35 Years Ago


“I’ve always considered myself extremely conservative in purely social terms and in fiscal terms. As far as art is concerned or first amendment rights…I am very much a libertarian.”

â€"“Fighting Censorship for Profit: An Interview With Bob Guccione” 

“The fascist [Portuguese] dictatorship, far from proving some sort of right-wing bulwark against the left, was just the opposite: for the institutions created by fascist dictatorshipâ€"the rule of big government, the interpenetration of government and industry, the suppressing of dissent, etc.â€"created all the necessary conditions for the current left-wing takeover.”

â€"Murray N. Rothbard, “The Reign of Dictatorships”

“Walt Disney World is full of marvels. The city has, for example, a smoothly functioning mass transit system, no pollution to speak of, a garbage disposal system which defies belief…and fire sprinklers in the buildings.”

â€"David Levy, “Learning Economics From Walt Disney World”

â€"October 1975