Tony Robbins: Forget What I Said Before; We're All Doomed


You want peak performance? Shave that cheesy stubble.

Anthony Robbins, the horse-jawed success coach and motivational speaker, puts aside optimism to tell his followers a gloomy tale of the Coming Economic Collapse.

It's "winter" in America, Robbins advises in this two-part video highlighted by's Michael Snyder. Robbins suggests it might be time to "take some stuff that you've made investments in off the table, and out of the stock market, especially if they're in manufacturing, retail or banking or, God forbid, in the areas of home building or housing."

Simile of the day: "The baby boom generation is like a pig going through a snake."

In part two, the Awaken The Giant Within author suggests it may be time to clean up the substance abuser within, likening overleveraged Americans to addicts going through a painful but necessary detox:

Or as a great man named Tim Cavanaugh once said, "Injecting more debt into the deflating housing balloon is like trying to drink yourself sober."

Snyder is down with Robbins' message, and lists a dozen pieces of a supporting evidence. I think it's Robbins' finest performance since Shallow Hal, and I'm happy the popular peak performance coach is cutting through the governmedia's pettifoggery about stock market strength, nascent recoveries, and how the economy will jump start if we can just get banks lending again.  Right on, Tony! Until I started using your technology I was just a big loser with a self-esteem problem, but look at me now!

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  1. I’m not getting out until Andrew W.K. tells me to.

    1. When it’s time to party we will party hard

    2. “All right! Andrew W.K., live in our living room!”

      1. How interesting!

        1. <a>, motherfucker! Do you speak it?

    3. When it comes to market decisions I’d trust Andrew W.K. over anyone in the administration.

      1. You know, with all those confusing profit to earnings ratios n’ shit.

        1. Too bad he’s running for Senate and not a financial adviser.

        2. Too bad he’s running for Senate and not a financial adviser.

  2. Buy gold now?

    1. Gold bug!

      1. Tin, a tip from a Barney Miller episode.

        1. Wasn’t Fish a gold bug? Or was that Wojo?

          1. U r a tard. Harris switched from gold to tin. You do not deserve to breathe the same air as me.

            1. You’re a towel tard! Barney told me to buy BP right after they plugged the leak, and he was right!

              1. Knew you were a towel boy who listens to Barney Frank.

    2. Why does everyone buy gold at $1200 and sit on it at $400?

      1. Same reason they buy stocks at 14000 and sell at 9000. Which is to say, because they have no grasp of perhaps the most fundamental principle of investing.

  3. I wouldn’t lump all “manufacturing” together. I believe the fortune funding Reason and Cato is built in part upon investments in some kinds of manufacturing.

    1. Right. There’s lies, damn lies…

      1. … and motivational speeches?

  4. Robbins also channels Sikha Dalmia…

    “”Find a way to add more value than anyone else is adding; that’s the ultimate competitive advantage… It’s about meeting other people’s needs. If you can pull someone aside who’s having a tough time and help them it will put your own problems in perspective; it will make your life more meaningful, and you won’t just be thinking ‘oh my god I’m losing my wealth”

    1. (and also adam smith’s theory of moral sentiment)

      1. This Smith guy sounds like some kind of socialist or altruist…

        1. You haven’t read TMS, have you?

        2. This Smith guy sounds like some kind of socialist or altruist…

          Actually, Socialist is an oxymoron of altruist, as you should know. A socialist is all about coercing others into his world view regardless of actual results. An altruist, if there really is such a creature, would actually be providing the “good” works himself, rather than coercing them from others at gunpoint.

          But you knew all of this already.

        3. [beaming with collective pride, wiping away collective tears]

          He makes us so proud.

  5. Abandon ship!


      1. That would have been SO much better imbedded and on autoplay.

        1. She sucks that tooth dragging way.

      2. this one is way better

  6. Why focus so tightly only on the US demographics? Yes, they are essential for the US economy and its market, but the US economy is not limited to the US market. The world’s population is only going to reach its all-time maximum peak in about 2020.

    1. “The world’s population is only going to reach its all-time maximum peak in about 2020.”

      Is that when the OrganicGirl plan goes into effect?

      1. Total-fertility rates are already down from their peak a decade or so ago.

        1. The world’s population is only going to reach its all-time maximum peak in about 2020.

          I believe that it is 2050.

          1. I believe that it is 2050.

            yeah that is what the UN says but they have seemed to revise every 5-10 years downward.

            Eying how it has changed over the last 20 I think it I will be like 2035

            1. You sure you didn’t just split the difference? I hadn’t heard that it was revised.

              The point is that it will peak. Once enough of the third world no longer needs to have children to work the farm the trend of growth ends.

              I actually think it is a bad thing.

              1. I think it will flatten out for a while as non-conservative religious elements have fewer and fewer kids, while the conservative elements have more and more. Eventually, however it will begin to grow again.

            2. If you beleive anything the UN says, I have a bridge you my want to buy.

          2. Nah, the wars and the plagues will make 2020 the high point.

  7. Okay, so the roof is creaking and about to collapse again. What’s a good place to go to ride it out?

    BTW, I think he’s right…we’re going to hit a second dip because the fundamentals haven’t changed and we’ve been fooling ourselves for two years with idiotic government interventions designed to paper over the problems.

    1. Okay, so the roof is creaking and about to collapse again. What’s a good place to go to ride it out?


    2. idiotic government interventions

      We reap what we sow in a mixed economy. Are Americans finally waking up to this fact? Too early to tell.

      1. I think a lot are, but there are still too many that swallow the nonsense pumped out by charlatans like Krugman.

        Is gold the only refuge?

        1. Guns and ammo also have an intrinsic value that you can rely on. But like gold, governments may try to make you turn them in.

          1. God damn, quit yapping about intrinsic value. There’s no such thing. Guns and ammo do you no good when you’re stuck on a desert isle with no fauna but lush vegetation that you can snack on all day.

            1. Guns are still good for opening coconuts.

            2. You can kill yourself when you get tired of eating veggies and not having sex in a quick and expedient manner.

              No intrinsic value…

              1. Hey, that’s a description of my life! Quick, get me a gun.

                1. Oh wait, there’s porn. Thank God for porn.

                  1. Hmmm coconut porn.

                    1. I’ve never done coconut porn?

              2. Wait, do you mean you can kill yourself in a quick and expedient manner because you aren’t having sex, or that you can kill yourself because you’re not having sex in a quick and expedient manner?

            3. Saying there is no such thing as intrinsic value is intrinsically silly.

              1. Tell that to Sikha Dalmia’s face.

            4. Guns and ammo are great for keeping all the lush vegatation to yourself.

            5. Agreed, there is no such thing as intrinsic value. Come on folks, the Austrians settled this question over a hundred years ago. The only value that exists is subjective value to an individual.

              1. The Austrians seemed to assign a very high arbitrary value to one of their archdukes, as did much of the world at the time…

                Oh wait, you mean the Austrian School… Never mind.

          2. Don’t forget whisk(e)y. Good for general anesthetic, as well as topical antiseptic.

    3. Okay, so the roof is creaking and about to collapse again. What’s a good place to go to ride it out?

      Oil futures.

      Canadian dollar.

      Super low priced foreclosed homes. (rent then to help with the 4% mortgage and don’t get them in California. That floor is still a ways away)

      And my new internet start up “Blog Vandal”

    4. Jeffersonian|8.21.10 @ 3:28PM|#
      “Okay, so the roof is creaking and about to collapse again. What’s a good place to go to ride it out?”

      Under Your Mattress

  8. Doesn’t this seem kinda like he’s cold reading America?

    1. You have him mistaken for John Edwards.

      Easy mistake to make, since they both have monosyllabic first names and a plural last names.

      1. Tony has two syllables.


    1. Except for all those times it went down.

      1. As it is about to do soon.

    2. Just like housing did

  10. I’m waiting for investment advice from Oprah because she could buy and sell dozens of Tony Robbinses.

    1. Asking for investment advice from Oprah is like asking God for advice on creating the universe. It can only be done once.

  11. “Okay, so the roof is creaking and about to collapse again. What’s a good place to go to ride it out?”

    Apart from cash, gold, and very short term treasuries, there probably aren’t any good places.

    What the last downturn (Aug 08 – Feb 09) showed us was that in a liquidity panic, no market is considered safe and no counter-party is considered credit-worthy, no matter how far removed from the source of the problem.

    I’m personally sitting on the sidelines with 70% cash, 30% gold/silver.

    (NB… even gold did poorly in the last panic. I’m holding it as a hedge in case a liquidity panic doesn’t repeat itself, and we instead suffer a slow, stagflationary decline.)

    1. Long-term stock put options on ETFs or Index stocks (QQQQ or DWG).

      1. DIA, not DWG. My bad.

      2. Watch out on the ETFs. Daily decay will kill you over the long term. They are really meant for short term holds.

        1. It’s a good point, but with 1) increased taxation 2) increased, pointless, regulatory burden and 3) continuing unemployment, I expect 1Q 2011 to be dismal.

          I have puts that expire in Dec, 2011. While I’ll lose a fair amount on time value, I think I’ll more than make up for it with the (dismal) performance of the market.

          And if I’m wrong, then it means the economy is actually improving, and I ought to be able to get a much better job.

    2. My guys says corporate bonds, because they are hoarding cash.

  12. I don’t take seriously the analysis of any guy who convinces people that fat chicks look like Gwyneth Paltrow…

    1. True story: a friend and I were at a off-Broadway play in the Village; it was a one-woman “I play all my family members” groan-fest. Sitting directly in front of us was Blythe Danner, so to amuse ourselves we started talking about how awful of an actress Gwyneth was so she could hear us. She started shooting us dirty looks, and then I got the stare of death when I said that my favorite part of Se7en was when we found out Gwyneth’s head was in the box. Man, that was fun. Did I mention I’m a huge dick?

      1. Bravo! That’s up there.

        1. Tormenting B-list celebrities is one of life’s true pleasures.

          1. But Blythe is so milfishly tasty! Well, she used to be.

            1. I think Blythe Danner was the first actress I had a massive crush on. I was about 13 or so. Not sure why, but she did it for me then, maybe the smoky voice or something.

              Which is too bad, becasue Gwyneth is most boring fucking actress ever. Even more boring than Daryl Hannah.

              1. Maybe, unless you’ve seen Gwyneth do the ‘save the whales’ bit with Jimmy Fallon on SNL. Pitch perfect. Ditto Darryl in the trailer with Budd and the Mamba. Oscar material.

      2. Who the fuck is Blythe Danner?

        1. Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother, you dolt.

          1. Well that was a little harsh, you jackwagon.

            1. Harsh?!? Have you seen the names I call Warty? “Dolt” was positively friendly.

              1. I’m sensitive.

                1. that’s what she said.

        2. Blythe Danner co-stared with Peter Fonda in ‘Future World’, which was recently broadcast over the air. I know this due to an unfortunate misunderstanding with my cable company and Tivo suggestions.

      3. Everybody knows you eat huge dick, and small.

        1. Epi, does it bother you that you have such shitty enemies?

          1. Sometimes. Sometimes it does. But I have you and NutraSweet, so having shitty friends makes up for it.

            1. So basically you get your rocks off upsetting strangers in public. You didn’t need to mention you’re a huge dick as that’s obvious. Well, what goes around comes around, and sometimes ten-fold.

              1. I’d bet 2-to-one odds that Epi is actually a pretty decent human being in real life. So if that means that Epi is going to get called names and shit online, then, actually, the come around has already happened, if maybe only 5 fold or so.

      4. Did I mention I’m a huge dick?

        You mention that just about every day. We get it. Thanks.

  13. Coincidentally, I just happen to be able to predict the future…

    In the future? All the assets all these failing banks have written down? Will all be written back up again.

    To help that happen sooner rather than later, our government needs to stop aggressively discouraging economic activity and investment.

    Eliminate the capital gains tax already. We need to slash corporate and income tax rates–like yesterday. How will we make up for the budget shortfall?

    I don’t care. Any way you want. There are about 150,000 people working at the Commerce Department–I’d start with laying off half of them.

    …people whining about how we need that money for government largess should be ridiculed. People defending government largess in times like this should be laughing stocks.

    1. I guess your predictions of the future don’t involve robots that will satisfy every whim.

  14. This would have been more helpful in 2006.

    1. You don’t know that. The next couple years could be much worse than the last couple.

  15. I’m happy the popular peak performance coach is cutting through the governmedia’s pettifoggery about stock market strength

    The Fed should just wade into the market and buy stock to prop up the DJIA.

    There is nothing they cannot do.

    1. “There is nothing they cannot do.”

      Have you been talking to Gideon Gono again?

    2. I’m telling ya. Ben has red and blue spandex underwear on. When he’s alone in his office he stands on his desk in front of a fan that makes his cape wave behind him.

  16. Fucking baby boomers. If there is a group of people that need to feel the wrath of an economic collapse, it would have to be the fucking assholes who have kept the same big spending assholes in office for so long. We aught create giant baby boomer prisons and start depositing baby boomers there. We can start with Cleveland and Detroit. And if you’re POS liberal boomer, you get a fucking one way ticket to Afghaninam. Boomers can go mosque themselves.

    1. Nice rant. Good fervor without going overboard.

      1. Thank ya, thank ya very much. I don’t comment too, too much, but I always try to be cheerful.

    2. “Escape from Detroit”

      Isn’t Kurt Russel a baby boomer? I think John Carpenter is too old to be one, though.

      1. You should avoid the word “think.”

        1. I don’t think I will. But thanks for thinking of me.

        2. I love you.

      2. Kurt Russel is a baby boomer, but also a libertarian. Plus, the star of EFNY and The Thing should be exempt from having to go to Detroit.

        1. True. Don’t forget Big Trouble in Little China.

          Jack Burton could escape from Detroit.

          1. When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, looks you crooked in the eye and asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like that: “Have ya paid your dues, Jack?” “Yessir, the check is in the mail.”

        2. Boom! All over rctl!

    3. I’m a tail-end boomer (born in 1959), and I agree completely. The ass-end of the WWII generation and the boomers totally fucked America.

      1. How about the WW two generation itself?

        1. Yeah, they don’t escape condemnation for saddling us with shit like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

          1. We choose to ignore inconvenient facts of history.

            1. Having tumled out in 1960, I guess this means I dodge the blame, in favor of having rolled int he shit just a bit longer than quite a few. Nice.

    4. We get this disrespectful treatment after coddling all you useless gen x’ers, or gen y’ers’, or whatever you douche-bags call yourselves? Your idea of useful activity is playing video games, and jackin’ off to youtube, whatever the fuck that is. You’re all a bunch of plagiarizing, talentless misfits. You can’t even win a fucking war in Afghanistan against a bunch of fucking stone-age ragheads, for God’s sake.

      1. all you useless gen x’ers, or gen y’ers’, or whatever you douche-bags call yourselves? Your idea of useful activity is playing video games, and jackin’ off to youtube, whatever the fuck that is. You’re all a bunch of plagiarizing, talentless misfits.

        Baby Boomer, maybe you and your kind should take some responsibility then for the terrible parenting job you’ve done.

        1. Game, set, match.

          That was beautiful Tom.

          1. Spock may be a Vulcan, but Dr. Spock was a child molester on a massive scale.

        2. Baby Boomer, maybe you and your kind should take some responsibility then for the terrible parenting job you’ve done.

          This is my #1 piece of evidence against all the nonsense idealization of the “family” of the 1950s. More like a unit devoted to coddling, infantilizing, and sanitizing children.

          1. It’s about time I got some credit for busting my boy’s butts when they showed off, and grounding baby girl when she sassed me. So far they’ve turned out pretty good, one a mechanical engineer, one a soldier whipping(or trying to) the ragheads in Afghanistan, and the other a schoolteacher.

            Not all of us baby boomer’s are bad, but I was raised in South Arkansas, so I was stuck in a time warp, but we’re catching up now, unfortunately.

      2. You can’t even win a fucking war in Afghanistan against a bunch of fucking stone-age ragheads, for God’s sake.

        That’s funny coming from you, whippersnapper.

        1. Yeah, how’d that whole Vietnam thing turn out for ya?

      3. Ragheads, war, and God. Is that you W back on the ranch? Maybe the ‘misfits’ can’t win because it’s not part of God’s plan, or Alah’s for that matter. Or maybe there’s just nothing to be accomplished worthwhile with a bunch of gamers sitting in a container in Neveda bombing the shit out of ‘ragheads.’ Tell ya what, Boom, how about if my generation steps things up a notch when you pricks win your fucking war on drugs, huh? Furthermore, I’d say the generation on the ground fighting the war is answering their call to duty quite well. It’s the shitbags in suits (our baby boomer leaders) that are wiping their asses daily with the Constitution.

        Specifically, your ilk hasn’t received the disrespect you deserve. You want to see a show of respect, how about showing some for the fucking Constitution.

        There’s one big giant obstacle to reforming (you know, for the fucking better) Social Security and Medicare, you motherfuckers. For a generation that seems hell bent on keeping homosexuals from their “constituional state marriage entitlements,” you sure as fuck don’t mind keeping your big government cock lodged up the ass of younger, and future, generations. I shouldn’t have generalized, I meant pricks like you. I’m almost 40 and admittedly have had my head ignorantly lodged up my arse for a lot of those years, but I imagine you’re getting up there, Boom – what are you waiting on, an ecomonic collapse?

    5. Hey wait, it’s not like all of us baby boomers are cut from the same cloth or have anything like the same values.

      I detest what the baby boomer generation has made of the world as much as anyone, they having giving us the present political/economic situation as well as a variety of delectable confections such as zero tolerance and political correctness and all the rest of the hang wringing hysteria which plagues us, but we are not all responsible for it.

      Many of us have been individualists and liberty lovers from the get go who recognized “liberalism” so called, for the cruel hoax it is long ago. We didn’t all buy into the idea that holding hands around the campfire and singing cum ba ya and feeling self righteous was the cure to the worlds problems. Contempt for the BB generation in toto makes no more sense than the contempt my generation held for the stodgy “greatest generation”.

      1. You’re right, I shouldn’t have generalized. I know some good boomers.

        Maybe we could carve out a little space for you out in Bell, CA. Pelosi’s district at a minimum. Just kidding. Keep on lovin’ libery, brother. Cumbaya.

        1. the fucking assholes who have kept the same big spending assholes in office for so long

          Good one, “Hank.” Playing the generation card (or the race card or the class card) is the lowest form of debate.

  17. Tony’s about three years late…..

  18. Nothing about clinging to our guns and religion? Is that out now?

  19. I never knew Tony was a racist.

  20. I am just going to Bask in what Robbins has to say.

  21. His analysis isn’t all bad, but his demographics argument with the baby boomers is a bunch of sloppy thinking. The baby boomers will cause us tremendous grief via their massive entitlements, but whether they spend or save doesn’t matter much so far as economic growth. Total spending is more a symptom than a driver. The economy went sour because government interference, primarily via the Fed, has created mountains of malinvestment that did not produce a positive return. In short, the world put all its money into crap and it turns out there’s no money in crap.

  22. word

  23. I suspect that Tony knows a lot more specifics than he gave but felt compelled to give a simplistic version of things in the time available.

  24. So I made the mistake of reading a Huffington Post comment thread. I’ll file that under “things not to do”, right alongside hitting the backs of shotgun shells with a ball-peen hammer. Behold.

    LooktotheLeft 20 minutes ago (10:11 PM)
    2752 Fans
    Teabaggers are afflicted a serious illness that’s spread throughout areas heavily populated with teabaggers and teabagger sympathizers all throughout the U.S. It’s known as PTBPD (Post Traumatic Black President Disorder) which is part of an overall dissociative disorder associated with a lifetime of denial of overt r*acism.

    1. …..

      Can we start shooting these assholes yet?

      1. And did it actually type “r*acism”?

        What a fucking maroon…

    2. Why don’t we have categories like “Level 1 Networker” and “Level 1 Superuser” over here? That would be so awesome.

      1. Your Red clearance does not qualify you for release of this knowledge. You have been demoted to Infrared.
        Good day, Citizen.

    3. Some Failed Tea Party Candidates Not Willing To Back Victorious Opponents

      Remember when that same crowd was saying Tea Pirates were astroturf?

    4. Ha, ha! I’ll never be played out… ever. Can’t wait to invade another ‘bagger party with my racist signs and redneck gear on.

    5. It’s just the latest example of the GOP’s Tea Party dilemma. In several high-profile races where the small-government activists have been a factor, standard rules of political etiquette dictating primary losers to graciously throw their support behind the party nominee aren’t being followed.

      What the fuck is this shit? So candidates have a responsibility to endorse the person they lost to now? Then why the fuck did they run against them? I think this is a rule and problem the press made up when it suited their needs.

    6. What does “2752 Fans” mean? Is it like “friends” on MySpace?

      1. It means almost 3000 people have a profound misunderstanding of the phrase “pearl necklace”

    7. So I made the mistake of reading a Huffington Post comment thread.

      You fool! You never look directly at it.

    8. Dude, Huffpo comments is prime troll ground. Even the novice troll can rack up some serious hate there.

      For a while I thought it was just people trolling back or parodying me, then I realized some, or many, of them were serious.

      There are some scary stupid unhinged people up in that board.

    9. Warty?


      Warty? (this one is funnier)

      Loud youtube video stuffs, maybe NSFW.

  25. When the Fed gets you down run to an alternative currency such as bitcoin.

    1. After what happened to e-gold, what makes anyone think bitcoin will fare any better?

      Answers predicated on the phrase “P2P” will be automatically discarded by the filter.

  26. Has anyone mentioned yet how big Robbin’s head is? I mean, look at the size of that noggin. It’s like he’s another species between cro-magnum and neanderthal or something.

    1. You can’t make it in show business without a lot of head.

      1. Nice.

        Speaking of neanderthals, I just read Hominids, the first book of the Neanderthal Parallax trilogy.

        ::cue sci-fi discussion!::

  27. So I made the mistake of reading a Huffington Post comment thread. I’ll file that under “things not to do”, right alongside hitting the backs of shotgun shells with a ball-peen hammer.

    With a link.

    Instead of saying, “Dude, don’t hit that shotgun shell with that hammer, because it’s not as much fun as you might think” you’re really saying, “SHARE MY PAIN.”

    Thanks, jerk.

    1. The only thing missing was the “hey, y’all, watch THIS”

    2. After you’ve pulled out a bunch of little pieces of primer brass from your arms, you’ll understand why I want to share that pain. It’s nothing personal.

      1. Don’t let a .357 magnum cartridge sit in an ashtray of burning lighter fluid while you go refill your whisky, either.

  28. Typically incomprehensible actions.
    The interest rates are at the lowest level in decades, yet when ARM’s adjust they will skyrocket causing increased forclosures? What’s up with that?
    The huge corporations sitting on 1.8 trillion dollars in cash, refusing to hire and thus decreasing demand for consumer spending? IMHO they can’t sit on it forever. Whether it is after the midterms or (God forbid) they sit on the sidelines until the 2012 elections, they can’t continue to make money by slashing wages and cutting production.

    1. …[companies]they can’t continue to make money by slashing wages and cutting production.

      Sure they can. They may not be able to grow (or grow as fast as they otherwise could), but they can still make accounting profit and break even economically. What is there to stop them?

  29. LOL, that dude is such a tool!


  30. Matt didn’t even show up in person? No chance he’s going to get hit in the face with a chair. What a gyp.

  31. Too many people expecting a decline (including me,because of what I’ve read)so a decline probably won’t come or will be minor. I went into bonds in June and I might have made a mistake even though I am up still. I hope a decline does come so I can get back into stocks.

  32. Remember folks, the Baby Boomers did not create this entitlement mess. Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid were enacted before we could even vote. Sorry there are so many of us, but I’m just keeping it real…

  33. I’ve known that this was coming since 2003. I’ve invested in oil, natural gas, uranium, gold and silver companies because I expect them to hold their value during the depression that’s coming.

  34. Very well said and expressed.

  35. Robbins needs a “Gimme HEAD Til I’m Dead” t-shirt.

  36. Tony’s advice should be taken with concern as we are headed for an even worse time than 2009. The double dip is coming and it will be here soon. This is not doom and gloom but reality folks. The US market cannot sustain its current levels due to unemployment increases, housing defaults, company earnings and the list goes on. Our way of life in America will change forever and with it we all will learn. Are the world markets all in the same position and the answer is no. Can money be made and the answer is yes, look at foreign ETF’s. America needs to become a producer again like we were in the industrial revolution. We have to stop farming jobs out to other countries for cheap labor. Both private and public sectors need to learn how to manage capital and operational budgets. Only then can we ever be what we once were. America needs change and the government needs to see this as the people of this nation are now realizing. We as a nation will only become strong again if we bond together as a nation of people to voice what America is and can be again. America is a nation of people not government control. Good luck to us all, we will make it through but hard times are yet to come for us all.

  37. It sounds like Tony may have gotten his inights from Dan Arnold, author of The Great Bust Ahead. His rambling report here is a confusing yet accurate warning about one simple fact – the numbers of 45 – 54 year olds in the U.S. – the big spenders is about to fall over a cliff from 2012 to 2025. That’s the story and with them will go the eoconomy. It’s is simple as that. What we’ve seen to date is a cakewalk compared to what lies ahead beginning in 2012. Do yourself and your family a big favor and get the clear message at – he’s got one article and one interview recording there that will spell it out for you.

    Good luck

    Louis Paquette

  38. I used to attend Tony Robbins seminars in my younger more affluent days.Just got done listening to President obama address us this morning on how bad the prior administration left us and how he is on the right track. I know he is blowing smoke up my _ _ _. Glad I stumbled upon this reality check while looking for data on private sector job growth. Still love you Tony after all these years.

  39. Wow, I hadn’t seen this video, It’s really a change from his tipical speech… hope people listen to him this time!

  40. wom, what a great blog !!!

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