Reason On the Tube: Tim Cavanaugh Talks California on the 10 O'Clock News


Divine Christine Devine.

With California in the final stages of its torturous budget process, Tim Cavanaugh is appearing all week on the local news at Los Angeles' Fox 11 to discuss creative accounting, internal borrowing, deferred debt, fiscal hanky panky, and the battle over public sector pensions that is the real story behind the three-months-overdue budget.

The state Assembly passed the budget about an hour ago, and the state could have a signed deal by tomorrow.

Appearances so far:

Monday: How final is the final deal?

Tuesday: Are back benchers going to freak out when they see the deal?

Wednesday: We finally get a look at the plan:

Beatings will continue until morale improves, so if you're in L.A., tune in to the 10 o'clock news on Channel 11, not the 11 o'clock news on Channel 10. Clips are also available at, and will be posted here the following day.

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  1. Why is Tim’s interviewer’s mic from volunteering as an NFL referee still on?

  2. Excellent work sir. A tie, a jacket, concise coherent and cogent responses (sound bity even!), screw print you need an on air contract!

    You’re even pretty photogenic, assuming you weren’t professionally made up for those. (if made up at all)

  3. In the middle one you do need to relax some on the wide shots. Next time carry a script or rolled up paper or two.

    Last one was awesome. Smooth sir, smooth.

    Nice to see Reason getting some attention and media and press. Here’s to only more coming down the road.

    I’m clapping on the inside.

    1. Its OK to clap on the outside too, hmm.

  4. Nice job, Tim. So, I have to ask, when they invite you onto the show, they just bring you into the cube farm and start talking to you, like you’re trying to borrow a stapler?

    1. Stations often set shots up using the news room as a background. Most local stations don’t have the resources to set up a separate set for interviews.

  5. Can you imagine if Christie was running California?

    Sorry, no high speed light rail.

    The savings on exploratory committees alone would probably solve half the budgetary problems.

  6. I hear al-Jazeera gives its repeat guest commentators two loaner jackets…lined with C4.


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  8. TIMMEH!

  9. Tim,

    Did you stand on a box for the third clip or did your host wear flats?

    BTW who wears double breasted suits anymore?

    1. Lots of people.

    2. I’ve got 3.


  10. Well done, sir. Well done.

  11. What a rack on that broad!

  12. The savings on exploratory committees alone would probably solve half the budgetary problems.

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  13. Nice to see Reason getting some attention and media and press. Here’s to only more coming down the road.I’m clapping on the inside.air max 24-7

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