This Whole Congress Is Out of Order!


I suppose someone should post this video of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) in full meltdown mode, lighting into Republicans and Blue Dogs opposing the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. He's already being praised from the usual quarters (what calculated passion!), though it seems to me that the Right Honorable Gentleman from Brooklyn might want a refill of his Thorazine.

The editors at RealClearPolitics make the inevitable And Justice For All comparison:

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  3. Weiner is a douche. The guy is trying so hard to be a super star or rising star in his party that he’s turning into a caricature of himself.

    That and he’s your typical NY intellectual progressive assclown.

    1. That and he’s your typical NY intellectual progressive assclown.

      I wikied him expecting to see that he went to an Ivy League school, but he went to SUNY Plattsburg. Is that even a real university?

      1. I guess so. According to wiki they specialize in:

        A few of SUNY Plattsburgh’s more notable academic programs include:

        * Education – Plattsburgh was founded as a teacher’s college and Education is still the school’s largest major.[31]
        * Center for Communication and Journalism – Encompassing four distinct majors,[32] it is the only center of its kind in the SUNY system.[33]
        * Canadian Studies – The most comprehensive undergraduate Canadian studies program in the United States.[19]
        * Expeditionary Studies – The only collegiate academic program in the nation to focus on rock climbing, ice climbing, free-heel skiing and sea kayaking.

        Knocking someone’s alma mater is a little silly, but the above list is fucking hilarious. What no basket weaving?

        1. * Canadian Studies – The most comprehensive undergraduate Canadian studies program in the United States.[19]

          Yes! I’ve always wanted to study this far away, mythical land.

        2. Where’s the Canadian Women Studies program?

        3. And no underwater basket weaving either! Canadian Studies, eh?

        4. Notice that it’s not even Canadian History; it’s Canadian Studies. All the classes probably have names like “The plight of Inuit lesbians in Canadian society”.

          1. Fuck the Inuit Lesbians of Canadian society!

    2. intellectual progressive assclown

      IPA – it’s not just a beer anymore.

    3. typical NY intellectual progressive

      It’s okay to be a bigot if it’s against people from big cities on the coast.

      1. I’d say the proof of his shitty politics, arrogance, and location is enough to make that statement more of a description than anything else.

        1. I dislike communists, Progressives, chia pets, and those little plastic things they put on pizzas to hold up the lid as well. Does that make me bigot? Or a racist?

      2. Those sad fuckers, clinging to their state and their regulations.

      3. Or, if you are one of those intellectuals, southerners, midwesterners, and anyone else who lives in a rural area.

        You look just like this kettle I saw last week, Tony.

      4. It’s okay to be a bigot if it’s against people from big cities on the coast.

        Well the typical small town progressive are so pathetic in their worship and ass-licking of their big city peers that kicking them is just to sad to contemplate.

      5. Tony, your side practices “bigotry” against anyone who ISN’T an intellectual progressive, so STFU.

        1. I promise you, the policies I favor will help you too.

          As far as intellectual, yeah I do tend to have a slight bias for trusting people who are informed and intelligent.

          1. I do tend to have a slight bias for trusting people who are informed and intelligent

            Especially when they are telling the unintelligent and uninformed how to live their lives, eh?

            And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate trust of the progressive universe.

            1. That should be “truth” and not “trust” but I guess it works just the same.

          2. I don’t *want* any help, Tony. Do you SEE me with my hand out? No? Then that should be a clue.

            But, do tell us how everyone right-of-center is a knuckle-dragging, illiterate gun-licker. Can’t wait to tell all my friends they’re all ignorant because they’re not liberals.

          3. bias toward those that agree with you =/= bias for those who are informed or intelligent

  4. Come on, it says “9/11” right in the name, you gotta support it, right?

    1. Yup. Saw an interview with one of “9/11 Heroes” this afternoon. He seemed a little put off that Congress would not reach into its room full of gold and pull out a few bars for the firemen. The cable-news interviewer then asked the New York hero if he knew where the money came from.

      I kid.

  5. Canadian Studies? They must watch Strange Brew three times a semester. Count me in!!

    1. You can see Canada from SUNY Plattsburg.

    2. This movie was filmed in 3-B. Three beers and it looks good, eh?

  6. I can’t believe you missed an oppirtunity to post the headline:


    1. very good point.

    2. “Erupts” would be even better.

      1. No, please: “EXPOLDES!” warrants instant admission into respectable English language.

    3. Why not “ejaculates”?

  7. Actually constructing a joke about a tiny Weiner spitting with tiny Weiner rage seems superfluous.

  8. Last time I checked, his party controlled both houses of Congress and the White House. They win on absolutely every issue their party reaches consensus on.

    So what does he have to be angry about?

    1. The opposition would have been allowed to make a motion to recommit with amendments if the bill passed normally. The GOP was deciding to either say that the money should be spent out of not-yet-spent stimulus appropriation authority, or to say that the benefits shouldn’t go to illegal immigrants, or both.

      That would be a terrible thing for the Democrats to have to vote on, poor dears, so they moved to instead suspend the rules and pass it while depriving the opposition the right to offer a motion to recommit.

      Suspending the rules takes a 2/3rds majority, but they apparently thought that it would be better political theater to be able to accuse the GOP of hating widows and orphans than to be just accused themselves of racking up more deficit spending and of loving illegal immigrants.

    2. They don’t win on suspension of the rules, which requires 2/3rds

      1. So don’t try to suspend the rules. Just vote down the amendments you don’t like which the minority proposes. Done.

        1. Yes, well, the shrinking violets don’t wish to be forced to make tough votes.

          1. Somebody just shoot us.

            1. We did….and for some fucked up reason everyone else got pissed at us for it.

          2. Winner!

  9. The only collegiate academic program in the nation to focus on rock climbing, ice climbing, free-heel skiing and sea kayaking.

    Damn, I thought the state school I went to was shitty, but at least we didn’t use our rock climbing and kayaking programs as selling points. What exactly is the career path for someone with that major?

    1. Damn, I thought the state school I went to was shitty, but at least we didn’t use our rock climbing and kayaking programs as selling points. What exactly is the career path for someone with that major?

      Either fry-cook or Congress, depending on your connections.

    2. Outward Bound instructor? Though they train their people anyhow, so you’re probably better off just skipping SUNY-Whatsit’s tuition bills and getting paid to muck around in the bundu.

      1. Aren’t a lot of their people organizational behavior and phsyc degrees? Thought I heard that.

        1. I don’t recall what any of my instructors had degrees in – pretty sure it never came up, actually. (Or was gently deflected if it did.)

    3. If there was a path, you wouldn’t need a trained rock-climber, DUH!

  10. I heard Hannity defend a debate on the radio the other day because everyone was passionate. You know what? Fuck passion. Someone’s passion is irrelevant–entirely irrelevant–to whether he’s honest, his argument has merit, or, really, anything else remotely important. It’s a big problem with politics and society today, thinking how much someone cares about an issue matters at all.

    1. You’re right, but passion passes for intellect these days. The news-bots speak in glowing terms of how “emotional” Congressman X was. They eat this shit up. It makes for good theater, and consumes time that would otherwise have to be spent in a rational discussion of political theory, something the news-bots are wholly unprepared for, being inbred, ignorant clowns with nice smiles.

      1. Which demonstrates the intellectual wasteland that is today’s media.

        1. Ain’t it the truth? I grew up in a family where passion ruled, and didn’t even know there WAS such a thing as calm, reasoned discourse until I was about 15.

          And now passionate dipshits are worthy of praise because they’re passionate.

        2. I haven’t seen a single news-bot discuss or even mention anything in the bill. The bill isn’t the story. A raving lunatic is. Such are modern journalism’s priorities. Here’s a rundown if anyone is interested:


        3. It’s tough to argue against HOOOO-AH!

          Really, there’s no come back for that at all.

    2. “You know what? Fuck passion.”

      I an sooo HOT! I want you NOW, big boy!

      Oh, what’s that?

      Never mind.

    3. Jenny McCarthy is passionate about babies dying of whooping cough but that doesn’t make it any more right or moral.

    4. Fuck passion. Someone’s passion is irrelevant–entirely irrelevant–to whether he’s honest, his argument has merit, or, really, anything else remotely important.

      There’s just something about a train.

    5. Worse, a public tantrum isn’t indicative of passion. It’s demonstrative of disrespect, the weakness of an argument, a lack of self-control, or all three.

      Are they passionate? Who knows? But they are certainly jerks.

    6. Worse, this kind of public tantrum doesn’t even indicate passion: it can be faked. It is demonstrative of disrespect, weak argument, and possibly a lack of self-control though.

  11. Now, that’s fucking acting.

    1. When he got back to his chair he could be heard saying, “And…scene.” as he bowed his head and waved his hand in front of his face.

      1. I can hardly wait for Weiner to re-enact Pacino’s last scene in The Devil’s Advocate.

        Although it would be even better if he re-enacted Keaunu Reeve’s part.

        1. I’m presuming you mean the part where he put a bullet through his head, not the part where he was pondering the alternative of fucking the incredibly hot, naked babe on the desk.

          1. “Free will, it is a bitch.”

            You presumed correctly. Although, I think if he had fucked the incredibly hot babe he was gonna take a knife in the back post-climatically for his trouble. So it was most likely lose-lose.

  12. So much anger in that Tea Party.


  13. There was a time I would have cheered loudly at the tv had a republican made such an ‘passioned’ ‘speach’. Now I look at guys like Weiner and his republican counterpart and think ‘DOUUUUCHE’.

    1. …er… ‘speech’… did my time at SUNY Plattsburg teach me anything!?

  14. The problem with Anthony Weiner is that he’s only there to chew scenery.

  15. Weiner is an apt name for this fool of a jerk. He is an embarassment to all of us from Upstate NY. Unfortunatley, he is revered in Downstate and will probably be returned for more entertainment of the masses.

    1. I was on a board that was bringing on a new member named Weiner, and that’s how I pronounced it. So I was corrected and told he pronounced it “Whiner”, to which I immediately replied, “The name is Fronkensteen”.

      1. Why isn’t it “Froderick Fronkenshteen”?

        Call me Eyegore.

    1. Beautiful Sunny reference, Warty.

  16. Was there a 9/11 Oklahoma City Health and Compensation Act?

    If not, why?

    1. Because flyover country means you fly over it.

    2. I really have no idea why the 9/11 disaster requires extraordinary treatment. When there’s an Amtrak disaster they don’t need supplemental legislation to provide support for everyone directly and tangentially involved. I guess maybe it’s the drain of all that extra patriotism.

    3. Because there wasn’t an extraordinary amount of toxicity in the air. There are reasonable grounds to oppose the bill, but that sort of fail isn’t it.

      1. oh yeah? there is not a lot of toxicity in the air near a trainload of burning chemicals? there are many different kinds of disasters which release smoke and ash

    4. Because the building was gone before firefighters and police could run into it.

      Either that or because it happened during a Democratic presidency, meaning all the compensation they needed came without partisanship. Or something.

  17. Doesn’t this guy want to be the Mayor of NYC also?

    …. A Canadian Studies Major, or whatever, from SUNY Plattsburgh as Mayor of NYC? Imagine that!

    1. Okay, here is what I remember reading:…

  18. Hey Weiner, why should we pay for New York City’s health care?


    Is this thing on?

    1. Because it was subject to a massive attack by foreign agents.

      1. the towns and cities on the us side of border are subject to massive attacks and invasions 24/7…..but they ignore that……..

  19. So you cast Al Pacino to play Anthony Weiner, aka Tony Banger, a street tough brawler with a secret ardor for the ballet….

    1. and you get Michael Bay to direct.

      1. Even a Michael BaySPLOSION! film is better than Anthony Weiner.

        1. Oh, OH! Michael Bay directs the life story of Anthony Weiner – starring, and doing all of his own stunt work – Anthony Weiner!

  20. Peter Schiff is doing a million dollar money bomb for his US Senate primary election on August 10th. About $190k raised since yesterday. We are also making calls from home using the Schiff phone bank to call republicans in CT

  21. Can’t WTFV at work. Does this count as today’s Friday Funny?

    1. Does this count as today’s Friday Funny?

      No, because it is funny.

  22. You can see videos of Peter on his youtube channel SchiffReport. We have made more than 100,000 calls in the last 2 weeks and reach almost all the registered republicans in CT. We only have 100 callers so far and more volunteers making these free calls would help boost Peter even more. The TV adds for Peter Schiff start next week.

  23. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) in full meltdown mode, lighting into Republicans and Blue Dogs opposing the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.

    Almost always, huge money-wasting programs have such warm-hearted names in them, to obfuscate the fact that they are nothing more than money-wasting schemes.

    1. I’m seriously disappointed that they didn’t work “Family” into that title.

      1. what about the chil’run???THE CHIL’RUUUNNN!!!!

    2. Does it have anything about meth candy? Cuz that’s always a vote winner.

  24. I am a Republican volunteer with Peter Schiff for Senate, endorsed by Steve Forbes. There is a Republican primary election on August 10th to see which Republican will go against Dick Bloomenthal in November for United States Senator from Connecticut. My candidate Peter Schiff is a conservative economist. Peter is a capitalist, intellectual and businessman who correctly predicted on TV that government policy would lead to the economic crash of 2008.

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    1. Can I vote from Georgia?

    2. Wrong venue, asscunt.

    3. Darn…. I can’t vote. Sorry.

      But I would love it if Peter won. So, I wish you good luck.

    4. now tell us about i hear its a great place to meet rich dudes

    5. I am a Republican volunteer with Peter Schiff for Senate

      Yeah, I think we got that.

    6. “I am a Republican volunteer with Peter Schiff for Senate, endorsed by Steve Forbes.”

      Who was endorsed by Steve Forbes? You or Peter Schiff? And why do I care?

  25. So I was corrected and told he pronounced it “Whiner”,

    Oh, well, that’s much better.

  26. If you are legal US resident you can donate money, any small amount is good like 20, 50 or $100. You can make free phone calls to Connecticut Republicans from anywhere. You need access to the web and a land-line. If you use a cellphone you will have to pay for your minutes. The callers see the callerID SCHIFFFORSENATE

    1. There are times when xeones absence really makes HnR a poorer place. PeterPatriot is just screaming for the clue-bat.

      1. What the hell happened to xeones? I was away for a while.

    2. YES WE SPAM!
      YES WE SPAM!

  27. PeterPatriot, this may be difficult for you to understand, given that you are no doubt a 19-year old college student with Asperger’s Syndrome and a neckbeard who is very excited about his summer internship for Peter “conservative but with libertarian instincts we swear” Schiff, but you are annoying us! Please stop!

  28. People who think that this is ‘passionate’ have never watched a session of the British Parliment. At any moment you think everyone is gonna just scream “bloody FUCK!” and start tipping out the chairs and hurl them at each other. Not only that, but the politicians don’t have nice, scriptd town hall ‘meetings’ like we have here in the States. They get in front of their constituents and take every nasty insult that they throw at them, without any restraint from the law enforcement.

    They HAVE to take it. Their job depends on it!.

    I kinda wish we had more of that here, none of this bullshit ‘politeness’ rules about the ‘sancticy’ and ‘magesty’ of the office. Fuck that. That’s only to protect their fragile little egos.

    1. the British Parliment

      Question Time! Oh, how I would like to see some of our glorious “leaders” have to partake in that.

      One of the more interesting factoids I read about the House of Commons is that the members may not advance past a line on the floor toward the other side. This keeps them just far enough apart that even with swords drawn they couldn’t reach an opponent.

      1. I understand that Jackie Gleason and his wife had an arrangement like that at one point.

      2. Sad thing about all that is that is hasn’t helped. Look at the UK. You want that? That government? That economy? No thanks.

        Looks like all that yelling was for naught….or maybe served as a beguiling distraction.

  29. so, in the fucktard progressive scorecard is this marked: racist, disrespecting the chamber, unpatriotic, or other?

    i need to make sure i am keeping up with the kids these days.


  31. Am I the only one who was more bothered by the Republican off screen who wouldn’t shut up? At least Weiner was foaming at the mouth during his alotted time rather than trying to talk over someone else.

  32. If it is just straight up money to sickened people. I think it should be passed. If it raises taxes, sacrifices first borns, gives government more power… then I’d say no.

  33. Here’s the question. Yes, Weiner’s a douche. But he is right, is he not? They should vote for what they believe and quit the posturing.

    For that matter, I was fairly shocked that all but 12 Republicans in the House voted against a bill that they almost all would have supported (and questioned the patriotism of opponents) two or three years ago. It’s extra impressive because I’m sure this doesn’t poll well at all.

    So are they doing it because they are the minority, or are they doing it because they actually found some fiscal religion (funding an ICE megastate nonetheless)?

    1. At this point I don’t think we (americans) can afford to look any gift horse in the mouth when it comes to stopping any legislation that has to do with spending. I don’t care what the reasoning is, just as long as they stop.

  34. Where are the Gainesville police with the tasers when you need them

  35. can someone refresh my memory, its been almost 30 yrs since h.s. history class………….but when this 3rd rate azz monkey soap opera broke, the 1st thing that popped in my head was the story about “congressman”davey crockett[i think] getting schooled by some hillbilly farmer that the govt giving $$$ to some poor widow may be the compasionate thing to do, but thats not the job of govt……..some one refresh my memory, because its quite fitting in this soap opera….

  36. Michael, you are leaving out the CONTEXT of this video. This is all being taken out of the context. For example, you have OMITTED the part where he consulted with Naomi Wolf and Justin Timberlake on the requisite alpha-male techniques. YOU SNOOKERER


      1. SNOOK ‘EM IF YA GOT ‘EM


  38. This was great, caught it on CNN.

    Headline should be: Weiner punks pussy.

    “The gentleman is correct to sit down.” Great.

  39. Weiner didn’t punk anything.

    Weiner failed to deliver $7.4 billion of PORK to the city hat he wants to elect him Mayor in 2013.

    So, the opportunity was made to make a campaign ad for himself. What a dick.

  40. Peter Schiff gave the keynote speech at the Libertarian Party in CT. We are calling registered Republicans for Peter Schiff in the CT US Senate Republican primary race using the Schiff campaign free virtual phone bank from our homes. Peter was endorsed by Ron Paul and Steve Forbes this week. Made over 100k calls so far. Peter is starting to run his TV and radio adds this week. Anyone can help with the phone calls to CT registered Republicans. Imagine Peter in the Senate questioning Ben Bernanke.

    1. Fuck you.

  41. Fuck you.

  42. It’s a darn shame that Wiener and Frank aren’t gay lovers. The joke possibilities there are virtually endless.

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