Reason Writers Around Town: Samuel Staley on America's Newly Defined Middle Class


Writing as part of the NPR series "Living In The Middle," Reason Foundation Director of Urban and Land Use Policy Samuel Staley argues that fluidity and mobility are among the key factors in the debate over economic policy. As Staley writes:

The so-called middle class has been a target of politicians ever since it became a recognizable voting block. Unfortunately, the term is less and less meaningful for understanding the nation's political dynamics, particularly in a nation whose core values are grounded in an organic concept of economic opportunity rather than a static concept of security. As U.S. citizens go to the voting booths in November, the core political fight might not be over protecting the middle class but over which candidates are most likely to provide better opportunities for a newly defined middle class.

Read all about it here.

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  1. The so-called middle class has been a target of politicians ever since it became a recognizable voting block.

    Politicians always give false praises and claim they speak for those groups they really intend to fleece.

  2. But if we do it right, they’ll vote for those of us who demogogue the ones we tell them to blame instead paying attention to how we’re the ones who are actually keeping them down.

    It still works with the blacks, doesn’t it?

    1. Re: Democrats,

      It still works with the blacks, doesn’t it?

      It should, as they invested so much of their lives and their families and their principles to keep the monetary transfer programs, from the productive to the non productive, in place.

  3. “Read all about it here”?

    Sorry, guys, there was nothing to read. Sam needs to step up his act.

  4. I’ve always been suspicious of the liberal defense of the middle class, as the middle class is the stepping-stone to becoming a member of the hated evil rich class…

    1. but without the hated evil rich class, who will pay for the liberal transfer programs?

      1. shhhhhhh

        1. Where’s Tony? Too busy crying “wealth envy” every time his side practices it?

  5. The middle class, I think, can be defined as those with enough assets or income to be heavily taxed, but without enough assets or income to avoid the taxes.

    The government’s new mules, in other words.

    1. This is a wonderfully cynical comment.
      I love it.

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