Reason Writers Around Town: Michael C. Moynihan on Massachusetts' Cambodian Tea Party Candidate


Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Michael Moynihan talks to Massachusetts congressional candidate, Killing Fields survivor, and professed "Reagan Republican" Sam Meas:

Sam Meas isn't your typical congressional candidate. For one thing, the Cambodian refugee doesn't know his birthday. "I tell people I am 38 years old— plus or minus two years." In 1973, Mr. Meas's father was sent to be "re-educated" by the Khmer Rouge and was never heard from again. During the chaos following the regime's collapse in 1979, Mr. Meas was separated from his mother. He never saw her again. Marching night and day toward the Thai border with a cousin, Mr. Meas recalls stepping over corpses and watching bloated bodies float down jungle waterways.

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