic could use a new priggish bluenose, they’re in short supply these days.

              1. How much you wanna bet Juanita (I know she’s not real but there’s a real bitch out there like her somewhere) is a total fucking addict in some other vice. I bet she has too many of something or not enough of something else.

                1. I’ve heard she can’t stop masturbating. Must be rough.

                  1. Typical behavior from a bunch of stoners. You people make me sick.

                  2. If by “masturbating” you mean “being fucked by a sheep”, then yeah.

        2. No that’s not why people complain about O’Donnell’s witchcraft. O’Donnell never had a picnic at a Satanic altar. She self-identified herself as hopelessly naive by relating some BS an ex punked her with as the truth. That level of concentrated stupid can be dangerous in the Senate.

        3. When it is your guy it is a “youthful fun”. When it is the other guy it is “evidence of instability”. That is just politics.


      2. +1,000,000

    5. Both candidates are lacking, but there’s no excuse for Conway’s desperation here. It reeks of the same lowlife behavior of Maher whoring old tapes of Christine O’Donnell talking about her flirtation with witchcraft.

    6. Come on, MNG. Conway’s attack was as stupid as Maher whoring out old Politically Incorrect tapes of Christine O’Donnell reminiscing about her flirtation with “witchcraft”.

      1. Oops, my bad. Firefox crashed on me, and I thought one of the posts above had gotten lost.

      2. Or as stupid as repeatedly referring to a guy as a “self-avowed Marxist” because of the title of a paper he wrote in college?

        1. True, but at least O’Donnell repented.

          Look, MNG, I wouldn’t vote for either of these fuckers. But don’t try to tell us one is actually better than the other.

  11. And hey, we need some links about the NY gubernatorial debate. Paladino, madames, Black Panthers, and the My Rent is Too Damn High Party candidate, how did this not make the cut for Morning Links!

    1. Heard an account of that three-ring circus on NPR during my morning drive this morning.

      Un-fucking believable.

      They talked to a random voter who actually sounded surprisingly lucid and intelligent. He said basically what any of us would have said, basically, “At first, it’s kinda funny, but then you realized, is this the best we can come up with? And if so, we’re really in a lot of trouble.”

      Yeah, it sounds like they opened up the doors of Bellevue or something.

    2. The disclosure that the administration is seeking ways to increase pressure on carriers already subject to the 1994 law comes less than a month after The New York Times reported on a related effort: a plan to bring Internet companies that enable communications ? like Gmail, Facebook, BlackBerry and Skype ? under the law’s mandates for the first time, a demand that would require major changes to some services’ technical designs and business models.

      But remember kids, there’s nothing wrong with extending the FCC’s mandate to cover those Internet-only companies for the first time. No, enabling and requiring wiretaps is just a side effect of “net neutrality.”

    3. As a karate expert, I won’t comment on the people vying to lead the Empire State out of the darkness.

      1. As a karate expert, I must tell you that the rent is too damned high.

    1. From written hearing testimony submitted by Economic Policy Institute (EPI) Vice President Ross Eisenbrey:

      “We need a comprehensive solution that addresses interrelated problems. For example, a system that places most of the burden for retirement saving on individuals will always have to wrestle with the problem of pre-retirement loans and withdrawals (simply plugging these leaks will not work, because many workers would stop contributing to the system). A system that relies on tax incentives to promote individual retirement savings will necessarily tend to favor high-income workers who can afford to save more and who benefit the most from these tax breaks. Conversely, a truly universal system would need to shield low-income workers from out-of-pocket costs or wage cuts. EPI has published and advocated what we feel would be an excellent national supplemental retirement plan, the Guaranteed Retirement Account which was authored by Prof. Teresa Ghilarducci, Director of the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School for Social Research. ”

      Wow. I don’t even know what to say to that.

      1. Wow. I don’t even know what to say to that.

        How about, “Set it off!”?

        (Props to Warty.)

      2. Compassion = totally controlling those “less fortunate”, for their own good

        Equality = making everyone the same

        Compassion + equality = total control of everyone, whether they need it or not.

      3. Make way for the Guaranteed Retirement Account and Consumer Protection Act (GRACPA).

        God I hate these fuckers.

    2. Thank FSM I’ve only got IRAs and SEPs.

      1. All your savings are belong to us.

    3. Apparently the shit is really going to hit the fan come December 15th when the unions are required by law to be honest about their pension obligations. And when they come crying for a bailout, remember they spent $400 million supporting Democrats in the 2008 elections cycle. How much more solvent would those funds be if liberals hadn’t turned the Unions into a funding arm of the Democratic Party?

      1. A little more solvent, but not very much.

        The math for their pensions just doesn’t work and can’t work demographically.

        1. Unions have been spending millions on political campaigns for decades. Take all of that money and add it back in with the interest it would have earned and it would probably be more than you think.

          1. It’s a lot but the fraud by pension fund managers is pretty enormous. All political funding by unions in the USA might right the underfunding in one state.

      2. I’m not sure pensions shouldn’t be insured to some degree, like FDIC. The problem here is people count on these things, then they are too old to work that productively, and if its not enough, then what? Dickensian hard times?

        This is the thing with those who oppose social security privatization. Call it paternalistic, but those of us who feel this way think it is not an unwise bet that many people will individually save incompetently or unluckily, and then taking care of their asses will be even more expensive…

        1. Many SS privatization plans come with a mandatory savings component and a managed set of investment choices. The difference is ownership. With privatization, you actually end up with assets. With SS, you end up with Congress fucking you in the ass.

          I’m not necessarily an advocate for mandatory savings. But it’s important to deal with “Privatization” accurately, vs. your mischaracterization that it’s simply a “you’re on your own” style 401K plan.

          1. “”I’m not necessarily an advocate for mandatory savings.””

            And we are pretty much hoping that SCOTUS strkes down the idea that government can force you to buy a service just because you’re alive.

        2. Three things:
          1. Traditionally risk has gone hand-in-hand with reward. Decoupled risk-reward is one of the major issues at the heart of the current economic crisis. Insuring investments sounds like a really good way of setting up decoupled risk-reward structures

          2. Social Security and Medicare, if means tested to provide for only the people who risked and lost (or those who chose not to risk) could be shrunk enormously and still provide the same or more generous benefits.

          3. Pensions != 401k. A pension is a regular stipend paid by an entity upon retirement, usually for the life of the former employee (or employee’s spouse). 401k is a suite of financial instruments that can be purchased with pre-tax money and if not accessed until after age 59.5 enjoy significantly lower tax rates than similar instruments not in a designated 401k. The key difference being that a 401k is not guaranteed, but anything you don’t spend can be inherited.

        3. I’m not sure pensions shouldn’t be insured to some degree, like FDIC.

          They are. Its called the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Funded, I believe, by premiums paid by the pension funds.

          Of course, it can’t possibly fund the gigantic shortfalls we’re looking at.

          1. Also:

            1) The PBGC only covers private pensions. Public pensions are “self-insured” out of the idea that the government will just raise taxes in the future.

            2) The PBGC is susceptible to moral hazard and gaming by companies and unions. In several cases, when management and labor couldn’t otherwise come to an agreement, they both agreed to dump the pension costs on the taxpayers (or agree to unsustainable pensions/raiding the pensions, which amounts to the same thing.)

        4. The problem is what’s being insured.

          The FDIC insures existing funds. You put money into an account, and if the bank goes belly up, you get your money back.

          To insure a pension, you have to insure a future funding stream, and the future value of speculative investments. And that’s much more problematic.

          Given modern lifespans, the entire idea of pensions assumes that something that is by its nature highly contingent [a corporation or union] is permanent. And nothing is forever, except cash in your own hand. If GM can go bankrupt, there is no company immune from the prospect of bankruptcy. And if people are counting on ongoing pension contributions from that kind of contingent entity for decades at a time, they will inevitably be disappointed.

          1. And nothing is forever, except cash in your own hand.

            Not even that, given that higher inflation and dollar debasement are now our official policies.

          2. So the answer is yes, Dickensian hard times should be the answer. It would be a beautiful gas-lamp world, the sky will always be gray, cold rain in the fall and light snow in the winter. Unfortunately some Mr. Nice Guy won’t let it happen.

            Public pensions are worse, the government doesn’t go bankrupt or go away. For the purpose of pension it is permanent. Also, can’t be funded. Dickensian hard times are hard to come by.

          3. The FDIC insures existing funds. You put money into an account, and if the bank goes belly up, you get your money back.

            To insure a pension, you have to insure a future funding stream, and the future value of speculative investments. And that’s much more problematic.

            You do know the bank doesn’t just stuff your money in a vault in the back, correct? If they go belly up it’s because their revenue streams of people paying back their loans dried up.

        5. I’m not sure pensions shouldn’t be insured to some degree, like FDIC. The problem here is people count on these things, then they are too old to work that productively, and if its not enough, then what? Dickensian hard times?

          This is why I support an international effort to minimize AGW. We need ice floes to set the elderly adrift on..

          1. Regardless with all this the question is: how do we take care of old people? Anyone who knows anything about markets knows that with markets there will be some winners and some losers. It’s the losers things like SS are worried for.

            1. It’s the losers things like SS are worried for.

              Sure, but it’s all Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians who have proposed shifting Social Security to a “guaranteed basic income for old people so they don’t eat cat food” level. It’s Democrats who have insisted that Social Security needs to include elements of “mandatory savings for the middle and upper middle class” under the principle that “a program for the poor is a poor program.”

              GWB proposed slowing the growth in benefits paid to the upper middle class to the rate of inflation, but keeping the payments to the poor the same. The Democrats countered with wanting to increase the taxes on the upper end.

              1. I’ve never bought into the old people eating cat food BS. Campbell’s soup and Ramen noodles are far cheaper than their equivalent in cat food.

            2. Social Security right now is a complicated mixture of many different programs and ideas. It’s a little bit a “guaranteed income for the elderly poor,” but it’s also a little bit a “forced savings program, so people get paid back money proportional to what they put in.” It’s also a little bit a “social insurance program against outliving your savings.”

              It tries to satisfy all these goals at once. Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians have proposed eliminating the “forced savings for ‘winners'” portion, but liberals and Democrats have generally disagreed with that.

              1. It also fucks minorities, because they pay in and don’t get to cash out because they have shorter average lifespans. Well, except for asians. And Frankie Manning.

    4. Health tip: Prone to high blood pressure? Ignore all crazy bills that haven’t made it out of committee. There are a lot of them and most will die merciful deaths.

      1. Followup Health Tip: those crazy bills, plus some fruit juice, and your average household blender = A Great Source Of Dietary Fiber.

  12. Two major lenders at the center of the foreclosure crisis took steps Monday to put the mess behind them by restarting home seizures that were frozen by documentation concerns.

    “Put the mess behind them.”

    Now *that’s* funny!

  13. Feds want new law requiring telecoms to make it easier to wiretap.

    Gee, isn’t it just wonderful that we have the Great Barack to restore our lost civil liberties?

    1. Expecting the Dems to respect civil liberties is like expecting the GOP to be fiscally responsible.

      Face it, the only difference between the two major parties is how fast they want to go down the road to economic and social tyranny. They agree 100% on the direction.

      1. Bullshit. And besides, Obama is just making sure we can keep tabs on teabaggers, as eventually they will commit violence.

        1. Are you really this much of a petulant, ignorant little shit asshole, or do you just play one on the internet?

          1. I’m pretty sure that’s a spoofer. Like, 52% sure.

            1. That probably is a spoofer, but at the same time I don’t consider the notion of Obama using the resources of the fedgov to track “teabaggers” because he regards them as a threat to his glorious worker’s paradise to be all that farfetched. He wouldn’t be the first U.S. president to do something like that.

              1. It’s not illegal if the president does it.

        2. We agree with you, Tony. That’s why we have told all states with “fusion centers” to classify all Ron Paul supporters as “domestic terrorists”… because they ARE.

  14. Don’t blame brain chemistry: “Your vulva is why I drink.”

    1. Just one more thing men’s brains are better at.

  15. National debt up more $3 trillion in 21 months under Obama, Pelosi, and Reid’s watch.

    It’s hard to believe, but these creeps are going to accumulate more publicly held debt in just two years than George W. Bush did in eight.

    1. Meh. It’s increasingly devalued debt.

    2. I don’t see a problem with this.

  16. Feds want new law requiring telecoms to make it easier to wiretap.

    This kind of fascist shit wouldn’t be happening if the Democrats were in power!

    1. If Barrack Obama were still alive, this wouldn’t be happening.

    2. “They want to increase legal incentives and penalties aimed at pushing carriers…”

      “Legal incentives” Wonder what that means?

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    1. Or at least deal with that uncomfortable hide-a-bed.

      1. If that was the problem.

    2. The prince — who is both a grandson and a great-nephew of Saudi King Abdullah, since his parents are cousins

      This explains a lot.


    When nerds attack. I really disappointed that Warty or Sugar Free (where is he lately anyway?) didn’t pick up on this earlier. It is a must read.

    1. He’s here today. He must have been busy at work like a grown up lately, though.

      As for the video: As dumb as the dude made himself look, the joke’s on the girl, since she allowed that loser to stick his fungus-infested dickie in her.

      1. Yeah. He made himself look like a total douche. And I wonder what the woman actually thinks about sexual assault laws. His rant made me think she might have something interesting to say on the subject.

    2. Wow. I’m sure the woman’s a little crazy given that she dated him, but fuck that guy.

    3. That is so obviously a publicity stunt.

    4. What an awesome trainwreck. I hope it’s not fake.

      1. Nope it is real.

  19. There are “Fraudclosure” everywhere. So far it’s been the holders of secured debt that have taken it in the teeth and there is no reason for that to change. If congress acts at all it will be to protect originating banks who lost paperwork from lawsuits from the SPEs that they assured the paperwork was in order.

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