Brendan O'Neill on Tony Blair's "bitchy memoirs"


Frequent Reason contributor Brendan O'Neill is not a fan of Tony Blair's new memoir:

Never mind his claim about seeing the queen washing dishes after a barbecue at Balmoral. Forget his description of John Prescott's affair as a 'silly sex scandal'. Put to the back of your mind his 'drink problem'. (Half a bottle of wine a night? Quick, someone call AA!) No, the really shocking thing about Tony Blair's memoirs is that they exist at all, that all this personal crap, all his griping, grimacing and schoolgirl-style hatred of certain Labour colleagues, has been vomited into the public arena at precisely a time when Labour is trying to select a new leader. Such a teenage elevation of the needs of the self above the needs of one's party speaks volumes about the end of politics and its replacement by the tyranny of therapy.

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