Email of the Day


Matt Welch…is well, a moron. Frank Rich is ten times the man you could only hope to be. Don't think you can hide behind the philosophical notion that 'that government which governs least, governs best,' while you continue to apologize for your right-wing neo-fascist friends who are stealing everything the planet ever had to offer, by disingenuously using big government for their thievery—while billions suffer and die. This small-government bullshit is just that—and if you all weren't blinded by your racism and xenophobia and greed—you would realize that you aren't fooling too many educated people. You fucks like the idea of 'small,' weak government because it allows corporate and business interests to run rough-shod over everyone, and do what it's already doing with 'big' government, only more surreptitiously, which is running the nation and the world into the ground, while a handful of criminals around the globe steal everything they can get their slimy hands on, for their own vulgar pleasures. That you're a willing 'intellectual' aid to this process is unforgivable. A pox on your house.

Why don't you suit up and head to Afghanistan—or send your own teenage sons and daughters over—on 'big government's' dime—to slay some more rag-heads? You need a real taste of terror fella.

Mark Kaplan
New York, New York

In re: this. So much for knowing thy enemy.