Reason Morning Links: Blagojevich Escapes Major Charges, Millions Displaced in Pakistan, Kathryn Johnston's Family Compensated


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  1. Lone juror holds out on major charges, . . .

    So was it Bribery or Blackmail?

    1. I blame Bush

        1. Hoping for a senate seat appointment.

    2. Its the Chicago way!

      1. When you live in a cesspool, everything smells like shit.

        1. Off topic, but waste management related. The city tore down a beauty shop and an adjacent house about a month or two ago. And when they did, they capped the sewer line to the next hous over. So for about two months this poor woman has been filling up that capped pipe that should connect to the main sewer pipe in the street. How could the city be so fucking stupid?

          1. Well.. If you’ve ever lived there the question wouldn’t be “How could they be so stupid?” You would wonder.. “How is it possible that this place can even function?”

    3. So was it Bribery or Blackmail?

      Whatever gets the job done. Maybe it was the simple promise of letting the juror run his or her hands through that glorious head of hair.

      1. Or the right to park anywhere they want and drive as fast as they want in the state of Illinois without fear of a ticket.

        1. Well, at least we know he didn’t offer his wife up as a honeypot. She looks like a bilge-water rat The High Evolutionary got ahold of.

          1. I never got politicians who have homely wives. Isn’t getting a hot wife the point of going into politics?

            1. 1. Acquire wife who will aid you in politics.

              2. Have your sex with women other than your wife using the lure of your political power.

              1. Good point. A homely one is more likely to put up with your cheating.

            2. I believe not.

            3. Isn’t getting a hot wife the point of going into politics?

              They usually only get a wife to prove they aren’t gay. And they have to pretty much marry someone their own age. And then they have kids so they can look like they know about “family values.” And it takes a while before the guys get to the national stage…

              Kids + over-40 = Uggo. For every attractive mother over 40, there are 25 who aren’t.

              1. post that on jezebel

                1. All women are beautiful, waffles. All women.

                  1. Some, even on the outside.

              2. True. But I think the attractivness of mother’s over 40 has more to do with women’s tendency to let themselves go after they have had kids. There are attractive mothers over 40. But if you look at them closely, they don’t have great figures anymore, their asses bigger than they once were things like that. But the attractive ones have kept their weight under control and bother to put on decent clothes and makeup. A lot of the 25 who are not attractive could still be attractive if they still gave a shit about themselves. It amazes me the number of women out there who think that once they have had kids it doesn’t matter if they get fat or bother to wear anything but frumpy unattractive clothes for the rest of their lives. But they still somehow expect their husbands to want to sleep with them and not look elsewhere.

                1. Save it for the therapist, John. 😉

                  1. LOL. Fortunately my wife is neither 40 or a mother. So I am okay for a while anyway.

                    1. The scariest part of becoming a grandfather is realizing that you are sleeping with a grandmother.

                2. A lot of women also let themselves go because 1) their men do, 2) their men’s sex drives go down. I think both men and women in this country are mostly disgusting fat pigs who want to stuff their faces with processed food and watch TV when they get home from work. Ugh. You guys probably don’t notice all the chubby, hideous men cause you’re not looking at the same sex though.

                  1. No I don’t spend my time looking at men. But I knew a lot of guys in the Army who kept themselves in shape yet still had sea lions for wives. So I am not buying that it is all men’s fault.

              3. And they have to pretty much marry someone their own age.

                Elaine Chao is 11 years younger than McConnell. Of course, she is wife #2, so maybe different standards apply.

          2. I am so stealing this line for future use.

      2. So… yet another criminal gets away with his crimes. Wonderful news.

    4. It was that God Damned Taco Pizza, that’s what it was. The one day they ordered pizza, one of them ordered that abomination “taco pizza” from Beggars Pizza.

      Blago hasn’t “escaped” anything. The “minor charge” carries a max five years and he has to spend 85% of what he gets hit with inside the federal slammer.

      A mistrial was declared by the judge for the remaining charges. The judge and the prosecutor were going over the schedule for a new trial right after the jury was released.

      Primetime Blago will be back in a few weeks.

  2. Virginia officials arrest 13 people for violating ban on smoking in restaurants.

    Well, at least while they’re doing this important Public Service, they aren’t shooting our dogs.

    Or Kathryn Johnston…

  3. Can someone explain this to me? If smoking illegally is punishable by a $25 fine, why exactly were these people arrested? Isn’t this the same as getting arrested to be given a traffic ticket? I’m not getting this. Were they immediately released?

    1. They should just let you pay the fine up front and then you can smoke in restaurants.

      1. “”They should just let you pay the fine up front and then you can smoke in restaurants.””

        Or better yet, they should repeal the bans and allow the owner to decide if it’s smoke free. No fine, but if you light up, you get kicked out.

    2. Anything that is against the law can lead to arrest.

      “”Isn’t this the same as getting arrested to be given a traffic ticket?””

      Pretty much, and it does happen.

  4. So no update on the controversy over the mosque at ground zero?

    1. We’re all redneck racists. How’s that for an update…


    2. What mosque?

    3. Just wait a little while. They will have another story ignoring the only real issue and whine about some distraction.

  5. Rahm Emanuel is way better at managing his own image than his boss’s. I’m pretty sure the Chief of Staff isn’t supposed to be getting press about how he told the President better every time the President puts his foot in it.

    Once again, the Rove/McClellan organization comes out looking good against these clowns. I’d enjoy this circus more if it didn’t affect my life so much.

    1. Rahming speed!

      Though I don’t agree. I’d say Emanuel has and has had a crappy reputation.

      1. Fuck you, you fucking fucker! I don’t want to see your mouth open unless it has my dick in it!

      2. Rahm is worthless as a Chief of Staff. He essentially sets the calendar for the President, and has shat the bed in that job continually. That’s what pisses me off. Every time the administration gets bad press, there’s always the counter-story that Rahm wasn’t in on it. If anyone needs to go down with the Obama ship, it’s Emanuel.

        1. Maybe. But it reminds me of when an athlete gets into trouble they always say that “he is just hanging around with the wrong crowd”. No one ever thinks maybe the athlete is the wrong crowd.

          The same thing happens with Presidents. The media always blames their advisers and say “he is just getting bad advice”. But they never consider it is his advisers who are getting the bad advice from the President. Maybe Emmanuel is doing a great job with what he has to work with.

          1. I’m not so much defending Obama as attacking Emanuel. Rahm’s obviously got a way of getting his side of the story out, and using it. That’s not how administration insiders are supposed to play. Everybody takes the lumps and the big guy gets any credit. If you don’t want to play that way, go back to the House and be the boss again.

            1. That is true. But why doesn’t Obama put up with it? That would piss me off if I were him.

              1. “But why doesn’t Obama put up with it?”

                Internalized racism.

              2. Obama puts up with it because Emanuel is his boss.

                1. So you are saying Rahm may know where a few bodies are buried?

                  1. Hillary’s FBI files have served her well.

                2. Or maybe Emmanuel has a copy of the Kenyon birth certificate.

        2. Yeah, man! So we threw the first piece of poop out ’cause big deal, whatever. Accidents happen, right? But then this morning, there’s another piece of poop in the exact same spot. Now, Frank says it’s not him, and I say it’s not me, but you bet your ass it’s one of us.

    2. I was under the impression it was to be a *Rahmadan* dinner.

    1. Good for her Guardian is a good gig. I hope they paid her. Newspapers are the worst about stiffing freelancers.

    2. It’s bad enough that she shows up here occasionally, you don’t have to link her.

      1. Fuck you, asscunt.

      2. You know, having ASSHAT tattooed on your forehead may not be cheap, but it saves you the effort of having to prove yourself to be an ignorant dolt daily.

    3. I like the commentor who doesn’t want to read stories about America on the CIF AMERICA site.

      1. One of them actually uses the “few bad apples” argument.

        1. I didn’t think they discern between good and bad apples in England (or good and bad any other food either).

          1. After you boil it for 3 days, how would you tell?

    4. She claims it’s illegal to record police in 12 states. I thought Radley and maybe Jacob had determined it was only illegal in 1-3 states.

      1. I thought they proved it wasn’t illegal in any state?

        1. “”I thought they proved it wasn’t illegal in any state?””

          Nope, Joe M is correct.

      2. facts schmacks, she’s on our side!

      3. I think she’s referring to the states that require all parties to the recording to consent. There are twelve of those.

  6. After repeated complaints about people smoking in and around a group of Vietnamese restaurants in Falls Church, police have now arrested nine smokers for illegally lighting up and four others for allowing smoking in their establishments.

    Complaints by whom?

    People who believe they have a “right” to eat Vietnamese food without having to smell icky cigarettes?

    1. A friend of mine who owns a bar in the Nordeast neighborhood of Minneapolis told me that after the local smoking ban went into effect someone called the cops and complained about a local shithole bar named “Irv’s” allowing people to still smoke.

      The guy telling the story told me that the cops just laughed told the guy to call back when they had a real crime to report and hung up.

    2. Pfft… we don’t wait for “complaints” here in New York. We just send fleets of undercover tobacco-compliance agents fanning out through what’s left of the city’s nightlife. Easy when you’ve got 35,000 cops to keep busy.

  7. The people of Atlanta are now stuck paying 4.9 million dollars thanks to their shitbag cops. Personal liability and liability insurance is the only way. If an insurance company had to pay this, they would just pass it along to other cops with policies and cops rather than tax payers would pay for the actions of bad cops.

    1. The stopped clock is finally right.

      1. Douche much?

        1. You’ve never complained before.

    2. If private industry insured cops, the standards would be higher.

      1. Yes they would be. Insurance and torts work really well to ensure safety and good behavior.

        1. If it hits you in the wallet, at least there are some consequences to your bad behavior. Cops get away with murder too often to accept the system as it currently operates.

      2. Yes, Tim, the standards would be higher, but many governments self-insure. And as much as I like the idea of requiring LEOs to carry their own liability insurance as a condition of employment, I’m sure that the cops’ union, or one of their enablers, would claim that this impedes performance, makes the municipality subject to the whims of industry (oh noes!) etc.

        I’d also like to see cop liability insurance available to citizens, ie I’d pay for an insurance policy that covers me against the tax burden of paying for things like the $4.9 mil settlement.

        Any of our illustrious JD’s have anything to add to this?

    3. $4.9 million divided by 541,000 residents equals $9.07 per person liability. Plus the cost of defending against the lawsuit, etc. In an ideal world framing this in stark economic terms would yield change, but this is not an ideal world.

    4. “”The people of Atlanta are now stuck paying 4.9 million dollars thanks to their shitbag cops. Personal liability and liability insurance is the only way. If an insurance company had to pay this, they would just pass it along to other cops with policies and cops rather than tax payers would pay for the actions of bad cops.””

      1. The people of Atlanta passively support the cop’s actions, else they would motivate their elected officials to do something. In that light it is just that they pay.

      2. Perhaps cops should be required to buy some sort of liability insurance for shooting innocent people.

    1. My son witnessed that incident. He was ashamed that his fellow Juggafans would stoop to such a level of barbarism.

      Now, OTOH, Carl Levin got a pie in the face… and I’m just fine with that.

  8. Note to Juggalos- next time, use bigger rocks.

  9. It’s really hard to choose a side in that story.

    1. The Tila Tequila vs. Juggalos, that is.

      1. Sometimes a fight to the death is the only answer.

        1. Only if the survivors are going to be put in a sack full of cats and thrown in a river.

          1. The cats didn’t do anything wrong.

            1. Baby seals? Spotted owl? Politicians who vote for public employee raises? I’m feeling pretty strongly that we need to include animals that will panic, claw, and bite as they drown. Otherwise we could just hit them with a bat and dump them in a river.

            2. Cats are inherently awful. They poop in the house, they don’t come when called, and they scratch. And I’m allergic.

              I support legislation to ban them, spinsters be damned.

              1. And they’re stupid.

                1. No they are not. They just are basically still wild animals that have moved in with us. They are very smart. They just haven’t been fully domesticated like dogs so they don’t take orders.

                  1. Cats are a libertarian-ish pet. I like that they don’t obey me. Who the fuck am I to begin with? Can they feed themselves indoors? No. But it is a voluntary arrangement.

                    1. My cat brings me food — including the occasional live duck. I keep telling him that I’m good, but I guess he feels like he needs to bring something to the relationship besides the ability to lick his junk and run around the house like a maniac in the wee morning hours.

                    2. Cats are a libertarian-ish pet. I like that they don’t obey me. Who the fuck am I to begin with? Can they feed themselves indoors? No. But it is a voluntary arrangement.

                      I don’t need an adversarial relationship with a subject of my domain. My pets need to know I’m the one running shit.

                      My dog understands this. When I walk in the door, it instantly becomes the greatest day in his life. When I call him, he runs directly to me. I am his hero.

                      Cats, on the other hand, are on their own program. You can be their friend, but never their master. I would respect this attitude, were it not for the clumps of shit and piss I need to sift just for them to be around. If I buy food and clean up your feces, you better fucking respect my demands.

                      I suppose this says more about me than my pet preference. I’ll be Francisco Franco before I’m John Arbuckle.

                    3. You petty tyrant.

                    4. You petty tyrant.

                      I’m running for congress as soon as I am legally able.

                  2. Yes, they are. People love to make excuses for cats and love to twist their instinctive predatory skills into intelligence. They’re nature’s doofuses.

                2. If you badmouth kitties again, I will come over and vivisect you, Pro L, you fucking shitbag. If your kitties won’t cuddle with you, the problem is you.

                  1. ^^THIS^^

                  2. Cats love me. I have no issue with our cats. But cats are dumber than rocks.

              2. Cats are wonderful. They kill rodents and have been valuable to man since the dawn of civilization.

                1. have been valuable to man since the dawn of civilization

                  In Vietnam. Where they eat them.

                2. My landlords have mice in the kitchen. They also have a dog. I have three cats… and no mice.


                  1. I have this cute little tuxedo cat that weighs about 8 lbs. Everyone loves her. She is the gregarious and nicest cat ever. But at heart she is a killer. Cleaned out my parents house of mice when I was overseas and killed a venomous snake in the garage. I love that.

                    1. My tuxedo is–literally–twice that size.

                    2. I think mine was the runt of the litter. I found her hanging out in my apartment building back in San Antonio. I am not sure what her story is. But she is so gentle she must have belonged to someone as a kitten.

                  2. My landlords have mice in the kitchen. They also have a dog. I have three cats… and no mice.

                    I have an exterminator. He doesn’t poop in my house unless he had too much coffee that morning and I’m not there. I don’t have to feed him, he doesn’t make me sneeze and if he scratches me I can beat his ass guiltlessly. And I also have no rodent problem.

                    1. You don’t have to pay a cat.

                    2. Cat or dog, if your animal has a behaviour problem, you are responsible. If you have a problem with cat house training, you should either do some research and figure out why your cats are having litter box problems or give them to someone who is better with cats.

              3. Humans are the same way.

            3. Bah. Cats are just fuzzy lizards. Give me a dog any day. The bigger and dumber the better.

              1. I don’t do dumb dogs. Give me a herding breed or one of the higher hunting breeds any day.

              2. Pet foxes is where its at:


                1. Ah, but can scratch your exterminator under his furry little chin and tell him what a schnookum-wookums he is while he purrs his little heart out?

                  And on the crap question… I walk a Newfie for a friend, and lemme tell ya – three 8 pound cats and a litter box is a hell of a lot better than one 120 pound dog and a plastic bag.

                  1. Newfies are awful. A dog that shits Volkswagens is an extreme example.

                  2. Ah, but can scratch your exterminator under his furry little chin and tell him what a schnookum-wookums he is while he purrs his little heart out?

                    Cat Proximity

            4. Looks like maybe Reason should do a blog entry on libertarians and cats.

              1. Pet choice may be more volatile than pizza, BSR.

                1. Cats have dignity. They are superior creatures.

                2. Three years ago, I literally risked my life to save a tiny kitten that was running around on the Downtown Expressway in Richmond, VA in morning rush-hour traffic. I never did figure out how the hell he ended up there, and still cannot believe he managed to escape with only a few scrapes. I was sure he was going to be squashed before my eyes.

                  He’s now about 16 pounds and a pain in the ass. Ungrateful little bastard, he is.

                  1. See what happens when you kick Darwin in the nuts? Sometimes natural selection comes in the form of a steel-belted radial.

                3. What’s Epi’s position on cats?

                  1. Missionary.

  10. The Rev. Anthony Motley, whose church Lindsay Street Baptist Church became a rallying point in the wake of the Johnston shooting, called her the “patron saint” of the community.

    This whole thing is horrible. However, it is somewhat refreshing to hear someone packing (and using) heat called a “patron saint”.

    1. St. Gabriel Possenti is the Patron Saint of Handgunners for defending his town from maurauders during a period of political unrest in Italy.

  11. Blagojevich convicted on one minor count of lying to the FBI.

    They catch the fucker red-handed trying to sell a senate seat, and this is all they can get? Christ, sometimes I think we genuinely deserve these shitbag politicians we’re stuck with.

    I guess on the bright side, 11-1 on the remaining counts bodes well for the retrial.

    1. Does that mean he goes away for six months like Martha Stewart?

      1. I bet so. The Feds are real assholes.

    2. I fear there may always be a 1.

    3. Even worse. The seat was low mileage. It was hardly used while Obama held it.

    4. There’s this little thing called “proving your case”.

      Knowing the fucker did it does not mean you can necessarily muster up enough evidence to convict, especially with a Chicago jury.

  12. Lone juror holds out on major charges, Blagojevich convicted on one minor count of lying to the FBI.

    “Minor charge” isn’t what springs to my mind when I think of a felony that could send him away for five years. (See 18 U.S.C. ?1001. That’s the charge, by the way, on which most of the Watergate defendants convicted.) It only looks minor when compared with some of the other charges (such as bribery) that were brought against him.

    1. In one sense it is major. But in another sense it is bullshit. You can get a decade for having a few pounds of pot at the border, but it is still a minor charge if you ask me.

    2. Once again, I get reinforcement to everything I’ve ever learned about talking to the cops:don’t. Or tell them you can’t recall at this time.

      They can’t bust you for lying to them if you don’t tell them anything. If they’re pissed off at you, they’ll crosscheck every statement you made to see if they can catch you out.

      Somehow, I think the whole charge people with lying is going to backfire on them once enough people catch on.

      1. Ya that is a bullshit charge. Especially when they can’t actually prove you did the stuff you are supposedly lying about. How many times do get people get prosecuted for perjury AFTER a trial in which they say “I didn’t do it”? I’m guessing not that often. But it sure does make a great tool for Feds to be able to put anybody they want in jail basically just because they feel like it.

        And I didn’t see any evindece that led me to believe 100% we was looking for a cash-for-appointment deal. In the tape I heard he said something like “I should get something for this”. That could easily mean he should get political quid-pro-quo, or even just gratitude from the right people.

  13. It’s really hard to choose a side in that story. The Tila Tequila vs. Juggalos, that is.

    You’d think.

    Asshole-on-asshole violence just makes me smile, but evidently “Celebritard” outranks “Wrong Kind Of White People” in almost everyone’s estimation, and by enough social-hierarchical rungs that the Juggalos have clearly GONE TOO FAR now.

    Once we get a Celebritard v. Muslim Wackjobs case, I’ll have my whole chart filled in. Bomb Lohan plz.

    1. That is wrong. Nothing should be lower than a celbritard. I would side with the Muslim wackjobs over a celebritard. Short of the Westboro Baptist Church, I can’t think of anything, not child marrying Mormons, not Black Supremacists, nothing lower than a celebrity.

      1. Personally, to me, Jugglos are on that same line with the Westboro Baptist Church. I’m not sure the collective IQ of a Juggalo gathering (including ICP) reaches double digits.

        1. I’m not sure it’s even a non-negative number.

    2. What we really need is for Juggalos to start protesting the not-at-Ground-Zero-non-mosque to put everything in perspective.

    3. Give Lohan a break. She’s the product of fucked up parents and agents. She’s only 23 for Christ’s sake..

    4. Someone please explain “Juggalo” to me. I’m afraid to Google it.

      1. Female fans of Insane Clown Posse. I googled it but didn’t have the guts to click on the links.

        1. It’s not just the females ones. Juggalo and Juggalette are the respective gender designations.

          I defy anyone to find a lower cultural point than ICP fandom. It makes 4chan look like erudite debate society; it makes YouTube comments sections read like Shakespeare; it makes a shit-smeared car window in July look like high art.

          1. I beat Sugar to the punch! Yay, me. I know this will never happen again, but just this once [does little dance].

            1. [whimper]

            1. Yes, close. But isn’t competitive eating like NASCAR? Aren’t most people there to see someone vomit?

              1. I thought people were into NASCAR for cheap beer, wet t-shirt contests and tailgating. I get that its external to the “sport,” but titties and beer are much better for Jesus than watching Kobayashi gag.

                1. Yes, but imagine that very few competitive eating fans are committed to the Juggalo level. Most people would be mildly embarrassed to say they sought out a CE contest to watch, whereas the Juggalos are just so fucking proud of self-identifying as morons.

                  1. Good point. I didn’t think about the psychological difference you can infer from belligerent, self-identified, intended retardedness. In that case, I expect a faux-outraged fluff piece on them this fall on 60 Minutes.

                    1. I wan’t to join out of pure morbid curiosity. I think that’s a doctoral dissertation waiting to happen.

                    2. Apparently there’s an apostrophe in want. Fucking Swype.

                    3. Fascinating article on how rainbows are made…

                  2. I haven’t yet seen a tattoo extolling competitive eating, but there’s enough goddamned hatchet man tattoos out there to make me question the idea of an angry and vengeful god.

                2. I thought people were into NASCAR for the car crashes.

                  By the same token, the only reason to watch figure skating is to watch the skaters fall.

        2. All fans, not just female.

          Think Kiss Army with similar makeup, shittier music, worse dress, an affinity for Fago, and major issues.

        3. Wow. I thought Insane clown posse was “cool” for about ten minutes in 1999. I didn’t even know they were still a thing.

      2. “Juggaloes” (male) and “Jugglettes” (female) are names given to fans of the entertainment group (music, wrestling) known as Insane Clown Posse. There is a (SFW, last time I checked) Wikipedia article on ICP.

        1. Clowns. Nuff said. I hate clowns.

          1. Rapping clowns.

            1. Badly rapping clowns with no observable talent.

              1. if ur not down wit tha clown, then gtfo u fucking scientist. ICP 4 lyfe!

      3. Now explain fucking magnets, how do they work?

        1. Magnetism is just the relativistic byproduct of electricity.

          1. Dammit…joke handles…although in that case, um, nevermind.

          2. fucking scientists always making me want 2 kik ur ass and fuck u 2 not wurth shit, ICP 4 lyfe!

        2. Show me, subscriber trunk dialing.

    5. How is this a question? She’s a terrible performer, they threw water bottles at her. This is the natural order of things. Did you listen to the audio on that video clip? Given how awful her performance was I’m surprised they were so restrained.

    6. Actually, I think it’s more like celebritard outranks people who throw bottles and rocks at celebritards, hurting the celebritard physically.

  14. Two fire-breathing bartenders face up to 45 years in prison each for performing flaming bar tricks.

    Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern owner Jimmy Cirrito said his bartenders have been entertaining his customers — by juggling bottles of alcohol and spitting out streams of flames using matchbooks and lighters — for more than a decade and no one’s complained. But shortly after midnight on July 24, two of his longtime employees were hauled out of the Herndon bar in handcuffs and charged with three felonies each plus other misdemeanors

    “They were being treated as if they were terrorists, charged as if they intentionally tried to burn down the tavern,” Cirrito said.

    Fairfax County fire investigators charged Tegee Rogers, 33, of Herndon, and Justin Fedorchak, 39, of Manassas, with manufacturing an explosive device, setting a fire capable of spreading, and burning or destroying a meeting house. They also were charged with several state fire code misdemeanors.

    Both men have worked at the tavern nearly since it opened. They both recently became fathers and are very anxious about facing serious criminal charges, Cirrito said.

    Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern bartenders have performed the fire-breathing act for 13 years, at first doing the tricks on special occasions like birthdays or to honor a fallen fireman, police officer or soldier, Cirrito said. By 1999, the fire-breathing bartenders had become a Friday midnight tradition, he said. The bar uses the fire-breathing bartenders on its advertisements.

    Cirrito said an investigator told him that the marshals received a letter in the mail with a photo taken of a previous performance at the bar.

    Cirrito said he has never received a warning from the fire marshals, and he would have stopped if marshals had given him a warning.


    1. See, if I was governor of Virginia, I would immediately pardon them, and hold a press conference chewing the asshole out of the local cops and DA for this.

      Not even a warning, or even a polite request? Fuck them.

    2. The Flaming Moe, as tasty as it is dangerous.

    3. Hasn’t Jimmy’s been mentioned here before as recipients of previous bullshit enforcement?

      Is the place any good? Thinking of stopping there next trip to Fairfax.

    4. It’s Fairfax, WTF do you expect. They’re the same ones who shit their diapers when a guy was sitting around sipping Starbucks coffee with a sidearm in a holster on his hip – which is completely legal in VA.

      Most of No. Va. basically is an extension of the northeast. That part of Va. is mostly responsible for the state’s swing from red to blue-ish.

      1. Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran represent the area. It’s gotten more and more liberal in the 15 years I’ve lived here. Connolly might lose b/c of his health care vote.

  15. Vietnamese economy flourishing, luring immigrants back home.

    Good! Go back home you foreigners, with your delicious chicken soup, sandwiches, and attractive women!

    1. But please leave the fresh spring rolls.

      1. Fuck that, leave the hot women.

  16. Madame Speaker says those who speak out in opposition to the mosque should be investigated to find out where the money is coming from.

    1. I had to look up the reference to “Treasure Island.” It’s a real thing. I thought mush-mouth was just stroking out or something.


      The island is named after the novel Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, who lived in San Francisco from 1879 to 1880.

      “Wow! Spanning two decades!”

  17. Its kinda crazy when you think about it dude. I mean seriously.


  18. Did Lou Gehrig really have ALS?
    A study suggests that the New York Yankees legend may have suffered from head trauma, not ALS.…..nchO7DiUsr

    1. He can’t be that retarded if he’s gotten them to cough up for a trip to Holland for some tall blonde action.

      1. Maybe it’s a Catch 22. If you are smart enough to ask for a free whore tour, you no longer qualify for a free whore tour.

        1. Retarded like a fox?

    2. Surprised they’re not insisting he use a British prostitute, preferably unionized.

      I guess maintaining anti-prostitute laws on the books > protectionism.

      1. Prostitution is actually legal in the UK. Being a “ponce” or operating a brothel is not however.

  19. Wow, this ad from timbuk2 in the sidebar was actually pretty funny.

  20. Two loud sonic booms heard throughout the Seattle area Tuesday afternoon were caused by a pair of F-15 jets pursuing a seaplane that breached a 10-mile restricted zone around the president’s Air Force One.

    The jets were sent off at 1:38 p.m. from the 142nd Oregon Air National Guard Wing in Portland, said spokeswoman Maj. Melinda Lapore. Fighter planes are on alert around the clock there to defend the Northwest coast from Canada to Northern California, she said.

    At the time, President Obama’s plane was parked at Boeing Field during his tour of Seattle on Tuesday, which included a stop at an eatery, the Westin Hotel and one other fundraiser.

    Dear Campaigner-in-Chief:

    Stay home, you pussy. Stop disrupting the lives of actual human beings.

  21. The Juggalo sub-thread was too tangled, so I’ll put this here. I give you: Juggalo mosh pit

    1. If that’s the hippo pit, I’m not opening it.

    2. Yikes! I bet the tatoo artist who did that one woman’s tramp stamp, like newspapers, buys his ink by the barrel.

  22. Vietnamese economy flourishing, luring immigrants back home.

    Yep, just bought a pair of bar stools at Costco, noticed when unpacking them in the parking lot (hard to fit huge boxes in a Camry) that they were made in Vietnam.

    Good to see that they’re backing away from full-fledged communism.

  23. From the links:

    After repeated complaints about people smoking in and around a group of Vietnamese restaurants in Falls Church


    Vietnamese economy flourishing, luring immigrants back home.

    Apparently, Communist Vietnam is now less statist regarding economic freedom than parts of Virginia.

  24. three officers — Arthur Tessler, Gregg Junnier and Jason R. Smith — pleaded guilty and were sentenced to federal prison for conspiring to violate Johnston’s civil rights.

    In June 2009, a fourth officer, Wilbert Stallings, a former sergeant, [copped (heh!) the same plea] […]

    This past June, two Atlanta police officers involved in the shooting were fired […] another officer resigned and six more were disciplined.

    Emphasis mine.

    OK, I know that this is the result of a plea deal, but “cospiracy to violate civil rights”?!?

    It was murder, plain and simple.

    A bunch of thugs burst into her home, shot her, cuffed her and left her to bleed out on the floor.

    1. I think the civil rights charges involved planting the drugs.

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