Phoenix Cop Sues Arizona Over Immigration Law


The Wall Street Journal reports on the latest legal twist in the backlash against Arizona's controversial new immigration crackdown:

A lawyer for a Phoenix police officer told a federal court Thursday his client could be sued for racial profiling if he enforces Arizona's new immigration law. It is the first hearing in a series of legal challenges filed over the controversial crackdown which has divided law enforcement in the state and across the country.

Officer David Salgado, a 19-year veteran of the Phoenix police department, could also lose his job if he fails to enforce the new law, his attorney said….

"If he enforces the law, he can be sued. If he doesn't enforce the law, he can be sued" by a private citizen, said Stephen Montoya, the attorney for Mr. Salgado. His client "is caught between a rock and a hard place," he said.

Read the whole thing here. Reason covers the Arizona law here.


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  1. threadjack, sorry Damon. what the hell just happened at the trial?

    All charges thrown out by judge. Prosecution failed to provide enough evidence to send anything to jury! #stagliano
    3 minutes ago via Twitterrific

    1. Guess that means there will be fewer posts for me to self-pleasure on.

    2. There is now a thread for this.

  2. “If he enforces the law, he can be sued. If he doesn’t enforce the law, he can be sued.”
    Welcome to the American legal system. But seriously, if courts start invalidating laws on the possibility that someone might get sued at some point in the future…

    1. They invalidate our liberty to sue judges upon the basis that judges might not do their job if they were thinking about the possibility of being sued.

  3. Super! Now we can drive as fast as we want through Arizona, without a license plate or a license because the cops can’t ask us for ID.

  4. We’re supposed to believe that cops are going to be called to the carpet for malfeasance? State mandated malfeasance?
    And we are also expected to believe the officer in question would actually suffer anything more than suspension with pay?

  5. Arizona’s controversial new immigration crackdown

    Just once I’d like a pundit to leave out “controversial” when describing the Arizona law. Come on. We have hundreds of thousands of words. Why keep using the same ones over and over?

    1. You mean that disputatious law?

        1. Sorry, * is not a synonym for +. Unless you really mean to multiply by one which would be… no comment? In that case, carry on.

  6. And the whole “violating civil rights” thing remains totally ignored, are the 4th and 5th amendments (and their equivalents in the AZ constitution) that dead?

    1. If and when civil rights are actually violated, let us know. Until then, untwist your panties and take a deep breath before posting again.

  7. Since when has an individual cop been sued for something they did on duty? They might sue the city or department he works for.

    1. It would be nice though, wouldn’t it? Make them personally responsible instead of just billing it to the taxpayers.

  8. He can always QUIT!

  9. Anyone can be sued. I just want the Phoenix cops to catch one of these little prick “22nd street” taggers and cut their fingers off one by one with a dull knife.

    That’s not asking too much, is it?

    1. No, entirely reasonable. If the fingers happened to come off of an illegal, they should be mailed to the consulate of the illegal’s country of origin.

  10. real american- your are a complete and utter not a real; american. real americans would welcome other contnuries will americans understand legal or illegal allines have conubrite enough to this land.

    real americans is not like the green card is an id. its like a ss# this what you fail to understand that be like us taking our ss# all over the place just so cops can [prove were legal.

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