Hugh Hefner, Rep. Loretta Sanchez, the NRCC, the Playboy Mansion, and Twitter


The closer Washington gets to the labor day break, the more stories like this become news:

Playboy's Hugh Hefner has a pet congresswoman, and now a tweet about a private fundraising lunch at the Playboy Mansion with California Rep. Loretta Sanchez is catching some heat from Republicans and putting the lawmaker in an unwanted spotlight.

It all started when Hefner on Tuesday announced his donor luncheon.

And because we are living in year 2010, a Twitter kerfuffle ensues. U.S. News relates the entire play-by-play here.  


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  1. I look at that photo and I don’t see Hef anywhere.

    1. I look at that photo and see a shit-load of plastic.

      1. Why is Hef standing between two mannequins?

        1. Exactly!

          1. That’s OK you 2. I’ll be more than happy to take your castoffs due to your high and exacting standards.

            1. My standards aren’t that high. I do require a pulse… and some residual heat, though.

              Plus I’m not a fake breast man.

              1. If I can touch ’em… they’re not fake.

            2. When I was a kid (this was before Hustler Magazine) there was Playboy and there was Penthouse. Playboy pics were mostly of women like the two pictured here, big-titted plastic blondes. And Penthouse? Warm soft sexy natural brunettes. I prefer the latter.

              1. This is before Penthouse became indistinguishable from a gynecology journal, I take it?

            3. Fake tits suck, dude. You may think differently, but some of us hate them.

              1. On this we are in complete accord, Epi.

                1. My response to “they’re fake” is “So?”

                  Unenhanced is best, but as long as they’re nicely shaped and not too obviously fake, it doesn’t bother me one way or the other.

                  Now, giant tattoos on perfectly nice breasts, don’t get me started.

              2. The thing that intrigues me about women with fake tits is the way that many of them take such great pride in their “boobs” – as if they were something they grew all by themselves instead of merely went out and bought. I mean look at the chicks in the photo; like because they have big globs of silicon stitched onto their thoraxes they are really something. It is the same as if some dude stuck a two pound chorizo in his skivvies and then went around being all haughty about his package.

                1. Hey, why shouldn’t they take pride in their fake boobs? Unlike with naturally large boobs, they had to take positive action in order to obtain them. They had to go through the risk and effort of surgery and recovery. What did the woman with great natural boobs do to earn them? Nothing.

                  1. Yeah… if you’ve seen Holly Madison pre-surgery she was pretty plain Jane. She may be plastic, but both aesthetically and financially it was a very good investment.

                    1. The only good investment she made was investing her cooter in the Bank of Hefner.

          2. I would like to purchase those mannequins

            1. These aren’t the mannequins you’re looking for.

    2. I look at that photo and I don’t see any alt text.

      1. A pair of pairs with a pared pear.

    3. You have obviously failed the Nice Lady with the Handkerchief test and proven that you suffer from sex addiction.

  2. Wrote Hef: “@KSpainNRCC Yesterday’s luncheon for Congresswoman Sanchez was a fund raiser. She’s taking care of business.”

    When Hefner writes that Congresswoman Sanchez is with him at the “Mansion” and “taking care of business”, what does that tell us about Sanchez?

    1. That she’s probably more honest about the transaction taking place than 99% of the rest of Congress.

  3. Hef’s work leaves no chads hanging. (That’s right; pulling out a decade-old reference here.)

    1. what about chads pregnant?

        1. Fuck you all.

  4. Did they have dessert in the grotto?

    1. You mean the Sperm Bath?

  5. a Twitter kerfuffle ensues.

    Do journalists and columnists and reporters even realize that their prodigious use of twitter actually makes reading and understanding the news harder?

    The only poeple using this crap are movie stars, 14 year old girls and journalists….

    Fucking please stop. Get a fucking iphone or an ipad or activate your web feature on your blackberry and post it on a blog so the other 99% of the public can understand what the fuck you are talking about.

    1. I fully endorse this position.

    2. “14 year old girls”

      and 30 year old 14 year old girls

  6. Hef’s work leaves no chads hanging.

    I read “choad” there, because I’m like that. Then I pictured the old man’s hanging choad at work, because I had to. I may never fuck again.

    1. But you will beat your dick like it owes you money. Sick fuck.

  7. Technically, “surgically enhanced” tits are not “fake” (you can touch them if you wish) in their intended use they are, however, like being mugged with a bag of volleyballs.

    I do not like them, Sam I Am.

    I watched about thirty seconds of The Whores Next Door one time, and I’m baffled somebody with poor self-control issues hasn’t eradicated that entire little nest of vipers.

    1. And, of course, the squirrels.

      1. If I were still alive, I’d fucking waste you for threatening my dear squirrels. Don’t even think about the froggies.

    2. Technically, “surgically enhanced” tits are not “fake”

      We prefer the term “Super Natural”.

  8. This story reminds me of Tucker Carlson showing up with two hookers in Vegas to “help” the Ron Paul campaign.

    1. You’d think two hookers would be welcome at anything even remotely libertarian.

  9. How do you spell the sound a motor boat makes?


    2. WTF??STUPIDITY!!!!

  10. Maybe they will hold a Boobs for Barbara Boxer dinner.

    1. Fundraising dinners for her are titled “Chow the Box Baybee!”

      (probably a wittier way of saying this, but I’m too lazy to expend the effort)

  11. Sorry to threadjack, but tomorrow is a sales tax holiday on gun purchases. I’d like to get some on advise on the best use of $1,000 for home defense.

    1. “I’d like to get some on advise on the best use of $1,000 for home defense.”

      When the cops come to your door, don’t answer.

      That’ll be $1,000. Thanks

    2. You don’t need to spend $1,000 on home defense. A nice Mossberg 500 pump shotgun with an 18-1/2″ barrel, pistol grip and 7-round mag is all you’ll ever need. I haven’t checked pricing lately, but I’d think you can get one for about $300-350.

      Of course, with the rest, you can pick up a nice pistol.

      1. I was just counseling a co-worker who wanted to buy a gun after his house was burgled* to buy a cheap shotgun and illegally chop it. He was dead set on a Harry Callahan big pistol though.

        I’m not sure if my pudgy co-worker was more upset that his house was broken into or that his motion sensitive camera (which he installed because of fears of an ex-girlfriend) captured a pic of the perp stealing food out of his fridge. Of course around the office the poor guy had to hear numerous taunts about the poor choice of targets (if their is one fridge that is seriously understocked it is my buddy’s).

        1. Bad advice, Jimbo. If you have a gun that is illegally modified, and you wind up killing the person breaking into your house, bad things can happen in court. This is true even if you are (otherwise) totally in the right. It doesn’t matter that the modification would have no real lethal effect, or would have (like a chopped shotgun) lessened the lethality to other people nearby. What matters is that a scumbag DA can repeat, over and over, that you made AN ILLEGAL MODIFICATION to a gun. The jury that probably doesn’t know shit about guns will hear this, and vote accordingly.

      2. Hell for $1000 and no tax you could get the 12 gauge, a ruger .45 auto, and a .380 or .38 special as a carry piece.

    3. Mossberg

    4. Go to the pound and get 50 dogs or so. The cops can’t get them all.

    5. Won’t do anything reference taxes, but a week at Gunsite or the equivalent is a good start.

  12. Get the AA-12. Full auto comes in handy . . . especially as there’s usually more than one cop coming through your door

  13. I’d love to see some boobies, but Mom won’t let me leave the basement.

    1. just take off your shirt and look in the mirror. your moobs will do.

  14. I can see why a Hefner endorsement would be a problem. Consorting with zombies and all that.

  15. This is a Libertarian site to promote the Baptist Church version of modesty? I am confused.

    1. It must be all the damn neocons! Go away! The libertarian movement is popular enough without you!

  16. Really slow news day! Discussing Hugh Heffner twitter wars.

    1. Well, that, and Hugh Heffner’s titter whores.

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  19. Now if they could only use spam as filling material for natural-looking breasts.

  20. LOL, nice to see that Heff is still way full of himself. LOL


  21. So is the congresswoman the one on the right or the one on the left?

  22. Q. Who gives a crap?

    A. Sexually repressed Republicans pandering to the fundies.

  23. 69 comments perfect, oops

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