Reason In the Air: Tim Cavanaugh on the Fiesta de Té and the Uprising of California City Managers


Couldn't you just kiss him?

Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh will be appear on Mark Carbonaro's KION morning radio show, coming to you straight outta Salinas, to discuss the Bell, Calif. city manager uprising.

If you're in the area, tune in at 1460 AM. You can also listen live at Details:

KION Radio
Morning Show
Mark Carbonaro
8:15 am

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  1. When I was living in the Santa Cruz area, I listened to that show every work day. Mark Carbonaro is not only a great host, he’s very knowlegeable about economics, policy and libertarianism. I just wished his show went national [his radio station only covers the Monterey Bay area, or Lefty Territory], he could kick some liberal (and conservative) ass!

  2. Where is MNG to tell us that that guy negotiated his $800,000 salary fair and square. How dare those plebs complain.

    1. Does Rizzo’s treatment qualify as a lynching?

  3. “…and that’s what’s shakin’ here at Birkenau. Back to you, Rebecca.”

  4. AM radio?? Times be tough… are they broadcasting a motorcycle jump as well?

  5. Nice DURRRR image.

  6. The city of Austin has an estimated 800,000 people (might be hitting 1 million soon) and our city manager is paid $200,000 + benefits and I still think that’s too much!

  7. Salinas is nowhere near Bell, of course. They have their own problems in Salinas — an epidemic of gang-violence, at the top of the list. If city leaders could chase the gangs out and end the drive-by shootings and other violent incidents, Salinas residents would probably pay them double what the Bell pols scammed for themselves.

  8. Tim, does the city of Bell have less city managers, or fewer city managers?

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