Pro-Wrestling and the Connecticut Senate Race


The Weekly Standard's Jonathan V. Last profiles Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment and current Republican frontrunner for Chris Dodd's soon-to-be empty Senate seat in Connecticut:

McMahon is not the first figure from professional wrestling to enter politics. In 1974, Jim Crockett, who ran the National Wrestling Alliance, ran for the Senate in North Carolina. He finished sixth in a field of six in the GOP primary. And, in 1990, Jesse "The Body" Ventura was elected mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Eight years later, he was governor of the state.

But McMahon may be the first person to run for office for whom wrestling is not merely a name-recognition bonus, but rather the raison d'être of her campaign. It is both McMahon's signal achievement and her most glaring vulnerability.

Read the whole fascinating story here. For Reason's coverage of former Linda McMahon employee Jesse Ventura, go here.

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  1. WWE isn’t a bad stock. I know that much about them.

  2. Caption Contest!

    “Hi, I’m Vince McMahon, and I don’t let my wrestlers hit the needle. More for me!”

  3. If McMahon being in the Senate increases the chances of Pelosi being hit with a metal folding chair, then count me in.

    1. Or Harry Reid, Barney Frank, or pretty much anyone up there. If she could bring Randy Savage and maybe the Rock with her as enforces. The Congress would benefit from a few head butts and choke holds.

      1. Given rumors of what her husband feels about Randy Savage (and the alleged incident that led to those feelings), I’d more think she’d bring a resolution on the floor for his summary execution.

        But yeah. Chairshot to Nancy Pelosi? Count me in. I may move to Connecticut so I can vote for her in that case.

        1. I don’t follow wrestling and those were the only two names I could think of. I am sure any of the current WWF stable would do. Tag team with lots of chair shots and shots off the crossbuckel.

    2. She is certainly a lot more qualified than barbara boxer or diane feinstein or chuckie schumer or scott brown.

      1. “Please call me Senator!” *WHAM*

  4. “Hey, Sailor, how did you get such an enormous liver?”

  5. Id much rather see Peter Schiff win than this lady

    1. Agree completely. He’s one of the few people who fundamentally ‘gets it’ on economic policy.

      1. Well, no. He totally missed the deflation thing. Mish got things right. Of course, Schiff is correct in the long term, which is why Mish endorsed him for the senate.

    2. Schiff is the best candidate, no doubt, but I know a lot of Connecticut friends who are still dead set on voting for Simmons. McMahon is just….so very, very wrong for CT.

      1. Picture, just for a second, Joe Lieberman being subjected to the Camel Clutch.

      2. Simmons is out and Schiff is too libertarian to win in CT.

        McMahon is our lady.

        1. Could she possibly be any worse than Dodd? Unless she plans to eat children on the Senate floor, I can’t see how.

        2. Simmons is most certainly NOT out. That’s the hilarious point that non-CT voters don’t realize. He very intentionally suspended his campaign (because of the impossibility of keeping up with McMahon’s $$$) WITHOUT taking his name off the ballot. In fact, he has very pointedly reminded people that he’s still on the ballot. So has Schiff, incidentally — there seems to be some mutual respect between the two.

          As a result, many politicos — and the McMahon team as well — have accused Simmons of running a “shadow campaign.” I think they’re right. Simmons is no dummy (ex-CIA spook, natch), and he’s keeping his name out there as the acceptable alternative to McMahon should things go pearshaped for her before the primary.

          Ultimately McMahon will probably win the nomination, but it’s an interesting tactic.

  6. I thought it was “Jesse the mind Ventura”

  7. There needs to be some sort of penalty for posting a picture without alt-text

    1. Especially for picture that SCREAM for an alt-text, like this one.

  8. Jim Crockett didn’t run the NWA in 1974. I don’t think he ever served as NWA president, and at that point he had even taken over as promoter in the Carolinas. His brother-in-law was running the promotion at that point. Jim was selling insurance then.

    1. I run the NWA, cracker!

  9. Say, what’s Pelosi’s position for her re-election campaign? It’s looking quite likely that she’ll no longer be Speaker, but I assume she’ll get re-elected in her nutty district. Am I wrong?

    1. I’m glad you asked Pro Lib.

      As house minority leader, I intend to continue to support Obama’s agenda.

    2. We can only hope John Dennis wins. Please, god please. (His platform is simply amazing)

      1. Seriously? Is there an actual human being running for Congress somewhere?

    3. Say, what’s Pelosi’s position for her re-election campaign?


    4. No, you’re right. She could eat babies on the House floor and get re-elected.

  10. While tea partiers may not be racist, management at the WWE is definitely suspect. The ethnic sterotyping is so blatant it’s almost comical.

    1. And such stereotyping isn’t done in other forms of entertainment like film, music, TV…

    2. Or is Jersey shore supposed to be good because they are all under 30?

      1. good = funny

        1. stupid = good

          1. stupid = funny

              1. I’m clapping on the inside.

    3. Blasphemy!! If you ever say such a thing again, I will kick you with my steel-toed elf boots!!


  11. His boobs are bigger than hers.

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