Radical Individualism: Two Histories


Free readin': Two early histories of American anarchism are now on the Web, Eunice Minette Schuster's Native American Anarchism (1932) and Rudolph Rocker's Pioneers of American Freedom (1949).

[Via Human Iterations.]


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  1. againstallauthority.org

    There are bibliographies in both those books.

  2. Now you’ve done it.

  3. Rudolf Rocker was an outstanding champion of freedom. He was a German who lived in London and edited an Anarchist newspaper in Yiddish until he was interned during World War I as an enemy alien, even though he opposed the German government.

    He lived in Germany as the Nazis rose to power. His book exposing the threat to civilization posed by Nazism – Nationalism and Culture – was typeset and ready to print in German in January 1933. The Machtergreifung put the kibosh on that, so the first edition came out in Spain.

    Pioneers of American Freedom is his tribute to the classical liberal tradition in America.

  4. As a companion book to these, I also highly recommend “ABC’s of Reloading – 8th Edition” (2008, Krause Publications).

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