The Boring Truth About Those Julian Assange Smears


According to prosecutors in Sweden, authorities in Stockholm will pursue a vague "molestation" charge against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. There is precious little evidence available in the public domain, though the few details circulating make me extremely skeptical of both the rape (which seems 100 percent false) and molestation charges against Assange. More on that in a minute. But for the wild-eyed, spittle-flecked conspiracists bloggers—and Assange himself—the charges reeked of a U.S. government plot. And sure, one only need to read the Church Commission report to realize that such dirty tricks have a long pedigree in American intelligence circles. But even a cursory look at the case would suggest that while it appears that Assange's name is being dragged through the mud, it isn't by the CIA.

But the speed with which the conspiracy theories spread throughout the moronosphere was enough for New York Times London correspondent, the terrific John Burns, to produce an article headlined, "Plotting doubted in Wikileaks case." That would be the Pentagon/CIA plotting to destroy Assange, obviously. Assuming that Assange knew the identity of his accusers when contacted by prosecutors, he nevertheless told any reporter within earshot that "we have been warned that the Pentagon, for example, is thinking of deploying dirty tricks to ruin us. And I have also been warned about sex traps." After expressing skepticism that it was an American intelligence job, Harpers magazine nevertheless warned that "as this incident makes clear, the war on WikiLeaks will be fought with unconventional tools and those following the story are advised to accept nothing at face value."

Amazingly, the bumbling fools in American intelligence managed to flip Anna Ardin, the left-wing feminist (often described in the Swedish blogosphere as a "radical feminist") spokeswoman for Broderskapsrörelsen, the liberation theology-like Christian organization affiliated with Sweden's Social Democratic Party (she is not, as I have seen written, a "Christian Democrat"). If any of these subliterate bloggers knew anything about the kristen vänster (but why should you know anything at all, when a simple, ideology-validating conspiracy is so much more satisfying?), they would probably have guessed that Assange's accuser was, as is common in Sweden, operating off of a very broad definition of rape and "sexual molestation."

If any of these bozos did twenty minutes of research, they might have found Ardin's blog—"my feminist reflections and comments on animal rights, swedish politics and cuba from a political scientist, christian left and long distance runner"—and read her post, with the help of a Scandinavian comrade or Google Translate, "Våldtäkt en del av mäns makt"—rape [is] a part of men's power. Or they would have seen this article from Ardin's days at Uppsala University, where she, in her role as some sort of equality watchdog, denounced the tradition of singing ribald student songs, which included "references to genitalia and serious sexual content," as "offensive and stereotypical." She is, in other words, rather sensitive on gender issues. Or this blog post on how one can exact "legal revenge" on men who have been "unfaithful." According to The Guardian, sources close to the investigation claim that she filed a complaint because Assange didn't wear a condom during sex. So the boring truth is that Assange didn't come up against a CIA conspiracy, but the rather broad Swedish conception of what constitutes a sexual crime.

Harpers hints darkly that "the information was fanned in a tabloid-style paper within minutes (sic) of its being opened." First, Expressen is not a tabloid-style newspaper, but an actual tabloid. Nor is it, as Assange claimed, "right wing." So who would have leaked this information to Expressen? A bit of legwork here too would have revealed that Ardin interned for the editorial page of GT, the Gothenburg edition of Expressen. While there is no evidence to suggest that Ardin herself leaked the material to her former employer, it is certainly more plausible than fingering the Pentagon. But again, why bother doing any research when the sinister conspiracy is more ideologically satisfying?

If you, like many of the conspiracists, are confused as to how the Swedish authorities could issue and then, in less than 24 hours, withdraw a warrant for Assange's arrest, then you don't know the Swedish authorities. Just ask the families of Anna Lindh and Olaf Palme for details. Indeed, when one prosecutor overruled the conclusions of another, more junior, prosecutor, she explained to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter that "My decision doesn't mean that her decision was wrong." And to Aftonbladet, she dug in her heels: "That I changed the decision doesn't mean that her decision was wrong." Translation? Amateur hour at the prosecutors office.

One final note on using Google Translate in blog posts, as is becoming increasingly common. Google Translate is a helpful tool, though in the race to be first with the latest news of Assange, many bloggers have been far too trusting of its often really terrible results. For instance, this story in Expressen, which was posted on many American blogs, contains the very simple phrase, referring to the allegations: "Allt är inte glasklart"—all isn't crystal clear. Google renders this without the negation, as "all is crystal clear." Also, Gawker, relying on Google Translate, links to a Swedish blog calling Anna Ardin possibly the "world's most hated woman right now." A few clicks deeper into the site—this weathervane of Swedish opinion about Ardin—and one gets to read charming, rambling stories of Jewish influence in Sweden and the creeping "Islamization" of Scandinavia.

NEXT: The Official Koch Industries Reply to The New Yorker Hit Piece

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  1. Tut tut. Shoulda gone with the raincoat, cause his Wiki, it do leak!

    1. The cia could not have done it.

      They fear a blow…….



      1. she’s a babe.

        1. Stop male gazing now.

          1. you miss the point.

        2. Where are the photos?

  2. But isn’t Sweden, like the third-best place to live in the WORLD? Newsweek told me so. And the US is…lower.

    Ergo, it must be the CIA. Duh!

    1. xsqueeeze me but a lot of very very powerful military people want assange gone.

      any dots here …. she’s perfect undercover and assange is a man on the run with heavy testicles.

      1. he was boinking her for a while. so which time was the molestation?

        this guy needs to boink. the gals love to boink heroes real and imagined.

        B O I N K

  3. wild-eyed, spittle-flecked conspiracists bloggers


    1. This is the best article on this affair anywhere.

  4. Still, it’s been an interesting case study in just how much people trust the CIA.

    1. Or trust the CIA to totally fuck it up. Poison cigar? Who comes up with such lame as stuff?

      1. Actually, that might have worked. The guy who was to have planted them chickened out.

        But then, that’s also part of the planning process.

        1. Actually, that might have worked. ..

          …if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!

          1. *feebly shakes fist*

    2. cia was long ago subsumed.

      1. time and again heroes trip over their own dikkkheads.

        again she’s a babe. he has good taste.

        1. Lisbeth Salander is also a babe.

          Still I would not with a 100 miles of that.

          1. not everyone is heroic

  5. But isn’t Sweden, like the third-best place to live in the WORLD? Newsweek told me so.

    Because in Sweden, even if you suddenly find yourself in prison for being near a woman, all the other prisoners are white. So yay.


    1. the u.s. military machine desperately needs to scare some people from going any further on this truth biz. uh uh no truth

      to his credit my hunch is that ol julian has been getting major poontang since he and his org got famous. you can see he loves the ladies and verse vicea.

      as long as you say: may i

  6. She didn’t work at Expressen. Check into what that GT means.

    Also, just because she’s has some “left” credentials that means it’s not a setup? Also note, she worked in Swedish embassies and is *anti* Castro, not pro-cuba leftist.

    Thankfully libertarians still have Raimondo.

    1. OMG! She’s anti-Castro?!!? Well if that isn’t a litmus test for CIA stoogism, I don’t know what is!

      1. Just like rightwing Lee Harvey Oswald! No, wait …

        1. Well everyone knows the CIA killed Kennedy and then pinned it on Oswald.

    2. The US has burned by so many of their pear shaped shemes that they know by now not to play these types of games. Sounds like a combination of weak laws, a scorned women (never good), and possible professional jealosy between two activists.

    3. she’s a babe with man issues who knows her way around powerful political figures.

      nice profile to place hook

      1. Assange and Bill Clinton have massive chick blind spots.

    4. In fact, it is Gotlands Tidningar, not GT Expressen. Some ‘subliterate bloggers’ did a better job than it appears at first sight. I suggest a bit more depth in analysis and a little more caution when insulting, next time, or the ability to correct yourself, as some ‘subliterate bloggers’ are able to do, but you seem unaware. What a pity, I liked Reason.

  7. Wow a rape charge for a little raw dawg. She would’ve have had plenty of time to demand a Jimmy hat. Unless of course he just gave her the ninja dick

    1. We’re gonna need a new Timmy!

  8. We all pine for the days when the U.S. intelligence community could and would frame away the credibility of a foreign irritant.

    1. To the extent that they can’t is a blow to American Exceptionalism.

      1. Never assign to tradecraft that can be explained by the actions of an overzealous prosecutor.

        1. with a fish hook in his mouth

  9. That sucks I hate wearing condoms.

    1. she filed a complaint because Assange didn’t wear a condom during sex.

      Who runs that country? Former Antioch College administrators?

      1. Curious. Couldn’t she just refuse unless he wore one?

        If she did, isn’t that rape, not ‘molestation’?

        If she just said ‘oh, well, allright then’, then WTF?

        1. My guess is he said he would, then slipped it off mid-coitus.

          Which really is a weaselly dick move…and in the US could probably be called a lower degree of sexual assault. (higher degree? I have no idea how the degree system works)

          1. You get them for writing papers nobody wants to read.

      2. maybe he wants a baby

      3. that’s pretty funny.

      4. lol, that’s really funny!

        1. my posts keep getting out of sequence!

  10. But how you people know that Anna Ardin isn’t a false-flag leftist secretly working for the CIA?

    She’s a radical Christian isn’t she?

    1. Posted before I realized that anyone might take me seriously.

    2. she’s working for somebody with initials

  11. Finally, Moynihan weighs in! And the real villains in the story are… Julian Assange and anyone who thought these charges might have been shady!

    1. huh?

      I think he wrote the exact opposite.

      1. I think you need to read it again, any of it:

        “But for the wild-eyed, spittle-flecked conspiracists bloggers?and Assange himself…

        “But the speed with which the conspiracy theories spread throughout the moronosphere…

        “If any of these bozos did twenty minutes of research…”

        1. I think he’s opining that the charges are shady but the CIA wasn’t involved.

          1. But where does he direct the bulk of his ire? Exactly where anyone who’s ever read Moynihan would have expected.

            1. The Soviets?

            2. Just how is Moynihan not a card carrying member of the “moronosphere”?

            3. The CIA put cement powder in baby formula in Cuba…you think that’s cool?

            4. Perhaps because the people he’s directing his ire at richly deserve it.

              Any comment on whether anything Moynihan discovered in his 20 minutes of research doesn’t check out? Any ground for the conspiracy theories he missed?

              1. Well ya he didn’t explain why the journ-o-list friends of the CIA are doing so many articles about Assange and rape. It seems to be a side issue…a diversion from the fact that the CIA funded the Taliban.

              2. The fact that Moynihan blurbs insults against the blogosphere and fails to identify the correct GT newspaper doesn’t check out.
                Ironically, he wrote for that GT, but not Anna Ardin, as he falsely assumes. Moynihan is more amateurish than some targets he derides, when he shouldn’t be.

          2. why does it always have to be only one secret police agency?

  12. So, Assange was porking Anna? It sounds like Anna is a man-hater along the lines of Dworkin. Why would Anna let a penis, bare or sheathed, anywhere near her Wyman entrance?

    1. Why would Anna let a penis, bare or sheathed, anywhere near her Wyman entrance?

      Fucking celebrities > ideals

      1. pornographically large throbbing member made her mad with desire (for getting even with her father).

    2. That only works around here if she posts on feministing.

  13. If you tell someone you were on birth control and you weren’t and become pregnant and need child support, or if you take off a condom and risk giving someone disease or pregnancy – then you do owe them something.

    1. she didn’t notice the gun was loaded.

  14. the creeping “Islamization” of Scandinavia.

    Is the implication that this is obviously a fringe opinion within Sweden?

  15. Sorry, you are wrong about the newspaper connection. GT in this case is Gotlands Tidningar, a small provincial paper on the island of Gotland, NOT the Gothenburg edition of Expressen.

  16. Perhaps the communication problems between Tiger and his wife were the fault of these translation tools.

    1. He said “tools”!

  17. I’m sure Julian will not dodge the press inquiries into his private sex life. “Information wants to be free” is his motto!

    1. And his information is “we were warned about the Pentagon”

    2. the man has a dikk to match his brass balls

      so much the better

    3. ……not the only he wants out in the open air……

  18. Someone’s already made a Pete White joke about Assange, right? Anyway, I take it Ardin doesn’t look like Billy Quiz-Boy.

  19. Interesting case. The fact that she was anti-Castro makes it less likely she was a CIA honeypot. Sure they had their outs with Castro in the 60’s, as the CIA felt scorned when they went through all the trouble of backing him and destroying Batista*, but by the 90s, CIA veterans were pining at retrospective conferences that they were pro-Castro all along. Just remember, the CIA was created by Social Democrats for Social Democrats, and that has been the heart of their fuck ups from the beginning. Burnham and Buckley was as right wing as that society would ever allow in their quarters, one being an ex-commie (though excellent political scientist) the other advocated nationalizing the economy to deal with the communist menace.

    *does not fit the Hollywood template, but reality never does — note to Robert Redford, Batista wasn’t blond haired, blue eyed. He was a populist demagogue of more a left wing than right wing bent.

    1. This chick might have been in gradeschool in the 90s, maybe.

      1. Not relevant.

      2. Just as an example, my niece has a black friend I met a few times. I could never place her accent. A few months ago my niece visits, and she brings a Labrador with her she said she was keeping for her friend (both in their mid twenties). I ask for the dog’s name. ‘Batista.’ Of course, I then asked if her friend was Cuban, and my niece looks at me funny and asks ‘how did’ja know?’

        Political loyalties are expansive in the temporal sense.

        Also, it is reported Ardin has an interest in Cuba, and then someone post above she is anti-Castro. My post was an elaboration of the context of that point, though more an opportunity for a swipe at what many perceive the CIA to be, a bastion of right wing collusion, since the underlying story little interest me.

    2. yep, Castro was Americas boy…the US trade sanctions have helped keep him in power too.

    3. yep that ol cia pigeon oswald wasn’t pro castro either. or was he she?

  20. Even if Assange raped ten of Moynihans family doesn’t make the Af/Pak/Iraq wars a good idea.

    1. Being against Af/Pak/Iraq wars doesn’t mean you are obliged to believe that the CIA is behind everything bad that happens to it’s opponents.

      1. how bout the alphabet soup of police state budgetary kumquats?

  21. Nobody cares about Assange’s rape charges. If the CIA and its friends in the media want to make a big deal out of it then go ahead and do your job Moynihan. Just make sure we don’t talk about US soldiers going door to door and killing children in front of their parents…because tht does happen and you are too fucked up to admit it to yourself, much less to the public.

    1. Yes, we read about it when they are prosicuted for that.

      1. ^Notice how only enlisted grunts ever get prosecuted?

        1. Lindsey England was the mastermind of Abu Grahb…Rumsfeld, Jones, Gates…how could they have known?

        2. Blackwater/Xe is above the law.

    2. rape charges dropped

      molestation slap n tickle

      where’s murdoch?

  22. Looking at a picture of Mr Assange and hearing the word “molestation” I thought this had something to do with kids. Seriously, he has “stranger danger” written all over him.

    1. yeah mike and we like your hair style a lot

      1. the thing i want to really know is

        did she enjoy it?

  23. it must be the CIA. Duh!

  24. It is reported Ardin has an interest in Cuba, and then someone post above she is anti-Castro. My post was an elaboration of the context of that point, though more an opportunity for a swipe at what many perceive the CIA to be, a bastion of right wing collusion, since the underlying story little interest me.

    1. she is the poster girl for an operative.

      1. she’s straight out of central casting.

  25. I then asked if her friend was Cuban, and my niece looks at me funny and asks ‘how did’ja know?’

    1. coulda been the cigar

  26. what makes you so sure that wikileaks is legit and not just an elaborate setup by the IC? What better justification for the new game sheriffs in town, the Cyberwarriors?

    1. ya, could be. It is also classic technique to reveal some self incriminating info of minor stuff to then deny the more serious charges/rumors.

      1. Can you people be any wierder?

        1. Hazel,
          The only thing wierder is the truth.

    2. i wamsagongo t rhinestone say without a doubt julian assange is a heroic figure.

      wikileaks is the real deal and the beginning of the end for you should know who.

  27. The Rockefellers love the CIA…are they right wing? The banksters have funded both sides of wars many times in the past…straight out of Machiavelli. They have no fundamental problem with a communist dictator as long as their banks and arms companies make the loans and sell the weapons, build the prisons etc.

    1. you have to read the entire book to realize that macchi was on the side of the enlightened good folks.

      1. ya but the techniques weren’t made up…they were useful for the type of people that like to assasinate people in order to get more power.

    2. and then there is the story of lennin’s ride through war time germany with his team and a train full of gold.

      and baddabing wwoneskitwoski

      1. “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”…Trotsky and Lenin both came straight outta Manhattan. fund both sides, lend money to governments, more war, more debt…

        It’s a business.

        1. the rockefellers really did not like all the competing producers moving oil prices down so much…if they could get a little more communism going they figured they could get the exclusive rights…make things more efficient…

        2. no

          it’s the BEST biz.

          what would darwin have said to adam smith?

          what would gandhi have said to the buddha?

    3. evil has two wings unfortunately

  28. Raving, monomaniacal anti-American undone by spiteful leftist womyn. Amusing (though to be fair, I appreciate the potential of Wikileaks as a tool for helping to curb government abuses)

    1. smartass is too adolescent trim your toenails too

    Just another comment on the dangers of relying on Google Translate.

  30. had you understood true nordski fjordski you’d know that she objected to the w a l r u s.

  31. bottom line

    julian assange is one heckuva guy.

    im waiting for the real 9/11 stuff.

  32. my advice to julian is to hump the less attractive ladies as they are more likely to be unattached

    if you catch my drift julian

    with the lights out who cares as long as u got the ooo ahhhh

  33. the “crime” has now boiled down to that Assange “slept over one night more than planned at Ardins place
    according to swedish tabloid Aftonbladet…..7675868.ab

    1. he doesn’t sleep much could be part of the problem.

  34. If you had done more research than an hour of cursory reading on Flashback, you would have grasped that GT (the newspaper where AA worked)is Gotlands Tidningar which has nothing to do with Expressen.

  35. Expressen is a tabloid format tabloid, and the tabloid with the worst reputation of them all. Popularly known as “sexpressen”. And it’s right-wing, at least according to Swedish standards.

  36. A couple of comments:

    Seriously, this is how swedish sexual harassment and rape law functions. This is not the first case, nor will it be the last.

    If anyone believes anything written by the tabloid that person should immediately invest in a nice tin foil hat.

    What is Assange whining about? He wants information do be free doesn’t he? By founding wikileaks and touring the world he has transformed himself into a person of power, accountable to no one. So by his own standards he should be satisfied at the tabloids’ treatment of this case.

    1. tidy lil box u live in

    2. not all information is equal is your dilemma

  37. 1. The rape charge has been dropped entirely.

    2. “Molestation” is apparently a very broad term in Swedish law and does not have the same vicious connotation it has here in the U.S.

    3. Assange is not being prosecuted for molestation (yet). He is being brought in for questioning to respond to one such allegation. All that means is that one such charge seems plausible enough to merit investigation, and that the prosecutor may just be covering her bases carefully given the intense attention to the matter now. But unless that interview results in an actual charge, it may just be pro forma. However, the harm done by publicizing accusations that may not lead to any charge is nearly impossible to erase, and many observers of the situation have noted that has a broader political context.

    4. If this guy were some serial sexual predator (which is the impression left by two women coming forward about encounters within a couple weeks), wouldn’t it be likely he’d have other complaints against him in other countries? In other words: doesn’t it lend some credence to the idea of a set-up or arm-twisting by those hostile to Wikileaks, that this happened just when the U.S. urgently needs to discredit the guy? It’s the timing of the charges that give credence to the idea of a set-up, along with the authorities not following their usual practices regarding investigations and media disclosure.

    1. Just one question:

      Is stirring the honey a crime in Sweden? I mean, why the differentiation from simple sexual assault that covers any unwelcome conduct?

      Kind of chilling.

      1. what if you could have sworn you said may i?

  38. Julian Assange would rat out Col. Hogan and the gang at Stalag 13. That alone makes him an asshole.

    1. uh huh

    2. if col hogan was smuggling diamonds he might.

  39. I don’t really have much of an opinion on this yet, as I’m waiting for the dust to settle. I will say that I believe the U.S. government is not above pulling such a stunt, and I find it amusing that I haven’t heard anybody even try to claim otherwise.

  40. Google and the CIA have a business relationship. How do know Google translator isn’t covering for the CIA 😉

  41. When you point out that she writes about legal revenge, it sounds like you mean “revenge through the legal system”. In fact, the linked post is about “revenge that isn’t illegal”.

  42. Moynihan,

    I must say that I enjoyed reading your keen and penetrating insight into the Swedish situation.

    “but the rather broad Swedish conception

    fingering the Pentagon”

    There might be a few more, but I have class in few minutes…


    Translated articles that originally appeared in Swedish media which tell the whole story.

    1. as stated previously we understand that she objected to the walrus.

      goo goo kaaaa choooo

      1. maybe the point isn’t just to smear assange, but to make him feel that he is safe nowhere and that he can trust noone. to show him that his (alleged) intimate practices and preferences can be exposed at any time.

        maybe the real point is to wear him down psychologically and make him even more isolated on a personal level as well as feeling infinitely more vulnerable.

        they may be going after a paranoid psychosis in their dark plotting.

        1. no sh!t

          assange understands the enemy; he is brave anyway.

          1. Sweden is reopening the investigation.
            Will we be surprised when he is found dead – the victim of an “apparent” suicide. They may be setting him up to be murdered and they will make it look like he took his own life. He is trapped in Sweden now with this investigation. They are closing in on him. Run, Julian, run.

  44. “spokeswoman for Broderskapsr?relsen, the liberation theology-like Christian organization affiliated with Sweden’s Social Democratic Party (she is not, as I have seen written, a “Christian Democrat”).”

    It’s also an islamic socia democratic organization these days, Ms Ardin is working in both the christian and islamic fields.

    1. and was seen smearing hot mustard on her bagel.

  45. Assange is lucky he only pissed off the American government. Had he done this to the Russians, he undoubtedly would have suffered a very tragic accident by now.

    1. secret police are secret police the world over.

      they do only what they know they can get away with one eye on the rear view mirror and an upset tummy.

      1. from sipping the radioactive tea?

          1. same to you buddy, then who offed litvineko?

  46. “A bit of legwork here too would have revealed that Ardin interned for the editorial page of GT”…

    are you sure abotu that? Are you SURE it wasn’t Gotlands Tidningen – a small paper?

    Funny about how little legwork is needed…



    1. this is a lady with perfect undercover creds.

      nice ass (ange)

    2. doesn’t explain away the yuckie tabloid with all the sordid phony details about two minutes after the boinkorama fest.

  47. sry but – it’s not only a few newspapers who are and will stay doubtful about all these charming claimed “time coincidences” with of course no, never any interests behind, there seem to be some more…

  48. She didn’t work for GT (Gothenburg post), but for GT (Gotlands Tidningar).

  49. looks like asange’s pixie dust is still working.

  50. Here is the true story. Maybe you’ve heard of Adi Shakti? In New Age religion female virtues are “holy”, this includes socialdarwinism (hate losers), irrationality and so on. The opposite of the male rational religions (turning the other cheek is really the rational way of breaking an escalation of violence). New Age religion is about the same as Christian Esoterism or occultism (it’s irrational so don’t expect any reasoning). Sounds crazy? It gets worse. Irwing Kristol was originally a liberal (by american standards), then he hit himself with a hammer (figuratively speaking) and became a neoconservative. The neocons love irrationality, lying, scheming and all other “female virtues”. Their little war in Afghanistan is really a war on male religion, male oppression. Makes sense now? We call them feminazis, they totally disregard logic and reasoning, they are on a mission to create a feminist world (with a little help from crooked men). How it’s going to work nobody knows. Assange was the enemy, he wants openness, not closed mystic female sects full of secrets like “The Secret”. The guy is evil in their eyes. Well that was the short version… 😉

  51. Given the CIA’s reputation, everyone from the most rabid liberal to the uber neocons and all the nonpoliticals in between WILL believe the U.S. government has something to do with these charges. If they don’t, and they have some more dastardy plan unfolding, they could be working quietly with the Swedes to quash this business. If Assange ends up dead somehow – anyhow – won’t 97% of the American public assume the CIA did it? Will even 3% of THOSE care?

  52. Dream on! Seems little Julian did something and really got his permiscuous behind in a bind this time. Run like hell you stupid dork, nobody wants you except Bolivians high on drugs. Really says a lot about his credability, apparently he’s nothing but trouble.

  53. ironic that he defends assange’s reputation, but attacks others as, “wild-eyed, spittle-flecked conspiracists bloggers.” ya big jerk.

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