ObamaCare: It's Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Worse


When President Obama made his pitch for the health care overhaul, he framed it this way: "Insurance reform; making sure that you can have choices in the marketplace for health insurance, and making it affordable for people; and reducing costs." It was a pitch aimed at consumers: More access, more choices, lower prices. But over at InsureBlog, certified underwriter Bob Vineyard scans the health insurance market in Georgia and finds that, in the post-PPACA insurance market, there have definitely been changes—but not the ones Obama promised. From the highlight (lowlight?) reel:

All but two health insurance companies have withdrawn from offering maternity benefits.
…As of [August 26th], it is almost impossible to find a rate for children's health insurance if they are under age 19 and you are looking for coverage to be effective on 9/23/10 or later. [Note: See here for more on why.]
…Many have already indicated higher premiums for the 4th quarter of 2010 and later, especially on children under age 19.
…Doctor and hospital networks are shrinking in an effort to further control costs but also has the effect of limiting access to a wide range of medical providers.

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