Don Draper Thinks You Might Have a Hidden, Racist Agenda


The sole purpose of Bill Maher's HBO program Real Time is, it seems, to disappoint viewers by proving that the actors, musicians, and comedians they respect hold exceptionally dumb political views. Perhaps it's the encouragement of the studio audience, who explode into applause when any A-list actor questions any conservative shibboleth. (If any of you actors want to be really punk rock, to really crank up the YouTube hits, this is how you should respond to the trained seals in the Real Time bleachers). While Maher can be entertaining and occasionally let loose a heterodox political opinion, his celebrity guests are almost always working off the same, very predictable script.

So one wonders how Mad Men star Jon Hamm would react to Maher asking about the "violent" nature of Islam—a position he holds, incidentally. Doubtless Hamm would provide a perfectly reasonable answer; one that separated the actions of a very vocal and violent minority from those of the peaceful majority. But what if it's the knuckle-dragging minority of Tea Partiers we're talking about, and Maher asks you, a decent and terribly handsome actor, if the Tea Party movement is racist. Not some unfortunate elements from within the (decentralized) movement, mind you, but the movement itself.

This blog post from AOL's TV Squad website is headlined "Actor Jon Hamm: The Tea Party Is 'Racist,'" though the actor never actually says it outright. Responding to a silly question from  Maher ("Anybody think this Tea Party is racist?"), Hamm answers that race "is what it's all sort of couched in, that's the secret agenda." The Tea Party speaks in code and so does Jon Hamm! But yeah, he thinks they are pretty much racist.

Check out the video (and the whole smug, self-satisfied discussion that follows) here.

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  1. If I wanted to watch two Negroes fight, I’d throw a dollar out the window.

    1. Gold.

      Don Draper doesn’t vote, and he sure as hell doesn’t give a shit about this. This sounds a lot more like Dick Whitman.

    2. BTW, they killed off her character last night.

      1. You go to hell and you die, dave c!

        1. Wait, shouldn’t he die first, then go to hell?

      2. Mother FUUUUUUUUUUU

    3. If I wanted to watch two Negroes fight, I’d throw a dollar out the window.

      She dies in the most recent episode.

      1. In other news threaded comments has no effect on my ability to read other posts which already cover material i want to post about.

  2. It is a measure of the desperation and bitterness of the Left that they are no longer capable of arguing over ideas but instead, as Jacob Sullum recently commented with respect to Barack Obama, can only impugn the motives of those with whom they disagree.

    1. I thought that was SOP for political partisans for basically my entire lifetime.

    2. My motives could use a good impugning. It’s been a while…

    3. Accurately describing the motives and right wing and libertarian nutjobs hardly counts as being desperate. When they get out of the dark ages, they might realize that.

      (Cue kiss-ass Chad to come along and agree with me. Ugh, this is tiresome.)

      1. The Dark Ages: the golden age of libertarianism

      2. Pretending that widespread dissatisfaction with the economy and anger with government responsibility for and handling of the crisis can be waved away as the results of a handful of reactionary opinions in the media and the segment of the population inclined to listen to them is desperate.

        You may be desperate to stand up for democrats, or you may be desperate to stand up for your own choices, but only the desperate could act as if racism is either necessary or relevant to questioning the president’s policies so far.

  3. Who gives a shit what actors think?

    I know the conflation of fame and intellectual authority is common because of Alpha Ape worship tendencies, but we are not animals. We need to cut it out.

    1. That’s racist, straight up.

    2. “You said actors are cattle!”

      “No, I said actors should be treated like cattle.”

      1. It’s hard to think of an earlier director who didn’t treat actors like cattle. All that “We’re all artists, let’s collaborate” shit is a purely modern innovation.

        1. They also mostly made better movies. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Michael Bay.

    3. Our celebrity worshipping culture unwittingly channels money towards socialist causes and candidates, so while we shouldn’t care what any single actor thinks, we should at least spread awareness about Bill Maher’s inane “look how retarded this conservative is” celebrity circle jerk fests and support those few normal actors who don’t feel guilty about everything they’ve earned, unlike the Jeff Spicolis and Don Drapers of this world.

    4. Actors are generally morons; they have to act like real people because they are not real people.

  4. If Bill Maher was entertaining, he wouldn’t need to interview actors on his show.

    What I don’t understand is why HBO puts on fourth-rate material like Bill Maher when most of their original programming is second-rate at worst.

    1. How would you rate Inside the NFL?

      1. On Showtime now, alas.

    2. Maher’s old version of PI was okay, when it was on ABC. The last few years of his career, though, have been shit.

      1. Bush simply made the writers of Real Time way too lazy. Real Time, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report are all having a hard time staying relevant in a post-Bush America.

        1. IMHO The Daily Show turned into the Humor Division of the Democratic National Committee many years ago. It must be even harder for them to be funny now that their chosen Messiah is in power and screwing up so badly.

          1. I gave up on The Daily Show years ago. Even Lewis Black’s appearances on there are shit.

            1. Gave up on the Daily Show when it was canceled and replaced with TheDailyShowWithJonStewart.

          2. I dunno… Jon Stewart’s clear frustration with Team Blue’s failings and flailings can be funny. The lead-up to the Brown-Coakley contest in MA was pretty amusing.

    3. Bill Maher looks like my cock with a bad hair do. My cock has excellent hair btw.

    4. Ahhh Maher, you’re so cool and hip and down with the patchouli-scented wine-drinking crowd, but you also have lust to see brown people killed because a minority of them have issues with a god forsaken country you don’t live in. I’ve just reminded myself why I don’t watch your show.

  5. Mos Definitely

  6. I cannot stand to watch Bill Maher.

    And I can’t afford it either.

    Continually buying new TV sets is way too expensive.

    1. What you need is some kind of plexiglass barrier…

    2. +10

  7. If you stop paying attention, Bill Maher will go away. Does anyone except for political pundits watch Bill Maher anymore? I don’t know a single person that watches his show.

    Who gives a shit what actors think?

    People only care what actors think when they agree with them. For example, could someone explain why Adam Carolla is being interviewed by Reason? Does he talk about his movie ideas, like Pedif Isle?

    1. The last person I knew who watched B.M.(ha!) got the other half of her political views from Rolling Stone.

    2. I think in Carolla’s case his political views dovetail nicely with his entertainment value, his LA radio program (and now his podcast) would constantly take shots at idiotic and greedy municipal governments in southern California. You may not give a shit what he has to say, but I do think its nice that a semi-popular comedian/ radio host uses his soapbox to riff on topics that piss off libertarians, even if his ideas aren’t the best that the libertarian movement has to offer.

      1. There’s enough crossover between the things that anger Carolla and libertarians that I think it’s worth it, too. He’s hasn’t completely bought into our idea of liberty, but it’s hardly worthwhile to sit around wishing for the ideologically pure to show up.

        I’d like to hear Gillespie, Welch, Cavanaugh, or any of the other Reason staff or regular contributors on the current Carolla show. Sweet zombie Jesus, can you imagine Balko on the show talking about corrupt law enforcement? It would be a thing of terrifying beauty.

        1. Really? Importance aside, the entertainment value of the topic of corrupt law enforcement seems pretty low. It’s essentially tragic and humorless and there are no good arguments in favor of it.

          Idiotic government, environmentalism, unions, healthcare, leftism, the Tea party, or a dozen other topics seem far more likely to lead to an entertaining discussion.

          1. I think that an “angry” comedian (Lewis Black?) could make for a fairly entertaining and insightful discussion about the drug war and SWAT.

    3. People watch Carolla because he’s a comedian, and he entertains those who watch him (or at least those that return)

      Compared to, say, Martin Sheen who is a bore when he’s not following a script (and often enough then).

      It’s not that “people only care what actors think when they agree with them” but rather “people only care what actors think when they express it in an entertaining manner”

      Because, seriously, have you never watched Stewart and laughed? I have, and I hate his politics.

    4. I think there’s a world of difference between someone like Carolla, who makes a living off sharing his thoughts and opinions with people, and Hamm, who makes a living off playing characters.

      Hamm strikes me as a guy who was an apolitical, uninterested jock when he graduated high school, only to have his mind blown by a leftist philosophy 101 professor and his cock blown by a pseudo-Marxist piece of ass from the theater program who taught him the error of his ways–and to this day, he’s never really stopped to think that maybe he was fed a load of bullshit.

  8. Anyone catch Maher’s awful appearance on the awful Larry King almost live show last night? Every other word was “teabagger.” He must have said it 20 times while I could bear watching, which was about 5 minutes. And King has no studio audience full of chimps, so it was Maher telling unfunny jokes to King, who seemed comatose, and who never called him once on the “teabagger” smear. And yes, entertainers are just like most Americans, not smarter or stupider. They are exactly the same.

    1. I tend to think that actors are, on the whole, slightly stupider than most Americans. They’re like professional athletes in that regard — they stopped trying to learn anything once they decided their lives would be devoted to recreation.

      1. They tend to be less educated, that’s for sure.

        1. I know quite a few stupid college grads.

          1. Of course, but these people not only lack education, they lack much sane world experience.

        2. Right. Not stupider in the IQ sense, but stupider in the “less likely to say anything worth hearing that wasn’t written for them” sense.

          1. Agreed. Narcissism is a full-time job.

          2. Perhaps the word you want is “ignorant.”

      2. I actually disagree. I’d say the more accurate assessment is that successful actors tend to be stupider than average. Most people go through enough years of having their idiotic BS noted as idiotic BS that they can take their own line of crap with a grain of salt. Successful actors tend to become successful while they’re still relatively young. And they’re pretty quickly ushered into a world where they are told their idiotic BS is brilliant insight. There’s nothing quite so useful in life as occaisionally being told “No. That’s idiotic. You’re hopelessly wrong.”

        Well, except for in response to this comment, of course.

      3. Definitely much dumber on the whole… I encourage everyone to live in Hollywood for a while just to learn this lesson.

      4. I disagree. There are quite a fair number of actors who have been to highly rated colleges, some of which certainly didn’t have to because they were already child actors. Natalie Portman and Jodie Foster come to mind, for instance.

        Now, they tend to be more liberal than you average citizen, I think mainly because they deal with all sorts of people all over the planet. Same reason why journalists tend to be liberal. I’m sure the tendencies here are to equate liberal with stupid, which is, um, stupid.

        Now, there are certainly a lot of stupid actors as well. But the main reason they are on record as saying lots of stupid stuff is because they are always on the record. If you had a reporter following around your average American 24/7, the amount of stupid quotes you would have would be huge.

        1. Any schlub can earn a liberal arts degree.

        2. Now, that was just…stupid. You sound like a typical liberal faux educated elite. Thinking a wider-world exposure makes you smarter (worldly-??) and therefore more liberal is simply an assertion you’re going to have to prove if you throw it in front of our feet like dog mess. I will agree that a wider world view may make some less than giant intellects THINK they are more worldly than their great unwashed peers, and maybe smarter, but it’s a false assumption.

    2. Thank you for using the word “entertainer”. I think people give far too much credit when they use the term “artist”.

      1. “Artist” is the word entertainers use to describe themselves.

  9. Jon Hamm is the equivalent of Sean Penn. Good actors, moronic human beings.

    1. Except that, aside from crying on command, Sean Penn isn’t a particularly good actor.

  10. I can’t help wonder if calling everyone who doesn’t agree with me a racist/idiot/teabagger/libertarian isn’t driving folks to, out of resentment, join those groups?

    1. Absolutely! I’ve always been a Libertarian, but I have never before felt so compelled to defend the tea party/republicans/libertarians—why even Christians! I live in Hollywood—it’s not just the actors who are ignorant Liberals, it’s EVERYONE. Even the fancy ladies in my book club complain about being the “victims” of the evil corporate/industrial/GWBush evildoing! BWAAHAAAHAAA! My biggest beef with Bill Maher is his incorrect insistance that he is Libertarian—WE DON’T WANT HIM! Seriously.

  11. Slightly OT, but did anyone notice that Maher, in labeling O’Donnell as a fringe loon – and then using footage from his former show as proof, was actually exposing the fact that his ‘representation’ of the lone conservative viewpoint is horribly skewed in favor of the leftist view?

    Thanks, Bill, for admitting that your first intent is to avoid serious debate by distracting from said debate by deliberately choosing to present fringe viewpoints. So you can either watch Maher, or that guy at the bus stop with the tinfoil hat.
    Both are nutters – but Maher chose one of them to inform the debate on his show.

    And before anyone gets their panties twisted, yes, the right does similar tricks – I just find it funny that Maher is proud to effectively say ‘see, my former guests don’t represent any rational viewpoint’.

    Oh, and I love that part where Hitchens correctly identifies the studio audience as brainless animatronic cymbal clapping monkeys.

    1. This

    2. Maher was caught off guard when Hitchens said out loud what most guests only think. Beautiful. The “trained seals” had it coming.

    3. Yet this kook is a candidate for U.S. Senate. But don’t let that distract from your liberal media bias grievance.

      Conservative ideas have failed this country. If you’re on a show you either get a paid hack who can barely hide his own disgust for his bullshit, or a wackaloon.

      A far as I’m concerned having far-rightwing idiots on at all is affirmative action.

      1. Sounds like someone didn’t get a very good nap today. You seem a little grouchy, little buddy. You want a juice box? You need to go potty?

      2. Tony, we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.

      3. “Yet this kook is a candidate for U.S. Senate. But don’t let that distract from your liberal media bias grievance.”

        Yes, she is a kook. Unlike Obama, who wrote in his autobiography about the Hindu exorcisms and animal slaughter he engaged in while studying in Indonesia.

      4. Liberal ideas have also failed this country.”

        FIFY’d for ya, Tony. The truth is always better than the alternative.

      5. A far as I’m concerned having far-rightwing idiots on at all is affirmative action.

        Ignoring the totalitarian aspect of your comment (although almost always present), there is quite a difference between solely featuring wacked ideas for the purpose of appearing enlightened and unchallengeable, and attempting to include debate opponents who are capable of giving a serious challenge.

        It’s quite obvious which choice Maher makes (for the most part), and the effect on easily impressionable dullards like you Tony is a complete inability to avoid melodramatic and simplistic characterizations of political viewpoints.

    4. One of Hitchens’ best moments in a career of many good ones. I wonder if he ever got invited back.

      1. Yeah, Hitchens has been back on the show. Surprisingly, Maher wasn’t that offended and has had a word or two with his cultish studio audience since this episode.

  12. Holy shit Maher is horrible. He may be the world’s laziest “comedian”. He is the political equivalent of Two and a Half Men.

    And he postures himself as being politically incorrect but everything he says is bland standard leftish boilerplate.

    Also his voice kind of sounds like if Fran Drescher was pubescent boy.

    1. He is the political equivalent of Two and a Half Men.

      Minus hot chicks, unfortunately.

      1. And the shorts.

    2. Also his voice kind of sounds like if Fran Drescher was pubescent boy.

      Despite having a long running attraction to Fran, and jewish women in general, I have to agree, and not in a good way. Kinda like Fran and Andy Rooney had a baby.. and forgot to change its diaper for the first 20 years of its life.

    3. “”He is the political equivalent of Two and a Half Men.”””

      Bill Maher is no Charlie Waffles

    4. I hate to have to defend “Two and Half Men,” but it’s waaaaaaaay better than Maher. Even back when Maher was marginally funny.

  13. Give Epi, Warty and me a talk show. We’ll show you Politically Incorrect. The FCC will hit HBO headquarters with a fuel/air bomb before the first month is out. I’ll make America sicker than 10,000 shit-covered eggs could ever possibly.

    1. That would actually convince me to pay for cable.

    2. Of course you realize that with the band playing Metal at volume 11, nobody would be able to hear the conversation.

    3. I’m up for it, but my name goes first in the credits, bitch. Top billing!

      Not trying to downplay our ability to be politically incorrect, but Tosh does pretty well and that’s just on basic cable.

      1. I’m talking about the difference between interviewing the Sham-Wow guy and having him raped to death by Ecstasy-enraged badgers.

        1. Why spend the money on badgers? We can take the X and do the raping ourselves. Your thinking is too limited.

          1. Badgers rape for free, moron. Biology class… stay awake next time Mr. Johns Hopkins.

            1. Might I suggest STEVE SMITH as your first guest?

              1. Assuming the tranq darts hold out.

            2. Asian and European badgers may rape for free, Mr. Librarian, but American badgers don’t. How dare you challenge my knowledge on this. I’m actually stunned at your impudence.

              1. I will not work on a show with foreign badgers. British or nothing.

              2. There IS some work American badgers won’t do.

                1. So the Mexican Badgers tuk thrrr jerrbs?!!1!

                  The bastards…

              3. There are LAWS against cruelity to badgers – I wouldn’t rape the shaw-wow guy with your dick.

            3. we don’t need no stinkin badgers

            4. OT, but…

              “Badgers Rape for Free”

              BAND NAME!!!

    4. Don’t we have webcams and YouTube for this?

      1. I’ve thought about it. But if we want the big names to come on the show, we have to have corporate backing.

        YouTube’s not going to make us enough money to keep STEVE SMITH in a go-go cage on set.

        1. Damn. I need to RTFA.

    5. Would Episiarch be Shemp or Curly Joe?

    6. Do you want a foreign correspondent to provide terse, ill-tempered, frequently drunken and irrelevant interludes?

      1. You mean like on The ED Show?

        1. Is ED still on? Jesus, that show must hemorrhage MSNBC’s cash register…

          1. Nah. It costs very little to put lights and a camera on a red-faced, ranting retard for an hour.

      2. Hired. But you really have to exaggerate your accent. Think Crocodile Dundee meets 19th Chimney Sweep.

        1. Can do. Shall we have a spot on the traditional sport of chav hunting?

          1. Of course. You’re segment will be called ASBO.

            1. *Your*

              And after your segment, we will scourge people who make typos.

              Oh, how they will be scourged! And truly they know they have been scourged-ed!

              1. Regional variations in dutch ovening customs will be a mid-season highlight.

      3. Aren’t you a New Zealander? And how drunk and ill-tempered? Are you willing to completely embarrass yourself? You know, more than just being a New Zealander already does?

        And how do you feel about anal beads?

        1. And how drunk and ill-tempered?


          Are you willing to completely embarrass yourself?

          Lets say that it should be limited to things that don’t seem embarrassing at the time. Humiliating others is more my line …

          I’m envisaging reports on current trends in pub slags and the like.

          1. If you’re not going to answer the anal bead question, you’re not getting the job.

            Answer carefully.

            1. Should be paired with pub slags.

              1. That is an acceptable answer. Now you have to pass Warty’s sphinter stretch test.

    7. Wouldn’t it be hard to convince guests to participate in the recurring “Warty Beats Our Guest” segment? We may need to kidnap them.

      1. We only let you beat one of them. That way they have a 5-in-6 chance of not being beaten. Everyone loves those kind of odds.

        1. OK, but I get to spin a wheel to determine the guitar solo that plays while I punch them. Better not pick a long one, guestfags.

          1. Why not make the whole wheel Dragonforce?

            1. “Kids are coming to see the Black Mountain Scorpion Hoedown Bluegrass Experience Gang, featuring Zakk Wylde on washtub bass. Zakk, did we not do the soundcheck?”

      2. for show number one I suggest we sortof steal an idea from one of Mahers earlier not totally sucky shows:

        Get a bunch OG Gangstas and NASCAR watchin rednecks on to agree that anti-gun-ownership laws are racist and a bunch of bullshit. Then spend lots of time hurling insults at the Coastal Elites who advocate for them. You know, like a racial team building exercise. Ditto for pot if we run out of time.

    8. I would like to come on your show so I can ignore you all in person.

    9. That would actually be pretty fucking awesome. Can I make a guest appearance? Usually I’d be way too boring, but I think I can work myself into an Alex Jones like persona if I have time to work on it. Or time to drink.

    1. No, I’m pretty sure he has a I Voted For That Black President? card.

    2. All fucking niggers must fucking die…

      1. Your ideas are not intriguing to me and I do not wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

      2. Assuming this is not lame attempt at something resembling comedy, I would suggest the best way for you to make them go away would be to point your .45 in your right eye and pull the trigger. Hell’s got to be a step up for troglodytes like you.

        1. It’s from Full Metal Jacket.

  14. It’s like the old saying about how “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”…

    Most of them just claim “the people” misunderstand what Obama’s all about, that the Tea Party just distorts the truth…

    But then there’s the rest of ’em. Nobody hates “the people” like those who have been thoroughly rejected.

    “is what it’s all sort of couched in, that’s the secret agenda.”

    He sounds like truther or a birther. He sounds like a bible-thumper warning everyone about gay agenda, doesn’t he?

  15. I cannot fucking believe that Moynihan, the-never-ever-stray-from the-libertarian-catechism, has the gall to mention a “predictable script.”
    Jesus Christ, Michael, wake us up when you’ve had an original thought.

    1. Did Edward just call Moynihan a catechism?

      1. Actually, he forgot to add a target of that long modifier. Which is the sort of poor grammar you’d expect from someone who has sex with his mother’s corpse.

    2. Shut up Max…you criticizing Moynihan only makes me like him…

      And no one wants that.

    3. Whereas *I* never stray from the never-stray-from-the-hateful-socialist-fuckbag-catechism.

      Mommy taught me that last word.

  16. I left out the words “doctrinaire asshole.”

    1. As your sobriquet?

    2. Oh, this pains me to watch. You are getting killed out there, Max. Do I have to wait until the next three day weekend when the editors don’t bother to check in to take over your identity again just to give you back a little dignity. If you had only worked with me last time, I would have turned you into the Elric of Hit’n’Run. An anti-hero, motherfucker. Somebody they fear more than they ridicule, but you resisted my efforts at every turn.

      1. Suddenly I’m in the mood for some Edgar Winter.

        1. My good buddy Ted Lyons was the drummer for Edgar’s bro one tour. Described Johnny as something of a perve. They could be discussing the logistics of temporary equipment rentals needed to fix some malfunctioning instruments, and Johnny would whip out his dick for some floosie to suck while getting the other business taken of. Anywhere, anyhow, he wanted it done several times a day.

  17. Maher was somewhat entertaining when his show was on ABC.The format was more of a talk show, the guests were much better, and he wasn’t so bitterly partisan.
    Feisty attractive rightwing chicks who could hold their own were a regular feature.The HBO show is usually unfunny, boring and difficult to watch.

  18. The Iron Law of Entertainment: If you really enjoy some product of Hollywood, never ever google anything about the actors and zeus strike ye with a bolt if you watch an interview on cable. Corollary 1: Never watch Bill Maher for any reason ever. Corollary 2 – the Cameron Diaz Rule: If you hate a show, you will enjoy hating it more by finding out how insipid the actors really are.

  19. I don’t really care what actors think. They are allowed to think whatever the hell they want and they are also allowed to say it. If Hamm wants to suggests that I am a racist because 9 times out of 10 I agree with the broader tea party agenda, he is free to do so, if that sort of shit makes its way onto Mad Men, then I am going to delete my DVR recordings, not out of protest, but because I am not interested in that sort of shit. Of course Mad Men is supposed to take place in the 60’s so unless the show goes another twenty or thirty seasons it will never have an opportunity to directly reference the Tea Party, of course barring any sort of weird ghost of x-mas future types of episodes that could come out. Hamm may well be a huge moron, but he is still a very good actor and really thats all I care about.

    Dance monkey DANCE for your food!

    1. The show could get away with drawing some sort of comparison between the Klan in the 60s and the Tea Partiers of today.

      You read it here first. Remember that!

    2. Am I the one person who doesn’t give a crap about Mad Men, or is sick of Hollywood’s obsession with the 1960s?

      And I say this as somebody who’s a classic movie fan, and has no qualms about watching the movies that were actually made in the 1960s.

      1. Mad Men is cable TV’s version of a marxist/feminist/revisionist/homosexual fairy tale, wherein all the men are drunken, sexist jerks, all the women are cruelly oppressed and mistreated by the men while having sex with them anyway, but some of the women (somehow) rise above all the cruelty, prosper, and become free to explore their latent lesbianism. But the fashions are marvelous!

        1. You are so right! It is Hollywood’s typically cynical view of family and commerce. Boooooooring!!!

      2. I was looking for a reason to not like it. Now I found it. Fuck Hamm.

        Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock? That is still some good shit, so he gets a pass.

  20. Why does the Western World gush over, or even give a shit, about the political opinions of people who’s sole contribution is being paid to lie convincingly?

    And Bill Maher, aside from those assinine giggles he makes at his own lame jokes, is as predictable in his politics as Dr. Pauly Krugnuts

    1. because it’s don draper.

      the weird thing about jon hamm is how beta male relative to his alter-ego there.

      1. the weird thing about jon hamm is how beta male *he is* relative to his alter-ego, there.

    2. I dunno dude, why do they give them Noble Peace Prizes?

  21. You know which character would have caught on to the strength of the Tea Party movement before anyone else?

    Pete Campbell.

    I have this weird feeling Burt Cooper would have taken a long wait and see approach to the tea party.

    1. Well, he did invent direct marketing.

  22. “proving that the actors, musicians, and comedians they respect hold exceptionally dumb political views”

    a) Who respects them? We watch them to be entertained. and

    b) We don’t need Maher for this (or this article). We’ve known this for a very long time.

    “the whole smug, self-satisfied discussion”

    what other kind of discussion would Maher and his entertainer friends (or any other tv talking head, comedian, musician, or actor for that matter) be having?

    I guess I’m not really sure what the revelation is suppose to be here.

  23. Thanks a lot, jerk faces. The .00000764 of a second it took me read these comments was utterly exhausting. Noted, flesh bags! LOL


    1. Wow, spambot, you’re more of a jerk than usual today.

      1. I kinda liked that one. Flaunting it’s robot superiority and threatening? That’s botgold.

  24. Who is this Hamm character? An actor? Sorry, never heard of him. And Bill Maher just isn’t funny or amusing.

  25. Here I thought the sole purpose of “Real Time” was to make people forget how utterly awful Maher was as an actor.

  26. I still watch his show. I’m not sure why, since it only pisses me off. But during the Bush administration, and throughout most of the election period, Maher used to bring a lot more libertarian and libertarian leaning guests. I remember PJ O’Roarke being a regular.

    I think he did that to show the dissatisfaction with Bush from what he perceived to be the right.

    But his obsession now with the Tea Party is actually amusing to watch. The more he tries to vilify them, the more it seems like he is actually envious of their energy.

    One of the questions he asked on the other night’s show was: Why doesn’t the left have a Tea Party. The fact that he even asks that, shows how out of touch he actually is.

    1. I’m pretty sure the left doesn’t have a Tea Party because lefty demonstrators do it for the money. And paying half a million peeps to show up anywhere would be a bit cost-prohibitive. Maybe even for George Soros…

      But seriously… the reason the left doesn’t have a Tea Party is because you have to acually BELIEVE in something to have any passion. And now that President Hopey-Changey disillusioned the left, what do they have to be passionate about?

      1. “lefty demonstrators do it for the money”

        This has been another exciting episode of, “Delusions of the Right — Starring the legendary Victoria Jackson!!

  27. I am continually amazed that anyone pays attention to what an actor has to say.

    Their job is to pretend to be someone they are not, by saying things that someone else writes for them.

    Somehow, that is counted as brilliance.


  28. Here’s a classic example of Bill Maher’s irrelevancy.

    Mos Def Bill Maher Cornel West Edited

    Maher attempts to point out that German police recently uncovered a serious plot involving Islamic terrorists, and Mos-Def and Cornell West discuss all the reasons why America deserve it anyways, so who cares about Islamic terrorists?

    Deep dude.

    Easily the worst part of the show is the clapping audience. It’s disgustipating.

    Maher’s pathetic attempts at appearing down with it, yo, is a close second.

  29. When did the Federal Government become a race? Was it about the same time an ugly guy like Jon Hamm was considered handsome?

  30. Dashed – might be the beginning of the end of Mad Men – dammit

  31. I don’t understand why so many defend the tea party idiots here.

    Once there’s a Republican president they’ll disappear and there will be no more manufactured outrage.

    The tea party version of fiscal responsibility:

    “No more government spending, except on medicare, medicaid, social security, and defense!”

    1. It’s a reflex action, precipitated more by a hatred of leftist scum and their bankrupt Marxist ideology than a desire to see nitwit Tea Partiers succeed.

  32. I’ve trained myself not to let an entertainer’s politics affect how I view their work. If it did, I could never appreciate most of the music I listen to.

    Conversely, just because I agree with The Nuge on gun rights, doesn’t mean I want to listen to his hunting songs.

  33. “proving that the actors, musicians, and comedians they respect hold exceptionally dumb political views”

    How quickly these snarky airheads forget that they are never more than six weeks away from returning to their old gig: giving handjobs to businessmen on Sunset Blvd. for lunch money.

  34. I have a Bill Maher punching bag at home…I beat the living shit out of it every other night.

  35. You conservatives are such hypocrites…When actors are conservative ie; Robert Duvall, Jon Voight, Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, you stick up for them proclaiming free speech, free speech…But, if an actor holds liberal views, free speech goes out the window..

    I don’t know what you conservatives are searching for, but it sure is NOT consistency…

    1. Who said he doesn’t have the freedom to spout his lunacy? That’s what the First Amendment exists for. It also doesn’t prevent the rest of us from making fun of him.

      When some dumb-as-shit actor opens his mouth and spews out stupid, then people who might have been his audience have the right not to pay attention to him anymore. When some CEO starts using his company’s profits to make campaign contributions to groups or parties you don’t like, you don’t have to buy their product or service anymore.

      Everybody can say whatever they like, and nobody is forced to have to listen. See how that works?

      1. Is anyone saying Hamm should be put on an FBI or HLS list? Or that he should be jailed for his opinions? No. Has anyone said anything remotely approaching “he shouldn’t be able to say this”? No. Then where does free speech even enter into the equation?

  36. Wait, Bill Maher has a tv show?

    I’m in Theater. Actors are dumb. Because they always have to find motivation for everything, all of life has ulterior motives. Hence, Big Business is bad (especially if they pull your funding for producing shit),the little helpless waif in the snowy streets isn’t lazy, she’s a victim of her circumstances, etc. Stereotypes are what they know, so it’s how they judge the world.

    1. Your entire morality, ideology and view of the world was created by actors performing on television, movies and plays. Without acting and other arts to continually lend your existance a narrative and to rehumanize you, you would be even more of a sad, meaningless douche than you are now. But I can’t expect you to be thankful for that, can I?

  37. To be fair, your racist agenda could hardly be called “hidden”.

  38. Talk about a bunch of ignorant assholes. The guy has just as much right as you do to voice his opinion, so screw all of you douchebags.

  39. Regrettably, Jon Hamm is just another smug, self-serious celebrity bristling with disdain for the hoi polloi.

    But according to an interview with Rolling Stone last month, he imagines himself very differently:

    “I fly very low on the radar,” says [Jon] Hamm. “Mark Twain said it: ‘I’d rather say nothing and be thought an idiot than open my mouth and remove all doubt.’ Another Missouri boy, Mark Twain.”

    This from the guy who’s been on Real Time with Bill Maher– twice.

    1. And doing an interview w Rolling Stone.

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