Last Week's Top 5 Hits at Reason.com


These were the most popular columns at Reason.com last week:

The Confrontation: Drew Carey and Nick Gillespie clash with the Cleveland City Council over Reason Saves Cleveland, by Nick Gillespie (9/8)

Reclaiming Rights: The never-ending struggle to go about your business without fear of government sanction, by Matt Welch (9/7)

Not Enough Labor Day: How the government is destroying jobs, by Steve Chapman (9/6)

Killed on a Technicality: Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood wants to execute a man based on discredited forensic testimony from a disgraced dentist, by Radley Balko (9/7)

Seven Empty Promises About ObamaCare: The president is still struggling to sell his plan, by Peter Suderman (9/9)