Carly & Barb, Together Again


Heels, Barbara, heels!

It's still early in the second Carly Fiorina-Barbara Boxer debate (which you can listen to at KPCC) and Boxer has already invoked Alan Blinder and the often wrong but never in doubt Mark Zandi.

Boxer continues to demagogue the outsourcing issue. A local tech executive asks if she opposes outsourcing in all cases, and she dances.

A sensible followup from Patt Morrison (I think): Is it time for U.S. wages to float and fall? Boxer: "Absolutely not."

1:24: Boxer says she supports border enforcement. Brags that border-crossing apprehensions are down 80 percent.

1:25: Fiorina can't name the extreme environmentalist groups she accuses Boxer of supporting.

1:28: Fiorina: "Scientists agree that a single state or single nation acting alone can have no impact on global warming." Opposes cap & trade.

1:31: Boxer: "Fact is we have to act" on global warming.

1:35: Fiorina: "We're not helping people." PPACA is "not compassion." Insurance companies are "oligopolies" that face no competition. Subsidize the highest-risk pool and let everybody else compete. Breast cancer survival in United States is "30 points higher" than in UK and Canada.

1:39: Boxer: "The way we drew up [PPACA], the states have a lot of flexibility."

1:43: Boxer: "We're 29th on infant mortality behind Cuba."

1:44: Because of course the U.S. Senate is where Roe v. Wade was decided, we are once again back to a lengthy disquisition on the candidates' abortion views. Patt accuses Fiorina of making up a story about a pregnant family member.

1:48: Boxer: "I gave birth to two premature babies." And that's not even counting PPACA.

1:50: Military assistance to Mexico to help fight the narcotraficantes?
Fiorina: "Mexico is approaching a failed state." Gives a nice Spanish pronunciation of Monterey. "We should support government of Mexico, and we haven't."

1:52: Weird segueway to assault weapons and no-fly list allows Boxer to skate on the military assistance question.

1:54: Boxer: "I worry about the corruption" in Afghanistan and Iraq. "I don't support nation building. I support nation helping." Very important that America "not have an open checkbook."

1:55: Boxer close: "She laid off 30,000 workers, she shipped their jobs overseas, she enriched herself and she says she's proud of her record."

1:57: Fiorina close: "I started my working life as a secretary. And when I was a secretary I was accountable for my work to my boss."

Done. Advantage: Fiorina.

NEXT: Cheap Booze, Cheaper Congressmen

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  1. Boxer continues to demagogue the outsourcing issue.

    She should run on a platform that calls for surrounding California with a tall fence, since the majority of jobs are not being outsourced to China or India, they are running to Nevada, Texas or even Oregon. She has to put a stop to such bleeding!! What do these people think they are, running away from paradise like that???…

  2. Fiorina can’t name the extreme environmentalist groups she accuses Boxer of supporting.

    The EPA.

  3. If you think the CA debates warrant this ground-zero-mosque-level glass-parking-lot coverage, why don’t you gay-marry their medical marijuana?

    Seriously, does it matter who wins elections in California anymore? That slope is sponsored by Astroglide.

    1. Seriously, does it matter who wins elections in California anymore? That slope is sponsored by Astroglide.

      Yes — yes it does. An R instead of Boxer would have meant the health care “reform” bill would likely not have passed.

  4. You know if you put Boxer’s support of amnesty and open borders together with her loathing of outsourcing, you get a Hotel California platform. Anyone can come in but no one ever gets to leave.

    1. Fantastic, John, fantastic.

    2. Buh? Outsourcing doesn’t involve people leaving, it involves jobs leaving.

      1. If the jobs leave, sometimes the people leave, too. Look at the Detroit metro area.

    3. I’ve always hated that song.

  5. Jeebus. This is the best the biggest, richest state of the Union can do?

    “I gave birth to two premature babies”?

    What chance does Boxer think those babies would have had in Cuba?

    1. In CA’s defense I thought the same thing during Bush v. Kerry.

  6. If you actually take the ranking of Cuba above the U.S. seriously, you lose the debate by default.

    1. +1

      The US is behind Cuba –

      Your argument is invalid. Thank you for playing.

      1. Maybe we should fudge all of our numbers, too. Yep, nobody is in prison. We’re a fucking utopia.

      2. Admittedly, Cuba does not have an illegal immigration problem.

        1. No, it has an illegal emigration problem. Perhaps in this, too, California should follow the Cuban model.

  7. Boxer: “We’re 29th on infant mortality behind Cuba.”

    How many infants has Carly Fiorina been killing?! Why would anyone still vote for that monster?

  8. Ugh, what an awful choice Boxer vs. Fiorina*. On the bright side, if Fiorina gets the job, maybe CA’s stock will jump up 10% when she loses it, just like HP’s did.

    * Who spoke at my college graduation.

    1. That’s no “choice” at all.

  9. What is it about the Senate which attracts the most idiotic, venal, and incompetent members of American society?

    1. The power, and the ability to speak endlessly unless 60 other similar people agree you need to shut up.

  10. Uh, oligopoly is a form of competition. Not perfect competition, but competition none the less. You’d think a CEO would know that.

      1. mmm, not so much

        -forms of differentiated monopolistic competition

        socialism is an economic system, but really not a form of competition

  11. Fiorina: “Mexico is approaching a failed state.” Gives a nice Spanish pronunciation of Monterey.


    The NPR Virus continues to spread…

    1. I always have trouble taking public radio’s ‘authentic’ pronunciations of place names seriously. Okay, you say Seoul as a Korean would, but then why don’t you call Paris ‘Par-ee’, or Rome ‘Roma’? It’s just haphazard.

      Of course, listening to public radio is at root a form of intellectual masturbation, so I really shouldn’t expect consistency.

      1. Speaking of which, neither candidate debated their position on masturbation.

    2. Isn’t it Monterrey they’re talking about? Unless we mean the Spanish colonial capital of Alta California.

    3. I beg you – don’t let her say ‘Nicaragua’.

      1. Niharawa.

    4. At least she didn’t lisp like 90% of the males do on NPR. They must have a special mic or eq curve that makes that happen, there just can’t possibly be that many gay guys in radio.


    The parade in to the political gladiatorial arena has began, as Sen. Harry Reid attacks Sharron Angle, Senator Boxer stands against Carly Fiorina, and in the most dramatic race for the governor of California Brown battles Meg Whitman. The battle is not between swords and Retiarius Trident, but between issues and ideologies? In one month the citizen-crowds will descend on the voting booths, but the big difference is that a third party has emerged called the Tea Party. Under the banner of the Republican, this is a clash of the elites and the moderate conservatives. Although jobs is the main event in this Coliseum, second to this must be the economy that is still writhing from the downturn. Main street banks are reticent on loaning money for mortgages, even though Democrats bailed out these institutions with billions,

    Questions have not been asked by Andrew Coumo in New York, who had some nefarious dealing with Freddie Mac/Mea over pushing hard to give mortgages to unqualified low income home buyers. Third in line of issues is illegal immigration that Democrats are the major contenders in forcing through a path to citizenship or Amnesty. Sen. Harry Reid has been consistent in trying to enact laws on allowing illegal aliens a right to stay here after breaking the law. Each time the Reid has authored a bill for any immigration reform, his bills in the Senate has been shot down in flames. Yet when it comes to enforcement of the “rule of Law” he has interceded with law enforcement laws such as E-Verify and 287 (G). Both federal laws for local police to question suspicious persons, same as the Arizona law SB 1170.

    Almost all Liberal-Democrats Senators like Reid, Boxer as incumbents must–NOT–remain in Washington, as they have completely ignored the 15 millions of Citizens-Residents out of work, and have not terminated for more cheap labor from the other side of the border fence, or one way flight tickets from foreign lands. The Democratic Party and even many of the staunch Republicans have allowed the illegal invasion, get out of hand as thousands are still slipping past the border fence and in addition there is no real way to know who is a true tourist or student at the airport?

    After November in a likely lame duck sessions or perhaps before, the Democrats are searching for more votes. Liberal-Dem’s are hoping that the potential of passing some kind of immigration reform anticipate bringing more major minorities into the party’s power. So not–only–must we be very observant of any secret sessions behind closed doors to pass another negative immigration law, but be very aware that illegal aliens can and have violated the law in voting in federal elections. Many states still have no strong security measures to check who is voting? Utility bills and other easy fraudulent paperwork are not difficult to produce. A small group of other states are showing federal picture ID and extensive checks must be performed, specifically where absentee ballots are concerned. Combat between Brown and Whitman in California has illustrated the reality in this Sanctuary State as only Meg Whitman said she would enforce immigration laws and attest that she is against any Amnesty.

    Billions of dollars are being drained in California in illegal alien welfare, as in Reid’s Nevada. Instant baby citizenship is a major problem that must be solved, because pregnant Mothers are intentionally arriving here, as they can immediately get post natal care along with a wide range of freebies and cash payments. Once here the fertility of foreign mothers escalate bringing for each child born at least six hundred dollars,. Those with more than three or four children can move into low income housing, to which other family members–legal or illegal–move right in. Then Guess who is paying for this–California taxpayers and the federal government. Schools are another major problem–that is overwhelmed with illegal alien children–again the taxpayer who pay for it all. Under the Democrats this give-away is only going to get worse. Nevada is no better off, as now illegal aliens are collecting unemployment benefits from the slide of the building construction.

    Nevada with all its entertainment industry under Reid is falling into financial red ink. All states need to reconsider the massive costs of illegal immigration and take a minute to GOOGLE–Illegal alien–costs. You will be stunned at the expenditure by the US government, county and city welfare and public services and with not enough monetary returns. Business use cheap labor and the farming industry, but leave all the costs of health care and education to the unaware taxpayer. But this is not just a uncontrolled problem in border states, as in the last thirty years the invasion has spread across this soil. It is time for a reevaluation of our laws, which make it a felony to enter America without permission. Mandatory prison terms for business who hire illegal labor, with a uniform Guest Worker program that has not been fraudulently used as it is today.

    We should welcome the highest skilled professionals from other countries, but not mediocre job seekers from other countries, who become contingent on welfare and other social programs. Just Remember that reelecting Senator Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, or any Governor, Major and elected officers will relieve you of more taxes to pay for illegal immigrant households–will be a repeat performance. You can shadow your Senator or Congressman at the Washington switchboard at 202-224-3121 NumbersUSA can enlighten you about the reality and costs of illegal immigration.

    1. Did you write that yourself? It’s really awful.

      1. Is it the immigrant-bashing or the long-windedness that puts you off?


  13. Boxer: “We’re 29th on infant mortality behind Cuba.”

    Well, more like “the unreliable U.S. government statistics on infant mortality ranks at 29th on the list of other unreliable government statistics, behind the really, really fake Cuban government statistics about infant mortality.”

    Or something.

    1. Vengan a ver el nuevo hospital. It’s very pretty, el Se?or Moore said so.

    2. Hey, Castro will happily murder prisoners for disagreeing with him, but he wouldn’t lie to Michael Moore, would he?


  14. What the fuck is a “segueway”?

    1. A snarky way of saying “segue” that references a funny looking small two wheeled electric vehicle.

      1. Time to drive that snarky inside joke over a cliff.

        1. What, just because people occasionally try to fly them?

  15. I knew the expression “segueway” long before the funny looking two wheeled vehicle appeared on the scene. We used the expression when I was in radio in the 1980s.

    1. That was an amazingly prescient bit of wordplay then.

      Unless of course you were just using the word “segue”.

  16. I wish Boxer was running against McCain here in Arizona, then the universe might decide enough is enough and suck both of them into a black hole, far far away from here. Or at least to Barstow, that would be far enough.

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