Enough with Lame-O Candidates for NY Guv; Check out these Other Two!


Earlier today, Jesse Walker did a quick gallop through the problems with Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino as candidates for the governor's mansion in New York. He might have added that Kennedy clan washout Andrew Cuomo (right) makes it a trifecta for lame-o contenders (and I regret having to say on my Grandma Guida's grave that outta three Italians, there isn't one decent pick!).

But if you're looking for other people to consider, there's always the LP candidate Warren Redlich, who vows to cut spending, eliminate corporate welfare, and cap public sector compensation and pensions. Which given stories like this one is no small boast:

"An orderly at a state psychiatric clinic has made an insane amount of overtime over a dozen years—about $1 million. Robert Henry is on track to be New York's overtime king again this year."

Through the first eight months of this year, the treatment assistant at the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center has made an eye-popping $70,244 in extra pay—dwarfing his actual $56,710 annual salary, according to figures provided by the state controller's office.

"I'm a consummate health care provider," Henry, who has been on the state payroll since 1983, told the Daily News. "This is my calling, man. What can I tell you."

I'm pretty sure Albert Schweitzer didn't rate that sort of overtime. And he was everbody's idea of "a consummate health provider."

And then there's the Anti-Prohibition Party candidate Kristin Davis, who is on the ballot as well, after jumping through more hoops than a dolphin at Sea World:

They don't make it easy to get on the ballot. Most people don't understand that the system, especially here in New York, is not geared toward letting the average person try to run for office. It's really geared toward continuing to empower the political class. 

Earlier in the summer, Reason.tv interviewed Davis, the former madam who supplied former Gov. Eliot Spitzer with prosititutes and ending up going to jail, where she unveiled a platform based on legalizing pot, poker, and prostitution. Take a look:

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  1. So Spitzer is now getting a show on CNN? Who the fuck runs this network? That’s worse than Fox News requiring its female morons to wear skirts.

    1. Uh, why is Fox’s morons wearing skirts a bad thing?

      1. Because the female anchors should wear pant suits, to appeal to female executives, and the male anchors should wear kilts, to appeal to viewers of Scottish heritage.

        Haven’t you been reading my marketing analyses?

      2. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with them wearing them. It’s retarded they are required to.

        And go fuck yourself Catholic troll.

  2. “Cigarettes whiskey and wild wild women”

    Alex what is the key to long life


  3. None of the above?

    1. Where’s Monty Brewster when you need someone who’s gotta blow 30 mill in a month?

  4. I don’t know if a prostitute can really make the transition to politician. After all, prostitutes usually stop screwing you once you’re dead.

    1. As I’ve said before, being a prostitute is more honorable than being a a New York State Legislator or elected administrator.

  5. Krisin Davis gets three thumbs up.

    1. Do you have pics?


      2. I think that post required a No Homo advisory, just FYI.

  6. Well the problem is they are ALL on the take so it doesnt really matter.


    1. Hey, are you by any chance related to Sam Ting?

  7. “I’m a consummate health care provider.”

    Dictionary.com: Consummate = “Make (a relationship) complete by [screwing].”

    1. I found this definition (at dictionary.reference.com/browse/consummate):

      “3. to complete (the union of a *marriage*) by the first *marital* sexual intercourse.”

      1. Alternative definitions are the best. Like the one that tells me that Congress means a bunch of people fucking.

  8. I’d vote for Davis.

    What a happy ending that would be.

  9. Is it possible that Andy Cuomo is hotter than the hooker? Or am I just having a bad day?

    1. Bad day or gay. I’ll let you decide.

    2. Yeah, that madam is pretty freaky looking. I’m betting 12 to 1 she’s a trannie.

    3. No homo, right, William?

      1. No Cuomo

  10. Clearly New Yorkers deserves what they get, considering all the assholes they’ve voted in over the years.

  11. Bloomberg sez: “Go, Cuomo!”

  12. Is that Andrew Cuomo or Lou Ferrigno getting ready to tear out of David Banner’s suit?

  13. Why isn’t there a more established Libertarian party in New York?

    Given their culture of third parties, fusion candidacies, etc?

    Besides the GOP and Democrats, there are the Conservative, Liberal, Constitutional, Independence, Right to Life and Working Families parties. Some of these are able to deliver tens or hundreds of thousands of voters on their ticket line.

    Neither the NY Democratic or Republican is notably libertarian.

    Even in Georgia statewide races, the Libertarian could often get 5-9 of the vote.

    What makes NY differ?

    1. Too many socialists?

    2. My favorite party name in NY is the “Rent Is Too Damn High Party”

    3. Ballot qualification in NY requires 50K votes for Governor. Other third parties nominate main party candidates and voters feel comfortable voting for them on ‘fusion’ tickets.

      The LPNY typically doesn’t go this route as most of these candidates are decidedly unliberatarian (drug warriors, anti-gun etc.). In 1994 they nominated Howard Stern with the hope that celebrity would provide the electoral windfall. He left them at the altar and the rest is history.

      In 2006 they went for former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld on the assumption that Weld would win the GOP nomination and provide a coat tail effect. He didn’t get the GOP nod and dropped the poor libertarians like a bad piece of meatloaf.

      Most people vote their hearts or minds. Everybody wants to be associated with a potential winner. Third parties take up different space and convincing voters to vote strategically or potentially waste their vote is problematic.

      This year Warren polled 3-4% in March Siena Institute poll. That translates roughly to 150K votes. We’re trying to get him included in more polls and the debates. Both are tough rows to sow. Send money or wish us luck, I guess.

      We have a detailed media buy plan, the last two weeks of October. We’re hoping a distinct upstate presence doers better than the unknown party stalwarts stuck down in the beehive that is the big apple.

  14. She couldn’t govern: what does being a whore have to do with influencing congressmen?


  15. This libertarian thinks that libertarian outrage about highly-paid government employees is idiotic. Really, what else is it but class resentment?

    I’m pissed about how many government employees there are, and I’m pissed about how much they invade my life, but I’m not at all angry because they’re well-paid. I want them to make them to make a ton of money so that they’ll tend to be less discourteous/dishonest. There should just be exponentially fewer of them. That’s what would save money, and the only reason more people don’t push for that is because they’re moderates who want to play politics. Fuck that.

    1. Matt – I do propose to eliminate several state agencies. They’re listed on my campaign website.

      The high pay for bureaucrats does not make them courteous or honest. If you were following the news in NY, you’d know that. Or check out Bell, California for a stunning example.

      1. I remember a certain Fucking Steamroller governor, high paid and definitely not courteous or honest.

    2. No quarter for bloodsuckers, I say.

      The higher paid they are the more likely they are to be a total pain the ass to fire. This will not make them more polite or anything like that.

  16. “I’m a consummate health care provider,” Henry, who has been on the state payroll since 1983, told the Daily News.

    I said consummate health care provision, consummate! Sheesh, guy wouldn’t know majesty if it came up and bit him in the face.

  17. Unfortunatley, New York is really 2 states. One is a shithole of a city with an island attached.

    The other is a mostly rural, agrarian and rather aesthetically attractive area that is mostly Northern Midwestern (and strangley Libertarian) in nature.

    The reality is that the population distribution favors mostly the former; who are a bunch of paranoid social parasites who look for someone to tell them how to live so they can pursue the “human condition” with vigor. The residents of the latter are sick and tired of the former and wish Carl Paladino would win the Governorship.

    Carl may be a throwback to a better era, and conisdered rough around the edges by the Progressive Social Parasites, but he has enough loot to competer in a political game that can be decided by Wall Street elitists who also wish someone will tell them how to live so they can go about thier endeavors to fleece and sack the rest of the rubes who are too ignorant to learn about Economics 101.

    Otherwise, the Demoncrap party has thoroughly enslaved those who are new to the Nation or too lazy to participate in the free market economy. So the sheeple and nannystaters reliably vote Demoncrap so as to lead a “free life” devoid of success or failure.

    The rest of us are angry enough to revolt. Personally, I have a hard time working up any enthusiasm for someone who reminds me of Joseph Goerbels when he speaks at the podium (Mario Como’s demon spawn.)

    1. Im sorry Carl Paladion is statist scum. He used ED to make his millions and has donated to Kerry, Clinton and Schumer.

      1. Anybody who embarrasses King Cuomo is at least somewhat alright by me, regardless of how many skeletons he may have in his closet.

  18. I was at the Manhattan LP meeting where Davis and her Svengali came looking for our endorsement. She sounds like the opposite of the stereotyped “conservative”, wanting the government out of our bedrooms but not our wallets.

  19. They don’t make it easy to get on the ballot. Most people don’t understand that the system, especially here in New York, is not geared toward letting the average person try to run for office.

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