Avoiding the "All Tomorrow's Tea Parties" Headline Is Impossible


Lou Reed's not going to like this. Via Julian Sanchez's Twitter feed, I see that former Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker was spotted at a Georgia Tea Party protest, telling a local reporter that she is "furious about the way we are being led towards socialism." Prefix magazine calls this "depressing" news that will "bring you down" before the weekend, because it's incumbent upon all musicians—especially those in seminal proto-punk bands like VU—to have roughly the same, boring lefty politics. Deviate from the acceptable ideology (Guevara t-shirts are fine, as is anything related to 9/11 "truth") and a bunch of kids born in the 1980s will have their weekends ruined.

Tucker pops up near the end of the video:

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    1. Hey, since when do musicians speak out against the government?

      1. it’s incumbent upon all musicians…to have roughly the same, boring lefty politics.

        Not quite, eh?

        Cage’s primary political stance was a support of anarchy, which he felt would be the most appropriate form of government in a world where everyone’s basic needs (food, shelter) were satisfied and there was plenty of leisure to pursue artistic and personal goals.

        1. “You might call it an anarchic harmony. Just sounds being together.”

          In other words, noise.

            1. You’re a musician!
              And you’re a musician!
              [wild applause]
              And you’re a musician!
              [wild, ecstatic applause, screaming and fainting]

  1. Cultural dilemma! Lou Reed was born in 1942, too early to be a Boomer, and too late to be one of the Greatest Generation?. How will we categorize him? And what the hell is Prefix magazine? Damn you, Twitter!

    1. I joined the party in 1944. NOT a boomer either.

    2. Lou Reed belonged to the “Beat Generation,” aptly named by Jack Kerouac as he tried to describe his fellow writers of the time and what they represented. It had nothing to do with musical meter, he meant beat as in defeated.

  2. Um, aren’t you stepping on Nick’s toes a little here…?

    1. Yes, especially when Nick earlier today posted a counter-example to Moynihan’s claim that “it’s incumbent upon all musicians … to have roughly the same, boring lefty politics.”

  3. Geez, this is like some loser type libertarian zombie suddenly touting the welfare state!

    1. Geez, this is like some loser type libertarian zombie suddenly touting the welfare state!

      You know if the left actually did make a safety net, eliminated corporate and middle class welfare, focused on programs for the poor and balanced the budget the US would be better off then it is now.

      Hell they could probably do it and still cut taxes and spending.

      Also I would have preferred if Newt had gone after middle class entitlements like SS or medicare or corporate/ag subsidies rather then welfare. I suspect he did simply because poor mothers tend to have shittier PR firms then the other entitlement groups.

      1. Tend to agree though I didn’t mind the part of that reform that went after multitarget impregnators discharging (horrible pun horribly intended) their parental duties to the tax payers.

        There is just something about a guy who tells me he is the baby daddy of children from three different women, none of whom he supports, that makes me want to break his jaw then and there.

        1. Aww, you’re just upset that you’re being outcompeted and weren’t the choice of at least three sperm-seekers.

          “Choice” – that word should remind you of something alan, it’s something you impregnator wannabees don’t have. Only women can choose to plop out parental responsibilities onto taxpayers.

          It’s cute to watch you eunuchs get angry and bust each other’s jaws, alan. Remember, you boys are just a breeding experiment run by women. Getting mad at each other won’t help you boys.

      2. Newt did go after farm subsidies. IIRC they were being phased out, but some later Congress brought them back.

      3. You would be referring to the same middle class entitlements like SS and medicare that I pay for every 2 weeks in taxes? If I am paying for it it is not an entitlement. Doesn’t mean that I want either of them but the middle class is footing the bill for both so claiming either is middle class entitlement is grossly ignorant.

        1. You say “If I am paying for it is is not an entitlement.” This is wrong. Somebody pays for every entitlement. Right now, you’re paying in taxes for someone else. This is an entitlement for them. Surely you don’t think there’s a special account, just with your personal contributions, held by the government for your benefit only?

          1. Surely you don’t think there’s a special account, just with your personal contributions, held by the government for your benefit only?

            Of course not – how could anyone steal from that?

        2. The “entitlement” in entitlement program merely means that if you qualify for it, you get it. As opposed to something like public housing that has limited slots and runs up a wait list.

          SS and Medicare are currently entitlements, but I don’t think they’ll remain that way for long. As a thirty-year-old, I don’t expect I’ll ever see that money back.

  4. More depressing than Mo Tucker’s turn to far-right politics is the fact that she looks like any other run-of-the-mill white senior citizen tea partier, complaining about Obama’s lack of birth certificate or how the illegals are taking away all our jobs.


      1. It is only right and fair that filthy human pollution that intrudes into the Steven Smith’s natural habitat should be raped. Regardless of colour.

    2. Are you planning on being this insufferable on the cruise? Let me know and I’ll avoid you on the shuffleboard court.

      1. You might want to bring some mace and/or a rape alarm. You know how STEVE gets.

  5. Someone tell Prefix that one of the Ramones was a Republican. It’ll really ruin their day.

    1. Just a little while ago Johnny Rotten got props from The Weekly Standard, of all places.

      1. Alice Cooper is a registered Republican.

        1. Frank Zappa was beginning to lean that way too.

          1. Zappa was more libertarian than anything, politically. He labeled himself a “practical conservative” (saying it meant that he wanted a less intrusive gov’t and lower taxes), but if you read his autobiography he spends several chapters lambasting Republicans. That he would’ve become an actual Republican is something I’m doubtful of.

            1. I’m pretty sure he declared himself a Republican on Crossfire way back when.

              1. This doesn’t confirm Zappa, but it may add a couple more: http://www.thearkansasproject……ock-stars/

                1. Not to mention that Skunk Baxter is regarded as an an expert on missile defense

                2. Kid Rock is on this list….

                  1. Arlo Guthrie is a registered Republican though I believe it is in name only. I understand he leans Libertarian.

                3. The fact that they put Neil Peart on the list makes it suspect.

                  From his wiki:

                  Although Peart is sometimes regarded as a “conservative” and “Republican” rock star,[47] he, in 2005, described himself as a “left-leaning libertarian”,[48] and is often cited as a libertarian celebrity.[49][50] He also speaks of Fox News Channel being biased towards conservatives and rebuts British accusations that he and Rush are a “right wing” rock band in his book Roadshow: Landscape with Drums: a Concert Tour by Motorcycle.[51] In 2008 Peart described himself as a “quasi-libertarian” and stated that motorcycle helmet laws, which are often opposed by libertarians, “are not an issue at all to me.”

          2. His Playboy interview sounded completely libertarian to me. There was nothing he said politically that I disagreed with.

  6. I cannot believe this is true. This is literally the *coolest fucking thing* of the year. This is like Dale Peterson and a Bald Eagle killing an Al-Qaeda terrorist rolled into one for me. Mo Tucker is a rock hero, with IMPECCABLE countercultural credentials.


    I want to dip my balls in this news.

    1. (And yes, if we all believe hard enough, we can keep up the illusion that Mo Tucker is actually the same Maureen Tucker in this video.)

      (Delete this post in 5 minutes, Moynihan.)

      1. Holy crap…it really IS her? It really is THE Maureen Tucker of the VU. Not just someone with a similar name?!?!

        This really is the awesomest news of the day. Gonna go put on disc 1 of The Quine Tapes right now.

    2. “You’ve heard it all before!”

  7. Gonna be cranking up the banana tonight!

  8. Avoiding the “All Tomorrow’s Tea Parties” Headline Is Impossible

    There’s a fine abdication/exile headline that White America could use if they were fans of Mo Tucker, not assholes who think she’s one of their mascots.

    2) This story is psychologically interesting supporting evidence for my unpopular-with-White-America “Obama totally fuckin’ looks like Lou Reed” stance.

  9. I seriously am having trouble getting over this. This is rocking my world on an ongoing basis right now, what with how much I worship the V.U. and how, erm…unexpected you might have thought this to be.

    1. Am I going to have to make you take a time out, Esoteric? You know when you drink soda it makes you hyper.

    2. Take a couple deep breaths and then go listen to Pale Blue Eyes. You will be alright.

    3. Esoteric, take some heroin and chill out.

      1. Ya BP, that song would have worked better in my post. But PBE was the first I thought of.

        1. I’m actually listening to a 30-minute long live drone improvisation from early 1966 entitled “Chic Mystique.” It’s hypnotically awesome.

          (My name is ‘Esoteric’ after all.)

        2. I figured it was just a matter of time until someone mentioned it. As a bonus, I listened to “Sweet Jane” again.

  10. Avoiding the “All Tomorrow’s Tea Parties” Headline Is Impossible

    William Gibson’s a tea partier too?

    1. I went out to lunch with a friend of mine a while back. They started playing Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi”.

      He asked “They’re remaking Amy Grant songs now???”

      That’s what your story reminded me of.

    2. Hey, why are all those Asian chicks just popping out of those machines at the Circle K? And can I haz one to go with my chillie cheeseburger?

  11. It amuses me to no end that folks are decrying someone from their “counter-culture” not believing exactly the same things they do. It amuses me even further that they accuse her of abandoning her “anti-establishment” street cred by protesting a group currently in control of both the executive and legislative branches of the Federal Government.

    I loved Gang of Four and the Dils and they were out an out Marxists.

    Folks need to chill out and enjoy the music they like.

    1. Dissent is no longer the highest form of patriotism.

      1. But I just got mine in the mail!

    2. “I loved Gang of Four and the Dils and they were out an out Marxists.”

      Same with Manic Street Preachers, and I still dig a lot of their music. Even the Marxo-groveling Rage Against The Machine had some killin’ grooves. But then, I’ve never been a big lyrics or “message” guy when it comes to music.

    3. Folks need to chill out and enjoy the music they like.


    4. I’ve often wondered that, too. The orthodoxy of the free thinkers and all.

      BTW, The Dils. Love ’em. “You’re Not Blank (So Baby We’re Through)” was one the songs that got me from sludge/metal/college rock back into punk in college. Thank you, Faster and Louder compilations (Rhino).

    5. Liberals are the hipsters of politics.

  12. I remember reading similar comments by liberals and maybe even liberal journOlists being pissed that Rand Paul was a fan of Rush(the band).

    1. Why would they have been pissed? Rush has always been a Randian/libertarian band, and is widely known as such. It’s not like the left ever got to claim Rush or something.

      1. Maybe they thought he was a fan of Rush, as in Limbaugh.

        BTW, how’s Ed Schultz’s little D.C. protest going? I turned off the TV today.

  13. Prefix magazine? Never heard of them. There are plenty non-Democrats in music, as there are in every aspect of the entertainment business, they just keep their mouths shut to avoid the drone of the collective.

  14. I am 27 and I don’t get this.

  15. I am 27 and I don’t get this.

    1. So nice, he said it twice!

  16. Tifton and Lee County, GA are not only kickass for hosting Tea Parties. They also get a great deal on their library labels. Sorry, last plug of the weak, I swear.

    1. When my RN girlfriend gets off of work tonight I’ll be sure to ask her if she would like to take a trip down to Tifton or Lee County for the weekend. I’ll either get a kick in the nuts, or a bird flip, you never know with that one. Any wineries down there?

      1. I don’t know about wineries. But Tifton was founded by the great wrecker Asa Tift, who pretty much made Key West a city.

        1. We usually do a three day trip to Cumberland Island around this time of year, but we haven’t had time to even plan this year. Not too late to check out the alternatives though.

    2. My daughter lives in Moultrie, which is about 25 miles north of Tifton. Nice habitat.

  17. Interesting that a woman had a Ron Paul shirt adorned with Ron Paul buttons, but accompanying it was a button that said “Stop Wal-Mart.” Interesting juxtaposition. How would you stop them, lady? Gubmint?

    1. Actually, it may be this person is upset that Wall-Mart sometimes uses eminant domain to take land for its stores. It that is her gripe I agree.

    2. I remember reading once where Mo Tucker was working at a Wal-Mart. My respect for her went up even more then. Gotta love a person that’s willing to work.

  18. because it’s incumbent upon all musicians?especially those in seminal proto-punk bands like VU?to have roughly the same, boring lefty politics.

    Oh my this displays an amazing lack of knowledge about musicians, music fans, popular culture, and politics. All wrapped up in a nice clueless burrito.

    1. FWIW, I think the quick post at the rag is more fairly summarized as “I wish the musicians I idolized thought more like me.”

      1. I’m blowing four hundred bucks to take the boy to see Roger Waters do the Wall next month. I’ll try to teach the anti-school message as best I can.

        1. I’ve been wrestling with the same investment. Haven’t convinced myself yet that it’s worth it to blow 5 bills to see Waters but it is the Wall, and you know his band will be insane.

        2. Good for you. They are in town the weekend I am out of town for my wedding aniversary. Would really like to go.

  19. Was that crowd she was with designed to reinforce a stereotype or what?

  20. Somewhat related, though mostly off topic.

    Since Radiohead contributed to the 10:10 ? no pressure project, I’ve just shredded all my Radiohead CDs and deleted all digital files of their music. It helps that in the last several years I couldn’t bring myself to actually listening to Radiohead.

    1. Radiohead are too good a band to get tetchy about. I’ve priced in their support for all sorts of politically wrongheaded and/or stupid ideas long ago. At this point it’s par for the course.

      And given that In Rainbows was, miraculously, as good as anything they’ve done since Kid A, I’m willing to give ’em a pass. Shame they had to go and whore out “Arpeggi” like that, though.

      1. In Rainbows was god-awful. Of course, I didn’t pay a penny to Radiohead when they offered it for a download at any price.

        1. I thought In Rainbows was fantastic. I also consider The Bends to be a forgotten great album. When people talk about Radiohead, The Bends is never mentioned.

          1. When people talk about Radiohead, The Bends is never mentioned.

            Sure it is. It’s always mentioned as “the great Radiohead album that nobody ever mentions.” To the point that it’s the stuff of cliche by now.

            1. Your experiences are different than mine

          2. Maybe because The Bends isn’t that great. Although I do love “Bulletproof”.

      2. Really, they whored out “Arpeggi”? If that’s the case then why not? There’s nothing wrong with showcasing a beautiful creation.

      3. OK Computer, and the EPs that came out around that time, was really the only great music Radiohead made. The Bends and Rainbows were pretty good too, but everything else was just terrible. Especially the one-two punch of Kid A and Amnesiac, two virtually idea-less albums.

        I still remember coming home from school, ripping open my copy of Kid A, popping it in the player, and being utterly disillusioned that I’d waited 3 years just to hear a shitty rip-off of Aphex Twin and Autechre. Ugh.

    2. Are those the same guys that were in Deep Purple?

  21. What’s happening is that as journalists keep interviewing Tea Parties participants, they find more and more people who don’t fit the mold of what they have been describing. And they can only do it for so long before the Tucker’s of the world start popping up at the end of videos that they forgot to edit.

    Contrary to the typical H&R trolls of the world, the Tea Party is most certainly not just retired white Birthers and Birchers. And places like the NYT or CNN can only run so many “boy aren’t these Tea party racists pretty racist!” stories before they start going in to negative viewership/readership.

    Watch after the elections as the Dems get destroyed and the press starts running the inevitable “Hey, maybe these Tea Cup dudes are on to something here” stories.

    Like clockwork.

    1. What’s also amusing is all the newspaper columnists (Dionne, Eugene Robinson, etc.) who write column after column about how unimportant and inconsequential the tea-party is; so much that they can’t stop writing about it.

      1. No they’re going to accuse all of America of being “Un-governable.”

        As much as that statement warms my heart, I know it isn’t as true as I’d like it to be.

      2. Robinson et al have written a narrative based upon their own particular worldviews, and they have spent the last year in vain attempting to validate it. This exercise in forcing reality through a leftist keyhole and foisting it upon a wholly uncooperative and resistant public is vexing to them, and comical to us (me, anyway). Why don’t we rubes get it? Why are we so angry (even though we aren’t)? Why aren’t we rioting and knocking down mosques and lynching blacks and creating scary, racist, nationalist militias? Why won’t we fall in step with their narrative, dammit?

        1. That’s what was so crazy about that Stephen Thrasher column in the Village Voice (Village Voice Writer Trapped In White Derangement Feedback Loop). Thrasher and the rest of them talk about all this racist-related violence caused by the Tea Parties without actually mentioning any, you know, actual violent episodes. There were violent episodes at Tea Parties in the last couple years, but most if not all of them were occasions where the person arrested was a Union thug or some leftist lunatic.

          OOO LOOK OUT!!! A bunch of families and grandmothers carrying flags and discussing the constitution!!

          THERE IS NO STOPPING THEM!!!!!!…..

  22. I can explain this Mo Tucker thing. She lived for a while in Phoenix, maybe even on the west side.

    We have liberals/socialists but they really like to think of themselves as an oppressed minority.

    1. This, if you are saying anything west of 24th St will depress the living shit out of you and make you hate the scumbags who run the city, county and state. If you mean that.

      1. I think a bigger issue is that if you tell someone to meet them at 27th and Indian School, they have to flip a coin.

        New York at least has the numbered streets going in a different direction than the numbered avenues. No such luck here.

        Talk about Central Planning in a nutshell. 🙂

        1. Numbered Avenues are west of Central and Numbered Streets are East. Roads north of Washington are “North” and those south are “South”.

          After living in Boston for 6 years the sanity and organization of Phoenix was a Godsend.

        2. I think a bigger issue is that if you tell someone to meet them at 27th and Indian School, they have to flip a coin.

          If they mean 27th Ave. they probably have a tattoo on their face. I’d think twice about going in that case.

    2. All the Liberals/Socialists are here at ASU in Tempe with me. They are not an oppressed minority here on Mill Ave.

      1. During my time at ASU ten years ago, one of the grad students I worked with actually transferred to the University of Wisconsin after her first year in the program because ASU “wasn’t liberal enough” and didn’t have the proper focus on “ethnic studies” she was expecting (yes, this female was whiter than Casper).

        I’m still amazed I had enough self-control not to laugh in her face when she said that.

        1. Well I’m born and raised here in Tempe and most of my friends/family are Left leaning(oh how I love them so… seriously). I start my economics major here next semester, so we’ll see how it goes.

  23. “In Rainbows was god-awful. Of course, I didn’t pay a penny to Radiohead when they offered it for a download at any price.”

    You are wrong.

    I could prove it, but this board doesn’t let me embed graphics, so you will just have to take my word for it.

  24. I posted this in a comment yesterday.
    Charlie Daniels: Long Haired Country Boy

    Is there a better libertarian “folk song”?

  25. …and I feel just like Jesus’ son.

    1. European Son, maybe?

  26. Oh yes, this is a MUST SHARE.

  27. Much more interesting reading here than the comments at Prefix (which have to be ‘officially approved’)
    Go here http://www.prefixmag.com/news/…..-te/44617/ to liven up the discussion.

    1. Just went back to Prefix. When I wrote there were three ‘Chad-like’ comments. Now there are 32 more (myself included) ALL much more Reasonable.

  28. Hopefully all these stories will come up enough that liberals start getting nightmares when the listen to their favorite music: “They don’t share the same politics as me, but make something I enjoy!”.

    I’ve had to deal with that for long enough.

  29. Somehow, musicians are quite concern with politics. We all know that any economic, moral, environmental issues, they’re the front liners, so for politics, they’ll definitely stay in the lime light. I’m just not sure if it’s because they truly feel the majority’s feelings or if it’s for publicity purposes!
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    1. I want to ship my jobs overseas in large containers, but I’m concerned that my jobs may suffocate en route. Can you help me?

  30. Ads by Google is blocking the comments section.

  31. Tea-hee.

  32. Let’s all remember the fact that when rock ‘n roll first became popular in the mid-1950s, the commie folkies hated it. They hated it because they saw it for what it was. Rock ‘n roll was a byproduct of American post war prosperity and it’s emerging super power status. It was the soundtrack of the American dream fully realised.

    Chuck Berry wrote songs that celebrated the new teenage culture, where mom and dad were doing well enough so that junior could keep all the dough he earned at his after school job and save up to by a used car and go cruising to the local drive-in theater, or the malt shop, or just burn rubber down the highway listening to “You Can’t Catch Me”. Meanwhile, Pete Seeger was looking down his nose at this post war suburban culture when he sang about “Little Boxes” (brand new houses that all looked the same).

    And what about those British Mods? When they were born in the 1940s, Britain was the most powerful nation in the world. By the time they were teenagers, the British Empire was a shell of it’s former self and they were dealing with food rations. They looked across the pond and saw all these American kids dancing on American Bandstand in their Levis, driving around in their T-Birds, and they said “hey, I want a piece of that”. The Mods had a taste for the finer things in life. They had no interest in hearing Joan Baez singing songs of “social justice”.

    That’s how we got the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, the Who, etc, etc. In short, the first and most important decade of rock music had absolutely no connection to left wing politics.

    Then Dylan went electric. He was called a traitor by the commie folkies. He wanted to distance himself from that whole crowd. He heard the Beatles and wanted to rock out himself. He inadvertantly ushered in the era of folk rock. Then the hippie scene started gaining steam, and by the end of the decade, rock ‘n roll artists co-opted the left wing politics of the commie folkies. And the commie folkies said “yeah, we knew rock music was cool all along”. Damn liars!

    Now they want us all to believe that rock ‘n roll and left wing politics have always gone hand in hand. F-you Jann Wenner! Some of us know the truth. Rock ‘n roll was invented in the Bible Belt by God fearing religious Christians. It wasn’t invented in Greenwich Village or Haight Ashbury.

    Left wingers compare Born Again Christians to Islamic fundamentalists. If that’s the case, then I have one question? Where’s the Islamic fundamentalist Elvis, Jerry Lee, and Little Richard?

    1. I’d put it more–“left wing politics co-opted rock’n’roll”. I watched it happen from the inside with punk. Loud angry music sick of what the hippies had done, sick of the boomerized world and futureless future it was getting handed morphed into loud, angry music that supported the same lefty causes that the hippies supported.

  33. I’m sticking with you, Mo!

  34. Those who know their Eastern Bloc history might remember the critical role VU’s music had in encouraging the pro-Western counterculture in countries like Czechloslovakia, which eventually grew to topple the Marxist regimes in those countries. Vaclav Havel is a huge VU fan, and led the “Velvet Revolution” in Czechloslovakia. VU-influenced bands like the Plastic People of the Universe were jailed for their music, which led to the rise of Havel to the forefront of the counterculture movement, and eventually the presidency. When your music essentially soundtracked an anti-Marxist revolution, would it not be likely to influence one’s political views on Marxism? Just a hypothesis…

  35. And the transformation of Reason from a libertarian magazine to yet another appendage of the Koch-funded Republican Party machine is now complete! Who needs to talk about freedom anymore? That’s so fucking mid-90s isn’t it?

    Instead, why not dish out this stupid culture war shit? Just eat it out of the trough and shit it out. Ha ha, libs celebrities ha ha not plain folk like us! Moynihan, you are a Republican, you ain’t no libertarian. This post could have come straight off of World Net Daily. Can we all say hallelujah, sing a round of Jesus Jesus Tax Breaks for the Rich, and don’t forget to buy the official 10 Commandments Tablet in good old English like Jesus himself spoke? Hey, I remember libertarianism here and just how much stupidity it managed to get itself into by reasoning from abstract principles and neglecting observed reality. But at least it wasn’t this Koch-sucking shit.

    I’ve been reading Reason less and less. When I started reading this site, Clinton was President, and I kept right on reading it through Chimpy’s reign. Most of the content related to actual freedom – drug war, eminent domain, wiretapping – economic content mostly related to defiance and denigration of pointless regulations. As the years went by, Reason was less and less about actual freedom and more and more about idealized, bloodless ultra-Randianism reducing humans to carriers of dollars in the way that Dawkins did for genes. Grant us all the freedom to be swindled, because that’s the only true freedom. And forget all that other freedom stuff. We didn’t mean it! I mean, you people actually defend the Tea Party these days! No libertarianism here anymore. That went out with the dotcom days I suppose. Sad to see the change, though, very sad. As people used to say back when this wasn’t a Republican front group, ‘check your premises’.

    1. Your ideas interest me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    2. I was a punk before you were a punk.

    3. I am sure that, to you, this is fresh and interesting criticism.

      Unfortunately for the rest of us, it is trite, unoriginal, and has the added detriment of being false.


    4. +1.

      A lot of us are sick of the crusty, get-off-my-lawn Republican’t drivel here.

  36. Kerry King from Slayer was a big Republican type back in the mid to late 90’s. His Dittohead tendencies were most aptly shown on the song, uh, “Dittohead”. Although recently I think the G. Dubs administration put a damper on his pro-GOP attitude, but then again isn’t that true of most of us?

  37. Ahh Livertarians no nothign aobout Austrian economics about hsitory or about what liberty truly is.

    1. Yeah those damn Livertarians. I hate liver!

      Now those libertarians, they definitely know alot about Austrian economics and liberty.

  38. LMAO. A lot of folks were different when they were younger.

    Maureen Tucker isn’t “Moe” anyMORE.

    She’s now just another jaded old fart who looks and talks like my grandmother.

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