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Reason Writers Around Town: Katherine Mangu-Ward on Bloggingheads


On today's Bloggingheads, Senior Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward models the 3D glasses for Reason's upcoming super special slasher edition (subscribe today and get a pair of your very own!) and talks with National Review's Stephen Spruiell about conservative women, Obama-as-education-reformer, and the joys of being part of the Kochtopus.

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  1. 3D is nice and everything, but the issue with my apartment on the cover was the best.

  2. You guys really shouldn’t make Katherine sit in the walk in cooler all day. It’s not nice.

    1. Yeah Matt was in that room a few weeks ago…I think it is the foyer to the building they are in.

      When the next Reason writer goes down there for a blogging head could you move the camera around?

      This is an official request.

  3. Katherine really is Reason’s token stupid cunt, isn’t she?

    1. That’s nice.

    2. I thought that was you.

    3. Such eloquence… I guess we must remember that “Max” might have a hard time translating his comments into English from the original troll.

      1. from the original troll

        Cue Old Spice from Frisky Dingo:

        “It’s a colorful language.”

    4. Someone is a lil’ jealous.

    5. Someone is a lil’ jealous.

  4. I noted the other day that the Tea Party has a lot of prominent women. A liberal friend responded that women get ahead in the Tea Party by telling men what they want to hear. While I have very little regard for the Tea Party, it struck me as a rather unfair comment, misogynistic in its own way. While the Tea Party tends towards crazy, the craziness includes a lot of valid ideas that simply got turned up to 11. Suggesting that a woman who subscribes to those ideas (even if turned up to 11) is simply capitulating to the patriarchy bothers me.

    1. Do women turn dials up to 11? I thought that was a guy thing.

      1. I dial to 11 all the fucking time.

        1. There was a low-hanging your-mama/vibrator joke to be had there. I admire your restraint.

          1. Your mother is a vibrator? Damn, Canada is more advanced than the U.S.!

            1. It’s all fun and games until the sex toys become self-aware.

              1. Then they expect conversation and commitment. That’s how Skynet gets started, as a sentient sex toy support network.

              2. I think that IS EXACTLY WHEN it becomes all fun and games.

    2. You’re absolutely right…but they’ve got a response for everything, don’t they? You’re better off panning for gold in your toilet than trying to argue with a liberal.

      In this case, the person has probably started from the supposition that Tea Party goals such as cutting government programs are inherently anti-woman and pro-patriarchy, so any woman who favors those goals is obviously just a gender traitor. When you feel free to define and redefine words to suit your political agenda, you can hide a shitload of circular argumentation and equivocation under a pleasant veneer of serious, insightful thinking.

  5. Good score, K M-Dub, Mr. National Review there is kinda cute.

  6. He is, Dagny, but he needs to lose that 1986 hairdo.

  7. The traditional GOP has a glass ceiling…the tea party women are just conservative women who said fuck the traditional GOP.

  8. Yeah Blogging heads is not nearly as fun with a conservative as it is with a lefty.

    Maybe you should pick topics you disagree with them on…

    Then again maybe it is simply the timing. The republicans are triumphant about their soon to be historic congressional wins and they are riding a small government tidal wave to their coming victory.

    As a libertarian I doubt you could get much of an argument out of them even if you tried.

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