Online Dating Legalized in Santa Monica


soon to be legal

There is much to-do in California about legalizing one risque activity, but another previously scandalous activity is about to get the nod in Santa Monica, after officials concluded it was "no longer seen as sleazy."

After careful deliberation, Santa Monica officials are preparing to get with the times by repealing a 1954 ordinance that prohibits "personal introductory service, marriage bureau, lonely hearts club, or other business of a like nature" from operating within the city limits….

"With the advent of computer technology, personal introduction and dating services have expanded and become a common and reputable way to meet others for social interaction," a City Hall report stated.

And that's not all: "Permitting bona fide matchmaking and dating services to operate within the city will benefit city residents and also benefit the city's economy," the report continues.

Escort services, however, remain unacceptably sleazy in the eyes of the city.

Via Courtney Knapp.