Reasoners on The Tube (x 2): Nick Gillespie on Parker Spitzer and Red Eye Tonight!


Reason's Nick Gillespie will appear on CNN's new yakfest Parker Spitzer and Fox News' old chestnut Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld tonight.

Parker Spitzer airs at 8PM Eastern Time and Red Eye airs at 3AM (or anytime you close your eyes and chant Redrum).

Gillespie's bid to to do a cable TV Triple Crown fell short when his planned boxing match with MSNBC's Ed Schultz and a kangaroo fell through due to the occult influence of an unpredendented infusion of billionaires' money into the formerly pristine American political landscape.

As a consolation prize, watch Gillespie chat with Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Dick Gregory—and Ed Schultz, who really has to think about whether the Tea Party crazies are racists or not:

NEXT: If Militias Are On Time's Cover, Does That Mean They're Over?

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  1. his planned boxing match with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and a kangaroo fell through

    I think The Jacket should count himself lucky. I’ve heard Ed Shultz can handle himself pretty well.

    1. Shit, Ed is lucky he still has a job at MSNBC. He’s been called into the headmasters’ office at least twice.

      In a way, I feel sorry for the poor bastard. He went from being a member of the right-wing, to being a leftie version of Limbaugh, just to try to make a buck… and it’s pretty much backfired on him, both ways.

      Wait… maybe I don’t feel so sorry for him after all.

      1. Fun links re: Schultz……..king-place…..lob_b32660


    2. Gillespie is a right-wing hack who sucks Ron Paul’s cock!

      1. And he’s a Christ-fag.

        1. I’m just a regular fag.

      2. To be fair, I heard Paul’s hung like the national debt.

  2. Nick, remember not to address Spitzer as “Client 9.”
    Repeat, do NOT call him “Client 9.”

  3. I’m sorry, but “Parker Spitzer” just sounds like porn.

    1. Bad porn. Recent Ron Jeremy porn.

      Yeah, go ahead and try to erase that imagery from your mind. MUWHAHAHAHahahaha

      1. Ew. Ewww ewwwww.

        I’m gonna have to wash my brain out with beer now.

  4. Is it possible to watch this online? I don’t have cable tv service.

    1. there’s a nice link at

      1. They just posted the full video – it’s at…..cnn?hpt=T2

        1. Wow, Nick totally dominated the conversation. Good for him. “Tool of Wall Street”; nice.

          You still should have tried to make Spitzer angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

          1. Nick destroyed all three of them without even pulling out any numbers. Ridley kept wanting to say “but the Tea Party racists are angry, and Obama should’ve called them racist crazy people” but he couldn’t disagree that Nick was right that people should be angry.

            Oh, Parker said rooster something or other, and Spitzer is still running for mayor of whore city.

            Well done Mr. Gillespie…

            1. Also, full transcript of the CNN show here-

              ‘Inside Job’; Education Emergency: Washington Needs to Pay Up

              Highlight by the Jacket-“I think even the vice president is trying to keep track of who the vice president is..”

  5. Parker Spitzer

    I can’t believe they gave Eliott a show. Hey Nick, when you go on, ask him if he was banging prostitutes when he was prosecuting the prostitution rings. His face should turn an amazing shade of red before he kills you.

    1. I think the next time someone tells me how liberal CNN is I’m just going to say “Parker/Spitzer.” It’s like picking Jerry Springer to be your liberal in a debate show…Imagine if a network had a Crossfire type show and the conservative was Larry Craig…WTF?

      1. I’m still trying to grasp why CNN would give Spitzer a show. Isn’t he sort of…devoid of any credibility?

        1. CNN is a master at churning out some of the most unentertaining and uninformative shows on television. That would explain the show format. But yeah, I can’t explain Spitzer. I don’t even think they can go with the “bad press is good press” meme because no one gives a shit about Spitzer now that he has no power to abuse over others.

          Perhaps it was simply that he had the time to do the show now…

        2. Did people watch? That’s all the justification that CNN needs.

          1. I guess there are worse things than giving a tv show to a pol caught with a hooker. For instance, you might overwhelmingly re-elect him to the US Senate (I’m looking at you Louisiana).

  6. I’m sorry, but “Parker Spitzer” just sounds like porn.

    No ampersand was willing to work with those assholes?not even if they called the show “John & Whore.”

  7. Spitzer really, really, does not deserve to be on TV. At some point do you draw the line as to what T.V. shows you are willing to appear on?

  8. Maybe he can ask why one of the dumb cunts running for governor of New York is stupid enough to be a homophobic bigot. What the fuck Paladino? Everyone already knows you and your opponent are hacks, but are you really that intent on losing to another asshole?

    1. Those comments are really bizarre. Of course homosexuality can be limiting. Just like being left handed, short, or deaf. One would hope that children are taught to treat people with all these conditions as full members of our society.

  9. Does Parker Spitz air at different times in other time zones? I see the show is visible on the website but I prefer to watch on TV.

  10. I saw the clip with “The Jacket” and, I can’t lie, he turned in a star performance.

    I especially loved the casual anti-Italian biogtry.

  11. Numbers numbers numbers!

    1. Yeah, it was rude that Parker yawned loudly. I guess she was told there would be no math involved.

  12. “Parker Swallower” is grammatically awkward…

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    1. Does it also cause people to type random blather into blog comments?

      1. Works for me!

  14. Fuuuuuuuk who is that whorishly hot blonde sitting next to Bill Schultz on Redeye?

  15. I didn’t see Red Eye, but I did see Nick Gillespie fight the good fight on Parker / Spitzer. I do wish that The Jacket brought up legalizing prostitution just to see the look on Spitzer’s face.

  16. I was clicking through the channels. I didn’t see Nick’s face, but I caught a glimpse of a black leather jacket, and I knew it had to be him. No shit.

  17. It helped immensely that Nick couldn’t talk with his hands with that table in the way. When he’s standing, I keep thinking that his hands are saying something in sign language that is completely different than what his mouth is saying. “Help! Help! We’re slaves from the planet Armhandia imprisoned in this jacket and forced to do his evil and oh-so-dirty bidding!!!”

  18. Generic shaved-head-black-guy recited some generic narrative about “anger” or something. I think even he knew he was recycling recycled analysis. It was nice to see a format that allowed Nick to speak for more than 25 seconds before the commercial break. But on the whole little was accomplished. The hostess smiled a lot and adored Nick’s jokes. She’s CNN’s version of Mika Brzezinski, I guess, albeit a little less vapid.

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