What Will This Year's 9/12 Tea Party Rally Bring?


Later today, FreedomWorks will host its second annual 9/12 Tea Party rally on D.C.'s National Mall, built around the semi-V for Vigilante slogan "Remember in November." The headliner of the event in new media sensation Andrew Breitbart and he'll be joined by the Gatlin Brothers (!), Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), former Majority Leader and FreedoWorks jefe Dick Armey (along with his co-author and colleague Matt Kibbe), former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, and more.

For info on the rally, go here.

Reason.tv will be at the event and filing a report as soon as possible after it's over. Here's our footage from last year's rally:

And here's our report on Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally from late August: