Quote of the Week (Washington Edition)


As found in Politico:

"For Washington consultants to sit around and personally disparage the Governor anonymously to reporters is unfortunate and counterproductive and frankly immature," the aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity, continued.

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  1. Argh

    Never underestimate stupidity.

  2. Romney looked to end the back and forth on Friday, writting on Twitter that those who had “disparaged” Palin were “anonymous numbskulls.”

    Even Politico is not immune from joe’z Law.

    1. Actually, “writting” is the perfect new word to describe the data entered on Twitter.

      1. I always find myself referring to the website as Twatter, and the messages as twatting.

        1. writting on Twitter

          Perhaps “Tweeting on Twitter” was too painful, even for a blog writer.

        2. Ted S., so that makes you a twat, or a twit?

  3. Anonymity is only bad when the other guy does it. This is truly a dog bites man story. The hypocrisy of an anonomous source slamming anonomous public criticism is played out about twice a day in Washington and three times on Sunday.

  4. And am I the only one who is annoyed by people referred to politicians by their former titles after they have left office? Both Palin and Romney are no longer governor. Governor is a temporary title. It is not a life time pierage.

    1. Lucky hacks who act and win an Academy Award are given the same deference regarding titles. Also Pulitzer/Nobel Prize-winners. It’s the popularity contest that keeps on giving.

      1. No. If you win an award, you are always the winner of that award. You won it once. Just because someone else wins it next year doesn’t mean you are no longer a winner. That is not the same as a temporary title.

        1. He “won” the Presidency. Once.

    2. It is not a life time pierage.

      Though there are certainly some politicians I would not be upset to see encased in concrete and turned into wharf piers, thus finally doing something useful.

    3. John,

      Try addressing a former colonel as “Mr.” and see how far you get.

      In fact, try addressing a lt. colonel as “Mr.” and see how it goes.

      Light colonels are even pricklier about that in my experience than full bird are.

      1. Having delt with many retirees, I find LTCs to be the worst. Colonels kind of made their bones and don’t care much. But LTCs almost made it but didn’t. They generally have a serious attitude about it.

        And for the record I don’t like that either. My wife is totally into the title thing. I am still in the reserves and have the title and don’t like dropping it when I am not in uniform or doing something official.

        1. I also am in the Reserves now. Please don’t call me Sergeant when I am in civvies.

          1. Hats off to both of you. Anyone who insist on titles outside of the social organization that those titles serve a use is playing at life rather than living it.

            1. You may call me Sir Lord Baltimore.

              1. Cool! You can address me as Semi-Finalist Baked Penguin. (Austin Film Festival Teleplay Competition)

                1. Pretty cool, BP. Back to the sub-thread at hand, I can’t see why it’s not appropriate to call them ex-Prez or ex-Gov or whatever.

                  1. Is being an ex-Prez or ex-Gov like being an ex-Marine?

          2. It’s the Reserve, gentlemen. There is only one.

            1. Hmmmm… Georgia State Reserve Corp + Alabama State Reserve Corp = TWO Corps of RESERVES…..Now, granted, he is not in both, but there ARE more than one….

              1. I have no idea what State Corps of Reserve are, but the Army Reserve, the one that is Federal and is divided up into various RSCs, is one Reserve. Which, knowing Art and John, and knowing that they both did AC time, they are undoubtedly in the United States Army Reserve, Persnickety Pete.

    4. Just be glad you don’t live in jolly ole England where they have “Lords”.

  5. http://blogs.the-american-inte…..with-iran/

    Interesting argument on why Obama is likly to go to war with Iran.

    1. Why would an Obama war surprise anyone?

      Statists always need some distraction from the fact that their policies destroy “their” nation’s economy.

      Was gives them a twofer.
      It distract attention and serves as justification for increased government power.

    2. The problem with that article is that every potential consequence that Mead predicts may happen with an Iranian nuke applies equally or moreso to the DPRK – in both the previous and current administrations – and that dog didn’t hunt.

      1. War with the DPRK would result in colossal destruction in Seoul. The Iranians don’t have comparable firepower, unless I’m mistaken. The other issue is the reaction of China. While Islamic states would probably come out with press releases condemning the US and Zionism, I doubt any would do much to help Iran other than provide surreptitious deliveries of arms – especially since Iran is a Shia country. AFAIK, the only other Shia majority state is Iraq.

        China, OTOH, would be very upset at the idea of losing their buffer state. We would essentially need their permission before attacking North Korea, or unless Obama felt like engaging in major brinkmanship.

        1. AFAIK, the only other Shia majority state is Iraq.

          According to this map, Azerbaijan and Yemen are also Shi’a majority. I had heard that Kuwait was as well, but the map contradicts that.

          1. Further research indicates Yemen has a very slight Sunni majority, while Kuwait is split evenly.

    3. Mead better be right. If the US can’t do, then Israel can.

  6. And apperntly the Palin toady is angry because the Romney toady said Palin is “not a serious human being”. Well that may or may not be true. But whether it is or not one thing is true, the person most responsible for “Romneycare” is not a serious person. Other than Joe Biden, there is not a less serious person in politics today than Romney.

    1. Romneycare was an innocuous form of universal health care, since it was (a) an experiment confined to one state, and (b) popular in that state. There is no comparison to Obamacare; he didn’t have to engage in parliamentary trickery or lying to the public to pass it.

      While I don’t think Romneycare was a particularly good idea, I’m not going to hold it against him too much, especially when his major opponents are a right-wing socialist and a woman with wind blowing through her ears.

      1. Romneycare was nothing but Obamacare done on a state level. It has been a complete disaster. How can you not hold Romney responsible for that? How could possibly support a candadite who fucked up that badly for higher office?

        Worse still, Romney has never repudiated Romneycare or admitted he made a mistake. Apparently he either still thinks it is a good idea or is too much of a snake to admit he made a mistake.

        It is funny you insult Palin. Yet, she has never come up with any idea half as stupid as Romneycare letalone inflicted it on people. I don’t care if Romney has an IQ of 180, his actions reveal him to be stupid in a much more profound way than anything Palin has ever done. Which is worse, not reading many newspapers or fucking up the health insurance of the entire state of Massachusetts?

        How can you possible complain about “socialists” and then defend Romney?

        1. Tulpa / John:

          You’ve convinced me: the socialist, the woman with wind blowing through her ears, and the panderer who OK’d Romneycare are all unfit for higher office, and won’t get my vote.

          1. But he didn’t say antying about Palin other than “she is dumb”. It is amazing how the mere mention of Palin can turn otherwise intelligent people into Bevis and Butthead.

            1. You haven’t said anything about Palin to convince me she is worth not voting LP for.

              1. You don’t even know who the LP candidate is going to be yet. They could nominate a horsefucker and you’d still probably vote for him to “send a message” or some other silliness.

                1. A message is better than Mittens. A horsefucker is better than Mittens.

                  1. + 1 billion. Why can’t libertarians get this little nugget?

                2. Catherine the Great wasn’t a libertarian, IIRC.

                  Personally, I’d vote for any woman who starred in one of Stagliano’s films over the crap the R’s and D’s throw out – if she was really libertarian.

                  Exceptions: Gary Johnson, and potentially Jeff Flake.

                  1. Catherine the Great never fucked horses. That is a myth.

                    1. Catherine the Great never fucked horses.

                      I know. It was meant as a joke. I once asked a Russian history professor if she died “in an equestrian accident”. He replied that if for no other reason, acting on such desires would put her at fer greater risk, due to people talking, etc.

                  2. She did move in from Germany, whack her husband, and take over the place. And that tends to make you a lot of enemies who make up stories about you doing things like fucking horses.

        2. If you think Romney would govern the US like he governed Massachusetts, think again. Am I enthusiastic about the man? Not at all. Do I trust him to stick to his newfound limited govt principles? Not really, but he’s still better than the alternatives.

          Palin couldn’t even survive an election campaign as the second name on the ticket, and nothing she’s done since then has convinced me she’s becoming more formidable. I’d love to live in a world where Gary Johnson could get the GOP nomination, but it ain’t this world.

          1. Think again? Care to provide a reason?

            1. Massachusetts is a hell of a lot more liberal than the US in general. The policies that earned him popularity there would torpedo him nationally.

              1. So he’s a pimp. Another politican utterly without principles, who’ll vote for whatever he thinks will make him popular. Great, that’s just what we need. Maybe you should go talk to Eric Dondero.

                1. If Obama didn’t have principles, he would have let the health care bill die as soon as it became unpopular.

                  There are worse things than politicians without principles: politicians with BAD principles. And a quick glance through the rogues gallery of likely candidates reveals vanishingly few with good principles.

                  1. If Obama had principles, we would not be in Guantanamo right now, we would not be in Iraq right now, we would have an non-imperial, transparent presidency, and the medical marijuana raids would have stopped. There would still be plenty of shit for libertarians to complain about, but he would have kept some of his worthwhile promises.

                    Obama is just as much of a pimp as Romney, if not more so. Pretty much everything he’s rammed up the country’s ass has been a payoff to some personal constituency. This is Chicago style thug politicking, writ large.

                    It’s also where the Tea Partiers get it wrong – he’s not a committed socialist. He’s just paying off cronies, and getting payback on old enemies.

                    1. You’re assuming that Obama’s principles would be the ones he talked about during the campaign. Bush had principles too, but they had little to do with the fiscal restraint and humble foreign policy he campaigned on in 2000.

          2. Tulpa, I must say that I find your new found Romney fixation a little more than disturbing.

            Please stop it, I am offended.

            1. I wouldn’t call it a fixation. I don’t really like the guy, but consider the currently apparent alternatives either unelectable or worse.

              This Mitch Daniels fellow intrigues me, but I need to look him over a bit closer. Plus it’s not at all clear he really wants to run.

        3. Though I wouldn’t defend Romneycare as a bill, if Mass wants to fuck up its economy, they are more than welcome to do it. Just so long as I don’t have t pay for it. If the people want it, they deserve to get all it encompasses.

    2. You’ve got to admit that both Romney and Palin have nice hair.

      See? I’m not so vicious. I said something nice about the beauty queen idiot and the no real convictions opportunist.

      If these two are the best the GOP’s got, Obama is a two term president.

      1. No. Romney is an idiot. We need to break this habit of assuming that because someone is clever they are smart. Intelligence and cleverness are two different things. One of the biggest causes of the problems we face today is that intelligence is judged by superficial cleverness rather than wisdom and competance.

        Yeah, Romney talks in a clever way. But he has shown himself to be profoundly stupid and incompetant when he was governor. He ought to be called out as stupid. If Palin has done something as profoundly stupid, she should be called out to. But the arbiter of intelligence ought not to be who is better in cocktail party conversation. It ought to be who has some competance in what they do.

        Stop calling Romeny an opportunist. It is an insult to opportunists. He wasn’t being an opportunist. He actually thought Romneycare was a good idea. Call him what he is, an idiot.

        1. If Palin has done something as profoundly stupid, she should be called out to … It ought to be who has some competance

          Aaaaaand, joe’z law strikes twice.

        2. Call him what he is, an idiot.

          He may be an indiot but he really is a cock sucking statist.

          His explanation for the problems of Romney care is that “it wasn’t administred by the right people”, ie him.

          Romney is Obama without the rhythm.

        3. What has Palin ever done that’s notable and NOT stupid? Spending a couple of years as governor of the second least populated state in the nation without making any stupid mistakes pertaining to her office as governor does not make one qualified to be president.

          If she plans to seek the GOP nomination, resigning as governor was an incredibly stupid mistake, as her lack of experience is going to hurt her in the race. In ’08 it couldn’t be helped, but three years of governing might have helped her in ’12.

          Romney governed a heavily populated state with a hostile legislature and helped resurrect the SLC Olympics after the bribery scandal. He may be a crafty opportunist, but you know what? As H&R favorite Mother Theresa said, it’s better to have a clever pastor than a holy pastor.

          1. What has Palin ever done that’s notable and NOT stupid? Spending a couple of years as governor of the second least populated state in the nation without making any stupid mistakes pertaining to her office as governor does not make one qualified to be president.

            I’m not endorsing Palin for president.
            I hope she doesn’t run. She is valuable in her current postion which is conservative rabble rouser and pinata to socialists.

            “He may be a crafty opportunist, but you know what? As H&R favorite Mother Theresa said, it’s better to have a clever pastor than a holy pastor.”

            Romeny would be the worst possible choice for president, even worse than Palin because he is an amoral statist.

            We will finally have an opportunity to roll back government in 2012. The last thing we need is a “me too” political fixer like Romney.

            Fuck Him!

        4. If Palin has done something as profoundly stupid, she should be called out to[o].

          Not preparing for obvious media questions while running for the second highest political office in the country is not the sign of an intelligent person. Christ, I’ve prepared harder for 5 minute presentations than she did for her interviews.

          While I don’t think she is as dumb as her worst detractors would have it, she should know what her strengths and weaknesses are. Obama is no genius, but he was self- aware enough to know he needed a teleprompter.

          1. Actually, she did prepare nearly full time; there was little capability for the practice to take hold. I could practice batting full time, and still wouldn’t last 5 pitches against a major league pitcher.

      2. And Obama according to Public Policy Polling Obama is current trailing Romney and (gasp) tied with Palin. I wouldn’t be betting on a second term.


        1. Early days, John. Early days. I wouldn’t bet that Romney or Palin will win the nomination.

          It’s still almost two and a half fucking years away.

          1. The economy is still going to be fucked up through 2011, in large part due to Obama’s and the Democrats’ moronic policies. There is the fiscal, monetary, and tax policy stupidity. There is also the huge overhang of foreclosures that will come due this year and next, kept alive by government trying to artificially prop up housing prices. Then, there is the huge inventory of existing houses, and the terrible commercial real estate market, which will continue to hurt construction. Finally, given Obama’s fellatio of union cock, it would not be surprising to see him increase tariffs, if only on certain goods.

            He is a one-termer. If you’d like, prole, I’ll put $20 on it right now.

          2. Oh, and I forgot that people are going to start paying for the health care thing, even before they start getting any benefits. I’m sure that’s going to sit well with all those independent voters who swung over to Obama in 2008.

            In 2012, Obama is going to have African-Americans, unions, and fuck-all else. I doubt he’ll even get Walter Mondale numbers.

            1. Know how else you can tell he is a one termer? Because the best thing his defenders can say about his chances are that the other side is so weak. I heard the same thing in 1978 when Carter was tanking and in 1991 when Bush I was tanking.

              A re-election campaign is a referendum on the incumbant. The challanger doesn’t really matter. No challanger, no matter how good is going to beat a popular sitting President. And lots of challangers who were unknowns (Carter and Clinton) or considered radical outsiders (Reagan) have won against unpopular incumbants. 2012 will not be about the Republicans. It will be about the incumbant Obama. It always is.

        2. If Palin is only tied with Obama at this point, she’s hopeless. If the man sinks any further in his popularity he’s probably not even going to get the Dem nomination.

          1. Yeah donkey, so tell who has Romney’s endorsement helped to get elected?

            Just watch in displeasure as the kingmaker becomes the king.

      3. If these two are the best the GOP’s got, Obama is a two term president.

        They are not even close to being the best the GOP’s got. But, unfortunately, if you draw a Venn diagram of “the best” and “the people likely to get nominated”, the most usual scenario is two completely non-overlapping circles.

      4. You’ve got to admit that both Romney and Palin have nice hair.

        So did Blagojevich.

        (Every time I saw German coach Joachim L?w at the World Cup, I couldn’t help but think of Blago.)

        1. Wigs don’t count.

  7. I like this quote better. Prof. Robin West of Georgetown University Law School on home schooling.

    “The husbands and wives in these families feel themselves to be under a religious compulsion to have large families, a homebound and submissive wife and mother who is responsible for the schooling of the children, and only one breadwinner. These families are not living in romantic, rural, self-sufficient farmhouses; they are in trailer parks, 1,000-square-foot homes, houses owned by relatives, and some, on tarps in fields or parking lots. Their lack of job skills, passed from one generation to the next, depresses the community’s overall economic health and their state’s tax base.”

    I don’t even know what to say to that. Is there a word for what is below ignorance?

    1. I went looking for the article from which that quote was taken and found a link quite easily. Oddly, no matter how I navigated to the link, the corresponding PDF wouldn’t load…. Hmmm… you don’t suppose they pulled that issue of Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly off the Web after said article was universally denounced, do ya?

      Below ignorance? Can’t think of a single word, but how about three: total neural shutdown?

      1. It was quoted in an NRO article on guns. That is where I found it. Unbelievable that it was published.

        1. There are people who exactly meet that criteria. Those people, however, are an incredibly tiny percentage of home-schoolers, every one of whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet being bright, articulate, and far above their “peers” in public schools.

          1. True, the majority are not the mouth-breathing science-haters that anti-homeschoolers like to use as examples.

    2. As a libertarian, agnostic, homeschooling, stay-at-home dad whose 15yo is taking her first courses at tOSU this summer, I’d really like to read this article.

      Among the scores of homeschooling families that I’ve met, none live in trailer parks. And the good professor would probably be shocked at the number of stay at home, homeschooling, progressive moms with masters degrees in english.

      1. BTW, said 15yo is kicking the shit out of her 18-30 year old classmates.

      2. “Among the scores of homeschooling families that I’ve met, none live in trailer parks.”

        How about living “on tarps in fields or parking lots.

        I think the progs just created a new even lower stereotype for us poo wite trash.

    3. Liberal thought.

      1. I find that association insulting.

  8. Only fuckers call other people fuckers

    1. Ratfucker.

  9. I’d say that teeing off on someone for saying things anonymously–on a blog, under an anonymous name–is likewise double hypocrisy squared, but I can’s say I’ve never criticized anyone anonymously either.

    Anyway, no, I don’t necessarily think anonymous commenters are a bunch of hypocritical cowards all the time, but if the shoe fits, wear it.


    Ken Shultz

    1. My semi-anonymity* gives the rest of you plausible deniability. You’ll thank me the day they come knocking on your door.

      * if you really wanted to, you could Google a trail to my doorstep.

    2. the shoe fits on Cinderfella Heller.

    3. Haha, but some of us live in areas and work in such ways that having un-PC opinions could sabotage our hopes of getting work.

  10. Meh. How about some worthwhile political commentary, just for the novelty of it?

  11. Republicans believe the headquarters’ alarm system prevented the would-be burglar from gaining access. The party sent out a news release Friday claiming the man was so eager to register as a Republican that he was literally busting down their doors.

    They forgot to say the act was a racist hate crime. Whoever wrote the press release deserves a raise. What an awesome response.


  12. not a serious human being

    WTF does that even mean? Can’t people insult other people properly anymore? Can’t they rip on her retarded kid or something? Maybe “she gave birth to a half human being” or something?

  13. It would be great to see this thing explode into an even bigger playground fight. Mitch Daniels is having a hard time waiting for labor day to declare.

    1. In all seriousness, how does Bush’s former budget director get any credibility on the deficit?

      1. He can claim he bailed out when he discovered Bush was a fucking liar about being fiscally conservative. That and the wars Cheney demanded.

        1. AFter all the bitching and moaning about the Bush Administration that has gone on here, I will laugh at anyone on here who believes him. That said, I don’t have a problem with Bush so he is a fine candidate by me. It is more the Bush derrangment faction.

          1. I don’t have a problem with Bush

            Thank you. This post has been bookmarked for all future times when you claim to be serious about fiscal responsibility, and only supported Bush on the WoT issues.

            1. Take that post and shove it up your ass sideways you schmuck. My position on Bush is well documented and consistent. And further, you took the comment out of context. I was saying I don’t have a problem with him being associated with Bush. And generally I don’t have a problem with Bush other than the fact that he spent too much on domestic crap. I have always said that.

              You such an insufferable asshole lately. You are like the libertarian version of shrike lately.

              1. Civil liberties don’t concern you, I gather? There is nothing conservative OR libertarian about the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretapping, military tribunals, and torture. That’s just plain-old police state authoritarianism.

              2. He’s not really a libertarian, you know.

                1. No. I am not. But I don’t claim to be either. A true docrinaire libertarian is a transnationalist. And consider transnationalist to be lower than liberals.

                  1. This is bullshit. A true libertarian knows that national sovereignty is vital to defending our freedoms.

                  2. John, I believe TAO is impugning my libertarian credentials, not yours. Apparently, if you support laws against drunk driving, you are automatically a statist in some people’s eyes.

              3. Well John I too misinterpreted your comment; it seemed like a general endorsement of Bush. And is your only quiff with him the spending? What about the increase in regulations, expansion of the drug war, and infringement of civil liberties?
                Further, while you and both agree on Iraq, I can’t believe you don’t have a problem with allowing Iraqi insurgents to hang out in Fallujah and other Iraqi cities for several months on end or allowing the Islamic republic of Iran to continue to exist. If your only problem with Bush is spending them I am disappoint in you.

                1. Bush made a million mistakes.


                  Medicare drug benefit

                  Not undertanding the nature of the challenge in Iraq until early 2007

                  Never fully grasping the challange in Afghanistan

                  Letting Congress go wild with earmarks and corruption. Bush never once called out the Republican Congress for all the horrible shit they did in 04-08.

                  Leaving Rumsfeld in his job too long

                  There is a long list and this is not exhaustive. But I would still take him over a President Gore or President Kerry.

                  My complaint with Daniels is that he is too close to Washington. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would double taxes and hold goverment spending to just 3% growth a year in the name of being a “statesman”. He in no way strikes me as someone who would ever do anything radical. He also has all the charisma of a potted plant. He wouldn’t be a bad President, a lot better than Romney or Huckabee. But he is not the kind of radical that the situation calls for.

                  1. There is a long list and this is not exhaustive. But I would still take him over a President Gore or President Kerry.

                    What’s that about being a one-termer if the best you can say is your opposition sucks?

                    And I’ll add to your list: he signed McCain-Feingold into law and offered to sign an assault weapons ban renewal if Congress passed it.

                    1. “What’s that about being a one-termer if the best you can say is your opposition sucks?”

                      The economy was good in 2004, the war was going well and Bush was popular. Bush didn’t get unpopular until Iraq started to get hard and the media went bizerk over Katrina.

                      It amazes me how quickly people forget history. No wonder people are so ignorant of history. They don’t seem to even understand the events they lived through.

                  2. It should be pretty obvious by now that we’d be better of if Kerry had won (just as it should be pretty obvious we’d be better off under Prezzy McCain). Kerry wouldn’t have frameshifted the political spectrum of America to the left like Bush did. Obama is Bush’s baby.

                    1. If Kerry had won, he would have nominated the justices for the spots on SCOTUS now occupied by Roberts and Alito.

                      So, Heller would have gone the other way by a convincing 6-3 vote, and the Second Amendment would have ceased to exist for all practical purposes. Plus, Citizens United would have gone the other way too.

                    2. Good point.

                2. allowing the Islamic republic of Iran to continue to exist

                  What the fucking fuck?

                  1. I advocate ending the Islamic Republic of Iran and replacing it with the Secular Post-Invasion Republic of Iran as part of my “end states that sponsor terrorism” FP.

      2. Not to mention his success at bringing fiscal sanity as governor of Indiana.

        1. Exactly. That’s a significant, real world accomplishment. Being a budget director doesn’t give you the power to overrule the President and Congress.

  14. For the record: Everything I say here is off the record.

  15. Fuck that progressive cocksucker Romney.

  16. If these two are the best the GOP’s got, Obama is a two term president.

    I’ll be surprised if the RNC doesn’t manage to nominate somebody even worse than either of them.

    1. Yeah. His name is Huckabe.

      1. If he pushes the Fair Tax I’ll submit to the morning calisthenics.

    1. Whoa. That kind of stupidity can peel paint off walls.

      1. IT gets better if you think about it. GM is owned by the government. So we have the case of government fining people for government made equipment.

        This transcends stupidity.

        1. Maryland government =/ to federal government. Still, it is amusing.

          1. government =/= federal government. At no point did I confuse this.

            states have government
            counties have government
            municipalities have government
            cities have government

    2. Maryland, my Maryland.

    3. Maryland Judge Decrees Pontiac G8 GT Tail Lights Illegal

      Except per the comments, dude wasn’t quite on the up and up about those tailights being OEM.

  17. Seriously, anonymity bot hasn’t posted in this thread yet? I guess it would be too apropos.

    1. Is Sunday a day of rest for spammers?

  18. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07…..=2&hp;
    Wealthy reduce spending in blow to recovery. It really is a mystery to the Times why wealthy people would stop spending. It must be racism against Obama or something.

    1. Sam Pizzigati, associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, a left-leaning research center, cautions against simply boosting the spending power of the rich through tax cuts or other measures. “Otherwise, we find ourselves in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world,” he said, “and the solution to the hard times that the economy is going through is to help the people that are not going through hard times.”

      Such as…public sector union members?

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESJINXeBjhc

    This guy is the greatest entranpeneur in America. This is awesome.

    Jones’ Cheap Ass Prepaid Legal and Daycare Academy

    1. Jones’ Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage

      If only we lived in a world where this could really exist…

      1. No kidding.

  20. The waterboarding of English prose…

  21. Dude that makes a lot of sense dude.


  22. Oh wow, OK dude that makes a lot of sense.


  23. dude thats totally amazing.


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  25. My anonymity is better than their anonymity.

  26. Oh wow, who would have thunk it??


  27. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..ammer.html

    This may be the trashiest murder story I have ever read.

    1. Then apparently you never read the UK papers.

    2. Kind of reminds me of the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan murder, though these porn “stars” are probably even weirder.

      I mean you flee. That never looks good. You go at 3:30 in the morning the body’s found you go at 3:30 in the morning to Wal-Mart to buy seven bottles of lighter fluid. That doesn’t look good. You’ve got a lot of cell phone records, you’ve got them, you know, contradicting themselves throughout the police actually interviewed them within hours after Melissa James’ body was discovered in the trunk.

      The vehicle had been burned, but they got a license plate. Within hours of finding that body in the trunk, they’re knocking on Kelly and Craig’s door saying hey what’s up? We found a dead body in your car.


    3. Isn’t it amazing how stupid some criminals can be? I can understand a murder done in a fit of rage or in a robbery gone wrong. I can understand a murder done with a careful plan that goes wrong. What I can’t understand is a plan for a murder so transparent, and which leaves so many clues, that the police are looking for the likely perps within an hour of finding the body. It must be an example of the principle of stupid people thinking they are smart.

  28. You don’t even know who the LP candidate is going to be yet. They could nominate a horsefucker and you’d still probably vote for him to “send a message” or some other silliness.

    It’s theoretically possible that the LP presidential nominee would be worse than both of the major party nominees. But, please advise in which of the presidential elections since the founding of the LP this was the case.

    If a major party candidate for prez is more libertarian than the LP candidate, I’ll vote for the major party candidate. I’d be willing to wager large sums of money, though, that Obama will be the D nominee, and that Gary Johnson or Jeff Flake or any other acceptable GOPer will not be the R nominee.

    1. First line above should read, “worse than one of the major party nominees”, since it’s pretty much a given that the D nominee in 2012 will suck balls.

    2. If elected, Badnarik would have been worse than Bush. And I say that as someone who despises Bush and all his cronies.

  29. If Palin plans to seek the GOP nomination, resigning as governor was an incredibly stupid mistake, as her lack of experience is going to hurt her in the race.

    Not really. She got rid of the partisans filing baseless lawsuits, got her family finances shored up with a much higher paying gig, and is getting way more national exposure than she did as the governor of Alaska.

    If you mean that she would have mhad ore experience relevant to governing if she won, true, but unfortunately presidential elections are about electing politicians, not about the electorate calmly weighing who would be best at governing. The skill set needed to get elected is a vastly different skill set needed to be effective at the job once elected. Every now and then someone good at both slips by the gauntlet and gets elected.

    1. Yeah. I have always thought the whole “she really made a mistake resigning” line of comment was just concern trolling. Had she remained governor Palin would have fallen out of sight, which is what the people who say that wanted. She is making millions and something like nine out of the eleven candidates she has endorsed have won. Her endorsement is pretty much the closest thing to a sure way to get a GOP nomination for an office. Reagan wasn’t a sitting governor when he ran.

    2. I suspect the next election is going to be about experience more than anything. In the aftermath of Obama, the swing voters are going to be thinking, “Well, last time we elected a complete n00b who gave good speeches and made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Then he fucked everything up. This time let’s elect someone with experience.”

      Now, this is not a calm, rational evaluation either; it’s a knee-jerk reaction to the particular variety of fucking up that the electorate did in 2008. Someone with governing experience can be a terrible president too (such as GWB). Obama is only the 2nd person since 1920 to be elected president without serving as president, vice president, governor, or Supreme Allied Commander before the election, and that preference is only going to be enhanced in the next election.

      Oh, and there’s also a significant chance Obama isn’t the Dem nominee in 2012. He looks like he’s already “over” the presidency — he enjoyed campaigning for it, but actually holding the office is a pain in the ass. And there are plenty of Dems who will gladly take his spot on the ticket, including one particular pantsuit-clad caudilla in his own administration. If he steps down, the Dems won’t have to worry about blowback from black voters if they just forced him off the ticket.

      1. and my dick is bigger than yours.

        1. Hil, I just came out of the pool. Gimme a break.

          1. Hil, poor baby is like a cheap cotton shirt: Once it shrinks, it’s shrunk for life…but the pool boy

  30. In other news Trent Lott needs to be shot, as if everyone didn’t already know that.

    “Former Senate majority leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), now a D.C. lobbyist, warned that a robust bloc of rabble-rousers spells further Senate dysfunction. “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples,” Lott said in an interview. “As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.” But Lott said he’s not expecting a tea-party sweep. “I still have faith in the visceral judgment of the American people,” he said.”


    I really hate that guy.

  31. Threadjack: Guy Fieri is the hugest douchebag I’ve ever seen. He has to be the definition of douchebag. He wears his fucking sunglasses on the back of his head…indoors. He says things like “mega-flavor”. I want to see him ripped apart by wild dogs.

    Maybe I shouldn’t watch the Food Network on Sunday mornings.

    1. I never got why you would ever chose some fat annoying guy to host a food show. The job requires no cooking skills. All you have to do is go around and chat up diner owners. Given that about 40% of the adult population could do that, why would you chose some fat annoying guy? Why not some perky blond with a nice ass and cute tits? Hell, the same company owns Food Network and the Travel Channel so they already have Samantha Brown under contract. Whose idea was it to give him a show?

      1. I don’t understand who would watch him. He is a fucking moron. He has no taste, no skills, no style, and no brain. It is just mystifying to me.

        He was here in Seattle a few months ago at the Moore, with multiple buses with huge pictures of him on them. So he must be selling tickets. What is the draw? Who likes him?

        1. We’re a cultural wasteland. But you knew that.

      2. I’d go for perky blond with a nice ass and cute tits too. Try living with the fat annoying moob guy!

        1. It is okay. Guy. It is not your fault your show sucks. Well actually it is. But that doesn’t make you a bad person.

  32. OT from Brickbats:

    Iranian officials have warned they will arrest suntanned women for being in violation of the nation’s Islamic dress code.

    WTF? It’s Iran. How are they going to tell who is suntanned versus who is naturally a darker shade of beige?

    1. Iranians are of Aryan stock. Lots of them are fair and gorgous. More, proof as if any were needed, that the Mullahs need to be strung up from lamp posts. Fucking animals.

    2. Tan lines. And don’t think the police will be shy about looking for them.

      1. That’s a good idea for enforcing the tanning tax here in the land of the free, too. Just get SCOTUS to extend the “public airwaves” into the UV region of the spectrum, and the govt can regulate and tax that too.

        And then they can tax sunblock too, under the same logic they use to charge Universal Service Fees intended for land lines to cell phones.

        1. It looks like they are preparing for some new internet taxes.

          1. Oops, that story is actually from April….

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