California Roundup: Broken Teabag; Feeble Computer Excuse; No Pot For You!


* Tea Party foofaraw that dominated the news this weekend centers on Sacramento's own Mark Williams. But wait! Is there really a central Tea Party government that can expel him? And is talk radio washout Williams a true tea party leader or just one of Randolph Bourne's ambitious and aggressive classes in search of a bigger role in the destiny of the world?

* Even the L.A. Times doesn't believe Controller John Chiang's punchcard excuse for not instituting minimum wage for state workers.

* L.A. County Sheriff Lee "the System Is the Consciousness" Baca says he needs more money for drugs.

* Democrats find a tax they can't support: State Party stands as neuter on Prop 19, the legalize-and-tax-pot initiative.

* CalPERS board president Rob Feckner responds to criticisms, claims Reason and Stanford "conjured" the fund's half-trillion-dollar liability. This is in response to Adam B. Summers "How California's Public Pension System Broke and How to Fix It." [pdf]