Some Stagliano Links to Follow


Reason isn't the only game in town covering and commenting on the John Stagliano obscenity trial (follow along at, at correspondent Richard Abowitz's Twitter feed, and also at the Twitter hashtags #Stagliano and #StaglianoTrial). Headlines from elsewhere:

* Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon: "Buttman's" porn obscenity trial: Why it matters

* Mark Kernes, AVN: AVN Reporter Airs Concerns on Stagliano Case in Letter to Court

* Mike Scarcella, Legal Times: In Obscenity Case, Washington Courtroom is Silent

* Juliana Brint, Washington City Paper: Courthouse Porn Shows Milk Enemas, Racial Epithets to D.C. Jurors

* Plea Deal Reached in [Separate] Torture Portal Obscenity Case

* Jiz Lee: Obscenity Is Gross [NSFW]

And in case you missed it this morning, here's's great video on "Obscenity vs. Freedom of Speech":

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  1. You should book this guy for your boat cruise. That would fill some seats.

    1. With milk.

      1. it’s milk?

  2. We’ll stick with Mel Gibson’s mouth and Lindsay Lohan’s father, thank you.

    1. Or Jesus, NBC, how about saying how it’s such a terrible thing that Anna Chapman’s ex-boyfriend took pictures of her that she didn’t know anyone would see, and then you show them. Good god, if I thought you had any integrity I might be shocked, but I lost that illusion long ago.

  3. Stagliano was indicted in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in 2008 on charges of producing two films that prosecutors allege have no artistic and scientific value.

    Yeah, so? Neither does Dude, Where’s my Car?

  4. “I swear to god, Gary had this much of his arm up me. He fist-fucked the fun right out of me.”

  5. I like the disdain in the limey broad’s voice when she said “penis down her throat”.

  6. The Washington City Paper covers the race angle taken by the prosecution:

    Without headsets, the public missed one of the most interesting aspects of the scene that the prosecution decided to show?the repeated use of racial slurs.

    The 50-minute-long Milk Nymphos scene involves two white female performers, one black male performer, and a whole lot of milk entering and exiting various orifices. One of the female performers repeatedly refers to her male co-star as a “nigger,” declaring, for example, “Come on you nigger, fuck me in the ass,” and imploring the other female performer to “look in his eyes when you suck his nigger cock.”

    Rarely has dialog been so central to the reception of a hardcore pornographic film. But are the epithets enough to convince jurors that the film’s anal milk fountains “cross the line” into obscenity? If the prosecution was hoping the slurs would get a rise out of the jurors?11 of 14 of whom are black?it was unclear whether they succeeded.

    1. They were probably turned on.

    2. If the prosecution was hoping the slurs would get a rise out of the jurors?11 of 14 of whom are black?it was unclear whether they succeeded.

      Speaking of obscenity….

      Oh, and also: Use of N-word May End Porn Star’s Career

      1. “Absolutely Elegant Entertainment,” my ass!

        1. That “Onion” clip is genius. Par for the course.

          1. Art, do you mind if I start calling you a big black fuck-ox?

  7. Has anyone ever seen John Stagliano and Barry Williams together?

  8. For a magazine called “Reason” there sure are a lot of hard cocks laying around.

  9. Stagliano should take the stand and blow milk out of his ass.

    “Your Honor the Defense rests.”

  10. Why does the “Reason” video look like the chick is saying “OK, suppose my hand was his penis”?

    To address the larger issue, I definitely think Stagliano should walk, assuming that’s his real name. I mean, if your name is Stagliano, how are you not going to do porno? It’s fuckin’ destiny, man. Totally.

    1. Shut the fuck up, Vanneman.

  11. NSFW = Now Start Furious Wanking

  12. Thanks for linking to Jiz Lee, one of my favorite porn stars, my wife’s favorite too.

  13. Patrick Trueman’s an interesting case. Why would someone seem so proud of prosecutions/convictions when nobody’s rights are being protected? And the idea of “protecting society” from the ills of pr0n is so nebulous, I’d worry about the Constitutional knowledge of anyone that was so sure they were doing the right thing.

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