Reason In the Ether: Cavanaugh On Health Care Reform, Veganism, Neanderthals and More


Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh talks with Shane Brady's The libertarian Dime. Topics include:

  • why skeptics aren't more skeptical;
  • how sexy economists are;
  • why you should move to Kansas City;
  • whether it's moral to kill roaches
  • why Ron Bailey is our generation's Faulkner;
  • what's the difference between rape by deception and rape by self-deception;
  • whether Ron Paul is good for libertarians;
  • how you make vegan barbecue;
  • who is the world's greatest theremin player;
  • why real estate needs to keep falling;
  • how to make libertarianism more girly;
  • and more…

Full audio here.