Reason Morning Links: Lomborg Calls for Money To Fight Global Warming, Terror Suspects Arrested in Amsterdam Airport, Glenn Beck Launches News Site


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    1. Yeah, fix the typo please!

  2. Mexican drug lord nicknamed “Barbie” arrested, may be extradicted to the U.S.

    Cartel Barbie, in stores for Christmas.

    Glenn Beck to launch a news and opinion website called The Blaze.

    Brought to you in part by Just Say Now.

    1. Mexican drug lord nicknamed “Barbie” arrested, may be extradicted to the U.S.

      “Selling drugs is hard”

    2. So is Beck the stripper or the corrupt governor?

  3. Sadly the drug lord is a dude. The idea of some smoking hot Mexican chick being some bond villain drug lord is just too good to be true.

    1. Yeah, but think of all the Kens in federal prison who love the idea of a latin Barbie moving in.


    But remember they are not lying or fabricating anything else.

  5. I always knew they’d turn that Lomborg fool. He was right when he suggested spending that money on better things. And now he’s wrong or lying.

    1. Being kicked out of your profession and considered a pariah among all your former friends will do that. Sadly, he doesn’t have the balls for it.

    2. I’m not completely surprised. Lomborg’s take on global warming in his latest book “Cool It” was already noticeably different from “The Skeptical Environmentalist.”

    3. He has not completely flipped. What he is saying now is only a bit different than what he said previously. He is still going with his group of technical experts on what would be the most efficient places to spend money, but they have moved some of the climate stuff higher on their list. 100 billion across the whole world is not much. That was his point all along as well. Spend a lot less more intelligently rather than waste a bunch of money and destroy economies.

  6. Applebaum is surprisingly thoughtful for a journalist (most of present company excepted.)

    1. She is very smart. Her book on the Gulag is pretty good. It is not the greatest. But it is good popular history. It is kind of sad that in 21st Century you could write a book on the Gulag and have it be greeted by the media as some sort of revaluation rather than a popular rehash of well known history. But, considering who controls the history curriculum in this country, I guess the extent of the Soviet Union’s crimes is news to a lot of people, especially in the media.

      1. True story. One of my best friends is a retired history teacher. Taught history in one of the local public high schools for 35 years. Has a bachelor’s and a master’s in history. Good guy. Smart guy.

        We got on the subject of Stalin somehow one day, and we almost had a friendship-damaging fight when he mentioned he used to tell his students that Stalin killed thousands of people.

        I told him rather heatedly, “Buddy, it wasn’t thousands, it was tens of millions.

    2. As one commenter on the article pointed out, it just reads like an ode to empire. No reconsideration at all about whether empire is a good thing.

      And not a peep about the economic costs. How the heck can one overlook that?

  7. The Blaze?

    What, had somebody already trademarked The Flamer?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    1. +1. It sounds like a raunchy competitor to the local “Blade” that is in most cities. The one that is willing to carry the transvestite hooker ads complete with pictures.

      1. The Watchtower was taken.

        1. *knock, knock*

        2. What is the Watchtower?

          1. The pamphlet the Jehovah’s Witnesses always want to leave with you after they interrupt whatever your doing to accost you on your front stoop.

            1. Crap – you’re, not your.

              1. They’re pleasant enough people. I had a nice conversation with a dapper septuagenarian last winter. He spoke for a half hour about how I needed God because of the coming apocalypse, and I told him how, if it happened, I’d be needing all the intelligence and resourcefulness his god gave me as a human, and wouldn’t it be a shame if I declined such a gift by refusing to use it, as his god commanded in Eden.

                1. Aren’t they the religion that believes that only 144,000 people will be saved? Since there have been over 4,000,000 Witnesses over the lifetime of the church, you have about a 1 in 30 chance of making it to heaven – assuming you picked the right church. If you’re going to join a church, you might as well join one with better odds.

                  1. I think they’ve adapted to that by saying the 144,000 will go to a very special heaven, the rest go to ordinary heaven.

                  2. The 144,000 were already resurrected in heaven in 1874 when Jesus “invisibly returned” and He now rules from heaven. The “end times” began in 1914 (or 1917).

                    They believe that The Tribulation is already occurring and strive to be consider “the dead in Christ” when the 1,000 years has ended.

            2. I have always owned big dogs who barked a lot at the door. So they never have been able to leave a pamphlet. Thanks for the information.

              And yes, they seem to be very nice, if very confused people.

              1. I live at the end of a 1/2 mile gravel drive. I have never had a trick-or-treater, Mormon missionary, Avon lady, encyclopedia salesman or Census worker show up at my door.
                But I’ve had a least a half-dozen J.W.s. Tenacious lot, that.

                1. But I’ve had a least a half-dozen J.W.s. Tenacious lot, that.

                  We won’t be ignored.

            3. For a few years there, I had this unbelievable luck – on the rare occasion when I would take a day off of work for some reason, inevitably they would show up at my door.

              I recall one in particular – an older lady – who showed me a Watchtower that had a picture of some children playing with a lion, which of course had a lamb lying next to it. She asked if I thought a day would ever come when everyone lived in peace with each other and all the animals and all the world. I looked at her and answered simply “no.” She seemed surprised and asked, “oh, isn’t that sad? Why not?”

              My response: “because I have been aroudn long enough to see human nature and know that it simply is not possible. Biology and evolution prevent it.” I then told her that if those kids tried to play with the lions and tiger as depicted on her pamphlet, they would, in short order, be eaten.

              After about my fifth encounter with them, I finally asked them to please just stop coming by and to please make a note in their directory or whatever it is they use to not come to my door anymore.

              I swear, I really try not to be rude, but the door-to-door proselytizers and telemarketers make it very hard not to be.

              1. “She asked if I thought a day would ever come when everyone lived in peace with each other and all the animals and all the world. I looked at her and answered simply “no.” She seemed surprised and asked, “oh, isn’t that sad? Why not?””

                It is funny that she would be surprised by your response. She should have agreed with it.

  8. The Blaze.
    I had bong named that.

    1. You named your bong?

      1. He didn’t want a complete stranger running his life.

        1. It apparently took his “a”.

  9. He is at least the third suspected high-ranking drug lord captured or killed by the Mexican police this year.

    We’ve got the drug cartels on the run now. Victory is just around the coener. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. All of our efforts are finally yielding results.

    Or we’re just stroking off.

    1. We very well may have them on the run. We pretty much destroyed the Italian Mafia in this country and in Italy. Of course, that didn’t exactly destroy organized crime did it?

    2. third suspected high-ranking drug lord captured or killed

      This sounds vaguely like “created or saved”.

      1. Or the #3 al Queda guy.

  10. So full of wrong. No wonder Brits think we’re a bunch of racist hicks.

    1. and if they think not, let them go open a hardware store in downtown Mogadishu and see how that works out


      1. The Mogadishu jokes on the Left are pathetic. If you took the two hundred thousand or however many people were on the Mall and shipped them to Mogadishu and made a colony out of them, they would be well armed, take over a section of town start their own economy and do quite well. I would bet on them succeeding over a similar sized group of leftist douchebags.

        1. I was at the rally, own guns, and speak Somali.

          Let’s do this.

          1. I’ve been studying distributed power generation and have some ideas for export agriculture to the Persian Gulf.

            How hard is it to learn to speak Somali?

            1. Its not bad. They use latin characters instead of arabic, but the sounds are pretty much the same as arabic. The trouble I have is with the structure – prepositions are combined with pronouns and come before the verb, and direct and indirect objects can go anywhere it seems. Most of the vocabulary is arabic, with some italian and english thrown in.

              Once you get past the fucked up sentence structure, its not too bad. Because there’s not a lot shared vocabulary with english, its harder than french or spanish though. At least it isn’t chinese.

            2. If you’re going to the PG and want to learn arabic on your own, get the rosetta stone software for standard arabic. It’s the best you can get outside of total immersion or intensive classes.

              Don’t fuck with learning local dialects unless you know exactly where you’re going and don’t plan on leaving.

        2. As soon as they succeeded the same leftists who demand you go to Mogadishu would demand you leave rebuilt, modernized Mogadishu and turn it over to the people it “really” belongs to.

          1. Is that a stab at the right? Because that sounds a lot like Iraq.

            1. Wrong decade.

              Wrong method of occupation.

              Wrong migration order.

              1. A better analogy would be Australia. The British elite forcibly shipped their criminals there. And then when the criminals built a nice country, the British elite now insist they give it back to the aboriginals.

                Not perfect but close.

                1. That’s true.

                  I think the “You don’t belong there” sentiment was stronger against the Rhodesians and the South Africans. But you’re right, the whole “We are chaining you up and putting you a boat” part of the settlement of Australia does dovetail nicely with the “Libertarians should be shipped to Somalia!” sentiment you hear expressed so often.

    2. Tomasky is a paid shill for the Democratic Party.

    3. The most racist person I’ve ever known is my wife’s English uncle. As an example of the type of things he says, I asked him if he was going to the World Cup this summer and he said he wasn’t because there are too many blacks in South Africa and the reason the country has so many problems is because the whites aren’t allowed to shoot the blacks anymore. He wasn’t joking, either. I always think of him whenever a European tells me how enlightened they are.

      1. Brits aren’t just racist, they hate everyone from other countries. Especially Eastern Europe. Sit in a bar in London some time and listen. You will lots of anti-muslim and anti-polish epithets.

      2. Yeah, being lectured by a fucking Redcoat about what evil racists we Americans are is a riot. Ask anyone in India or any other number of places in the world what they think of the oh-so-kind and tolerant Brits.

      3. “The wogs begin at Calais”

        I used to not understand that phrase until I worked with some English and Scots in the oil industry.

    4. I made the mistake of clicking on his “Profile” and one of his recent articles begins thusly:

      “Anyone surprised that a Muslim cab driver was stabbed in New York? If you are surprised, you’ve been sleepwalking the last two weeks.”

      It’s like an Onion parody of a rabid anti-American – surely normal people aren’t this stupid and evil.

      1. An internet buddy of mine from Ireland posted a link to an article about that stabbing on Twitter along with the definitive statement “Rightwing hatemongers caused this.”

        Yeah. That’s it. It’s not that some lunatic decided to stab a Muslim. It’s that all the rightwingers MADE him do it. Or something.

    5. Then a woman I didn’t know spoke up. She was southern. She was very friendly and chatty. She said she was all for beloved communities. But what was clear to her, the really important point, was that in the good old days, those communities had nothing to do with government. And when we started thinking it did was when it all went wrong.

      It was a small group, so I was polite and didn’t say anything, but what I thought was: you idiotic, irresponsible, egotistical cretin. Nothing to do with government? Let’s go ask the black people of your age cohort and home town whether they felt part of a beloved community, and let’s ask them whether they think government had anything to do with the change in their status in your community over the decades.

      I read this and noted that the woman had said nothing about race, she had not waxed nostalgic for the days when the darkies were kept in their place–instead she seemed to be saying that, in the past, we loved our neighborhoods, and we took care of them, and we didn’t expect the government to come in and do anything.

      And then you read the unhinged response to her comment–an entire narrative and worldview postulated and inserted without any rational thought being heard from.

      And one wonders why anyone bothers to try to talk to people on the left at all.

  11. Did you really think that Applebaum turd was worth highlighting?

  12. Bush’s former ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, on how Obama screwed up his predecessor’s handiwork in Iraq, the coming regional arms conflict?and what the president should say in his speech tonight about his decision to withdraw American troops.

    And they call me a no-talent ass-clown…

    1. Well, you are, so there’s that.

    2. “”and what the president should say in his speech tonight about his decision to withdraw American troops.””

      Oh, it’s Obama’s decision now? What a hack, this timetable was a product of the Bush admin.

  13. I wish there was more sister-fucking to talk about.

    1. Better yet, a sister-fucker who calls the cops because KFC won’t refund his money over a wrong order because of their “no refunds for incest” policy.

      1. Throw in Mexican abortions performed with snowballs, and we might just get somehwhere.

        1. Did you hear about the mosque at Ground Zero? Nobody does post sister-fucking abortions like muslim mexican fried-chicken eaters.

          1. But what about the guacamole-fucking taco fuckers? They touched my country.

            1. Go restore some honor, you RACIST!

        2. Only if it all goes down at the Ground Zero Mosque.

          1. Dammit!!! Missed it by a minute.


    The rope sellers are having regrets.

    1. Golly. A guy who said he wanted to spread the wealth turned out to be a wealth redistributionist. How about that?

    2. Mr. Obama was viewed as a member of the elite, an Ivy League graduate … president of The Harvard Law Review ? he was supposed to be just like them. President Obama was the “intelligent” choice, the same way they felt about themselves. They say that they knew he would seek higher taxes and tighter regulation; that was O.K. What they say they did not realize was that they were going to be painted as villains.

      Yeah, I don’t buy that reasoning at all. Private equity types thought they wouldn’t be cast as a villain, or that carried interest taxation wouldn’t be used against them on an intermittent basis until it’s finally made equivalent to ordinary income? BS.

      No, what’s more likely is that they have no political allegiance and knew which way the wind was blowing. They wanted to get in, at least on better terms, with the inevitable new administration.

      If all of these policies had kept Dems in the driver’s seat, you had better believe that money would still be going to Dems in the hopes of influencing policy. Now, maybe their egos prevent them from realizing that fact (full disclosure: I work in finance with some impressively self-absorbed people), but at the end of the day these guys are more concerned about the bottom line than whether the POTUS likes them.

  15. I can’t wait to read the threads on The Blaze. I wonder if they’ll censor comments.

    1. Site is alread up, including comments:

      1. blocked at work, “tasteless”

      2. All the headlines contain either of the words “Beck” or “Mosque”. Yawn.


    Since the Labor Day Holiday is next week, I have decided that Friday, September 3, would be a good time to clean out the refrigerator(s) and freezer(s). To make this as simple as possible, I will begin cleaning at NOON TIME “sharp”…please remove any food items that you wish to keep prior to Noon. You can replace these food items after 1 p.m.

    I will dispose of items that are expired and items that look Icky…. except medicines. No exceptions!

    If you have any concerns please contact me prior to Friday.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  17. Current main headline on the blaze:


    1. That’s what they get for letting spambots write their headlines.

  18. No word about Ron Paul’s “Mystery Of The Missing Fort Knox Gold” adventure for young boys? Dime store novels will never be the same.

    1. “”No word about Ron Paul’s “Mystery Of The Missing Fort Knox Gold” adventure for young boys? “”

      It’s going to be a new Ellery Queen novel.

  19. His name is spelled Bj?rn not Bjorn.

    1. He had to give up the ? when he caved.

      1. Are you saying Danish people are cave-dwellers? RACIST!

  20. Coming Soon: Recovery Summer II: The Fall…..p-forward/

  21. Hilarious, these people weren’t terrorists, weren’t carrying anything illegal, and they are saying the system worked! And there are idiots saying how they FEEL SAFER. And the “suspects” are declared not terrorists and not doing anything wrong and they are still being unconstitutionally investigated further without probable cause.

    1. Didn’t read the article?

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