Have Faith! ObamaCare Will Definitely Work…Eventually


The PPACA calls for each state to set up a health care "exchange"—a government-run marketplace where people can purchase subsidized, regulated health insurance (as Philip Klein said, "government-designed policies from a government store"). Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius has started to work with state governors, but it looks like the process won't be easy:

Ms. Seblius's efforts come as some states prepare for friction with her department over the early provisions in the law, since they say they are underprepared to implement many aspects of it.
Missouri will hold a ballot on Tuesday on whether to knock down the health-care law by invalidating the requirement that most people buy insurance or pay a fine. Some other states are planning similar votes.

Early this month, Ms. Sebelius's office plans to host governors' staff from across the country to begin tackling the most ambitious part of the legislation, which calls for setting up state-based exchanges where some 30 million Americans are expected to buy coverage.

State officials say they are struggling to meet the law's deadline for getting the exchanges running by 2014. Strapped budgets have left states without the staff to handle basics such as writing grants to apply for implementation funding, officials say.

"I am very sensitive having been in that situation myself," Ms. Sebelius said. "It really helps to have been a governor."

Some governors say her department is underestimating the law's burden on states.

"The bill raises almost 1,000 questions and so far they have zero answers," said Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. "This is going to be a nightmare, and you would think her gubernatorial experience would have given her a good intuition for that."

And, the article notes, even Democratic aides are worried that building the exchanges is going to put significant new burdens on state governments.

One point that I think didn't get made enough prior to the passage of the law was that, due to its phenomenal complexity, the implementation process, much of which happens within state governments, was bound to be a mess. And it was likely to ask states to expend resources they weren't likely to have. We've already seen this with the high-risk pools, which were intended to bridge the gap between passage and total implementation in 2014. But the law only provided enough money to run the program through 2011 or 2012.

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  1. Do ya know what it’s like
    All revved up with no place to go

  2. “This is going to be a nightmare, and you would think her gubernatorial experience would have given her a good intuition for that.”

    So, what makes you believe the nightmare is not intended?

    1. Or that Sebelius is capable of learning anything from experience. That woman is nothing but a less good looking Grahnholm. Yes, she really is that stupid.

  3. Huh. The more we learn about ObamaCare, the less we like it! Every Democrat legislator in the U.S. Congress lied. Every Democrat in the Obama Administration lied. Every Democrat “strategist” on cable TV lied. Have I left anyone out?

    1. Most of the major media.

      1. Told ya so!

        1. Is that what you heard hanging out at the pool in Nigeria? Good to know.

  4. [insert exclamation of surprise]

  5. Considering the financial problems the states are having, which the feds are fully aware of (see stimulus), there is no way they didn’t know this wasn’t going to work. The plan is designed to fail.

    1. That depends on what the definition of “fail” is.

    2. I wouldn’t go that far. This bill is the culmination of 40 years of governing by emotion and for personal fulfillment. I don’t think the people who passed it even thought in terms of success or failure. They thought only in terms of the personal and emotional fulfillment of passing comprehensive health reform. It is not that they designed it to fail. It is that they didn’t even thing about whether it would work or not. The whole thing was about them, their ego, and their personal fulfillment of being a “part of history”.

      I don’t think they are malevolent as much as they are just batshit insane.

      1. You give them too much credit. One day you’ll learn.

        1. No. You give them too much credit. You think they designed this system to fail as part of some longer term evil plan. I say they are not capable of such thinking. They are not even capable of thinking past the moment. All they wanted to do was get the personal fulfillment of doing something historic. Whether it worked or did any good really never entered the discussion.

          1. God damn, John. They are on the record saying as much. I’ve seen clips of Barney Frank and a couple of others saying exactly that the thing will ultimately lead to single payer.

            1. Maybe a few of them think that. But most of them are too stupid to think that far ahead.

              1. But the stupid ones vote the way the leaders tell them too. And the leaders had a plan.

              2. The more people think I don’t know what I’m doing the easier it is for me. You’ll find out I knew EXACTLY what I was doing only when it is far too late.

            2. Succeed, fail, all that matters is that gov’t power will continue to grow.

          2. How could it not work? The State is far superior to your evil ‘free market’. Besides,”everyone else has single payer, why don’t we?” That is the extent of my argument.

            1. “everyone else has single payer, why don’t we?”

              If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you? Time for your remedial summer school, Dear. Please get dressed.

              1. And remember: Its socks, then shoes.

              2. “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?”

                Are they Europeans ? Then yeah, I guess I would jump off a bridge, if the sophisticated, civilized Euros are doing it.

  6. So that’s how Obamacare achieves those great savings: by dumping the costs on the states.

  7. Shit, I bet many states won’t have implemented these high risk pools by 2011, much less pay for them. It’ll be like REAL ID all over again.

  8. Sebelius to one of the minions she brought along from home: We’re not in Kansas anymore, Todo!

    1. Toto. I believe Todo is a toilet. Possibly more apropos.

  9. LOL, yeah one day right. What a joke.


  10. Have Faith! ObamaCare Will Definitely Work…Eventually

    The title hits the nail squarely in the head: The expected performance of this monstrosity IS a matter of FAITH, not knowledge(*).

    (*)”Calculation Problem”, anyone?

  11. There’s an EXCELLENT essay at FEE.org where the author [Theodore Levy] explains why doctors don’t really mean it when they say they are against ObamaCare or in favor of free market medicine. The reason is economics:


  12. “This is going to be a nightmare, and you would think her gubernatorial experience would have given her a good intuition for that.”

    She didn’t write the bill, plus she sucks her boss’ Big One, so what is she to do? Don’t blame the whore, blame the john.

  13. Thread jack:
    “Virginia’s lawsuit challenging the Obama administration’s health care reform law cleared its first legal hurdle Monday as a federal judge ruled the law raises a host of complex constitutional issues.”
    Check your fave AP subscriber.

  14. First Sebelius bankrupts KS, now the nation. And we accept this merde as caviar.

  15. a government-run marketplace where people can purchase subsidized, regulated health insurance (as Philip Klein said, “government-designed policies from a government store”).

    Oooh! I can’t wait.

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