Reason Morning Links: House Will Vote to Extend Jobless Claims, Arizona Goes to Court, Floods in China


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    1. Suzanne Nossel, chief of operations for Human Rights Watch, added a novel take: “I think it is and can be spun as a profoundly sexist pick. Women should feel umbrage at the idea that their votes can be attracted just by putting a woman, any woman, on the ticket no matter her qualifications or views.”

      This really proves the cynicism behind any accusations of racism. To be for Palin is sexist, but to be against Obama is racist.

    2. Daniel Levy of the Century Foundation noted that Obama’s “non-official campaign” would need to work hard to discredit Palin. “This seems to me like an occasion when the non-official campaign has a big role to play in defining Palin, shaping the terms of the conversation and saying things that the official [Obama] campaign shouldn’t say ? very hard-hitting stuff, including some of the things that people have been noting here ? scare people about having this woefully inexperienced, no foreign policy/national security/right-wing christia wing-nut a heartbeat away ?? bang away at McCain’s age making this unusually significant ?. I think people should be replicating some of the not-so-pleasant viral email campaigns that were used against [Obama].”

      Read more:…..z0uPp4VQ4S

      What is the “non-official campaign”? I think this is going to end badly for Klein and company. People are getting serious buyers remorse over voting for Obama. And no one likes to admit they made a mistake. It is human nature to blame someone. And these guys are the perfect candidate to take the blame. “I only voted for Obama because the media lied to me about him” makes a pretty good ready made excuse.

      1. I too would like to learn more about the meaning of “non-official campaign.” It could be a pivot about which much will turn.

        1. ::whisper-whisper-whisper::

    3. Wtf does this have to do with any of the morning links? Do you really have to whip out your cock on the first thread of the day?

      1. Morning links is traditionally an open thread, bitch.

        1. Sheesh. Newbies. What ‘cha gonna do?

            1. That’s the shame of it, innit it?

      2. If you don’t like the link, don’t read it.

        1. To the topic at hand, this is really tawdry, unprofessional stuff. Taking individually, it’s minor assholery, but the steady drip, drip, drip is adding up to a full bucket o’ retard.

        2. Again with the libertarianism John?

    1. That is the decline and fall of American Civilization there. If adults can’t deal with rowdy children and enforce a standard of civil behavior then you no longer have a civilization. What kind of a message are we sending to that kid and his friends?

      1. Adults cannot legally attack children under 18.

        1. If the little bastard is trespassing on the adult’s property, the adult absolutely has a right to tackle his ass and hold him until the cops get there. As far as I am concerned, he could have shot him. All states should have the castle doctrine.

            1. Look, the whole Suki thing is unfunny and retarded and needs to stop.

              1. If you don’t like my comments, don’t read them. Gonna ban my IP now MNG?

                1. You do suck, John. They make medication for Dissociative Identity Disorder youknow.

          1. You’re a lawyer, right? Isn’t it (legally) pretty fucking stupid to try to arrest as a citizen for a misdemeanor (trespassing)? The owner has the right to tell the trespasser to GTFO, but to seize the trespasser and hold for the cops opens the owner to liability (both civil and criminal) for false arrest, without the immunity that cops have.

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the Castle doctrine applies to the house (and maybe the curtilage), but not open fields, which is what an unfenced front yard is. Shoot a fleeing trespasser in the back in the front yard, and you will be charged with murder (or manslaughter), and only a sympathetic jury nullifying the law will get you off.

            1. No. You can’t shoot the feeling trespasser. And no this guy should not have shot the kid. But he had every right to apprehend the kid himself. Why should he have to wait for the police? Just because you would doesn’t mean that it should be a crime for him to do it.

              1. Again, correct me if I’m wrong- I’m a layman, not a lawyer.

                Why should he have to wait for the police?

                Because, in general, there is no right or authority for a citizen to arrest a misdemeanant without a warrant. The kid committed a relatively minor misdemeanor (trespass). In seizing the kid, the homeowner physically manhandled the kid (assault and/or battery) and physically prevented him from leaving without legal justification (false imprisonment). In catching the misdemeanant (a juvenile, at that), the homeowner made himself a felon, and opened himself to civil liability. What’s more, if the kid can convincingly testify that the homeowner let his hands linger below the kid’s waist while holding him, the homeowner has a non-zero chance of ending up as a registered sex offender.

                What law school taught you that “he had every right to apprehend the kid himself”?

              2. I dunno. If its night time I’m pretty sure you can shoot em in Texas even if they are running, as long as you can convince somebody you thought you were being robbed.

                1. There was one local case 12 years ago where a CHL holder shot and killed a fleeing auto burglar that he had chased for blocks. He was acquitted of murder after a long, expensive defense that used a combination of two justification theories: self-defense and he-needed-killin’.

                  It’s not just “somebody” you have to convince, it’s either the DA, the judge, or 12 people who couldn’t get out of jury duty. If it isn’t the former, very early in the process, it’s going to be very expensive and disruptive to your life.

                  1. I hadn’t heard of that one. I was thinking of one in Houston where a guy was supposedely watching a neighbors house or something like that. But I thought in that one, he didn’t even claim self defense, he just claimed to be defending property.

                    But ya, thanks for the clarification, and I’m not reccomending you shoot somebody unless you really have to. At the same time, if you are a burgular or like to mill about in other peoples front yard for no good reason after dark, living in Texas might be hazardous to your health.

                    1. Few, if any, of us here at H&R are likely to be burglarizing homes, or milling about in others’ front yards after dark. I’m pretty sure most people here would accept your last sentence as a given.

                      OTOH, there seems to be plenty of internet tuf gais around here that think it is entirely reasonable and justifiable to summarily execute (or even just assault) some teen-aged dumb-ass because he stepped on ITG’s grass. I thought I would point out the obvious that such a course of action, even if it were morally defensible, would be a good way to acquaint one’s self with the defendant side of the criminal justice system.

        2. But “children” under 18 have a right to trespass and terrorize the adult. Yeah that makes sense. And I am sorry anyone over the age of 14 is not a child.

          1. Especially if they are not unresponsive.

            Dont start that again

          2. Well, in conjunction with the no national borders idea, it makes perfect sense….whittle away at those pesky property rights, replace then with inanities.

    1. Oh, wow, that was a hoot. I’ve never heard that one before. I wonder how many JournoListers had to work together to come up with something that brilliant.

      1. We’re through the plate glass window people.

        1. It’s good to see sarcasm isn’t lost on you.

          1. “Dude, are you being sarcastic?”
            “I don’t even know anymore.”

        2. I know you have your own handle and all. But, seriously. You should have used Milhouse here.

      2. Q:How many JournoListers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

        A:It’s impossible for them — they twist everything to the left.

    2. And if Warty doesn’t cease and desist with the metal, I swear to Manilow I’m gonna start posting my Neil Diamond vids.

      1. Motherfucker, I’ve been doing this shit longer than you’ve been alive. Do your worst.

        1. I just had a flash of Neil Diamond being stomped by Lemmy.

          1. Don’t fuck with the Diamond.

        2. You asked for it, mutherfucker:
          Take care of THIS.

          1. Here’s a guy doing an I-Doser parody to a Neil Diamond song.

          1. Somewhere, there are people who pay money to listen to this.

            1. liar

    3. Someone mentioned that cartoon on a DC radio station yesterday. Thanks for the link and more of why Ezra Klein needs to go away.

  1. The Obama administration’s challenge to the controversial Arizona immigration law goes before … U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton

    Can we just cut to the chase and put this before a wise Latina?

  2. Preemptive strike against MNG regarding Journolist:

    Dear Sir,

    While “opinion journalists” are expected to have opinions, they are not expected to serve as the admitted ‘unofficial’ campaign of specific candidates. Nor are supposedly objective journalists supposed to hang around as one of “the gang” while they do so, while others (including law professors) discuss the best way of harming their competition on Fox.

    So suck on it.

    — Johnny Longtorso

    1. Preemptive strike against MNG

      Yeah, that should work.

    2. Well, at least we can use any renewed attempted at CFR to threaten to shutdown mainstream media too.




    4. Predicted MNG response:

      The fact that you don’t realize everyone does exactly what I’ve spent the past few years singling out Fox for proves you are stupid and racist and sexist. Having said that, I will continue to single out Fox for this sort of behavior, as that suits my purposes of getting power over you into the hands of those I’ve attached my ego to and identify with, because that makes me feel powerful.

      1. While the content of his predicited response rings true, I must defend MNG’s writing skillz as he would never write, “into the hands of those I’ve attached my ego to and identify with;” rather, he would write, “into the hands of those to whom I have attached my ego and with whom I identify.”

        1. The only advantage MNG has over John is his spell-check program.

          1. Grammar check, not spell check.

        2. “into” not “unto”?

      2. Don’t forget the part where he references his PhD in the same sentence he invites your mother to fellate him. That’s always a hoot.

        1. The books, don’t forget all the books he read.

          1. I don’t get mocking a man who has read the jackets to some of the most important books ever written. I’m sure no one on this board has accomplished that much.

  3. “Republicans are declaring an all-out war on unemployed Americans,” said Jim Manley, spokesman for Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

    Mr. Manley, my Mom told me a million times not to exaggerate!

    1. And Democrats have declared war on the employed. Things are tough all over I guess.

      1. On whom will the employed “declare war”?

        1. Incumbents, at least.

          1. Damn it. Beat me to it.

      2. Democrats have declared war on the employed.

        Not quite – they’re just considered unfriendly neutrals. It’s employers that Democrats have declared war on.

        Unless they get $50MM in stimulus money to “create” “green jobs” in a powerful senator’s home state, that is.

        1. Or maybe collateral damage.

    2. Contrary to what the democrats and most of their mainstream journolist friends are telling everyone, the republicans are in fact willing to extend unemployment right now.

      They just want to pay for it out of the enormous pile of stimulus money that is still sitting there. The democrats of course refuse to do that, because the stimulus bill was always primarily intended to buy patronage votes right before the November election.

      1. the stimulus bill was always primarily intended to buy patronage votes right before the November election.

        Are you serious?

    3. Are the Democrats planning to declare war on unemployment?

      Maybe a Federal Labor Service and government issue shovels to dig ditches?

  4. Well, at least the next time some leftist idiot talks about CFR, we have more convincing proof that allowing mainstream journalists the only exception is just Chavista bullshit.

    1. Wow, I double-posted and changed it.

  5. Meanwhile, General Motors (that is to say, “we”) will be buying a subprime lender to get shiny new Cadillacs in the driveways of more foreclosed houses. Yay!

      1. Link.

        Loose credit brought on the financial apocalypse! Bring on more loose credit!

        1. Didn’t GM sell GMAC, one of its few profitable divisions, a few years ago? Now they are spending 3.5 billion to buy another finance company. Why the hell did they sell GMAC in the first place?

          1. GMAC’s porfolio was/is in the crapper because it bought mortgage securities. They have been a huge recipient of the TARP and are worth nothing. They have renamed themselves now Ally Bank. GM has no desire to repurchase its old unit.

            1. That tells you everything you need to know about what is wrong with GM and American business in general. In some ways it was a good idea to get into the business of loaning people money to buy your product. Why let the banks make the money?

              But how do you go from being a car company to getting into mortgage backed securities? Because you don’t give a shit about anything beyond making money the easiest way possible. And when you do that it is only a matter of time before your product goes to shit. Maybe GM should have worried about making better cars instead of getting in on the latest investment scam.

              1. Ditech (or however you spell it) was GMAC’s mortgage originationation affiliate. They were lookign toe xpand their earnings because they were nto making anything off of selling cars. Only the financing, so they jumped on board with mortgages which were making tons at the time.

              2. John, I hope you do not own or lease GM vehicles. Recently, in connection with a work/play trip, I had to rent a car and made reservations with Avis in the full size category. After suffering through the airport cattle call and being sandwiched between two queen sized diet soda drinkers ( I thought twice about broaching the whole HFCS issue with them), I deplane and go to Avis only to discover that the only available cars in the full sixe category were Chevy Impalas. Not happy.

                So, I demanded a free upgrade to premium solely for the purpose of not having to support GM. When I placed my reservation I specifically requested no GM cars. Sure, the Avis CSR told me that Avis could not guarantee me that there would absolutely, positively be a non-GM vehicle available for me. Nevertheless, I insisted that Avis live up to its advertising, “We try harder” and demonstrate that it is committed to customer service excellence. I got the free upgrade.

                Yes, I know that most of the auto rental outfits probably own the cars they lease; however, if enough folks elect to by-pass GM cars when they rent, it must do some good.

                1. I do not own a GM car and never will. At least not until they go through bankruptcy and kill the UAW.

            2. OOOOHHHH! So *that’s* who Ally bank is. I was wondering who they were.


              1. Yeah, too bad too. I kinda liked their “dickhead in a suit” commercials.

            3. I made that argument here months ago when some tried to argue that GMAC was receiving money to boost car sales. When they were receiving money because they were sinking like a lead turd.

              1. What is with the capital “H”? Your ego getting bigger? Jeesh, next thing you know anon-bot will be authoring a Dear Abbey column.

                Politically raped in Colorado

                1. Take care of THIS.

                  1. I’m taking my talent to South Beach!!!

                    screw u guys, im goin home

  6. Mass flooding kills 700 in China.

    Now I feel kinda bad bitching that my lane got washed out over the weekend.

    1. No worries. We can make more.

      1. Sure, if you do it one at a time.

        1. Maybe we’ll adopt some American kids.

          1. I thought it was Mexicans who did the jobs Americans wouldn’t.

  7. http://www.associatedcontent.c…..tml?cat=17

    A victory for civil disobedience.

    1. The citizens simply ignored the tickets that arrived in the mail. The state of Arizona doesn’t have the money nor the resources to follow up on the unpaid tickets.

      1) I think I see an opportunity for entrepreneurs or undocumented workers …

      2) All the more reason to have gov’t remote control of your car.

      1. 2) All the more reason to have gov’t remote control of your car.

        Like they already do with our paychecks? No thanks, mine always ends up in the crapper. No doubt, so will my car.

    2. Missouri’s AG is being asked to rule on a municipality sending letters threatening action for not paying red-light camera tickets.

      What did they threaten?

      ? Issuance of an arrest warrant.

      ? An order to seize his vehicle license plates.

      ? Suspension of his drivers license.

      ? A request to the Missouri Department of Revenue to “intercept” his state tax return for the $125 he owes.

      ? A report to the three national credit bureaus of his failure to pay the ticket.…..abc5a.html

  8. Breitbart “not sorry” for Sherrod mess.

    Good for him. He can apologize after the Journolist dicklords apologize for conspiring to discredit Tea Partiers.

    1. Exactly. And the David Frums of the world who didn’t have a problem with that but our now lecturing the rest of us on ethics can go fuck themselves.

    2. the outrage that breibart isn’t following Queensberry rules is really something. it liked the’re shocked the opposition finnally woke up.

    3. Two wrongs make a right!

    4. What does he have to apologize for? She wasn’t the target of his video (as the accompanying article makes clear.

      He’s not the one who used their Vast Moral Authority to tar her as a racist (thanks, NAACP!).

      He’s not the one who strongarmed her into pulling her car over so she could email her resignation RIGHT NOW!

      Should he have posted the full video? If he had it, which he didn’t, sure. Should he apolgize for not posting something he didn’t have? How would that work, exactly?

      1. The preamble of the original video was all about Sherrod and how she supposedly hated white people. So yes, she was the target. Breitbart is just trying to change the story because he was wrong and doesn’t want to admit it.

        1. He WASN’T wrong.

          This claim that the “full context” is somehow completely different is bullshit. She discriminated against him, even if she later helped him because she realized class warfare was more important than racism (hooray!). And she employs present-tense racism — “I sent to him to one of his own” — with no disapproval from the audience.

      2. Do we just have Breitbart’s word for it right now that he didn’t have the whole video?

  9. GM picks up sub-prime lender AmeriCredit.

  10. The Sherrod incident ought to be a wake-up call to all those state-topians who think that the key to security is loyalty to the government.

    I mean, this woman worked for them for what, a quarter century? They didn’t spend five minutes making the decision to fuck her over, and for what? Avoiding the minor discomfort of a Glenn Beck rant?

    And why are they apologising to her now? Because they’re sorry for thinking only of their own asses? Please! They don’t give a fuck about that or about her. They’re doing this for the same reason that they fired her.

    Yeah, yeah, I know: Teh Corporashuns do that! But you wankers are always insisting that government is better than that; “public servants” and such. Well, that’s bullshit. These fuckers are no different from any corporate suit, except that they have guns and your sanction to use them.

    1. not to mention corporations can go out of business… government cant.

    2. This. I wonder if she realizes that “one of her own” threw her away the second she was a tiny problem for him.

        1. “Brazil” is a documentry.

        2. Damn you and your fast fingers. I bow to your superior typing skills.

        3. Do I smell a Beer Summit?

        4. Dare I say, wise black woman?

          Is that racist?

      1. Yeah, I think she did. Since she says Obama doesn’t understand the true African-American Experience.

        For a supposed “tempest in a teapot”, this story just keeps on giving.

      2. “He might need to hear some of what I could say to him.”

        We *all* could, Ms. Sherrod. Please lay it on us while you have your 15 minutes.

        1. fookin niggers

    3. She’s only worked for the government for a year. She worked in non-profits prior to that.

      1. One day I’m going to start a business. And then when it fails, I’m going to tell everybody I worked for a non-profit.

  11. G.M. executives have been seeking ways to improve sales in North America, where its earnings have greatly improved, but market share in the United States remains below year-ago levels. Owning AmeriCredit would let the company offer more leases and approve customers that Ally or other outside banks might have rejected.

    G.M. said its sales to customers with subprime credit ratings have increased “significantly” since beginning a program with AmeriCredit aimed at writing loans for shoppers in that category last September. It said ownership of AmeriCredit, which already has a relationship with about 4,000 G.M. dealers, “will provide consistent availability of non-prime financing for G.M. customers throughout all economic cycles.”


    The New! Improved! geniuses running GM are apparently still obsessed with market share (well, that, and lining their pockets with an IPO). That’s nice.

    1. Their solution to the problem of not selling cars has nothing to do with perhaps making a better car. No, lets just sell more cars by lending money to people who can’t afford to pay for them. Making better cars is hard. Being a glorified loan shark is easy.

    2. that Ally […] might have rejected

      Oh, you mean GMAC? A company that still knows the auto-financing industry inside and out? They’re denying financing? Now why would that be?

      Because the buyers suck!

      FFS, GM is still, what, $30B in the whole with taxpayers? And their solution is to start a new credit bubble? And they should not have been allowed to go bankrupt why, exactly?

      What a clusterfuck.

      1. of course when the government owned GM requires another bailout, it will obviously be because the market failed!

        1. Oh but Obama promised no more bailouts…

          HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

          1. It’s not a bailout when the government gives money to a government-owned corporation. It’s just a bookkeeping thing, don’t ya know.

            1. Good point, CN. Amtrak has never had a bailout.

              1. Nor the Post Office. Though somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better.

          2. Let me be clear.

            No more “taxpayer-funded” bailouts.

            1. And taxpayers are never gonna be able to pay for all this shit. So they’re not really funding it, are they?

              1. It depends on what the meaning of “pay for” is.

    3. No way, no how will lending massive amounts of money to people with poor credit could go wrong again.

      After 2007-2008 what brain-dead group of lenders sees a slice of people being rejected by other sub-prime lenders and goes “I got to get me some of THAT!”?

      You would almost think that GM, being the automotive equivalent of Fannie Mae, is behaving like they know they will get bailed out of these car loans go bad in huge chunks.

      Little do they know that President Obama just signed a law that will protect the taxpayer from bailing out failed businesses.

      1. Curse my slow typing.

  12. Apropos of more or less nothing:

    What worries me greatly about this new FinReg monstrosity is that I do my banking with a small, local bank (I think they have three branches, all in Montana); I fear they will be driven out of business, or forced to sell themselves to a large bank holding company, and I’ll end up having to deal with somebody like those assholes at Wells Fargo.

    1. one estimate i saw was that due to the finreg bill 1000-1500 community banks will either go out of business of be forced to sell themselves. The fixed costs to operating a bank just went through the roof. The industry will now be less compeditive and the barrier to entry higher.

      1. The assholes at Chase are great — if you’ve got good credit and play them right. I probably get a couple hundred bucks a month in credit card rebates (I don’t keep a balance, of course). And I can do everything, including mortgage payments, from my phone. Plus, you can actually get to know the folks in your local Chase office (until they move to a higher paying job at Starbucks down the street).

        1. Capital One bought my bank with TARP money, and are starting the change over now.

          So far, the only change is that they knocked the $5/month charge off the checking account. I can live with that.

  13. I wonder if she realizes that “one of her own” threw her away the second she was a tiny problem for him.

    Have you followed her statements?

    She did realize that, and she talked some good shit. Then, full power to the shields. Now it’s back to being all about Fox and teh teabaggers trying to bring back the Confederacy, as in re their machinations against her.

    People think what they have to think. Trauma can shock them into lucidity sometimes, but the wound heals quickly. And if she wasn’t a get-whitey racist before, she will be now.

    Freud, yo.

  14. But how do you go from being a car company to getting into mortgage backed securities?

    Because General Motors couldn’t make money by manufacturing and selling cars. Which is why they should be nothing more than a heap of bleached bones in the desert, right now.

  15. Start packing your bags Congresscritters: Congressional approval reaches all-time historical low of 11% in Gallup poll.

    1. Who the fuck are these 11% of the people who actually approve of what those congressional shitheels are doing?

      1. The people who are getting crooked contracts from the government, the mentally ill, and maybe one or two of their mothers.

        1. Haha, their mothers.

          “Oh, Bobby, this nice reporter called me and asked what I thought of you all in Congress. I told him you and your little friends are just doing a wonderful job!”

    2. I think we’ll be seeing more incumbents drop out before they get clobbered in November.

  16. You don’t want to take a shit in Newark:…..s-20100722

    1. “Things are getting so bad in Newark that the mayor has ordered the government to stop buying toilet paper.”

      Yeah, I’m betting that all those overpaid government employees cost a hell of a lot more than toilet paper.

      1. Why all these emergency orders for Kleenex?

  17. It’s gettin’ good!


    “The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her.

    “He pointed at his erect penis and ordered her, ‘Take care of THIS.'”…..rity/69024

    1. I put that link up yesterday. People are just now through vomiting and taking showers after reading it. Now you bring it back.

      1. You know, if Bush hadn’t stole the 2000 election, Gore wouldn’t be in a position where he is forced to rape hotel masseuses.

        There, I said it.

        1. He needs some lessons from Steve Smith. His rape skills seem to be a bit lacking.

      2. I want to turn “‘Take care of THIS.'” into a universal catch-phrase, John and if you don’t like it, then all I’ve got to say to you is ‘Take care of THIS’.

        1. I will support you on that as long as you support my campaign to make “I am taking my talent to south beach” the new euphemism for self abuse.

          1. You guys both have my support in your new campaigns.


          2. The contrarian in me has me, for now, officially on record, rooting for the Heat next season.

            Besides, I really like Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller and Mr. Z.

      3. If I can survive seeing an naked, overweight, middle-aged man in the mirror every morning – the rest of you are just going have to learn to live with imagining it. [i know you’re picturing me naked – don’t deny it]

        1. CoyoteBlue to mirror: Take care of THIS.

          1. wow — I just might have to take my talent to south beach

        2. Maybe you should date younger men?

    2. Damn! I never dreamed Al was such a stud muffin! (No, not now, Bill- I have a headache.)

    3. He then went on to claim that “temperatures on this globe are rising near the equator, if you catch my drift.”

  18. OINK goes public.

    Best. Symbol. Ever.

  19. I too would like to learn more about the meaning of “non-official campaign.” It could be a pivot about which much will turn.

    I suspect (hope) it involves being paid in cash, at a table in a dark corner of a Georgetown bar, from a bag toted around by Davy Axelgreaser.

  20. Harry Reid says if the Republicans had their way and Congress had not given the automakers bailout money, “Ford Motor Company would probably be gone.”

    Nice job, Harry. Ford was the only one of the big three that didn’t take your filthy bailout money.

    1. Because there is no way that Ford could possibly benefit from two of their major competitors going out of business.

      Nope. No chance at all.

      1. Huh? How does that make Reid’s comment make any sense?

        1. SFC B was agreeing with you…

    2. When you have convinced yourself you have saved the world the details don’t matter.

    3. In other Blue Oval news. MKZ offered in hybrid for exact same price as regular MKZ.

      4b paid down early, much of it to UAW trust to get out from under unions.

      Mulally is my biggest man crush. I love that ginger.

    1. “…and is constantly accompanied by a fast-talking, self-described billionaire adviser who wears a Hawaiian shirt caked with dried crud.”
      Jonathan Quayle Higgins III has fallen a long way.

  21. I love TDB comments. It’s like being wrapped in a warm cocoon of pretentious bullshit.

    1. Not hot. Better than average, but not hot.

  22. House expected to extend unemployment benefits after Senate approval.

    Oh right, like House would ever do that.

    Well, maybe, but only to immediately withdraw them, just to fuck with Taub and Foreman and to get a pious lecture from Wilson that he can riff on.

  23. “Help” is on the way for small businesses!

    President Obama to push Congress on pay-fairness bill…..0_ST_N.htm

    1. To the electric UAW made, no petroleum products Journomobile Ezra! We have a mission!

  24. Breitbart “not sorry” for Sherrod mess.

    Good for him! He has nothing to be sorry about.

    1. No, he doesn’t. Actually the reason Sherrod was piled on was not because she is or was a racist, but because she let it be known that “colored” people can be just as prejudiced as anyone else. That idea is anathema to the NAACP and the rest of the Left.

    2. While I like much of the work he has done, I can’t agree with this. Regardless of whether or not he intended to do her harm, he jumped the gun and didn’t do the full investigative legwork that he should have before running with the story.

      He also left a huge opening for his enemies to tear him apart and attack his credibility. Needless to say, the bulk of the leftist media isn’t nearly as interested in Ms. Sherrod the person as they are in using her as a weapon to discredit him.

  25. This is THE FUNNIEST STORY ever.

    I had to put that in CAPS.

    It’s like video taping John Doe while he’s talking about WWI. So, John Doe makes a statement like “Hitler wanted to kill all of the Jews” and just showing the portion of the video where John Doe says “kill all of the Jews” and calling him a Nazi.

    1. No. It is like having a video of John Do saying “I gassed some Jews one time. But right before they died I went in and got them and turned them over to their own kind for help” and editing out the last part.

      Yeah the full version sounds better, but not much.

  26. White House operatives are twisting themselves into a pretzel of apparent spinelessness and foolishness over the abrupt firing?and what is likely to be the hasty promotion?of Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod, a middle-aged African-American woman, for supposed racial discrimination against white farmers that she never endorsed and certainly didn’t commit.

    This is typical idiocy. Have people actually watched the whole video? She very clearly DID discriminate against him, even if she later helped him (as was her job) — and he was not made whole, as he wasted money on a crooked (or possibly just lousy) lawyer she passed him off to.

    She also employs present-tense racism — “I sent him to his own kind.” Just try to imagine a white Republican trying to get away with that. Trent Lott was forced to step down over far less.

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