Reason In the Ether: Cavanaugh On Health Care Reform, Veganism, Neanderthals and More


Tim Cavanaugh

Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh talks with Shane Brady's The libertarian Dime. Topics include:

  • why skeptics aren't more skeptical;
  • how sexy economists are;
  • why you should move to Kansas City;
  • whether it's moral to kill roaches
  • why Ron Bailey is our generation's Faulkner;
  • what's the difference between rape by deception and rape by self-deception;
  • whether Ron Paul is good for libertarians;
  • how you make vegan barbecue;
  • who is the world's greatest theremin player;
  • why real estate needs to keep falling;
  • how to make libertarianism more girly;
  • and more…

Full audio here.

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  1. I agree, Ron Bailey is pretty great. Every time I read him, I feel better about cancelling SciAm.

  2. OH wow, OK that really makes a lot of sense dude.

  3. how you make vegan barbecue

    You don’t barbecue is made out of pork.
    Not beef, not chicken, not even pork ribs. Butts, shoulders or the whole pig.Anything else is “grilled” or “smoked” but it ain’t barbecue

    1. You left out mutton.

      1. Not mutton either you Kentucky infidel

        1. If any of you fuckers give me a hard time, ever, for being a New York pizza snob, I’ll have to remind you all of your BBQ wars.

          1. Im a bbq universalist, as long as its bbq. And not some yankee/california “grilling” thing.

          2. Oh! I will be in NYC next month. Where’s the best pie???

            1. Gabe – the best pie only exists as a Platonic Ideal in Epi’s mind.

              Sorry. Maybe you can get out of the cave some day.

            2. First, there is v ery little edible pizza in NYC, one has to visit Brooklyn. For thin crust, proper pizza, Totonno’s ( at 1524 Neptune Ave. in Coney Island is the best in the world. They make a big batch of dough in the morning, when it runs out they close for the day. For Sicilian style, thick crust goodness, it’s gotta be La Villa ( on 5th Ave. in Park Slope. La Villa uses a wood fired oven, Totonno’s uses a coal fired oven and the difference must be experienced.

              1. There’s a Totonno’s on the Upper East Side, dude. And that’s where I would suggest as well.

                1. The Manhattan locations are ok, but Coney Island is the original. Also, Cookie (the owner) only works at the Coney Island location. The Coney Island location burned down last year and has recently reopened, so I prefer to give my business to them.

            3. Joe and Pat’s on Staten Island–near the corner of Victory Blvd and Manor Road.

              And Brooklyn is part of NYC, just like Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Thankyouverymuch

          3. Will you kindly remind anyone who tries to pull some bullshit about Chicago-style “pizza” that they are mentally-disabled pig-fuckers who need to feet with the business end of some steel-toed Docs?

            1. There is no pizza in Chicago. The denizens of the Windy City have been making due with breadbowls full of katsup for so long that they can no longer discriminate between starch/tomato combinations.

        2. Ive never actually had Mutton BBQ. I dont spend much time in Owensboro and it doesnt make it as far east as Louisville.

          1. Stop it! Just stop it!

    2. Barbeque is like chili. Each region of the country has their own variation on it, and they’re all convinced that there way is the one right way to do it.

      1. Just like libertarianism!

        1. Just like religion, as well, though the Church of the SubGenius is – as they say – the best of all the One True Religions.

    3. I’ve had BBQ beef ribs in Texas. Every restaurant I went to in Texas that carried BBQ on its menu carried beef and pork ribs. So, unless you’re trying to tell me Texans don’t know what BBQ is (where you live?), then perhaps you should consider STFUing.

      The recipe for vegan BBQ:

      Take one vegan. Disassemble, smoke over low heat, and apply sauce. Run if you see law enforcement.

      1. At least around San Antonio, Texas barbecue means brisket, brats and tamales.

        I recommend it even if you are happy with whatever weird concoction goes by the name barbecue where you come from.

        However, if you are (a) not good at spicy food or (b) don’t know who made the tamales, you should keep a brat and a beer handy when you try them. Some can come on pretty strong.

        /still don’t get chicken as barbecue.

  4. OK that looks like some pretty cool stuff

  5. OK that makes a lot of sense.

  6. how you make vegan barbecue

    When the vegan shows up at your barbecue and asks, in that bitchy voice they all have, if you’ve provided an extra grill that has never known the touch of meat, you light that bitch on fire.

    1. No, No, No! If ya’s gonna make vegan barbecue, the first thing ya gots to do is clean ’em. What ya do is remove their socks and shoes, and then their clothes and their drawyers. Then ya grab ’em by the feets and hoist ’em upside down. Next ya takes a clean paper towel and moistens it with a little vinegar, and then ya gently wipes their little tushey with it ’til they’s clean.

      1. Make sure to shave them too, nothing ruins a vegan barbecue like finding a greasy dreadlock in your vegan.

        1. Or, if you’re not into murdering vegans, you can laugh at them. Whale Wars documents the sailing exploits of vegan eco-clowns, a.k.a. the Sea Shepherds, as they try to stay alive in the Antarctic–despite their nautical incompetence–while trying to save the whales, which they never quite manage to do. This ship of fools gets stuck in ice, runs out of water, gets one of their multi-million-dollar boats cut in half, experiences sea sickness, eats kelp-and-tofu casseroles, cries a lot, observes a couple of live whales before the Japs inevitably kill them, cries some more, then goes home, having failed to save one friggin’ whale from the sushi plate. But we digress.

  7. This outfit also known as Zentai, body wrap is a kind of straitjacket, initially started in 80s of 20th century Japan, is a synthetic form of the weird by the clothes, or the second layer of skin called the human body. At present, this spiderman costumes trend has already spread around the world, and the network also created a certain group of organizations divided into two groups.

    1. You’re no Lou.



      1. Whoever’s responsible for the fucking spma protection here just got me a virus. Thanks.

  8. how to make libertarianism more girly

    I thought the sausage-fest thing was an integral part of libertarianism.

    1. No head for you!

  9. Apparently Tim was able to insert himself into a tin can before calling in. Kudos sir.

  10. I ahhhhhh, yeah, ahhh tried to listen to this interview but ahhhh….oh fuck it.

  11. Surprisingly surly slideshow about Obama’s “I love you back” from NY Magazine.…..eshow.html

  12. Threadjack Alert:

    Did anyone see this:…..ry-showers

    The government is preventing a company from making showerheads because (gasp) they use too much water!

    money quote

    “‘Did Congress limit consumer choice? Absolutely,’ the DOE’s Mr. Harris says. ‘When you waste water, you waste energy.'”

    Well, now I feel so much better. Thanks for looking out for us, Mr. Harris.

    1. Some energy hogs have managed to evade the law by setting up multiple shower heads in their showers. Rest assured our leaders will close up that insidious loophole.

    2. OK, back to being serious:

      most consumers won’t feel any effect, he says. “Ninety-five percent of us use normal showerheads,” [Harris] adds.

      …well in that case, the stricter enforcement isn’t going to save much energy.

    3. Seen and reported by my blog partner a few days ago. He finally put an interesting picture in a post too. Progress.

  13. “Here, Obama really kicks it up a notch, combining childlike wonder with deep thought to create his most powerful look, deep childlike wonderthought.”…..k_at.html#

  14. how to make libertarianism more girly

    Point out that women should vote for Democrats, because they believe in health care, education, and child safety. Which are traditional female concerns.

    (The Democrats just get the woman vote because women are brainwashed with all that shit about how they’re supposed to take care of children, teach kindergarten, and be nurses like Florence Nightengale. Makes me puke, personally. )

  15. An edited transcript of the better bits of this thread’s audio would be appreciated.

  16. Cavanaugh looks like HP Lovecraft visiting Innsmouth in that photo.

  17. Midwest continues to empty out and the coasts continue to grow.

    Tim you need to look at those numbers again.

    I do not think that has been true since before 2000.


      This makes it look like the most growth is in the western non-coastal states.

      1. The most growth is in states with lots of LDS having lots of kids, plus Texas.

  18. The world’s greatest theramin player is obviously this cat:

    Followed closely by California legislators who’ve obviously mastered the art to distract and hypnotize the local residents into somehow making abestos lawsuits viable:…..-lawsuits/

  19. The only meat I eat has a load inside.

    1. that you thought of me this morning.

  20. Hi RS! Nice to see you are in a perky mood today. What’s wrong with the new person?

  21. why skeptics aren’t more skeptical;

    No skeptic would ever believe that.

  22. why skeptics aren’t more skeptical;

    that’s pretty similar to that old question which we stopped discussing by the age of seven.

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