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Lady O's Lavish Vacation Sacrifice


Back in January, President Barack Obama told us all (including the future starving generations of poor kids whose food stamps are being sacrificed so teachers today can get paid by federal bailouts), that

Everybody in the country is going to have to sacrifice something, accept change for the greater good. Everybody is going to have to give. Everybody is going to have to have some skin in the game.

And back when Obama was trying to get the Olympics to Chicago, he was flanked by Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama, who talked about that trip as a sacrifice:

"As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the President to come for these few days, so many of you in this room have been working for years to bring this bid home."

Lady O's latest sacrifice?

The First Lady is spending the next few days in a five-star hotel on the chic Costa del Sol in southern Spain with 40 of her "closest friends." According to CNN, the group is expected to occupy 60 to 70 rooms, more than a third of the lodgings at the 160-room resort. Not exactly what one would call cutting back in troubled times.

Reports are calling the lodgings of  Obama's Spanish fiesta, the Hotel Villa Padierna in Marbella, "luxurious," "posh" and "a millionaires' playground." Estimated room rate per night? Up to a staggering $2,500. Method of transportation? Air Force Two.

As New York Daily News columnist Andrea Tantaros (from whom the preceding quotes are taken) observes:

To be clear, what the Obamas do with their money is one thing; what they do with ours is another. Transporting and housing the estimated 70 Secret Service agents who will flank the material girl will cost the taxpayers a pretty penny.

You said it, sister.

Sure, the First Lady's vacation is at most a symbolic activity (symbolic of what, exactly, is unclear, especially because the State Department had to hustle to remove warnings from its website that "racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain" before Mrs. Obama touched down). But the fact is that all politics is symbolic and pretty much any way you cut it, this trip is a symbol that something is rotten in DC and especially among the political class.

Way, way back in 2004, when the future was brighter than a brand-spanking new tube of Gleem toothpaste, the accomplished doctor-wife of insurgent candidate Howard Dean got it right when she pulled a Dennis Thatcher and refused to be a public player in her spouse's campaign. That gesture of refusal took us back to the thrilling days of yore, when monarchs were deposed and limited-government, small-R republicanism was first created, a moment when originally stingy-with-the-public-purse-strings folks like Oliver Cromwell pledged not to live like kings on the public teat (boy, did that ever go wrong). Cromwell and his New Model Army, after all, had taken down a ruler who flaunted his tax-enabled excess via a court that was truly out of control (sadly, it took but a few years for Cromwell to get on that bandwagon himself). But there, for a brief, shining moment, was an idea that rulers should live like the people they govern because, after all, they weren't any different. And the last thing you wanted was a partner who ran up the credit cards like Mary Todd Lincoln or sniffed about letting the little people eat cake.

Suspicion of consorts is…a defining feature of republics. Seen in that light, the refusal by the Deans to play along with a status quo that gave us Nancy Reagan's china-shopping binges and Hillary Clinton's crumbled cookies should be seen as more than just relief from politics as usual. When Gov. Dean says he doesn't intend to drag his wife around "as a prop on the campaign trail," he's hearkening back to one of the foundational, if rarely observed, elements of our form of government.

Well, those days are over, if they ever really existed. Between trips like this and the recent Chelsea Clinton nuptials (costing a reported $2 million smackers), we've entered a late-ancien regime era of rancid excess by the ruling class. Whether it leads to a popular uprising and calls for respectable cloth coats is anybody's guess.

But here's hoping.

Original HT: Michelle Malkin's Twitter!

Bonus: Three Dog Night has never been to Spain, or to heaven, but they been to Oklahoma.

NEXT: State Bailout Shell Shock: The deeper you get, the sweeter the pain...

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  1. Just imagine if Laura or Barbara Bush had ever done something like this in this economy no less. They would have been crucified in the media. But the journolist talking point on this is that it shows how glamorous she is.

    1. But but but but, Michelle is just so young and hip and with it, not like those old, stuffy Bushes. She’s representing America there, not going off to romp with her bloodsucking friends. Who cares if we’re broke, America looks cooler to the rest of the world now!

      1. Yes, she is a fashionably young and hip mule.

        1. I am tired of hearing media saying how glamorous Michelle Obama is. It actually make me sick. She dressed terribly. If she was glamorous, everyone can be a movie star.

          Sorry if this makes anyone feels bad, I am just telling the truth.

          1. You are exactly right. She needs to take some of this money she used to pay for this “private” trip and buy a good orthodontist. She is about as “sophisticated” as ghetto can be.

    2. You all may be missing the real story. When is Obama’s real birthday? The family is really missing his 49th?

      1. Real birthday? Depends on whether you use the Kenyan or Hawaiian birth certificate, and even then, whether you use the long or short form.

        1. Well, those who believe that he is NOT a U.S. Born Citizen and actually is a native of Kenya will have to base his birthday on Kenya. Those who blindly believe that he is a US citizen will base his birthday from Hawaii. Personally, I think he is NOT a U.S. born citizen and is a native of Kenya.

      2. True story. The birth date on my mom’s birth certificate is 8 days after her actual birth date since my grandmother wanted to extend her maternity leave. My mother learned about it only when she was an adult. However, she prefers to celebrate both days.

    3. What can be more glamorous than a publicly-subsidized cultural exchange with our fellow socialists? Look at how classy she is!

      1. LOVE the name! And the statement!!

    4. You just have to go back to the eighties and check a few stories on Nancy Reagan to get a notion of how these stories are spun.

      The things that made Jackie K “glamorous” and “classy” somehow became “conspicuous consumption” when someone else tried them, on a more modest scale, I might add.

      1. The infamous China was donated and it stayed with the White House after the Reagan’s left. They used it for state dinners and the like.

        In some ways the media bootlickers hurt the Dems. People see this and no matter how much the media shitheads try to spin it, they see it for what it is. The media just serves to isolate the Obama’s from how hated they are becoming.

      2. And I will give ten to one that these low class mother fuckers loot the White House when the God willing leave in 2013.

        1. They must have a team of interns updating the Clinton playbook on that.

          1. “President Clinton was featured in a foreign documentary. He was nominated for an Academy Award. Did you hear this? I believe it is called ‘Crouching Intern, Stolen Sofa.'” ?David Letterman

        2. John in English: Team Red is classy! Team Blue is low class! I’m no different from the media people I criticize!

          1. STFU Mo. Seriously. Just admit you can’t defend this shit and move on. Worse economy in 70 years and she spending millions of tax payer dollars traipsing around Spain. There is no defending that no matter how hard blue team hacks like you try to change the subject.

          2. If you don’t like your favorite politicians being called no class, maybe you should start liking some politicians who have some class, if there is such a thing, which is admittedly doubtful.

            1. I don’t give a shit. I just found it funny that you complained about the media’s disparate treatment of the Bushes versus the Obamas and then did exactly what you criticized them for.

              I actually agree 100% with Nick’s anti-royalism thesis, no matter the party.

              1. How am I treating them different? The thing with Nancy Reagan was different. To my knowledge neither the Reagans nor the Bushes took anything out of the White House, unlike the Clintons who literally stole the silver ware. Bush I got all kinds of shit for going to Maine. Yet Michelle Obama goes to Spain and it is somehow great.

                And as far as you not liking it, sorry it is too late. You had your chance to complain. And what you did instead was play blue team red team they do it to bullshit. Sorry, I don’t believe that you don’t like it when Obama does this shit. You are just covering your ass after I called you on it.

    5. True enough, but continually pointing out the hypocrisy of the press in this regard yields diminishing returns. Better to stick to the principle of the thing and look forward, not backward, lest your detractors point out that you have no original ideas of your own.

    6. I am tired of hearing media saying how glamorous Michelle Obama is. It actually make me sick. She dressed terribly. If she was glamorous, everyone can be a movie star.

      Sorry if this makes anyone feels bad, I am just telling the truth.

  2. Michelle Obama’s been an asshole all her life. Why would now be any different?

  3. This is only an issue because Michelle Obama is black.

    Leave the Obamas alone!

    1. Yea,, it must be racism.
      Leave the Obamas alone? This and all other vacations that these bloodsuckers haven taken is on our dime. If they would pay for it I wouldnt care. They are such hypocrits telling the people of the US we all must sacrifice something. Oh except for us, we are now royalty, even though we have no class at all. Thats the Obamas, cant wait to see them go to h.e.l.l..

  4. Mary Todd Obama. I like the sound of it.

    1. Me too.

    2. We’ve got our eye on you, bud.

    3. Keep those thoughts to yourself, or better not to have them at all. “better to keep your mouth shut, and have others think you are an idiot, that to open your mouth and PROVE it…”

  5. “the State Department had to hustle to remove warnings from its website that “racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain” before Mrs. Obama touched down”

    Isn’t this pretty strong evidence the accusation was bullshit? If this ocurred why would the unrelated fact of her visit cause them to remove the warning?

    1. Not everyone gets to travel with the worlds best security detail.

      1. I had no idea Bibi was in Spain too.

    2. What’s an “Afro-American”?

      1. Shut the fuck up.

        1. Intergalactic civil war?

      2. Oh, that’s cute. Yup. Outta here!

        1. joe? or spoof?

    3. The State Department’s travel advisories are laughable in their excessive caution. If you went only where they said would be safe, you’d never leave home.

      1. You wouldn’t even want to be home because the TSA determined that we’re at yellow, an elevated risk of attack.

    4. I know a black guy who lived in Spain for decades and was never arrested.
      What are the odds of that?

      1. He’s not authentically black.

  6. She is out looking for more organic gardens to hoe.

    1. Is CNN going to cover the first lady hoeing? Is hoeing illegal in DC?

  7. Sweet boneless Christ.

    $2mill Clinton wedding, Obama vacation after vacation, cops shooting dogs with impunity, and now this:…..rom-obama/
    if I’m on the losing end of this too, I’m going to lose my shit.
    Off with their heads!

    1. Not sure how the cost of Chelsea’s wedding, extravagant though it may have been, could possibly be the concern of anyone outside the Clinton family.

      1. Tax payer funded secret service detail, no fly zone, ruling class bullshit.

        1. Arresting people for standing outside and photographing the site a week before the wedding even took place.


          1. Also, having an expensive wedding for your daughter while having long-outstanding campaign debts you are begging for donations to pay.

            1. Aren’t a lot of those debts owed to Hillary herself by her campaign? She could probably consider them assets.

        2. Why the fuck are these details payed for with public money? I can see that perhaps presidents families may need some extra security, but shouldn’t they pay for it? It has been a long time since we have had a poor (or not too rich) ex-president.

          I can’t say this enough: presidents and other public figures should not be allowed to go anywhere or do anything outside of their official duties that requires security unless they pay for it themselves. The expense and hassle is not worth it.

      2. I don’t know that it rises to the level of “concern” but dropping a couple million on a wedding while trying to get others to pay off one’s campaign debt seems a bit gauche.

        1. Oops, I should have kept reading before I made my comment!

      3. Security costs were also imposed on local authorities.

        Why should locals have been soaked for even one thin dime because Chelsea Clinton finally found someone willing to be around her — at least for awhile?

        1. August Surprise?

          Sounds like somekind of kinky sex act…


    2. The Clintons paid for Chelseas wedding, the Obamas do not pay for their vacations. Thats the difference. The Obamas are taking obscene advantage of the taxpayers. We are paying for their new lifestyle. Low, no class people, thats the Obamas.

  8. “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

    Please mum, may I have some more pie?

    1. Let me be clear, that someone is not me, or my wife.

  9. the group her spitefulness, entitlement, and ass are expected to occupy 60 to 70 rooms


    It’s OK! I bought a racism offset from a Democrat:

    Original HT: Michelle Malkin’s Twitter!

    “I tried to follow her twitter, but I couldn’t read it with all those golf balls popping out of it.”

    1. Racism offset is hilarious. I wonder about my racist footprint.

      1. Or, I should say, Race Footprint? Not sure.

        1. Racial.

  10. Transporting and housing the estimated 70 Secret Service agents who will flank the material girl will cost the taxpayers a pretty penny.

    But we’d be paying those guys’ salaries anyway, so it’s free!

    1. Exactly. So STFU!

      1. And let them eat arugula.

        1. Mmm, arugula. So delicious and cheap.

    2. On trvel, they get something like 50% or more salary due to overtime and TDY.

      Government work rocks!

  11. You just know that anyone complaining about this will be called a racist.

    “You’re just angry that a black woman is being treated like royalty instead of a white woman.”

    Once again, one priority in a Fluffy White House? Cutting the White House budget itself 80%.

    One vacation a year: Year 1 Detroit. Year 2 St. Louis. Year 3 Butte. Year 4 Oakland. [Fuck you White House Press Corps, you’ll go there and like it.]

    1. You have my vote for that alone. True story. When I was at Fort Hood in the early 00s, George W. Bush used to fly into the airfield there when he visited his range in Crawford. Crawford is about sixty miles from there and it sucks. He had a meeting with Putin at the Ranch. There is nothing in Crawford or any of the towns near there. And there was some kind of national Jehovah Witness convention in Killeen that weekend. Only the Jehovahs would be crazy enough to have a convention in Killeen. It had been planned for years and took up all the hotel space in Killeen and Temple. The press ended up staying in this place called Cactus Inn, which was at that time off limits to Fort Hood soldiers because of its association with drugs and prostitution. It was fucking great.

      1. If we’re going to fly staffers and security somewhere and make the White House Press Corps tag along, it may as well be to a city that could use the hotel room bookings.

        There has to be a decent restaurant in Detroit somewhere.

        And yeah, the dying cities are liberal bastions, but so is Martha’s Vineyard.

        1. Seriously though, the President has a vacation spot, Camp David. Any vacation to any place other than that ought to have to be paid for out of his pocket.

          1. That’s exactly what I have been saying!! This guy has CAMP DAVID,the POTUS’s PRESIDENTIAL RETREAT (anytime) and the WHITE HOUSE as great places for down time….so WTF isn’t he using it like GWB or Clinton did, especially since we are in a recession & struggling with debt?
            Instead he jets to Hawaii at Christmas, (tells you what kind of Boss he is-couldn’t give a sh*t about the SSA’s/other staff being away from the family at the holidays)..Say what you want about GWB, search the record. He ALWAYS stayed in the WH on 12-25 then went to CD. The Clinton’s did too. They have a home in Chicago, take a vacation there, why don’t they?
            Pump that cash into our economy Stupid!!
            I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do know this~if I had the HONOR of living in the White House, I wouldn’t miss a Christmas, or a 4th of July or take a vacation that would remove me from those 4 walls of my own free will.
            I mean imagine it? You are living somewhere that is really special and the history of us and our Nation is there too, it survived the British in 1812 for crying out loud!
            Talk about being able to have a deep internal conversation on the struggle for freedom, what company you would be in?? Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy R, FDR, Truman, Kennedy…to name a few..

            As far as his family is concerned, the security for 40 people , because she is part of the group is ridiculous and should be paid for by the Obama’s. After all they are millionaire’s many times over. Its their money to spend as they wish but right now, they are held to a much higher standard aren’t they? This is a conspicuous and vulgar display of privilege, at the taxpayer’s expense and its not EVEN benefiting the American economy. How is this right, how is this acceptable with MILLIONS out of work here in America? This is the change all those millions voted for??
            These people have no respect for the American people.

            1. Maybe the ghost of Lincoln is haunting them. If I were the ghost of Lincoln, I would haunt them.

        2. There’s at least an Applebee’s in Detroit, right?

    2. #2 should be East St. Louis.

      It’s the Detroit of Illinois.

      1. East Saint Louis is a great place. For strip clubs.

        1. Technically, it’s not even good for that. The clubs are in Sauget and Brooklyn. ESL does have The Queen, though.

          1. I was trying to be all positive and there ya go shooting it in the ass. The Queen is, well it’s an experience.

        2. Isn’t the giant ketchup bottle around there? Now that’s a vacation.

          1. Big Amaco sign in stl.

            1. There’s a giant metal soda bottle sculpture and a round barn east of Oklahoma City.

          2. It is in Collinsville, IL. They could also attend the horseradish festival.

    3. Detroit and St. Louis actually have cultural attractions. Replace them with Gary and Gallup.

      1. Why no love for Appalachia?

      2. Gary.


        I forgot Gary. I could totally enjoy making the WH Press Corps go there.

        1. Joliet is a close second.

      3. Could you point me towards the Saint Louis cultural attractions? Baseball doesn’t count.

        1. They have a really good art museum and a nice zoo.

          1. Okay I’ll give you the zoo, the art museum is okay. You can roll that all into Forest Park though. So you only get one!

            1. The bar district down by the river, I forget the name is nice. But I am not sure if you call that culture. I could see living there. You can get a great old house for practically nothing. And it seems like a nice enough town. I like the old river towns like that. But sometimes the best places to live are not the best places to visit.

              1. The first thing I thought when I landed was, “This will be a great place for public inebriation and jackassery. We shall call it…Laclede’s Landing.”

              2. The Landing is dead. It’s a shitty vegas attempt. The good music bars are gone. St. Louis killed it’s music scene.

                Some old houses are nice, but the pay and unemployment here are both issues. You can get an awesome old house in North St. Louis for almost nothing, but you better be ready to defend it like the fucking Alamo.

                It’s not a bad place to live. I just wouldn’t say there is a definite culture or culture period. Unless you are a baseball fan.

            2. And we have some good jazz and blues clubs, the Muny, Bach Society, Powell…don’t fall into the trap that hometown, by definition, sucks.

              1. Not my hometown. I consider this an extended hiatus.

              2. I didn’t go to highschool in st. louis, so don’t ask…

                1. high school even

        2. The City Museum is pretty cool.

            1. And, sorry — I love the fucking Arch. It’s mesmerizing.

              1. Arch not so much.

          1. My first thought. The City Museum is way cool! A reason in itself to go to St. Louis.

          2. Okay two reasons. You ever seen the owner of City Museums loft?

          3. You could go to Johnny’s in Soulard and check out the nice tail that works there.

        3. What about the Budweiser factory. Are they still doing tours there?

          1. More fun brewing at home. Plus you get more free beer at Grant’s Farm.

            1. I was expecting a barrage of pilsner bashing from the snobs around here.

              1. The brewery tour is okay. Nothing spectacular. The lil’ privet $20 tour is okay as well. Again nothing spectacular.

                1. private… wow, just wow

        4. Don’t they have huge McDonald’s Arches there or something?

        5. Ted Drewes x 4000. C’mon people!

          1. + fucking infinity. If only a kabab truck could be in the parking lot. Chippewa would rock. I would take the Metrolink to the I-44 terminus and walk all the distance to Ted Drewes.

    4. There’s no reason to slander Butte by association.

      1. It was my understanding that Butte was mostly deserted now. That was why they made the list.

        I would go to deserted Butte, and make the press corps follow me on my hike of abandoned open pit mine sites.

        1. Don’t be dissin’ Butte. Any town of 30,000 in the middle of nowhere that has a symphony… that’s my kinda place.

          You haven’t lived until you experience St. Paddy’s Day there. Much like Mardi Gras in NO, but with less of the quiet dignity. Never saw more frozen puke in my life.

          Great architecture and a bright red poisonous lake.

          Lived there for a year and mush as I love my new hometown of Austin, I’d move back to Butte in a hot second.

      2. You cannot lie, you’re shilling for Big Butte.

        1. I like Big Butte and I cannot lie . . .

          1. I thought we were going to leave detailed discussions of Michelle’s figure out of this.

    5. Oakland’s actually a nice place to have a vacation. The hills are lovely, the food is excellent, and it’s easy to travel around the whole bay area.

      It’s not like you’ll be hanging out on International Boulevard.

      1. Amen to Fluffy’s plan, not the tributed to Oakland.

    6. Agreed. I had several White House cost-cutting measures in my Top 100 Things I’d Do if I Ever Became a Libertarian President:

      4. Replace all of the White House staffers with a cadre of sign language-speaking, ninja monkeys.

      53. Dinners with foreign dignitaries will be “pot luck” and BYOB.

      54. Rent the White House to the highest bidder.

      71. Rather than cost taxpayers millions for me to occupy the White House, I’ll just telecommute from my house in Tampa.

      1. I’m writing you in for Prez in 2012

  12. During my very limited exposure to the one-party media, as near as I can tell the coverage of this runs the gamut from breathless, dewy-eyed wonder at the glamorousness of it all to worldly chuckles about Michelle being out of town while her hard-working husband hits the campaign trail.

    1. This is why I can’t watch the news after eating.

  13. the State Department had to hustle to remove warnings from its website that “racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain” before Mrs. Obama touched down

    I’m thinking that warning will be back, with a vengeance, after the First Lady’s safari.

  14. Let them use food stamps to purchase and eat low-fat cake!

    1. Sorry, we gave away their food stamps to pay for some more union members. Oops!

  15. I’m going to have to file this under SFW.

  16. Call it what it is, an ostentatious display of wealth, power and privilege. Y’know, the shit that almost everybody decries when done by corporate executives.

    Any blue teamers wish to disagree?

    1. Hey, she didn’t take a personal jet to get there. She used public transportation!

    2. By a wife no less. Imgine if say the CEO of BP or Ford’s wife took the company jet on such a vacation. They would be before Congress and the SEC in a minute.

  17. We should send Michelle to Afghanistan.

    She could stomp around the country picking up Taliban guys in her giant hands and shaking them to death, like Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen.

    What’s she going to do in Spain? Crush their entire olive crop for them with one foot?

    “Mongo LIKE olive oil!”

    1. It would be far more efficient if she sat on the olive crop.

    2. No let’s send her to Gitmo and she can live in a tent like all the reporters that go there to find out what the fuck our government is doing over there.

  18. Why would a non-governmental person be permitted to use Air Force Two? Has this always been standard operating procedure for presidents’ wives to use the company plane?

    1. It’s good to be Queen.

    2. I thought it was supposed to be the backup for AF1 or for the use by the VP. I guess now we know who’s Boss in that White House.
      “Oh no you don’t Barak, I am going to Spain to get me some Balenciaga stuff and I need the jet. You can take that helicopter to Chicago, and don’t you roll your eyes at me mmmmm hmmmm.”

  19. Hey guys, let me get in . I can’t resist the temptation to inform you about the cosmic nirvana our press guys (liberals and not liberal alike) have reached. They are salivating quite generously.

    The people of Marbella aren’t less satisfied. But that is more comprensible : they’ll get the dolars of the Obamas and of the american taxpayers.

    I let you this picture of a panel welcomming Michelle to the city of Marbella.

    Keep the good work. Congratulations from a spanish Reason enthusiast.

    1. Where’s the puke guy on this?

    2. Gracious for the on the ground report. Not a bad stimulus for the sign maker. That’s a industry we’re stimulating pretty good here too.

  20. It’s a private trip and is being paid for that way.

    1. Please cite that the Obama’s are paying for the Secret Service protection and all related operational costs for Air Force 2.

      1. Again, the First Lady is on a private trip. She is a private citizen and is the mother of a daughter on a private trip. And I think I’d leave it at that.

        1. Again, please show me that they are paying the expenses for the Secret Service detail and Air Force 2. If not then they are using taxpayer funds for their “private trip”.

        2. Who is paying for the gas on Air Force 2? And why is she polluting the world? 40 girlfriends?? That’s one hellofa party. Gibbs, you’re not fooling anyone. So now, are elected politicians private citizens or not? Wall Street Journal said if Rangel was a private citizen he’d be in jail. So he isn’t, she is. Hmm. Very complicated. Too complicated for you, Gibbs.

        3. Private would presume that private funds were used. So is the president paying for all the rooms, the Secret Service detail, the logistics, the jet fuel? If not then this is very much our business.

      2. Should taxpayers not pay for the security of the first family? Why or why not?

        1. With all the bellyaching the Obama’s have done about their percieved “corporate excess,” I think people have the right to be a little irritated at the hypocracy.

          1. I don’t think it’s an excess to prevent the assassination of the first family.

            1. Don’t want to get assassinated? Stay in the White House inside the secure perimeter. Want to go to Spain? Take your chances like the rest of the proles. Want a Secret Service detail? Travel with the guy that gets one because of his job.

        2. I’ve always thought “first family” had kind of a royalist ring to it. And here I thought you were a man of the people.

          Okay, I’m just funning. Seriously though, if the president’s wife wants to take 40 of her friends on a trip, she (or her toadies; I’m sure there are plenty of leftists who would cheerfully chip in) should have to pay for that. In a time when they’re calling on everybody else to cut back, they could have the common decency to at least pretend to join in.

          And no, I personally don’t owe the “first family” anything. Although I do feel kinda bad for the kids; they didn’t pick this life, the adults did.

          1. I think that everyone else on the trip is paying their own way.

        3. Oh, and just in case you’re thinking of treating me to a tedious lecture about the awful sacrifices required of a president, just don’t.

          Keep in mind that Barack and Michelle were not forced to take this job. They volunteered. Hell, they spent over a year begging for it. So I just don’t want to fucking hear it.

    2. The pretext is that she’s meeting with some Spanish officials, so its just A-OK to take AF2, the security detail, all that, on the taxpayer dime.

      1. Who is buying that pretext?

        I am so fedup with the notion that the First Lady (one of the most obnoxious terms ever coined) is a a government official I could puke.

    3. I doubt that it could be. The Prez makes 200k a year last I heard, Obama has been working in public sector all his life. Where in the world does he get this kind of money? I’m suspicious.

      1. His 2 autobiographies. God, I have never read a more boring book.

      2. Presidential salary is $400k a year. Not quite the level of a city manager in Southern California, but still pretty good.

    4. hahaha, yea by the taxpayers of the US.

  21. “Everybody in the country is going to have to sacrifice something, accept change for the greater good. Everybody is going to have to give. Everybody is going to have to have some skin in the game.”
    Hey, isn’t this from “Atlas Shrugged”?

  22. Actually, Obama’s just extending the stimulus to Spain, but thought he’d get something out of it.

    A couple weeks away from his wife.

    1. “Actually, Obama’s just extending the stimulus to Spain,”

      They have to make up for all that wasted money on windmills.

    2. A couple weeks away from his wife.

      Now THAT makes perfect sense.

  23. I’ve been re-reading some of the anti-federalist essays (Brutus, Federal Farmer, Melancton Smith) this summer. They are looking like prophecies coming true.

    1. Don’t forget John DeWitt!

    2. Try reading some Orwell and see how scared you are then. Having read 1984 and Brave New World this summer,I am convinced that the Obama administration is reading this for political pointers.

  24. I have a longstanding prejudice against anyone who has never actually had to work for a living because it breeds the type of entitlement where you have custom-made linens for your wedding in Rhinebeck and think nothing about it.

    1. It is total contempt.

    2. She works hard for the money
      So you better treat her right

    3. Absolutely. People who work for a living feel entitled to keep some of their money. How greedy.

  25. Fuck you, spam filter!!

    Damn you!! Damn you all to hell!!!

    1. At least I let that through.

  26. Michelle is traveling tonight on a plane
    I can see the taxpayer
    Getting fucked in Spain [ay ay ayn]
    And I can see Michelle waving goodbye
    Well it looks like looting
    Must be the clouds in my eyes

    1. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. . .

      which is why we have a team of 400 government employees standing by with hairdryers and umbrellas.

      1. Farewell and adieu to you, Spanish Ladies,
        Farewell and adieu to you, ladies of Spain;
        For we’ve received orders for to rip off the taxpayer,
        Who will sure never see his poor dollars again.

  27. What the fu*k is an “Afro-American”?

    1. In some cases, it’s a Jewish teenager.

      1. I don’t think this is what you’re talking about, but I went to school with a Jewish girl whose family came from Morocco.

  28. “Afro-American” was the socially acceptable term after “Negro” fell out of style and before “African-American” came along. It was mostly only used by government entities and never became all that popular.

    1. I see. Are they really from Africa? or are they from Afro?

      1. Right, and the combatants in the Russo-Japanese War were from Russo and Japan.

      2. “Afro” is based on the Latin word for Africa, Afer or Afr. The term “Afro-American” goes back to at least 1853 and was popular in abolitionist circles.

        Additionally, the hairstyle was named for “Afro-American” and not the other way around.

        1. Thus Australopithecus afarensis.

          1. The Latin Niger, a simple descriptor, also was corrupted to create The Word That May Not Be Posted For Fear Of Bannation.

            1. Oh don’t be so niggardly.

              1. “Niggardly” is not a Latin derivation.

                “Niggardly” or “Niggard” is a compound word from from the early Scandinavian word for “stingy” and the Middle English -Ard, a corruption of the Old High German “-hart” which meant “hardy” or “strong.”

                1. African! Where,s the Birth-Certificate!

    2. Anybody remember that bizarre apology from Kramer on Letterman after his racist freakout on stage at the comedy club? The Letterman audience started laughing when Kramer used the phrase “Afro-American”.

    3. And don’t forget “colored people” changing into “people of color.”

      1. “…who happens to be [ ]…”

      2. I still say “negro.” Is that so wrong?

    4. Colored People
      People of Color

  29. Love the Alt Text — One of my favorite 3 Dog Night tunes (I apologize for being the old geezer in the group).

    1. Blech. Don’t stare too long at the grimy looking elbows on those two ladies.

    2. Unless you happen to be nauseous and need to ‘gurge.

    3. Pretty good alt-text day in general: Gillespie has some good ones, and even Bailey has gotten into the act.

  30. Photo Caption: omg omg omg Ms Obama is my shopping buddy! omg omg omg

  31. Three Dog Night come to Oklahoma fairly often. They play shows at Frontier City, the crappy theme park where dinosaur rock bands go to die.

    1. I, uh, didn’t mean to post that under the president’s name.

    2. I, uh, didn’t mean to post that under the president’s name.

      1. I also didn’t mean to double post. Goddammit, this is just…just so much fail.

        1. So you are the one who secretly posts under different politicians names?

          1. I do it every now and then. But I think several people here do that.

            1. Who are they?

              GIVE US THE NAMES, RAT.

    3. There is a whole summer amphitheater circuit for dinosaur album rock bands. The used to come to the Brackenridge Park amphitheater in San Antonio and the Starlight in Kansas City. And when they didn’t hit Frontier city, the zoo amphitheater in OKC. And the shows are usually sponsored by the local dinosaur rock radio station and free or of marginal cost.

      1. I saw some decent dinosaur bands at Six Flags over Mid America in the early 80s. Kansas, Head East, BTO and Pure Prarie League to name a few. Of course there was probably only one original member out of all of the bands I saw.

        1. I was in a road band in the early eighties. Got to front for Pure Prairie League, the Hollies, etc.

          But the band that most impressed me was Steppenwolf. They were fucking awesome.

          1. Saw them with Spirit opening up at the St Louis Valentines Day Massacre. That was my first arena concert and it was totally kick ass, as we’d say back then.

  32. Have there even been any attractive first ladies? Like ever?

    1. what about the chick in the pink in the limo where that guy got shot that one time?

    2. Well, it depends on where you set the bar. IMHO Jackie O wins running away, but there have been some “not bad” ones recently: Laura Bush, Hillary (seriously), Rosalynn Carter. Before them, most seemed mediocre if not downright scary. (I’d put Michelle somewhere between mediocre and scary.) I think Ellen Arthur and Frances Cleveland could look quite nice with modern hair and clothes and makeup.

  33. “racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Spanish-speaking people in the state of Arizona…”

    — Spanish State Department website

  34. I can take her going to Spain. I can understand the 70 secret service agents. But to take along another 40 f*ing people over that. Once you become first lady do you just get to have paid vacations for all your friends all over the world. This is nuts

  35. Hold it. The lead singer for Three Dog Night is a guy named Chuck Negron. That sounds awfully close to Negro.


    1. Negro is Spanish for “black”. So is it ok to be racist against latinos by refusing to speak the language?

  36. The fun ride is going to be over in January 2013, so they have to get while the getting’s good.

    I rail about the Imperial Presidency everytime a motorcade screws up DC-area traffic, but the reality is that the presidency has always had a whiff of surrogate monarchy about it, despite the founders’ best efforts.

  37. The Latin Niger, a simple descriptor, also was corrupted to create The Word That May Not Be Posted For Fear Of Bannation.



    Have there even been any attractive first ladies?

    Missus JFK was pretty attractive, as long as she refrained from speaking.

    1. Niggler

      Swiss or possibly German. The German possibility, n?gkeln is connotative to the back-and-forth movement of intercourse.

    2. Niggler

      Isn’t that the villian in “Not The Dark Knight XXX”?

  38. I believe that one’s outrage over wasteful government spending should be proportioned to the amount spent. Frankly, not even the most rabid code pinker has mustered the requisite rage over the Iraq war to justify getting worked up over this.

    1. Yes Tony. Bush went to war so Obama has a right to loot the country. Yeah that makes sense. You really do have the logic skills of a seven year old.

      1. Fuck you, John.

  39. Nothing the government does is nonessential. There is no such thing as a “wasted” government dollar.

  40. Has anyone heard of the term NIGGER RICH? Soon the obamas will be featured on the MTV hit show “Cribs”.

  41. what a dishonest snarky bit of nonsense

  42. Yes, ingenious, self rightous journalist crap.

  43. Seriously? You have nothing else to talk about? I’m guessing you never whined when your saviors like Sara Palin were spending tens of thousands of dollars on outfits and designer glasses that were being paid for by the GOP and donations. Suddenly the party of ‘no’ cares about the poor? Give me a break.

    1. Sara Palin were spending tens of thousands of dollars on outfits and designer glasses that were being paid for by the GOP and donations.

      Do I really need to explain the difference between donations and taxation to you, dipshit?

  44. Why does this scare me so much?
    “Everybody in the country is going to have to sacrifice something, accept change for the greater good. Everybody is going to have to give. Everybody is going to have to have some skin in the game.”

    1. Because you have no idea yet just how much you are going to sacrifice.

  45. As a tax accountang who is very familiary with the tax implications of private air travel, I hope the Obamas were imputed the cost of traveling on Air Force Two for all of their friends.

  46. Cheap shot. Excess spending by politicians may be despicable, but it has nothing to do with our deficit.

  47. Comments about Obama’s LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE are being removed from some blogs especially Real Clear Politics.

    WE THE PEOPLE want to see the LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE from Barack Hussein Obama

  48. I think Barack Obama is pimping his wife and chunky daughter out to Spain, so Europe will still like him. So many people in America, are angry, he has to keep his profile high in Europe, where it matters.

    1. There may be some validity to that. Before, anytime Obama was in political hot water, he could jet out to Europe or Asia. Of course those trips proved to be dismal failures because instead of old foreign service hands, Obama had his inner circle of Jarrett and Axelrod running the show. Sadly, other nations don’t take kindly to being told what to think. And with the criticism of his combined Maine and CapeCod vacations in the wake of his Gulf dithering, Obama cannot risk another run outside the country. There’s too much at stake. If he’s lucky, it won’t be him.

  49. The First Lady’s vacation certainly benefitted the hotel and surrounding merchants. Wouldn’t it have been great if she’d chosen a vacation spot in the U.S.A. so that the hotel staff, watiers, and other service people as well as the shopkeepers and other small business owners in the area might have gotten an economic shot in the arm??

    1. The dirty little secret is that she is there on behalf of SEIU organizing the hotel staff.

      1. As if she actually cared to organize anything but something for herself. The Obamas’ are in it for themseleves,period!

  50. John Edwards is like this crazy Michelle bitch, both are frauds. Spend your own money, bitch and stop robbing America. These politicians want everyone to sacrifice, but themselves. I suppose this crazy bitch thinks its racist, but I am as angry with John Edwards too. Frauds make me sick.

  51. She is proud,now,of being “An American”!

  52. I made the first video on You Tube on her trip awhile back before most even knew about it. I made one tonight called Nouveau Riche Michelle Obama est Tres Gauche en Espangne. If you click on my name you can see it.

  53. I wish so called journalists/reporters would at least get one thing right. Nancy R. did NOT go on a china buying binge..the china was DONATED to the White House..either you are misinformed, just too lazy to research..or just lying?? Which is it?????

  54. It is interesting to me that the current first couple; and this Congress, epitomizes, more than any other in memory, the abuse of privilege.

    There is amongst them the air of entitlement; a sense that they are not accountable to the same standards as the electorate; and insensitivity to the plight of average citizens that is both staggering and revolting.

    From comparison shopping the price of arugula; to characterizing small town America as clutching their guns and religion in disappointment and discouragement; to characterizing Americans as ‘mean’; arbitrarily terminating lucrative blue collar employment in the Gulf in response to a disaster caused, and made more egregious by, the failure of government to enforce it’s own regulations; the blatant disregard for the electorate in shaping and approving laws and regulations; gross circumvention of law and principle to accomplish their personal agenda; to mischaracterization and ridicule of Citizen efforts to protest un-Constitutional governance; and blatant lies about the content, intent and effectiveness of legislation and policies crafted by special interests behind closed doors, even behind the backs of Congress; by denying DC residents choice in education while choosing the finest private schools for their children; and to the appointment of numerous Czars (circumventing the Constitutionally required advice and consent of the Senate) that clearly can not in good faith ascribe to the oath required of all federal officers, this administration has totally isolated itself from the electorate; and reality in a truly unprecedented (at least since Marie Antoinette) manner.

    The Spanish holiday of Mrs. Obama and her daughter is just the latest slap in the face of Americans. On the heels of the incompetence of her husband’s administration that caused the Gulf fiasco and interfered with it’s mitigation; she chooses Spanish beaches and Spanish Casinos for she and her court’s diversionary amusements. Imagine how much different the outcome had she chosen instead a Gulf destination where we have beeches just as nice and Casinos just as nice as those in Spain.

    Given the state of our economy would not the money have been better spent at home than abroad? Shouldn’t those in the public spotlight be encouraging Americans to support American resorts by the power of their personal example?
    Wouldn’t this have been a stunning opportunity to bring the press to parts of the Gulf that still have white sands and blue waters?

    But of course, the Ruling Class can’t be bothered by the concerns of the little people: “Let them eat cake”.

    The encouraging news is that those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it. November is rapidly approaching; it’s time to get the baskets ready.

  55. The Obamas are a disgrace! BOTH OF THEM.
    Sixty rooms @$2500/night for 4 nights, $600,000. Seventy secret service agents with per diem of $240/day, $67,200, the cost of AF 2, $148,000,
    the cost of 250 Spanish police officers, the cost of Spanish military brought in, approximately $48,000 for meals for 60 + Obama/daughter for 4 days, etc., etc., etc.

    The Obamas have no class, and are sucking up everything they can from the taxpayers. Just corruption learned from corrupt Chicago friends. They never were anyone, nor had anything, until mocing there. Poor white trash.

    2012 can’t get here fast enough. We need to be rid of these embarassing idiots.

  56. Well, I’ve never been to Spain, but I kind of like the music. They tell me I was born there….but I digress. As one of the vast unwashed masses clinging to middleclassedness with my fingernails, I find this Grand Tour insulting. When I am making a bold choice whether to buy brand name tuna or the store brand based on what my personal economy can tolerate, I expect the people in charge to at least PRETEND they are tightening their belts too. Remember when Jimmy Carter admonished us to adjust our thermostats to save energy? Even now our government tell us, the poor slobs who pay their bills, to seek out energy efficient ways and means to live which are almost always more costly to acquire. So how many gallons of jet fuel were used flying this entourage to Spain? What kind of energy responsible message is this? When even the British press starts to compare Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette, then there are political liabilities afoot. And BTW, does anyone else find if odd, odd, odd that Michelle is away on vacation on her husband’s birthday? Call me old fashioned, but isn’t this one of those opportunities politicians like to photograph to demonstrate how down to earth they are? Maybe Obama doesn’t care about that.

  57. Oh plez! As if we didn’t see this coming. I, on the other hand, would like to thank the First Lady for stimulating the Spanish economy.

  58. “lady” obama?
    who gave her that coronation?
    get real, please?

  59. Ever day she reminds me more of Jackie:the grace,the cloths,the hair and now her love for all things Spanish.Isn’t Spain supposed to be the new France(NYT)? Reminds one of the old Cuban proverb”Mona vestida en seda mona se queda” A monkey dressed in silk,a monkey it remains!

  60. another show of the inexperienced administration: racism in Spain? Spain does not deserve even a hint of that label. the big question is how come they did not know this?

    they are so eager to label everything and anybody as racist that they clearly overstepped here, quite possibly someone in spain is not on board with them so this is how they handled it, imo.

    by the way, anyone else find it very strange a president’s family is not with him on his birthday? is michelle finally willing to give the perception she can no longer celebrate a lie?

  61. is it just me or are there some glaring flaws in her grammar and punctuation?

    and why does she put herself first in a sentence instead of saying, “Malia, Sasha, and I”? she says, ME, malia, etc…

    ps – as much as Michelle tries to channel Jackie O, it’s impossible for her to do so. for one thing trying to be someone else is totally unJACKIE, not to mention that Jackie’s class was inate.

  62. Spain is the future of the U.S. under Obama rule:

    Creditors circling like vultures waiting for the the national insolvency fire sale. And ocean-side resorts being snagged by rich, hairy, German bankers who drink too much beer and wear body thongs.

  63. Aside from the cost ? which has to be exorbitant for secret service, use of US AF aircraft, and one of the most extravagant hotels in Spain ? was somewhat shocked at the lack of pure judgment and logic of this trip! It was not as if the Obamas had not had a vacation ? in fact, they have had at least one a month for the past three months, with two more on the docket (Panama City and Martha’s Vineyard) later this month. At a time when the majority of the Country is suffering from a RECESSION, and with the LOOMING TAX HIKES FROM TEAM OBAMA in JANUARY, it just seems prudent that the FLOTUS
    would not be flaunting waste and abuse. (BET SHE IS JUST GETTING ‘PROUDER’ OF BEING A US CITIZEN!!) Pretty sad, and what is worse, she had been a bright spot in an otherwise incompetent White House!

  64. Aside from the costs — which has to be exorbitant for the secret service and their per diem, use of an US AF Aircraft, and one of the most extravagant hotels in Spain — was shocked at the lack of pure judgment and logic of this trip! It was not as if the Obamas had not had a vacation — in fact, they have had ONE PER MONTH FOR THE PAST THREE MONTHS, and with two more on the docket (Panama City, Florida and Martha’s Vineyard) later this month.

    At a time when the majority of the Country is suffering from a severe recession, and with LOOMING TAX HIKES FROM TEAM OBAMA IN JANUARY, it just seems prudent that the FLOTUS would not be flaunting waste and abuse — especially overseas! Pretty sad, and what is worse, she had heretofore been a bright spot in an otherwise incompetent White House!

  65. The Black upper crust in Chicago had a nickname for the First Hag….’GHETTO GIRL”…long before she became FLOTUS!

    If you look closely in some of the Marbella photos, you will see some of her ‘best friends’….OMG…what ghetto trash! Looks like they couldn’t even afford a Greyhound bus ticket to Spain, yet the First Hag says everyone is paying their own way!

    It also says something about Obama for choosing to marry such a pig….he is NOT very discerning!

    1. This is hateful. C’mon.

  66. It’s not Jackie-O…’s ‘Blackie-O” or “Tacky-O”!

    Is it just me, or does she always look like she has a wad of cotton balls in her mouth! Probably picked it herself!

    1. That comment is racist and disgusting. It should be taken down.

  67. I think BOTH of them are spooked by the White House, which is why they are never home!

    I’m sure they didn’t think they would win…and I’m sure they have buyer’s remorse now.

    The First Slob knows she is out-classed by every First Lady in history, and she knows everyone is snickering behind her back!

    I can see her in Haiti or Ghana…

    1. Not unless they open a Gucci shop there!
      Obamas’:Nouveau riche and proud

  68. It’s not accurate to compare the Clinton wedding and Michelle’s Spain trip. The Clintons paid for their own wedding, and the $2 million price tag has been widely debunked. That was media hype, and the Clintons did what they could to keep it private for Chelsea. Michelle, however, is on her umpteenth vacation, parading around Europe. The plan fare alone is $148,000 that the taxpayer is footing. And all this before the depart for a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard when she returns. They are hypocrites–period.

  69. I agree with this article with the exception of the comment on Chelsea’s wedding- that was not in good taste- the wedding was with the Clintons’ own money, not the taxpayers. Michelle Obama’s fantasy vacation is largely paid for by us taxpayers

  70. It proves that MO has no class, nor does she have any empathy or sympathy for others. I got mine- now you get yours. Just like the$200,00 raise she got at the hospital in chicago(a non profit at that) after her husband was elected to the senate. While she as part of the board of directors were dropping patients on skid row, chatging uninsured patients up to 6X more than the insured and while her husband procurred a Million dollar endowment to the hospital.
    No Michelle is ruthless and has abandoned any ethics that she might have had.
    Classy? She reeks of trashy. If my girls dreesd like that!! And the old folks taught us to keep your legs closed and be ladylike. She sits spread eagle to read children stories!!!

  71. I’m not sure I understand the problem. She’s using her money to do something she wants to do. she isn’t using the governments money, so whats the problem? why do you guys think we should be able to tell other people how to spend their money? I understand some people don’t like the Obamas, but this is scraping the bottom of the barrel

    1. Dude wake-up! The cost of secret service security alone is estimated at $75,000 a day!Guess who’s paying?

  72. The Obamas are demonstrably progressive.With all the suffering manifest in 2010:Haiti,Africa,America’s inner cities,they know precisely where and how to prioritize.

  73. I did not vote for Obama and I do not support most of his policies. However, I have never thought until this moment that they were capable of something this utterly foolish and detached from reality. Disillusioned does not describe my feelings toward this administration. Furious does not adequately describe my anger. Who are these people we elected to lead us? Are they living on this planet and in this country? I just don’t get it.

  74. Column is right on ! And to top it off you gave as an example of how to do it right – Howard Dean – a straight arrow if ever there was one. Thanks.

  75. The funniest part of this post is that you are all pretending to care about social inequality and the spending habits of the rich… on a libertarian website!


    no taxes for rich people

    gabriel givens 10′

  77. Superb read, I have to admit. You’ve researched the subject extremely well.Thanks for sharing.

  78. besides, Clintons have had money for a long time. THEY EARNED IT. if they choose to lavish it on their ONLY child on her WEDDING DAY, SOBEIT! any parents give their children weddings they can afford. clintons CAN afford it.

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  80. Interesting article! You make valuable and unique points in your article. I agree with you on many of your thoughts. Some of your content requires more thought on my part.

  81. we’ve entered a late-ancien regime era of rancid excess by the ruling class.

  82. Everybody in the country is going to have to sacrifice something, accept change for the greater good. Everybody is going to have to give. Everybody is going to have to have some skin in the game.

  83. Vacation in a beautiful turquoise sea, a pi?a colada well fresh in the shade of palm trees, a change of scenery 😀

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