Civil Liberties

Rethinking The Reaction to the 9/11 Attacks


Columnist Ron Hart at the Daily Caller:

In the nine years since 9/11, we gave up too many of our freedoms and overreacted by invading and occupying two countries without having a clear mission.

Obama's teleprompter writers are finally renaming the war in Iraq, and he will be withdrawing troops on Bush's timetable. Led by pressure from thinkers like Ron Paul, a libertarian Congressman and ex-gynecologist who understands the value of pulling out, we seem to be correcting our mistakes.

Obama, like most men with prowess, fears premature evacuation. It will come as great news to our 50,000 troops left in Iraq that they no longer are fighting the longest "war" in American history. Our remaining soldiers will find comfort in Obama's word-smithing and in the new, focus group-tested title for our troops: "security forces." They will be glad to know that they are now being shot at and blown up in Iraq while "keeping the peace." At least this provides job security for soldiers. Some jobs like theirs will last forever, much like being Paris Hilton's drug dealer.

Bush has kept a low profile, avoiding the liberal media's requests for interviews. Maybe in retirement he has learned to avoid unwinnable battles by simply not going there. It is the same reason Obama does not answer any questions from a Fox News reporter.

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