Civil Liberties

Some Stagliano Links to Follow


Reason isn't the only game in town covering and commenting on the John Stagliano obscenity trial (follow along at, at correspondent Richard Abowitz's Twitter feed, and also at the Twitter hashtags #Stagliano and #StaglianoTrial). Headlines from elsewhere:

* Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon: "Buttman's" porn obscenity trial: Why it matters

* Mark Kernes, AVN: AVN Reporter Airs Concerns on Stagliano Case in Letter to Court

* Mike Scarcella, Legal Times: In Obscenity Case, Washington Courtroom is Silent

* Juliana Brint, Washington City Paper: Courthouse Porn Shows Milk Enemas, Racial Epithets to D.C. Jurors

* Plea Deal Reached in [Separate] Torture Portal Obscenity Case

* Jiz Lee: Obscenity Is Gross [NSFW]

And in case you missed it this morning, here's's great video on "Obscenity vs. Freedom of Speech":