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Reason Writers on the Bloggingheads: Matt Welch Talks Rand Paul, Ken Burns, Gary Johnson and More With The New Republic's Jason Zengerle


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  1. Nice touch with the 3D glasses Matt! Is there a theme around here or something?

  2. No one told me those 3D glasses were going to be so damned stylish.

  3. They should really cut these videos into digestible bites.

    1. Go to the Bloggingheads page, and they do — five-minute chunks, give or take.

      1. Welch’s analysis of marijuana was spot-on. Props to you for not taking Zengerle’s bait about “what happens when Jerry Brown wins and doesn’t start toking up in the Governor’s mansion.”


  4. The meetings refered to by Paul in DC were in May. Since then he has multiple times been on TV SAYING ‘I am more moderate than my father’ and PRECISELY what that means. I don’t think Rand Paul will be posturing around nonstarting stuff in an antiwar fashion, but I expect him to demand a declaration of war, and a discussion of what really is our national security interest in Afghanistan where he has many times said he doesn’t know if it is still a risk to our national security.

    On the mosque, he said he had a personal opinion (which he is entitled to under HIS free expression rights) but that it wasn’t his to determine, which may be different from his Dad, but isn’t contrary to freedom of association.

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