You'll Follow This Law, and You'll Like It. And Don't Roll Your Eyes at Me, Young Lady.


Ah, the petty tyranny of power-tripping officials in small towns:

Elmhurst officials are considering creating a "disturbance and disorderly conduct" violation after a resident accused of rolling her eyes and sighing was ejected from a public meeting.

City Attorney Don Storino has been directed by the city's finance and council affairs committee to look at various sources including "Robert's Rules of Order," Illinois state statutes and policies adopted by other municipalities for a legal definition of disorderly conduct and disruptive behavior.  

He is expected to report his findings to the committee on July 26.

Ald. Stephen Hipskind said Darlene Heslop rolled her eyes and sighed while attending a June 14 committee meeting. Heslop, who was asked to leave the meeting, said she favors adding a definition of disorderly conduct to the municipal code.  

"I'd like for them (city officials) to have a better understanding of the open meetings act and its meaning and to understand what disorderly conduct is," she said.

Under state law, disorderly conduct is "an act in such unreasonable manner as to alarm or disturb another, or to provoke a breach of the peace."  

Heslop, who was asked to leave the meeting during discussion of a proposal for the city to hire a state lobbyist, which she opposes, said she hopes adding the definition will help city officials better understand "what the public is entitled to" when attending a city meeting or conducting city business.

Thanks to T.J. Brown for the tip.

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  1. I’d roll my eyes at this, but I like my dog without bullet holes in him.

  2. “Elmhurst officials are considering creating a “disturbance and disorderly conduct” violation after a resident accused of rolling her eyes and sighing was ejected from a public meeting.”

    That is so wrong.

    1. The people that post here are turdophobes. They need help.

      1. a. theocrats don’t use the word “turd.”

        b. this article had nothing to do with religion, so you are cross-trolling

        c. I don’t have a c. but this comment appears more fen shui with a c.

        1. Does this one?


  3. an act in such unreasonable manner as to alarm or disturb another

  4. The council members were alarmed and disturbed by her lack of deference. Now the city will have to pay overtime for around-the-clock police protection. You never know what those rat-bagging teafuckers might try.

    1. rat-bagging. I don’t even want to find out if that’s an Urban Dictionary word.

      1. Does not actually involve live rats, but there is a bag.

  5. It’s not atypical to have to have a member of the public removed from a public forum for being disorderly. I was curious though regarding the statutes that underlie the removal process, and Googled up this sampling of decorum statutes.

    In my experience, typically the chair as final say as to what constitutes unruly behavior, and can summon the local constable/cop if necessary (I’ve seen this threatened, but never executed).

    It is surprising though that they’re trying to criminalize this. A simple set of ejection criteria should be sufficient.

  6. Her response when they told her she was being ejected for being disorderly should have been to scream as loud as possible: “Disorderly? You wouldn’t know disorderly if it fucked you in the ass, you officious fucking bureaucractic pissant! You want to fucking see fucking disorderly, you cocksucking asshole? I’ll fucking show you disorderly, goddammit!”

    That would have been fun.

    1. So, WTF, I take it you believe if you’re gonna get thrown out, make it worthwhile.

      1. In the younger stupider me form, if I’m gettin’ my ass kicked and going to the hospital and jail, at least two of you are goin’ with me.

        This of course would be a more civil lesser form of that.

      2. He follows the “Wife of Bath” rule. If you’re going to be accused of something no matter your behavior, you might as well fucking do it.

        1. Well, hell – it’s a good rule.

        2. Sometimes that can work in reverse too when you’re out with a girl and let her know that since you’re going to tell everyone that she slept with you anyway, she might as well do it. The old, “if you’re gonna be labeled a slut either way, might as well have the fun of actually being one” approach.

  7. I am alarmed and disturbed by the actions of these petty tyrants. How do I get in touch with that city attorney?

  8. So what is being proposed is basically a mechanism to criminalize the very existence of teenage girls?

  9. This rule is like so lame.


  10. I stopped watching the comedy series Real Life Politics in the 80s; it’s just too silly today.

  11. The Palo Alto, California city council tried banning eye roll and such among council members. I think it lasted about two years before they repealed the rule.

  12. 1) It’s still OK to roll your eyes if they’re *closed*, right?

    2) No, sir, I do not roll my eyes at you, sir, but I roll my eyes, sir.

  13. From the comments section:
    “Helsop needs to get a bit of class. She doesn’t like something so she makes a scene? It isn’t about not expressing one’s self, its about manners and respect of others opinion.”


  14. Last year, a member of the City Council of Trenton, New Jersey, tried to have the City Business Administrator expelled from a meeting for allegedly “making faces” at the Council.

  15. Although this is ridiculous, I can totally see where it’s coming from. No public meeting is complete without one asshole loudly barking “hah!” or emitting a loud sigh or “Jeezus” or something every ten seconds. The type totally exists, and deserves to have manners beat into them. I think it said so in Federalist Papers No. 6, in fact.

    1. I’m glad someone can. The people who were running this meeting sound like egomaniacs. They can’t stand the thought that people exist who do not consider every word from their divine mouths to be pearls of wisdom.

    2. and how does rolling your eyes disturb the peace?

      1. It disturbs their peace, which is all that really matters to our betters.

  16. “It’s not in any way a punishable offense by a fine,” he said. “It’s a matter of decorum.”… Take your decorum and shove it up your ass I want debate at these meetings and I don’t give a shit about your feelings. Jeebus the petty tyranny of these pissants is unbelievable.. The Mayor of our little city after he was first elected tried to demand that everyone who came to his high exalted office should wear a tie… until he was universally mocked, he was actually unofficially voted Canada’s craziest mayor… and then reelected in the next election… Fidiots

  17. It?s not like these petty tyrants have any power.
    You call me for rolling my eyes, your car gets torched the next evening.
    See how many more people get arbitrarily expelled from council meetings.

  18. Sounds like those city officials need a mass mooning.

  19. I won’t roll my eyes if you promise to sit with rapt attention during the public participation portion of the meeting. Deal?

    1. Do I hear a motion that the meeting be adjourned?

  20. Elmhurst officials are considering creating a “disturbance and disorderly conduct” violation after a resident accused of rolling her eyes and sighing was ejected from a public meeting.

    Are they also considering a “being stupid in office” offense?

    1. A “being stupid in office” offense would jail practically every federal, state and local politician in the country (paradise, eh?)

  21. This sounds like the sort of thing Obama would implement.

  22. It’s a deep recession for millions, but at least the Elmhurst city attorney’s getting work from the city. Don’t let him go hungry: Ask him how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

  23. I’m all for that law. Then the council members can be charged with “inciting a disturbance” for saying something stupid, causing someone to roll their eyes.

  24. I worked with Darlene about 20 years ago, and she possesses NO social skills! She cannot get along with anyone! If anyone disagrees with her, then she gets very ugly, rude and disrespectful. Based on my work experience with her, she is also a fabricator of data.

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