Reason Writers on The Tube: Katherine Mangu-Ward Talking Food Police on Stossel


Reason Magazine Senior Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward debates MeMe Roth on whether the government should ban toys in kids' meals, regulate bake sales, and tax candy with Stossel on July 15, 2010.

Approximately 5.35 minutes.

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  1. MeMe is beautiful, but evil. She must be stopped!

    1. MeMe is gross, especially because of the crap she says.

      KMW is pure win.

      1. MeMe is beautiful, until she opens her mouth.

        The only way dating her would work would be to stock up on duct tape, or use * some * other means of keeping her from talking, ever.

  2. Ah, she only cares about the health of the children.

    This wasn’t fair! It reminded me of Tyson vs Spinks. MeMe basically repeating “for the children” for 76 seconds while Katherine lands blow after blow and then MeMe’s eyes rolling up in her head.

    Katherine has clearly got a dark side, chewing this idiot up on national television. Notice the grin, knowing that the poor woman will come across as an imbecile. Bad girl!

    1. The school choice move was pretty slick. Way to go Katherine! Somebody needs to drop a house on MeMe. What’s wild is she’s actually backed off a little bit from her initial nazi debut. I still don’t know how she gets on TV though. What an idiot. Unfortunately, I think that means she’s next in line for a cabinet position.

      1. She gets on TV because she’s good looking and a total fruitcake. It’s TV’s favorite combo.

        1. More like because she’s hot looking and liberal, the flip side of the blonde conservative babes on Fox.

          1. She is not even that hot. I think Ward is better looking. And that is before she opens her mouth.

  3. “The biggest attack on freedom is loss of health.” Fucking Christ. Katherine, you would have been morally justified to taze that woman.

    1. I would pay money to see that.

      1. Not only would I pay money, I’d buy the promotion rights and put it on HBO or something.

    2. “The biggest attack on freedom is loss of health.”

      Stossel rarely shows his exasperation at nannystatism, but that line apparently really got to him.

      1. prolefeed|7.19.10 @ 9:38PM|#
        “The biggest attack on freedom is loss of health.”

        Stossel rarely shows his exasperation at nannystatism, but that line apparently really got to him.

        Because it doesn’t even make *any sense*…

        People hear bullshit comments like this all the time on TV or talk radio, and have developed the impression that somehow if you just put good-sounding words together in the same sentence, it magically becomes a rational point of some kind.

        Like the Mr Show sketch…. “…and you got to take care of yourself, because of the children, and life Is precious, and God, and the Bible…”

        NannyStaters have a concept of “freedom” that apparently means, “I’m more ‘free’ because the government takes care of so many important choices *for me* I dont even have to worry about them! Hey bartender! Another soy milk!”

        By her own logic, the greatest attack on “Freedom” is Free Will and Individual Autonomy. “All of that competition for resources etc, makes certain people *less free*! Wouldn’t it be better if there were no Porsches, and everyone had a Prius? See = more freedom! And we can free fatties from fatness by banning soda, and free people from hateful ideas by banning certain speech, and free women from oppression by banning the hijab….”

  4. Free head for everyone!

    1. Free head from MeMe would have the advantage of shutting her up momentarily.

      1. Also, really hot head.

  5. Fucking bake sales?


    A pox on this woman.

  6. Buffer zone for ice cream trucks at schools!?! Fuck off you yeast filled jam tart

  7. What a nut. Mangu Ward killed her.

  8. They only way that woman makes sense is with a whip and leather lingerie. Then off to Nuremberg. Hot little Nazi.

  9. The sexiness of smart is clearly seen in this video.

    That and the need for the practice of putting heads on pikes to be revived.

    1. Is that racist?

  10. Shove a cock down Meme’s throat – keep her quiet.

  11. I heart Katherine Mangu-Ward.

  12. Time for some girl-on-girl action with Meme.

    1. And then free head for eveyone!

      1. you woke up thinking about me.

    2. Time to use your own handle spoofer

  13. I wish Stossel conducted that interview/debate in a better manner. Instead he was waving the toys and “neah-neah”-ing all the while MeMe was trying to make her case… which was pretty poor.

    Catherine wasn’t exactly articulate or on-topic for most of the segment either.

    Not John’s best work.

  14. Maybe MeMe could do a milk enema.

  15. “The biggest attack on freedom is loss of […]”
    When you’re pushing an agenda the ellipsis can hold whatever you’re professing to care about: employment, security, unemployment benefits, housing, equality… the list goes on.

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