Apology of the Day


From The New Republic's very own Spine, Martin Peretz:

I apologize to my readers and to Liza Minnelli for quoting from Tunku Varadarajan's otherwise estimable column about John McCain a remark slighting to her and her gifts. Minnelli has been a talented singer and actress for several decades, and she still has the the warranted courage to perform. What's more, she is one of those paradigmatic entertainers who gives of herself–her ample brain and enchanting personality–in the cause of human rights, a cause not as popular as it once was was. […]

And, by the way, what an exemplary private life she has had.

Speaking of Mr. Maverick, who is going to breeze to victory tonight in his primary challenge against noted clownfruit J.D. "Whatever it Takes" Hayworth, if you were worried that the well of disillusionment had finally run dry among the artists formerly known as his "base," fear not:

* Watching the Change in John McCain

* John McCain Runs a Maverick Anti-Maverick Campaign

* John McCain's Transformation From Maverick to Erratic

* Righting the Straight Talk Express

And so on. My favorite McCain-related story is him blaiming his souring image on "the Eastern press," as if they were some distant tribe of hostile and inscrutable elitists.