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Today in the Blogosphere…


…wunderkind Matthew Yglesias invented the council/manager system of government.

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  1. Yglesias? Sounds like a monster fron Lovecraft…

  2. Libtard blogger gets his fat ass handed to him by commenters:

    “some dude says:
    September 8th, 2010 at 8:36 am
    This is the single the most retarded and oblivious thing I’ve ever read on this blog.

    Shooter242 says:
    September 8th, 2010 at 8:40 am

    1. “Made the terrible mistake of reading my comment section today. I hate you all.” apparently from Yglesias’ twitter feed.

      1. The best part is it was a response to,

        chrislhayes: @mattyglesias someone should do a study of your comments. They never fail to shock me with their sadistic cruelty.

        How can someone be surprised by responses ridiculing the author of articles like the one linked. If I say something stupid I fully expect to be ridiculed relentlessly.

        1. I feel confident is saying that chrislhayes has never read Hit & Run. Fatboy with his Sadness Beard cannot get it harder that what we routinely dish out on people we like.

          1. No shit. I just read the comments over there…they’re relatively tame compared to the stuff that goes on here. I think the worst thing he got called was “retarded.” That’s playground shit.

  3. For a cheap, mean spirited laugh, watch his recent Bloggingheads video with Matt Welch, and count how many times Yglesias says “you know”. After a while it becomes surreal.

  4. I like the way this Yglesias thinks. Whenever I find myself musing over a particularly thorny issue with our Republic, I ask myself: What would China do? The answer is then clear.

  5. The stupid, it burns. Get it off, get it off!!

    I wonder if he reads his articles before he puts them out for consumption.

    1. (proofreads latest column)

      It’s gold, Mattie! Gold!

  6. This spoiled, emotionaly stunted man-child gets PAID for writing crap like that? Stunning.

    1. Speaking of man-child, I would like to commission a rocket that sends Matt Y. and Ezra K. to the dark side of the moon as a public benefit to all of humanity.

    2. Awesome, huh?

  7. # Jamey says:
    September 8th, 2010 at 9:00 am

    TSG: According to some, we already have a Kenyan president.

    Unfortunately for the Birthers. They are only half right. He was born in Kenya, but it wont effect his citizenship or get his presidency tossed because his birth occurred at the US Embassy there while his parents were CIA agents on assignment.

    Man, I would love to get the ball rolling on that meme.

    Slightly, very slightly, more seriously, I read a conspiratorial article a few days back about his parents links to organizations alleged to be CIA front operations. While it left me agnostic on the actual possibility*, looking at the idea independent of facts, it made a bit of sense. Who but a CIA employee would believe in that cornball ‘citizen of the world’ crap? It is a huge part of their social democratic origins, and has been used in their apologetics to justify their fuck ups for several decades now that they serve the greater good for all the world. In many ways, they are the last True Believers in the Managerial Elite of the World creed, and the Obama campaign dove deep into that old time religion.

    *the proof was no better than Obama’s grandmother was a VP at the Bank of Hawaii, BoH was used by the CIA to funnel money to dictators on the Pacific Rim, therefore she was a possible CIA employee.

    1. “Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot.” is still funny though.

  8. Doesn’t it seem like the class of people who think China is a wonderful example of what we should be doing has just moved a notch or two rightward since the days of Mao?

    I predict in 30 years they will look about as credible.

  9. Michael Bloomberg has been a good mayor of New York

    This is why the left-blogosphere is almost impossible to parody. Who else could say shit like that with a straight face?

    1. Michael Bloomberg?

      1. Even I don’t believe that.

        1. There’s a 12 step program for that Mike.

  10. OTOH, It is nice to see his commenters rip him apart when he says something stupid.

    I don’t know how vicious his commenters generally are, nor how regularly he says something stupid. But in this case the commentariat is doing its job.

  11. If lefties hadn’t won back the Congress in 2006, I seriously think they would have finally thrown democracy under the bus.

  12. I understand that the Yglesias is from New York City, which also has a strong mayor city government. New Yorkers can be as provinicial as those anywhere else in the country. They just like to think that they’re cosmopolitan.

  13. But first we will have to get rid of our Czars and Czarinas the way those old “progressives” Lennin and Trotsky
    did. Can’t leave anyone behind.

  14. To a union idiot like Yglesias of course everything should be based on seniority.

  15. Wouldn’t Yglesieas’ suggestion just end up with a bunch of mid- to small-level city, red state mayor taking control of the major cosmopolitan areas?

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