Reason iPhone App, Now With More of The Twitters and Facebooks


Ask and ye shall receive. In response to user feedback, the updated Reason iPhone app now includes more ways to share and save your daily dose of Free Minds and Free Markets. Users of Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Google Reader, Tumblr, and Pinboard can drop Reason articles, videos, and blog posts on your friends—or at least the people who have enough mild interest in your thoughts to follow you on a social networking site—24 hours a day, right from your Apple device. And Instapaper and Read It Later devotees can store Reason stories to consume at leisure.

Compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch, the Reason App downloads and syncs Reason's content to your device in real time. The Reason app is free and available at iTunes. Download it now!

Features include:

  • Access to fresh content from Hit & Run, (including Brickbats),, and;
  • Simple Save and Share functionality for all text and video content;
  • Smooth navigation between and within sections;
  • Secure Donations page.
  • And now, easy sharing with your social network!