If You Were Dumb Enough to Buy an iPhone, For God's Sake Be Smart Enough to Download The Reason App Right Now![*]


If you want to watch the inevitable train wreck that is politics unfold, there's an app for that.

If you like your acerbic political commentary with a touch of '70s rock nostalgia, there's an app for that.

If you want to email your disaffected congressional leaders, there's an app for that.

And if you want to find out whose ass to kick…there's an app for that.

Free Minds and Free Markets. Free in the App Store now.

[*]: Note that the acerbic commentary is directed at readers as well as pols.

The Reason iPhone App keeps you up to date with the latest news and views from the Reason staff wherever you are.

Compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch, the Reason App downloads and syncs Reason's content to your device in real time.

The Reason app is free and available at iTunes. Download it now!

Features include:

  • Access to fresh content from Hit & Run, (including Brickbats),, and;
  • Simple Save and Share functionality for all text and video content;
  • Smooth navigation between and within sections;
  • Secure Donations page.

Video produced by Austin Bragg.

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  1. You know, real libertarians would have the app for droid*. Get with the program already (see what I did there?)!

    *I don’t actually have a smart phone

    1. Apple. Pfftph! And I thought you folks were hip.

      *I actually do have a smartphone. Android.

  2. How much is reason willing to pay me to write a droid version. I’ll be sure to include a “brickbats” item, definitely missing from the mobile website.

  3. Oh wow, that dodes look like areally cool app


    1. A ringing endorsement, if there ever was one.

      1. These aren’t the apps Lou’s looking for.

          1. *5? Did you just amplify the above comment?

  4. The app is ok (and I really think the save feature has value), however, I still use the website for two reasons; 1)the entire headline of each article isn’t readable on the app, and 2) no access to the comments section.

    1. You beat me to it. Nothington Post has decent comment functionality, albeit schizo since it’s not threaded.

      Also, if I “view original item” (which opens in Safari) and come back to the app it would be great if the app didn’t totally reset to the start screen.

      That said, it’s way better than the Reason app I slapped together.

      1. Agreed, get the comments sections on the Reason app somehow.

  5. Some of us only got suckered into the iPod touch.

  6. Once you fixed your broken code so I could pull up the full site on my iPhone (instead of having the mobile site pushed on me with no way to get around it), there really wasn’t any need for a special App just to read H&R.

    1. I’ll give the app a whirl, but the reason I have an iPhone is to get the real Internet, not the mobile version. Now, about that Flash problem….

      1. What Flash problem?

        Websites should avoid Flash like the plague. (I wish there were some good way other than Flash for Youtube-style videos.)

        1. There is. It’s called h.264, and YouTube already uses it if you hit their site with an iPhone or iPad.

        2. It’s called Youtube. Their site is fully functional on an iPhone/iPad because they use HTML 5 to serve their video.

          Google HTML 5 and YouTube-style video is what you shall have.

  7. I know it’s been said, but the inability to read comments is a deal-breaker on this one.

    1. Some would call it a feature.

  8. Yeah, needs comments. The icon looks nice on the home screen though.

  9. OK, sold.

    But before I start playing with it – tell me, this has benefits versus a generic RSS reader, how? I already get Reason, Foreign Policy, the Economist, the Atlantic, National Review Michael Yon, etc etc all in one app already. With pictures, mmedia, etc. But! Alas, no comments.

    (MobileRSS is my fave right now. I’ve tried like 3-4, but this one is simplest and never crashes. Links to google reader account, so no setup hassles. Also – caches, baby. So you can read all the stuff even when there’s no internet connection)

    Ah, I see in post above = no comments on this either. So I says again… why do I need a separate app for something free RSS readers already do fairly well?

    I had a NYT app they put out, but ditched it for the same reason. Their paper was easier to navigate and read via RSS than it was in their funky reader app.

  10. Ok, Brickbats is cool addition.

    And the categories (blog, articles, video) are handy. It would be nice if that navigation bar were locked though, rather than having to scroll to the top every time you want to switch categories.

    And the video works better than linked multimedia in other apps (sometimes RSS readers omit embedded video). It also goes direct back to the reason app after the vid, which is nice (rather than having to close the youtube app and reopen the reader)

    All in all, pretty snappy. It loads the whole mag all on opening, so no hitting ‘update’ like in RSS. A bit slicker presentation…RSS, which may get embedded pictures loaded OK, the text layout is still pretty arbitrary. Sometimes you get text squeezed into one-word sentences. This is better. The ‘Saved’ feature is nice, but not different than any other reader.

    Add comments access (allowing posting!), and you have a real winner.

    I suspect the reason for omitting comments (as on most reader apps) is that no publication (even reason) wants to be too closely linked to the sometimes violently insane spew that we commentators generate. I could be wrong about that, but that’s my gut feeling. Its like you had a keg party at your house: “I didnt *invite* everyone, so dont blame me if they’re some total douchebags here!”

  11. Somebody has to use Google TV Ads to air this on some random cable channel. I’m sure we can get $100 together.

  12. Hey, what’s with the group think? Not all Apple people wear pink. As 70’s music goes, I hope you’re thinking of The New York Dolls and The Sex Pistols and not Disco.
    This was sent from my iPhone.

  13. So here’s me commenting with my Android phone. Maybe the iPhone needs an app to make it run a different OS.

    1. Here’s me commenting with my 7th glass of bourbon on my iPhone running Reason in a Fortran emulator.

      Happy Friday!

      1. What the Fortran for?

  14. I’m waiting for the brain implant app.

  15. Since I was smart enough to buy a Droid, where’s my damn app?

  16. Why does every successive post about this app get more caustic towards the iPhone? The iPhone is the best phone out and you’re all just a bunch of jealous haters.

    Add comments and it might be worth getting he app.

    This comment sent from my iPhone on the full site.

    1. I think (or hope) that’s it’s all just a joke… making fun of the tribalist instincts of people who take the smart-phone wars seriously. And of course Libertarians will take the side of the more open and “free market” approach of Android over the command-and-control “strong-man dictator” approach of Apple.

      That being said… compared to the average android phone, the iphone sucks donkey dick.

      1. Nah, we iPhone loving libertarians enjoy the grey market of jailbreak apps.

      1. Big fucking deal. My 8 year-old niece’s shitty Boost Mobile phone has apps on it.

    2. Now that Apple has become so successful, it’s hip to hate them. They’re the popular kid in school who’s good-looking, on a team and gets good grades. Everybody else tries to make themselves feel better by resenting Apple’s success and attributing it to unfairness or brainwashing or whatever.

    3. nah, my Moto Droid kicks the iPhone’s behind in more ways than one.

  17. Between reason, Cat Purr and Scrabble, there’s no reason to get off my iPhone now!

  18. android app please

  19. All smartphones suck. I want my RAZR2 back.

  20. From Sprint (EVO):

    Sorry, this device is so hot we can’t keep it on our virtual shelves.

    Check back later ? more are on their way!

    1. Sadly, I check every day, and there are still none on the virtual shelves. I may be stuck forever with my crappy Instinct…

  21. I’ve bought two iPhones.
    I won’t put your app on either of them.
    And F*** You.

  22. I was dumb enough to buy two iPhones. Broke both of them. Back to the Blackberry, and happy as ever. I even stayed with AT&T, and my service got magically better. An iPhone is really great at a lot of things, but it’s a lousy phone.

  23. Nothington Post has decent comment functionality, albeit schizo even better since it’s not threaded.

  24. I tried to download it, but Apple insisted on getting a credit card from me, even though the app is free; and then they refused the card that everyone else in the world accepts. How can people who can’t write software sell so many iPhones? My tablet computer will be an Android or Kindle.

  25. Okay, I downloaded the app. Now can someone get me a phone to run it on?

  26. People actually buy those things? I learned 30 years ago never to buy an Apple product.
    I just ordered the Droid X today, bitches!

  27. This is not the Droid App I am looking for. I will go about my business, and move along.

  28. I am a fool. And thin-skinned.

    But seriously, a few things:

    1. I never keep apps that are just vehicles to get to me to view the same content in Safari. They have to improve the experience.

    2. Needs comments.

    3. Needs Facebook and Twitter. Do people still use Digg?

    4. HUGE HUGE pictures, lots of whitespace, but the titles aren’t wrapped. That makes no sense to me, especially when most of the pictures are just “r”. Either get rid of the pictures so we can see more stories per page, or use that whitespace to show the full titles.

    One more thing, and this applies to itself as well as the app: I don’t really get the reasoning behind keeping articles and the blog separate. I understand the difference between an article and a blog post, I just feel like I have to look in two different places for the content I want. It’s all just news and opinion to me, regardless of whether you’re linking to somebody else.

    1. A wider middle column and less white space on the sides would be nice…

  29. I’ve never forgiven Apple for having to use the infamous “paperclip trick” to get floppy discs back when the things would crash in high school…

    Now, do I like the iPhone? Nope. Is Apple an example of adventures in capitalism? YUP!

    I don’t hate the company, I am, however, annoyed with the smug sense of superiority people seem to feel from buying their products. The Apple store is where intelligent people go to lose their minds… Bombastic arrogance? There’s an app for that.

    I love my Palm and will likely upgrade to the new HTC in a few months. How about an app or two for the rest of us?

  30. Is there an IpHone app that will allow you to throw virtual people off of the Love Boat for ideas into a virtual ocean? 😉

  31. I find it hilarious that Apple has turned in to a symbol for liberals despite it being an unabashed success in capitalism, while free market thinkers abhor it, despite it being an unabashed success in capitalism.

    This was typed on my iPad, companion to various other Apple products.

    1. So the iPad doesn’t have a grammar checker? Good to know.

  32. I just go to the Reason website on my Blackberry Storm 2 (which I got to replace my iPhone since the iPhone really isn’t much of a phone and typing on it is designed for little girls. The Storm rocks.

  33. Just bought a Moto Droid.

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